Having an Outdoor Music Festival? Rent a Tent

There is just something about being outdoors and listening to music. It is a lot different than being stuck between four walls with distasteful acoustics. When you are outdoors, you are surrounded by the open air, the free-flowing music, and you have ample amount of room to spread out when the mood strikes you to start dancing.

If you have decided to have an outdoor music event, there are a few things you are going to need:

  • Music (a band, singer, performer, DJ)
  • A large outdoor, open area (depending on how many guests you expect)
  • A stage (so everyone can see)
  • A tent (yes, a tent)

Wait, why do you need to rent tent? For many good reasons. Keep reading to discover how a tent is just as important as the music at your outdoor music event.

Rent a tent to protect the stage and equipment

Maybe you are using your own equipment. Maybe the band you hired is bringing their own. Who it belongs to doesn’t matter, but taking care of it does. Equipment is expensive! You have speakers, amplifiers, computers, instruments, lighting, etc. And each is purchased at a high cost. These items get used to set up for the performance.

Now, imagine that your band is ready to perform – or in the middle of performing – and terrible, wet weather strikes. You know that electronics and water don’t mix. That one rainstorm could lead to one very expensive night in busted equipment.

Deciding to utilize a tent for the event could prevent this damage from occurring. There would be shelter and, thus, a means of protecting the equipment from any weather-related damage.

People, people, and more peopleOutdoor Music Festival | American Pavilion

Many people love the freedom that outdoor music events bring. For one, there are no assigned seats. Everyone is free to roam while listening to their favorite music. In fact, the patrons can wander and enjoy the music without even having to see the band.

Tents are very versatile when it comes to outdoor music events. They offer an open platform for music lovers to dance and be social without being restrained to aisles or seats. However, if the crowd gets too large, the sides can be opened, allowing people to flow in and out of the tent with ease.

Since most concerts go on whether rain or shine, having the festivities take place in a tent can bring peace of mind to concert-goers.

No barriers mean the music can fill the air

Have you ever heard a band in a stuffy music venue? Sometimes the sound gets muffled and, with the loud volume, all you hear is music and you cannot understand the words. That doesn’t happen outside. No, sir. The music is free to travel and fill the air, allowing you to hear it from just about anywhere in the vicinity.

There is no need to worry that using a tent will hinder the sound. With the soft fabric material and open airways, there is no chance that your sound will be penalized by the tent.

You cannot predict the weather

Chances are you are not a meteorologist. Standing outside and staring at a beautiful blue sky does not mean that the storm clouds won’t pop up out of nowhere smack dab in the middle of your bands third song of the night. Sure, you could watch the weather or your local news, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. Ever. You never know about Mother Nature.

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘It’s better to be safe than sorry?’ This is one of those instances when you are better off over preparing just in case. Think about it – you have the safety of people and equipment at stake. You may want to take this into consideration and rent that tent. Just in case.

If you are going to have a mess, have it outside

People love their music. They love being social. They love dancing. They love having drinks. Combine these things together and you have a potentially messy situation.

Music, after all, is a social thing. When you are drinking adult beverages and feeling the vibe of the music, you may not realize just how much alcohol you have had. It isn’t uncommon for some one – or more than one – to get sick. Holding the event in a tent offers an easy – and welcomed — escape to the outdoors when you aren’t feeling so good.

Another red flag situation is having dancers trying to bust a move with a full glass of Heineken. This usually results in spills – leading to a gross and sometimes sticky situation. Multiply this by the amount of people you see finding their groove. Now, think about those same people when the band starts playing that most popular hit song everyone has been waiting for… Let’s just say you may not want to consider sitting on the floor.  It is a good thing you made the wise decision to have the music event outdoors for easy cleanup.

Outdoor music events can create the perfect atmosphere to bring people together – especially this time of year. However, make sure that you are prepared for anything that comes your way – and that includes weather. You don’t want damaged equipment or potential safety disasters for your music lovers. Rent a tent to make sure your event goes off without a hitch!

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