Temporary Warehouse Tent

Temporary Warehouse | American PavilionThe greater the construction project, the greater number of tools, equipment, and machinery needed. Depending on what subcategory of construction you are in, this equipment can consist of bulldozers, excavators, graders, trenchers, cranes, forklifts, concrete mixers, compactors, conveyors, as well as levels, tape measurers, wheelbarrows, gloves, saws, and hammers – and so much more.

Because construction work sites are typically outdoors and at various locations, all this equipment and machinery must be transported to the site to get started. At the end of the day, choosing to pack up the equipment and take it back to the main construction office and warehouse location is just not a feasible option. This would cause projects to be delayed due to the loss of work time spent loading, transporting, and unloading equipment.

It is for reasons of productivity that many construction companies choose to leave their heavy equipment and machinery at the job site overnight. It is there in the morning for the crew to begin early, resulting in a project completed on schedule. 

Unfortunately, there are dangers to leaving to leaving your equipment unprotected – day and night - at the job site.

It may be because of these disadvantages that our temporary warehouse tent rentals are so popular. These rentals take the transportation aspect out of construction jobs, ensuring projects are done well and on time.

The Effects of Weather Damage

Constant exposure of just about anything to outdoor weather – whether cold, sun, rain, ice, or snow – can lead to eventual breakdown and damage. Construction machinery and equipment is no exception. For example, a hot climate with continuous heat can cause machinery to overheat while in use. The dryness can lead to an excess of dust which can enter the machine and cause eventual breakdowns. Cold temperatures can result in hard starts and longer warm-up times to get moving, while overexposure to rain can lead to rust and ice can cause a temporary halt to its functioning.

It is vital to the health of your machines and equipment to maintain them. Performing regular maintenance, such as cleaning and lubricating them, can reduce the effects of the weather on their performance.

It doesn’t matter where you work, you will still encounter consequences of the outdoor elements. However, with the proper upkeep, storage, and maintenance, you will find these effects less noticeable.

Warehouse Tents | American PavilionThe High Costs of Theft

If you are in the construction industry, then you have likely been hurt by theft at some point or another. It is a well-known problem in the industry and is becoming all too common. Thieves know that construction crews vacate the job site overnight, leaving an unexposed fortune.

Not only does theft cost a dent in the finances of victimized construction companies, but it also can lead to delays in project completion. And, let’s face it – unhappy clients are not what you are looking for.

To counteract the dangers of theft, construction companies must determine ways to protect the equipment at the job site overnight.


The Importance of Temporary Warehouse Tents

At American Pavilion, we know that your construction company believes that productivity and on-time project completion is of the utmost importance in satisfying clients. We also know that you are working hard to maintain your financials. You will do what it takes to protect your investments. That is why we offer you a means to counteract the things that will slow you down – a temporary warehouse tent.

Our temporary warehouse tents are easily portable and can be transitioned from site to site. They are easy to erect and even easier to dismantle. These sturdy structures will always be on location with your crew – providing the ultimate in safety for your equipment and machinery.

Benefits of Our Warhouses and Temporary Structures

Construction Temporary Warehouse Tent | American PavilionA temporary warehouse is an affordable means to get your machines out of the weather and into a protected environment. Our tents offer protection from all weather-related sources. This keeps your equipment working beautifully in the cold and heat. In addition, the covered space offers the perfect place to keep up with routine maintenance.

Another important factor that comes with storing all your equipment at a job site is how easy it is to become unorganized. Crews are typically spread out – spanning an area that is quite large. Therefore, it is possible to lose something before you even realize it is missing. By storing everything in a temporary warehouse structure, you can provide your crew with better organization and increased work efficiency.

Lastly, theft can be avoidable. By storing all of your machinery, tools, and other equipment, in a secured tent structure, you are already deterring thieves. Lock it up when you leave at night and open it up in the morning. This will allow you to rest easy knowing that your equipment will still be there in the morning.

It doesn’t matter what line of construction you work in – whether its electrical, plumbing, concrete, or masonry - let American Pavilion help you find the right temporary warehouse for your construction company. Protect your machinery, organize your equipment, and finish your projects on time.