Temperature Control

Since 1902, American Pavilion has been providing the nation with quality tents for commercial use. We are an innovator in this industry and have experience working with a variety of clients, including large companies, construction teams, corporate trade shows, and more. Whether you're throwing a large-scale social event or coordinating during a disaster relief situation, we have the tent accessories to ensure your tent will be fully equipped. Our clients trust our specialized temperature-controlled tents, which come with an advanced system that provides temperature control, power distribution, and temporary power.

Temperature Control

Creating and maintaining a comfortable temperature is critical to the success of an event. Trane provides the base 25-ton air conditioner, and American Pavilion turns it into one of the most technologically advanced event air conditioners available today. These units provide 300,000 BTUs of cooling with twin compressors for redundant dependability and up to 72 kW of electric resistive heat that can be activated with the touch of a button. Each unit is designed for easy installation with panel mounted Cam Lock cable connectors for quick power connections. Cam Lock power-out connectors allow the units to be daisy-chained, making for a cleaner job site with less cable.

American Pavilion air conditioners come with built-in power taps. We offer up to eleven 20 amp, 120-volt circuits per unit to power lighting, computers, or any other low-voltage equipment. Our 5-ton and 10-ton air conditioners are painted white to match the tents and they are equipped with quick connect plugs for fast set ups and removals, and come with condensate pumps to ensure that your event isn't compromised by wet weather.

Power Distribution

American Pavilion uses the newest and most advanced distribution panels available today. Molded rubber enclosures provide a compact design that will remain safe and inconspicuous while offering consistent service to all types of equipment.

Electrical inspectors across the country will be at ease as all panels and cables are UL listed and compliant with current NEC regulations.

Temporary Power

American Pavilion can power any event regardless of the location. Our mobile generators are designed specifically with special events in mind. Each generator comes equipped with sound attenuating insulation to guarantee quiet operation in the most demanding situations.

Precise frequency control ensures clean power delivery for lighting, computers, audio, and video.

For more information contact our wholly owned temperature control division:Americaneventservices.com