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Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes. Natural disasters can strike at any time, causing catastrophic destruction and alarming upheaval of human lives. The instant this happens, there is an overwhelming list of needs that communities will face, including things such as shelter, food and water, donations of supplies to meet basic needs, a well-organized command center, and so much more. And, the greater the people and space impacted, the greater this need will be. It does not take long for chaos and disorganization to infiltrate a torn community -- making it imperative that the leaders, first responders, and those offering disaster relief act quickly.

Fortunately, relief efforts have become much more sophisticated than they used to be. American Pavilion has emerged as a key partner to government and private disaster responders needing immediate, proven solutions.

American Pavilion provides temporary disaster relief tents and structures that can serve to meet the immediate needs in any emergency situation. Our tents are available in a variety of sizes. Therefore, no matter how great or how small your need, we will have you covered.

In addition, our tented structures are easy to erect and very portable which means that they can travel to even the most devastated or remote areas. And, because these clearspan tents do not require level ground or a specific type of soil for anchoring, they can be erected just about anywhere – from grass, uneven land, and parking lots. When you are assisting in a disaster situation, this is a huge bonus!

How American Pavilion's Disaster Relief Tents Help

Clearspan tents are designed to handle the things that you may face when dealing with a disaster. In fact, these sturdy, temporary tented structures come with so many benefits you will come to appreciate in an emergency relief situation. For example:

- Their design allows them to hold up against all types of inclement weather. This includes snow, ice, rain, intense winds, and others. This is important when it comes to protecting your command centers. Clearspan tents even provide shade from the sun and protection from cold – both of which can cause severe health issues if not addressed.

- The sidewalls that come with these disaster relief tents are designed to close tightly, meaning that they can securely store what is inside – while working to keep intruders out. This is necessary for things such as temporary government offices, donation storage or collection centers, or even temporary medical facilities.

- Clearspan tents are designed to offer a freely opened space, with no inside poles or other obstructions. In addition, they use a steel base plate for securing them, rather than using rope, guy lines, or other methods of anchoring. In other words, this allows for more tents to be erected side by side, while also reducing the chance of injury or safety hazards.

The Benefits of Relief Tents

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Tents | American Pavilion

Once in place, the temporary disaster relief tents can begin servicing the community by providing a bit of structure amidst all the chaos. Here are just a few of the many great benefits that can come with seeking a temporary tented structure for your disaster relief needs.

- Clearspan tents can be used as a temporary control and command center. After a disaster strikes, the local government, media outlets, and law enforcement may also find themselves displaced. It is imperative that these operations get up and running as soon as possible in order to return a bit of normalcy to the community. This structure and organization will prove to be detrimental to the success of re-building.

- Shelter is a basic need that oftentimes gets destroyed in a disaster-situation. Our disaster relief tents can provide temporary shelter for individuals and families for extended periods of time.

- The heart of those in our country always seeks to embark on donation collections for those affected by a disaster. However, with so much disarray in a community, where do you safely store all these donated goods? American Pavilion’s clearspan tents can provide secure sidewalls on the tents – allowing the donated items to be stored safely and securely until they can be properly distributed.

- Food is another basic need that can get taken away when disaster strikes. Setting up temporary dining structures can allow for the cooking, serving, and consuming of food in an organized manner.

- Medical services may be one of the most important – and immediate – needs once a disaster strikes. Even if local hospitals are unaffected by the tragedy, the great influx of those needing medical attention may extend beyond the hospital’s capability. Setting up emergency triage units in temporary tented structures means that more people will have access to medical attention in a timely manner.

Essential Tent Accessories 

Keep in mind that clearspan relief structures are more than just a tent. They can be equipped with raised sub-floors, HVAC climate control systems (heating, ventilation, and air condition), lighting, power outlets, and other critical accessories. All of these accessories are provided by American Pavilion. In addition, other basic necessities can be met with portable restroom trailers, positioned for maximum convenience, safety and crowd control.

Anything that can be done to restore some stability and order to the community needs to be done immediately. After all, leaving a community without any sort of organization and structure can cause individuals to take matters into their own hands.

Thankfully, American Pavilion disaster response teams are available with just a single call. Our temporary disaster relief tents can be on their way to your community quickly – and set up with ease. However, because you will have so much to handle when a disaster strikes, we encourage government agencies, companies, organizations, and individuals involved with disaster preparedness to begin a dialogue with us now. That way, should you find yourself in need of a tented structure during a disaster, you can turn your focus to your community – and let us take care of the rest.

American Pavilion is a leading supplier of tent rental equipment to the disaster relief community. Over the years, we have worked side-by-side with first responders during such historic events as Hurricanes Katrina, Ike, and Gustav. And, we won’t stop there. We will put our experience to work when faced with any disaster that comes our way. In fact, when disaster strikes, our tents will be on the front line – restoring order, providing shelter, and helping communities piece back together the lives of those impacted. You can trust us.