Commercial Tents

There are many commercial uses for these sturdy, temporary structures. Perhaps it is because of their customizability or maybe it is because they are easy to assemble and disassemble. Whatever the reason, these commercial tents are beneficial to everyone – in all sorts of settings.

Industries Utilizing Commercial TentsCommercial Tents | American Pavilion

Clear span tents are commonly found in many different industries. The amount of benefits from these tents makes them ideal for many different industries.

Because of this, many industries utilize commercial tents; the most common being:

- Construction companies
- Non-profit organizations
- Retail chains
- Agricultural uses
- Governmental uses
- Community cultural or event centers

Construction companies

The construction industry uses commercial tents quite often. With a constant outdoor work site, sometimes a little protection is needed. This is especially true in the summer and winter months. A commercial warehouse tent can protect the crew and the job site from potentially serious weather hazards. In addition, these structures are available for the storage of equipment and machinery –allowing freedom from having to transport these each work day or leave them unattended and vulnerable overnight.

Non-profit organizations

Organizations are also commonly seeking the use of a temporary structure. With each successful food or donation drive, comes the concern of storage. With the secure sidewalls and easy assembly, these organizations can use the tents as a means of storage space, protecting the donations and keeping them out of harm's way.

In addition, setting up soup kitchens or food service lines for the homeless or indigent population in a community is best with the use of a commercial tent. It protects the food, allows for a seating and dining area. It also gives the gift of a comfortable temperature (thanks to climate control).

Retail chains

Pop up shops and retail chains commonly use the temporary fabric structures for storage. This is especially true during the holiday season when a surplus of goods is ordered to meet the demand of consumers. They may also be used when having clearance events or large sale celebrations. The tents can draw attention and further draw in customers.

The agricultural industry

Agricultural Use of a Commercial Clear Span Tent | American Pavilion

The agricultural industry is one of the largest industries to utilize temporary structures. After all, they are easy to assemble and disassemble and offer many benefits and perks. Clear roof panels and sidewalls allow these structures to be used as greenhouses – especially when combined with an HVAC system.

Plants, flowers, produce, etc. can be grown at just the right temperature and right conditions – despite what the true outdoor weather is. And, thanks to the fact that these fabric buildings can come in large sizes, there is no limit to the size of the greenhouse.

Another use is for the storage of all necessary things on the land. Not only will farmers need to store feed, fertilizer, and the like. But, also for machineries such as tractors and plows.

In fact, it can even house livestock! Unlike a barn, these structures are not permanent fixtures on the land. So, if a need arises, the structure can be moved to a new location without any disruption.

The government

Our government uses commercial tents when it comes to natural disasters or other types of emergencies. During a state of emergency, there are lives at stake and first responders need to act fast. These temporary structures allow them to quickly set up a base as close to the need as possible. They can be used as housing, donation storage, medical triage centers, food service areas, and so much more.

Community events

Events within the community hosted by local cultural districts often use commercial tents. They come in handy for things such as art exhibits, home shows, boat and RV shows, live concerts, trade shows, festivals, etc. The wide-open space with no center poles is what entices individuals to use these types of structures for events involving a large number of people in a community. The layouts can be designed to meet the needs of any event – and the size can be adjusted based on the expected turnout.

There are so many uses for these commercial tents. Their use goes far beyond those listed here who already know and take advantage of the benefits they have to offer. The versatility of these structures is what makes them useful for such a diverse group of companies, industries, and organizations. While they may be entirely different, the need for storage and protection is common.

Available Accessories

Temporary tent structures come with the ability to include accessories, such as:

- Flooring or carpet
- A ventilation, heating, and cooling system
- Diverse types of lighting

Combine these accessories with the fact that you can easily move, relocate, or even adjust the size of the temporary structure with very little effort, is even more reason to take advantage of them. Once you do, you will see that you don’t need to seek anything else.

Before you begin looking for a permanent structure to fill the needs of your company, consider the benefit these temporary tented structures can provide for you. The team at American Pavilion will help you decide on just the right size and the accessories you will need to give you a perfect solution.