Large Tent Rental Options

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Large events require large tents. And, when you are in need of a large tent rental, American Pavilion can help.

Your event is important to you – and the image you portray with it is, too. You likely have a vision and know just how you want your event to look for arriving guests. Or, maybe you have an idea, but need some help with the details. That’s where we come in.

As different as one event is from another, so are the large tent rental services we offer. We know that every event is unique and that means the rented space will be, as well.

Our clear span tents are built using a modular system. That means customizing their size is incredibly easy. Here is how it works: The sidewalls are built using 10-ft wide panels that link together. It is effortless to make the event space larger by adding another panel or smaller by removing one. There is no need to hold your event in the wrong size space when the customization is so simple.

American Pavilion Has a Large Tent Rental To Fit Any Event Or Need

- Corporate trade shows
- Office parties
- Business conferences
- College events
- Sporting events
- Storage space
- Art shows
- Festivals
- Parties and celebrations
- Weddings

And our large tent rentals can be customized in many ways. Here are some of the most popular customization perks:

- Perimeter heights can vary, depending on what your needs are for the tent rental. Generally. they can range from 8’ to 13’. But, keep in mind that the roof peaks – which adds additional headspace throughout the center of the tent.
- There are no center poles in these tents. They are completely supported by the outer aluminum frame structure, so you do not have to contend with wasted space or hazardous poles when considering how to set up and decorate your tent rental.
- Clear panels can be selected, allowing you the benefit of having an enclosed structure – and still, use nature as your backdrop. You can choose clear side walls and/or clear roof panels.
- Interior rafters make hanging signs, lighting, or other displays a breeze.
- If you are looking to give your guests or attendees a way to make a grand entrance, glass doors for the entryway of the tent can make that happen.
- Flooring is just one more way that you can make this large tent rental your own. You can choose from a plethora of available flooring – including carpet.

Benefits of These Temporary Structures

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If you are preparing for a large event, you will most definitely want to seek the use of a large tent rental from American Pavilion.

For weddings, tents will allow you to choose the most beautiful outdoor location and savor it for your ceremony and reception by choosing clear sidewalls and roof panels. The tented space will be large enough to hold your guests for dinner, dancing, and celebrating the happy couple.

Artists take pride in their work. When it comes time to show it, they want it to remain healthy and perfect – while also providing a great viewing space for those who are interested. Tent rentals allow you to design a flowing space that will help your artwork pop. Anoptional HVAC system can help keep the art at the proper temperature.

Corporate trade shows require a lot of space due to the usual high-volume of attendees. The tent must house both vendors and guests – with a well-thought-out layout. A large tent rental from American Pavilion offers a wide-open space that allows for the vendors to be placed in a functional layout, as well as allowing them the opportunity to use their booths and displays to draw attention from the crowd.

For family reunions, tent rentals are large enough to hold the fullest of family trees. The versatile space you will find under the tent will allow for easy protection of food and beverage, as well as provide a shady space to escape the sun. Of course, it protects against any unpredictable, inclement weather, too. In addition, whether you choose to have side walls or not, your tent can easily open to allow a nice flow between the area outdoors and the area under the tent. Bring a little comfort to your outdoor family reunion this year.

Hosting a fundraiser for your school? Looking for a space to throw 50th birthday party? Want the perfect space for your next office party? A large tent rental from American Pavilion has you covered. And, if you aren’t sure what it is you are looking for – or how to get the look you are envisioning, we can help.

We have a design team that listens to your idea and your needs and then works to make it happen. From professional flooring and lighting to fans, climate control, and sizing, our team is knowledgeable and dedicated to turning your tented space into the perfect space for your large event.