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The United States Military is busier than ever today. They are always on the move- responding to hot spots, perfecting their training assignments, and hosting or attending special events. And, they do all of this with speed and precision. After all, this is why the U.S. has the best armed services in the world.

American Pavilion is a trusted partner to the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, and the National Guard. We have helped them execute a wide range of assignments with accuracy.

We don’t solely focus on one particular division or area. At American Pavilion, we value our entire armed services–that is why we provide temporary solutions and military tents to all divisions and bases in all 50 states.

Uses of American Pavilion Military Tents

Our temporary military tents can be used on a military base in a variety of ways. For example:

- For use as temporary barracks if needed. When troops travel to other bases for training and events, housing can easily become an issue. In addition, if a base becomes over-populated, housing may then become an issue, as well. American Pavilion’s clearspan military tents provide a secure and sturdy supplemental housing option.
- For use as a temporary storage facility. There is always a lot of machinery, equipment, and other items that are transported from base to base. At times, some bases may not be able to house all that comes its way. The use of a clearspan tent can be the perfect solution.
- For use as added security on base. During our times of heightened security, this most definitely extends to our military bases throughout the country. In order to provide the safest and most thorough options, the use of a temporary structure can come in handy. It will provide a space for performing searches and researching clearances.

All in all, the use of American Pavilion’s clearspan military tents gives bases the ability to swiftly and cost-effectively ramp up operational and residential capacity while training troops for overseas deployment. Whether the need arises quickly, or it has been planned for, our temporary structures can provide the best solution.

Choose Your Customizable Accessories

50m Hardwall Military Tents in Fort Benning | American Pavilion

Our clearspan temporary tent structures come with a variety of accessories and perks, such as:

- Raised sub-floors. This flooring can include carpeting, wood floors, or the like.
- An HVAC system. This is a climate control system that includes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It can keep the temperature within the tented structure warm or cool, depending on your needs. This accessory works perfectly for those tents being used as temporary barracks.
- Lighting. Lighting is a necessity – and our clearspan tents have it. In fact, American Pavilion can fill all of your lighting needs, along both the inside and the outside of the tent.
- Power outlets. We also know that power outlets are very important in your tent. We work to provide you with this accessory, as well.

Many other critical accessories can be provided, too. If you aren’t sure or if you have any questions or concerns, our team at American Pavilion is here for you. We will do what we can to provide you the perfect temporary space to meet your needs.

The Benefits of Clearspan 

It is important that you know these facts about our clearspan tents:

- They are able to withstand some of the most inclement weather, including rain, snow, ice, thunderstorms, heavy winds, and the like.
- They are easy to erect and require no special conditions to do so. Unlike other tents that require flat land and perfect soil to use guy lines and stakes, our clearspan military tents can be erected in the toughest of locations – and even on the concrete. You will find that there are no ropes, guy lines, or other unsightly and hazardous anchors exposed, either.
- You can choose to have sidewalls that can enclose the temporary tent structure rather securely. This will also keep the unwanted weather out and keep the inside protected.
- They provide a wide-open space that has no poles or other obstructions in the interior. In other words, you can use the space under the tent for anything you need – without having to worry about working around structural beams.
- These temporary clearspan tents are made of a light, but strong aluminum structure which is covered in fire-resistant fabric.

American Pavilion is not new to providing temporary tent structures to fulfill the needs of our military. In fact, we have provided tent rentals for security applications at military bases for years. Did we mention that we also provided security applications for the Secret Service during events such as the inauguration of President Barack Obama?

American Pavilion is a company that you can trust with all of your military needs. You have an incredibly important job to do – and you don’t need to worry about your needs for a temporary structure. Let us provide you with a worry-free solution.