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Is your clearspan tent a tent or a building?

It is the best of both worlds. It is similar to a tent in that the installation and removal times can be measured in hours or at the most a couple of days. It is similar to a building in that once it is installed, it can stay up for years with little maintenance. It also meets all national building codes.

From what materials are your tents manufactured?

They are manufactured with a combination of high quality, high strength aluminum and steel parts, along with a strong, long-lasting, UV-blocking vinyl fabric.

How Green is American Pavilion?

For a number of years, American Pavilion has been at the forefront of the green effort. All of the rinse water from our state-of-the-art tent-washing machines is recaptured and used for the next cycle. Our vinyl tent fabrics are 100 percent recyclable, and we switched to high efficiency light ballasts in our manufacturing facility long before these things were popular. These and other efforts make American Pavilion proud to be considered green.

How long has American Pavilion been in business?

American Pavilion is proud to say that we have been in business for more than 100 years. We opened our doors in 1902, and have grown to be a leading supplier of clearspan tents and rental accessories nationwide.

What accessories do you offer?

If it can be rented, American Pavilion probably has it. Along with more than one million square feet of tent inventory, we provide HVAC systems, generators, wooden flooring, staging, carpeting, lighting, glass entry doors, customer graphics, and much, much more.

Can American Pavilion air condition or heat my tent?

Absolutely. Our custom designed super HVAC systems combine both air conditioning and heat and have been designed as complete power distribution units as well. Our super units are portable and can be transported nationwide.


How far will you travel to install your rental equipment?

American Pavilion regularly travels to all 50 states and Canada. With a fleet of trucks and a host of drivers, we stand ready at all times to load, deliver, and install our equipment.

In what types of work do you specialize?

American Pavilion supplies tents and related rental equipment for corporate, sporting, construction, festival, military and disaster relief, just to name a few. If you need the best equipment at competitive prices, American Pavilion is your company.

What is White Glove Service?

We want your event to be a complete success in every way. Sure, we provide you an exceptional Clearspan tent, but we also assist you with the myriad of details that come with a large-scale event. This includes helping you create the initial event plan, site selection, securing necessary permits, tent and accessory rental and installation. We can also assist with more in-depth event planning with our partner, the Gordinier Group.

What allows you to provide such personal service to your customers?

American Pavilion believes in quality, not quantity. We only take on work we know we can devote 100 percent of our attention.

What size of clearspan tents do you provide?

We own and inventory tents sized from 10 feet to 164 feet wide. These tents are modular and they increase in either 10 feet or 16 feet sections. These tents can be installed to almost any width and length, and with our in-house design capability we can custom manufacture almost any size tent.

Why should I choose American Pavilion over its competitors?

You should choose American Pavilion because we are a company of firsts. We have been in business longer, done more unique installations, own more equipment, and have won more industry awards than almost any other company. Plus, you are sure to work directly with the same family that has owned and operated the business since 1902.