Temporary Structures and Buildings

Temporary Structures and Buildings | American Pavilion

Imagine going to work every day – outside. Unlike most places of business, construction crews consider the outdoors their office. After all, it is where they spend most – if not all -- of their working hours. That means the construction crews are subjected to all types of weather and all sorts of outdoor conditions. And, so is the construction site.

With millions of constructions crews out on the job site every day, it is important that the health and safety of the crew – and the site – are taken into consideration. Choosing to use a temporary structure is one of the ways you can offer protection.

These temporary structures are designed with durable fabric that can defend against some of the most rugged conditions and are meant to stand strong in any location. And, because job sites change often, your structure for protection must be able to disassemble and reassemble quickly and easily.

Temporary structures provide protection for your project

Tight deadlines and large projects need the utmost production levels – and protection. Take a moment to think about the work that was completed on a recent project. Now, consider what would have happened if a rainstorm or snowfall took place in the middle of it. Would it have set you back? Would it have caused damage?

You cannot predict – or stop – Mother Nature. But, you can, however, be prepared for her.

Temporary structures can prove to be a lifesaver by protecting your work from inclement weather. These structures are customizable, so you can be sure to find just the size you need for your project.

No matter what takes place outside, your crew – and your project –will move forward in perfect conditions.

Why risk your client’s happiness by leaving the weather to chance?

Providing protection for your crew

Perhaps the most important part of any construction job is your crew. Because, face it – without them, you would never have a successfully completed job. That is why it is so important that you take care and protect each and every one of them. Depending on your location, spending a significant amount of time outdoors can be dangerous. Unfortunately, if you are in a line of work such as construction, you don’t have much of a choice.

To make the best of the situation, a temporary structure can help tremendously in any season. Here’s how:

Summer Protection

During the summer, temperatures can soar. And, while it may be a beautiful time to spend by the pool, it can be dangerous to those who are exposed to the constant heat when working. Conditions such as heat stroke, dehydration, and sun poisoning are all real threats for your crew.

- Providing your crew with the use of a temporary structure means that there is a place of refuge from the sun. Taking breaks inside the structure can reduce a great amount of risk.

Fall Protection

During the fall, temperatures gradually tend to dip lower and lower. Your crew should begin to start dressing in more weather appropriate clothing. But that doesn’t ease the weather’s burden when the grey skies and wet weather move in. Combine this with dropping temperatures, and your crew is going to need some shelter.

- Temporary structures provide a warm, dry space to escape the fall weather. This is the best way to help your crew maintain their health so that your construction project is on task and on time.

Winter ProtectionTemporary Construction Structures | American Pavilion

Winter months can be scary for those who must work outdoors. Inclement weather can rear its ugly head in an instant. It can come in the form of freezing rain, snow, ice, hail, increased winds, or an excruciating drop in temperature. Exposure to this weather can lead to frostbite, hypothermia, trench foot, and other health issues resulting from cold stress. Your crew should dress appropriately for the outside conditions – including waterproof, layered clothing - but sometimes that is just not enough.

- Providing structures with climate control for your crew to utilize in the winter time means that there is a warm, dry place to escape to. Taking frequent warming breaks can seriously decrease the chances of suffering due to the damaging effects of winter weather.

Springtime Protection

Springtime is typically a beautiful time of year. The winter freeze has moved out and nature is starting to bloom itself into some of the brightest colors. What does it need in order to do this? Rain. Wet weather can make any outdoor job more difficult. And waterproof clothing can only do so much.

- Protect your crew from wet weather with a temporary structure. Often, rain showers do not last all day. By utilizing this structure, your crew can take cover when it pours, then get back to work when it stops. Overall, this is a time-saver for projects with deadlines.

It does not matter the season – temporary structures can protect both your crew and your projects all year long.