5 Industries Which Utilize Industrial Tents

When you think of industrial tents, you likely think – BIG. Industrial tents are huge and can handle many things that you would think would require a real building. In fact, these tents can act like a real building! They can be designed to fit any need across a wide array of industries.

Here are a few of the most common uses for industrial tents:

Disaster Relief

As much as we would like to pretend that natural disasters – or any disasters for that matter – don’t occur, they do. And, industrial sized tents can come in handy when they do. Whether it’s a flood, earthquake, hurricane, or tornado, the many people who come together to provide disaster relief are not going to stop, design, and build a permanent structure before they can tend to those in need. No, sir. That is not even a possibility.

When disaster strikes, the relief crew needs to be ready to set up and go – allowing them to tend to the needs of the people and community, rather than worry about setting up. Disaster crews use temporary, industrial sized tents to store food, water, and other donated supplies. They can also be used as temporary hospitals or housing. These tents can even be used as a temporary office or headquarters for the crew.

Construction SitesIndustrial Tents | American Pavilion

Construction companies also use industrial sized tents. In fact, they are very common in this industry. Think about it – construction crews are outside all day. Not only are the individuals subjected to the outdoor elements, so is the equipment, tools, machinery, and project. Industrial sized tents can make sure to keep everyone and everything dry, warm, and shielded from strong winds.

Some projects require stellar outdoor conditions to complete, but mother nature has a mind of her own. Did you know that weather is the biggest reason for delays in construction projects? Industrial sized tents can be customized to meet your needs and cover your project. This means that no matter what the weather decides to do, you will maintain a happy client because your work will be done on time.

Security is another reason that construction companies utilize these tents. Each piece of machinery that you see on site costs a nice penny. Thieves know this and, when the sites are abandoned at night, they make their move. However, companies that use tents can lock and secure their machinery, tools, and other equipment, saving a potential overwhelming loss.

Sports and Athletic Facilities

Industrial sized tents are also commonly found when it comes to sports and athletic facilities. In fact, many colleges utilize them for indoor tennis, basketball, golf, skating/hockey rinks, etc. They serve the purpose needed by the college, but they don’t necessarily have to take up a permanent space – allowing for future college expansion. Not to mention, they are cheaper than building an actual sports complex.

Perhaps one of the most popular sports to use these tents are those within the equestrian community. They can be used as riding arenas, as housing, or even as a spectator area.

Farming and Gardening

Industrial tents are commonly used in the farming and gardening industry. They are versatile and allow for the farmers and gardeners to use them in a variety of settings. For instance:

  • As a greenhouse. Gardeners can use industrial sized tents as greenhouses to maintain flowers, plants, veggies, etc. year around. You won’t need to worry about the outside weather conditions affecting their growth. It’s climate control system allows for the most ideal growing environment for whatever your specialty is.
  • To house chickens, turkeys, small animals, or other farm animals. Whether a humane farm or a farm that raises animals for the meat industry, industrial sized buildings are used to protect the animals and to store feed, as well as any other necessary equipment.
  • A grow house. Farmers earn a living based on being able to provide a quality product. If it takes only one freeze or flood to wipe out an entire season of earnings, how wise is it to invest in an industrial sized tent that can prevent such loss? The climate controlled tent can maintain the perfect growing conditions for any type of crop. It will make each year one of perfect earnings for the farmer.

For farmers and gardeners, these industrial sized tents can prove to be beneficial time and time again.

Trade Shows

There are many, many types of trade shows –from art shows and Comic Con, to the release of new technology and the latest automobiles.You will likely attend at least one of these trade shows during your lifetime. What is the one thing you will notice? Each trade show is set up differently, depending on the product and the overall goal of the show.

Most trade shows are backed by a team of marketing professionals. Part of their goal is to unveil a product in a specific manner, with effect and design. With a tent, these companies are provided a blank slate to determine the structure and layout of the entire show. This means that the consumer or average trade show-goer will be able to view the product just as the designer intended.

These are all reasons why using industrial sized tents work so perfectly for trade shows – the tents can be designed, customized, and erected in the exact manner that will work for each particular show. In fact, the tents remove the need to work around walls, hallways, or badly constructed buildings.

Look around you and see how many times you encounter industrial tents – probably more than you have ever noticed. Sometimes you may even think you were in an actual building, rather than a tent. Disaster relief, trade shows, construction crews, sports complexes, and farmers all have an insight as to just how much more manageable life is with a temporary structure. The benefits are many, especially the ability to customize the tent to meet your exact needs.

How can you use an industrial sized tent to benefit your business?

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