Here’s How You Can Plan an Unforgettable Corporate Event

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So, you are ready to take the plunge and host the latest corporate event in your industry. You have invited many people and want to make a bold statement – as this is your make or break moment.  You want to do something different and engage your guests, rather than just have the same old boring conference with a monotone speaker and a yawning audience. There must be a way to avoid this, right? Yes! There sure is.

From renting a clear span tent to selecting the perfect theme, use the ideas below to liven up your next corporate event and raise the bar for other industry leaders in the future. Be prepared to have a blast at the hottest corporate event yet!

Use Props with a theme!

Props are awesome. They offer event-goers a chance to let loose and maybe even giggle a little bit, depending on the props and theme you choose. Here are few of the most popular:

  • Night at the movies. Complete this idea with a movie screen and projector, popcorn machine, props to include the Hollywood sign, and the walk of fame.
  • Set up a photo booth. You can use props to match your theme, say — the roaring 1920’s, casino night, 1980’s flashback, animal kingdom, etc.
  • Ice sculptures
  • Road trip. Use car prop, street signs, state backdrops, photos on postcards, etc.
  • Stress relief. Offer massages and spa services to your attendees. After all, it may be a work event, but it is also a mini vacation from the office.
  • A DIY section. Think of something that may come in handy for the folks in your industry (or just simply a fun idea) and have an area in which your guests can learn how to make their own. For example, lotions, a zen garden, stress balls, step by step painting class, etc.
  • Inflatables! These are not just for kids anymore! Instead of bounce houses, adults get inflatable money booths, bull riding, snowboard or surfboard riding, etc. Fun stuff!
  • 50’s diner themed. Complete with poodle skirts, jukeboxes, records, and checkered flooring.

The point is to make the atmosphere fun and entertaining. Sure, your guests are there to work – technically. But, sometimes it is okay to let loose when the boss isn’t looking!

Backgrounds – and photo spot

Have you ever watched celebrities walk into an award show or a benefit on the red carpet? How about turning your guests into celebrities? Have a red carpet (or any color, for that matter) and then take their picture in front of a backdrop as they arrive. You can use a backdrop that matches your theme or you can have a backdrop custom made with your company or events name and/or information on it. (The latter can turn into a great advertising tool thanks to social media).

Use the photos you take during the event and turn them into something comical or memorable. For instance, you can put the faces on bobble heads, create canvas photos, caricatures, pins and badges, etc. It is even possible to set up an Instagram station (or any social media, for that matter). As the pics are posted (with a specific hashtag) you can have video screens throughout the venue showing a continuous collage of these photos. You may also have an area when people my purchase or download copies that were professionally taken at the event.

Rent a clear span tentClear Span Tent | American Pavilion

Gone are the days of boring old hotel conference centers or convention centers. People these days look for adventure or, at the very least, something intriguing or unique. Take time to carefully select where you would like to hold your event.

A suggestion that allows you a lot of room for customization to get the exact space you want is renting a clear span tent. It is easy to do – all you need to worry about is finding a space large enough to hold the clear span tent, the attendees, and, possibly, parking. You determine the size, the layout, the location, and any other specific details and the ball starts rolling. Easy as pie! Clear span tent rentals even have all the offerings of a permanent building – flooring, walls, climate control, etc. – except it is where you want it and designed how you want it.


Who says you need one famous headliner or performer to make your event a success? That is just not the case at all. In fact, if you can keep your attendees entertained throughout the event, you are so much farther ahead.

Here is what we are talking about here:

Let’s say you have a casino-themed event. While you will have various casino games, etc., why not hire Vegas dancers to mingle among the crowd, as well as have short shows sporadically throughout the day?  Or, if you are having a circus theme, why not hire fire-eaters, jugglers, clowns, and acrobats to make their way through the crowd? If it is a tropical or island theme, you could hire belly dancers. Get the idea?

There are so many options – and even more people looking to entertain. You just have to find them!

Hire a DJ and an MC

No one can quite get a party going quite like a DJ can. People love music – especially music that makes them feel good. Hiring a DJ for your corporate event can liven the moods of your attendees and keep a joyful feeling in the air.

MC’s can be entertaining, as well. They keep order in an event. When you have a lot of guests in a large space with a lot going on, sometimes it can be hard to maintain order and reduce any confusion. An MC can be that center point of contact for attendees and help with the flow of the day.

If you use your imagination, you should be able to come up with all sorts of ideas to liven up your next corporate event. Just keep in mind that the idea is help keep the mood of your attendees elated, the feel of the event confident, and the outcome successful. Best of luck!


5 Steps to Spice Up Your Next Corporate Event

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Keeping your guests intrigued and engaged in a corporate event doesn’t require a lot of work – just a little creativity and planning. Whether it is using losberger tents for a stellar location or having a spontaneous karaoke session – your guests will surely look forward to your future events.

Besides getting time out of the office or maybe free trip to a different city, many people loathe the idea of having to go to corporate events. The idea sounds fun, but the busy schedules, hours listening to boring speakers, and games is enough to make you cringe inside – even if you don’t show it.

So now that you are planning your own corporate event, what is something you can do to make sure your guests aren’t secretly hoping someone pulls the fire alarm or, even worse, that there is a power outage?

These five steps will guide you in spicing up your next corporate event so that you will raise the bar for all other corporations:

Choose Any Location Using Losberger Tents

The first thing that your guests will see is the venue you choose. When they arrive to your event, are they going to be blown away? Convention centers and generic ol’ conference halls seem to be the desired pick for most organizations. You have the same bright, busy carpet and white cloth table coverings with very few windows. It is boring.

Why not try something new? Losberger tents offer a place to wow your guests. They give you the opportunity to hold your event in any location. Pick somewhere remote and beautiful – off the beaten path or search for a location that is sure to grab the interest of attendees. If it has space for a losberger tent and is near lodging, then you are set.

You can rent and customize losberger tents very easily. Depending on the size of your crowd, you can increase or decrease the size of your tent. In fact, if you really want to go for the wow factor, losberger tents can be rented as two-story buildings – with lots of windows! They are climate controlled and act as real buildings – only their location is not permanent! Give your guests something to talk about!

Set a theme

Themes for your corporate event can be as professional or as goofy as you would like them to be. What matters is that you pick a theme that will be eye-catching and you go all out for it. When planning your food, prizes or giveaways, decorations, etc. make sure you keep with your theme and match every detail accordingly.

Remember – colors matter! Colors can set a tone or mood for an event. To make sure you get the right vibe going, check these out:

  • Red: signals passions, intensity, power, excitement – and even anger.
  • Purple: royalty, luxury, spirituality
  • Blue: calm, peace, tranquility, trust
  • Green: rejuvenation, health, nature, harmony
  • Orange: confidence, friendliness, outgoing
  • Yellow: happiness, optimistic, cheerful, awakening

You know your vision and the goal you are trying to achieve. Just make sure your decorations and colors remain uniform and flow throughout each aspect of your event.

Increase your social media presenceLosberger Tents | American Pavilion

Getting the word out there about your event is crucial. You cannot just rely on word-of-mouth or a few Facebook posts to get it going. These days, a social media presence isn’t an option – you need one. If you are not up on the ins and outs, find someone who is!

Use sites where you will find your ideal audience. Post about your event, of course, but also post relevant blogs, photos, surveys, etc., to engage your audience. Another great idea is to do a promotion that will get you shares and attention. You want them to know your name and what you are about – and you want them to discover you are having an event. If you stay in front of their face – even if just while they are scrolling through – they will remember you.

Extra tip: During the event — always, always create a hashtag and encourage lesson and photo sharing by your guests to help increase your social media presence for future events! This is like having free promotion!

Engage your guests

Everyone dreads the getting-to-know-you games at corporate events. Every corporate event has speakers, a cocktail party, a dinner, a vendor’s area, games – it’s all rather generic and predictable.

To stand out, you will need to do something different. You will need to engage your guests and make them forget they are even at a boring corporate event. Check these out:

Go off grid and give your guests a time of growing and relaxation. Remove the need for electronics and, instead, let attendees recharge while spending time at your event. Have spa services, fresh foods, etc. (This is a perfect idea if you rent a tent for your event and place it in a remote location).

In addition to learning about your corporation, incorporate a learning event for your guests. For example, have a cooking class, teach a dance move or a magic trick, etc.

Think of what you would like to see at a corporate event and think about what you want your guests to get from yours. Then, put your mind to work and brainstorm ideas. You can come up with something unique, memorable, and engaging.

Throw in the unexpected

When all else fails, do something out completely unexpected and catch your guests by surprise. Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Invite a well-known speaker
  • Have a known musician
  • Plan a flash mob
  • Incorporate neat talents into your theme, such as a magician, acrobats, snake handler, caricature artist, etc.

There are so many possibilities. Doing something out of the ordinary will leave a lasting impression for all who attend your event. Think about it carefully and go for it!

No matter what your corporate event is about, it doesn’t have to be all business. Attendees are used to the monotonous events in their industry. Step out and do something different. Whether it is using a losberger tent for a stellar location or having a spontaneous karaoke session – your guests will surely look forward to your future events.

Plan the Perfect Corporate Event With These 6 Tips

Plan the Perfect Corporate Event With These 6 Tips | American PavilionPlanning corporate events can often include many different variables. From choosing the right speaker to finding the right tent rental size for an event, there are many details event organizers must plan for. Here are 6 helpful tips for planning the perfect corporate event:

  1. Networking is often a priority for corporate events, make sure to allow time for attendees to make connections and build relationships.
  2. Avoid letting the event run too late.
  3. Consider setting a short time limit for speeches and adding media such as videos, live presentations or other entertainment.
  4. Maintain a calm and professional demeanor when working with the event’s entertainment.
  5. Always prepare for worst case scenarios. Have multiple back-up plans ready for any issue that may arise.
  6. Stay calm under pressure.

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Steps to Planning a Corporate Event Budget

Steps to Planning a Corporate Event Budget | American PavilionStaying within a budget when planning a corporate event isn’t easy. In fact, there is so much to plan and prepare for staying within a budget can seem impossible. One of the best ways for event professionals to save money instead of overspending is staying organized and prioritizing. Here are a few aspects of an event you need to consider when organizing your event’s budget:

  • Travel. Depending on the size and location of an event this part of the budget may not be necessary.
  • Food. Consider the number of attendees expected and how extensive you’d like the menu to be.
  • Staff Compensation. Determine how many staff members you will need and how much time they will be in your employment for when planning the compensation.
  • Facility Expenses. This can include the price spent on the venue itself and additional costs such as security, lighting and heating.
  • Event Logistics. The logistics can range from event insurance to the permits required for hosting your event.
  • Marketing. Consider how you will market your event and which tools will best fit in your budget.

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What to Keep in Mind When Planning an Outdoor Event

What to Keep in Mind When Planning an Outdoor Event | American PavilionThe warmer months of the year tend to be the most popular time for outdoor events. Although outdoor events are beautiful, it’s essential to understand all that goes into organizing one. From permits to preparations for unexpected weather, here are a few tips for planning an outdoor event:

  1. Once you’ve decided the location and date of the event, get any permits required.
  2. Research the restrictions and laws of the town or city your event will be in.
  3. If your event is not being held at a pre-existing facility, keep in mind everything you’ll need to provide such as power, toilets, equipment and food.
  4. Have a meeting with all of your suppliers at the venue before the event to organize the set up of equipment and layout of the event.
  5. Consider how you can make attendees comfortable such as extra water stations and air conditioning .
  6. Any event that goes into the evening will need lighting for any pathways, exits and parking areas to keep guests safe and comfortable finding their way.
  7. A major threat to outdoor events is unexpected weather. You can prepare for both extreme heat and unexpected rain by using tent rentals to shelter guests. Some tent rentals have side walls that can protect attendees from rain or you can rent a temperature controlled tent to keep guests cool.

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The Best Social Media Networks to Market Your Event

 The Best Social Media Networks to Market Your Event | American PavilionWhen planning the best way to market your event over social media, it’s essential to choose which social media networks to focus on. First, you need to identify which social media channels will reach the most potential attendees. The best way to do this is to understand your event’s target audience and what social media they use the most. Use event reporting, surveys and your own observations to better understand the characteristics of your average attendee, then compare these traits to the users of top networks. Here are a few examples of social media channels and their regular users:

Facebook is the most popular social media network and has roughly 1.59 billion active users each month. This channel is most widely used by younger generations but is still the best network to reach older generations and is also slightly more popular among women.

Instagram is the perfect network to use for art festivals, food and beverage events and events that include any dancing. It has 400 million active users, most of which are millennial women. Images shared with Facebook also receive 23% more engagement than images posted directly to Facebook.

Twitter has 320 million users per month and is most popular with high-income millennials. Twitter is a great social media network to reach a young, tech savvy audience. Be aware that Twitter works at a fast pace with posts reaching their average peak at 18 minutes.

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Engaging Millennials at Trade Shows and Corporate Events

Engaging Millennials at Trade shows and Corporate Events | American PavilionAs more and more millennials enter the workforce, they are becoming a larger audience to target at trade shows. Trade shows need to begin embracing this new audience in order to continue evolving in the events industry. Here are a few ways to engage more millennials at a trade show or corporate event:

  • Make technology a priority.
  • Place a charging station in an accessible area.
  • Consider recording speakers or any other content at the event for post-event engagement.
  • Utilize social media to connect and engage with the audience.
  • Provide opportunities for attendees to network during the event.

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Steps to Organizing a Flawless Summer Corporate Event

Steps to Organizing a Flawless Summer Corporate Event | American PavilionThe summer months are an ideal time for a corporate event, especially outdoors. However, planning a corporate event can become a stressful job as you strive to plan an memorable experience with all the right elements. Here are a few tips to organizing a corporate event over the summer:

  • Save the date of the event before anything else. The summer months tend to be the most popular so establish your event’s date as soon as you can.
  • Pick the theme of the event before choosing a venue. This way you can keep your theme in mind when choosing a venue that will be able to accomplish your vision.
  • Make outdoor space a priority when deciding on a venue. Choose an outdoor venue that allow for any needs pertaining to equipment, dining and decor.
  • Set the scene with perfect ambiance. Consider what lighting will create the right atmosphere as the sun goes down and how you will keep attendees warm.
  • Planning the entertainment for the night is a great opportunity for creativity. Consider hiring aerial drink pourers or magicians that move throughout the crowd.

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Helpful Tips for Improving Attendee’s Event Experience

Helpful Tips for Improving Attendee's Event Experience | American PavilionIn a recent article, Eventbrite’s customer service team provided a few helpful tips on solving customer service issues that can have a big impact on an event.

  1. From ticket sales to entry management, moving at a fast pace can make a significant difference for an attendee’s experience. A great way to create early excitement over an event is by having early ticket sales with a discount for a limited number of buyers. You can also improve attendee’s experience by responding promptly to any attendee communication and to keep any lines at the event moving quickly.
  2. To keep an event running smoothly, prepare for the worst of unplanned situations. Make sure attendees are well aware of the event’s refund policies to avoid any miscommunication. Also, consider forming back up plans in case of unexpected weather and informing attendee’s of the protocol beforehand.
  3. A perfect time for attendees to purchase more tickets from you is when they are presently engaged with another one of your events. Sell for the future by promoting any upcoming events as soon as you can or by utilizing email newsletters as an effective marketing tool.

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Make Your Event Better By Adding These Small Details

Make Your Event Better By Adding These Small Details | American PavilionAfter planning an event, it’s important to consider putting forth extra effort and adding small details that can make your event unforgettable. Oftentimes, it’s a small but effective gesture that can completely transform an attendee’s experience. Here are a few extra touches to consider adding to an event:

  1. An effective and budget-friendly way to start an event is by greeting guests with a personalized welcome. Ask attendees to fill out a survey with pertinent information before the event, then utilize that information when welcoming them. For example, use the information by calling them by name, or by providing them with their favorite drink.
  2. Surprise attendees with an unexpected break for a sugary snack or healthy boost to keep their energy and spirits up.
  3. Provide guests with extra comfort by placing small pillows on chairs or even handing out pairs of plush socks to help them stay r throughout the event.

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