Using Fabric Structures for an Outdoor Gathering

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When the weather is perfect outside, that last thing you want to do is stay indoors. So, when you decide to have a gathering with friends and family, are you going to pile everyone in your house, staying cooped up? No – you will want to bask in the outdoor freshness.

Think about it — outdoor gatherings have a ton of perks: natural scenery, lots of space to mingle, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your house before or after the party. However, there are downfalls, as well: the weather is completely unpredictable, there may be pesky pests around and a lack of indoor comforts.

Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy the pros and avoid the cons and have a blast at your next outdoor gathering.

Fabric Structures

Just because you are outside, doesn’t mean you have to give up your indoor comforts. In fact, there is a way to have the indoors brought outdoors for you! Renting fabric structures can be the way to go. Why?

  • You have a place for your guests to take cover from the sun and its hot rays.
  • If mother nature wants to rain on your parade, tell her to go ahead. If you rented a canopy, then you have cover and protection.
  • Wind won’t be a problem, either. If its windy – or windy and rainy – you can simply drop down the sidewalls to your canopy. Voila! You are dry and so is the rest of your party.
  • You will not need to worry about claustrophobic guests, either, as the sidewalls of these canopies have windows!
  • Believe it or not, fabric structures can be customized – you can make them as big or small as you need, you may be able to have flooring (allowing you to avoid having your guests walk on grass or dirt), and you can even splurge for climate control.

Protect attendees from pests

When you take your party outdoors, you are entering the natural habitat of so many insects and creatures. That doesn’t mean you must invite them to the party. Here are a few ways to control the pest population so you and your guests can continue to get your groove on:

  • Use citronella. These come in the form of candles and lighter fluid. Place candles in all areas where your guests will be mingling. You may also use Tiki Torches filled with citronella to give a great outdoor look while also serving a purpose.
  • Make use of your canopy sidewalls. Putting them down will allow a barrier between your guests and the pests.
  • Ahead of time, spray the canopy and its walls with repellent to try to keep the insects at bay.
  • Offer insect repellant spray and wipes for your guests. Many will be very appreciative for this little convenience.
  • Dry up any standing water that may draw mosquitoes.
  • Add fans throughout the gathering area to deter smaller insects from invading your space.

Safety first!

To have an outdoor gathering, you are likely going to need to get some sort of electricity for lighting or music and entertainment purposes. You will, however, want to make sure that you take precaution and watch out for extension cords.

Putting a note or taping them down may not be enough to avoid someone tripping or causing injury. It is best to be overcautious: Put up a sign, tape the cords down, and cover them with a rug.

Also — you will likely be using a fire pit and/or grill. Fire can be deadly – especially when you have a large group of people partying and having a good time. Make sure you have a nearby water source and a fire extinguisher. Also, make sure the person manning each of these items is experienced and able to handle the task.

Prepare the spaceFabric Structures | American Pavilion

Just because you are taking your gathering outdoors does not mean you can avoid your home’s cleanliness altogether. Your guests may not be hanging out in there, but it doesn’t mean they will not be, at the very least, walking through. When your guests arrive, they may come through your front door. Many may come into your kitchen to help with food preparation or to grab something from your refrigerator. Lastly, you can bank on each of your guests having to use your restroom – at least once. So, when preparing your outdoors for your party, you may want to tidy up these indoor areas, as well.

You may want to make your backyard presentable, too. It would be good for you to mow your lawn (as no one wants to put boots on to trek through your overgrown yard) and clean up any garbage or miscellaneous items.

Do what you need to do to make the space presentable and welcoming – your guests will thank you.

Provide comfort for your guests

Last, but certainly not least, go above and beyond to make your guests comfortable. You are moving the party outside, so do something a little extra to make sure you aren’t taking anything away from your guests by keeping them out of your house! Here are a few things you can do that will win you the title of “Host of the Year.”

  • Provide blankets. If your party is going to carry over into the evening and night hours, have blankets available for your guests to bundle up should it get cooler.
  • If it is hot outside, provide personal fans. Your sweating guests will be thankful that you did.
  • Buy flip flops for your guests. You can find cheap flip flops at discount stores. Many people dress up to go to parties but may not enjoy wearing dress shoes in the grass and dirt.
  • Sunglasses can be a welcome – and healthy – thing to provide for your guests. Buy them in bulk and pass them out.

Having an outdoor gathering can be a fun and relaxing time for your friends and family. Just be prepared and safety conscious and it will be the talk of the town!


Follow These 5 Steps to Decorate a Tent Rental

Large Tent Rentals | American Pavilion

First and foremost, congratulations for choosing to hold your party or event in a tent rental. There is no better way to get a venue where you want, when you want it, and how you want it. Large tent rentals allow you to find a vacant location of your choice – no longer requiring you to wait or work your event around a banquet hall schedule – and erect a tent based on your exact customizations (type, size, shape, perks, etc.). A tent rental is like a blank canvas when it comes to decorating, too. Such as smart choice!!

So, now that you’ve got your tent, how do you decorate it?


It is wonderful that large tent rentals allow you to have an open space to decorate and organize how you wish. However, that means you must figure out the layout, too, since there is no set area for a dance floor, or dining area, or restrooms, etc.

Depending on the type of event or party you are having, you will need to determine what areas you will need for your guests – and don’t forget the necessities. You will need to do this before you start decorating so you know how to plan the lighting, the décor, etc.

  • Are you having a dance floor?
  • Do you need a stage?
  • Are you having a sit-down dinner or a mingling cocktail party?
  • How much seating will you need and where will you put it?
  • Will you require a food prep and/or serving area?

These are the things you will want to consider as you begin decorating your tent.

What’s your style?

When it comes to decorating, you want to keep it uniform throughout the tent. Mixing themes and styles could make your party space look a bit confused or discombobulated. Pick your theme or style and stick with it.

There are many to choose from:

  • A skyline party. Use tons of white balloons to create the effect of clouds. Use blue backgrounds and fabrics to look like the sky.
  • Tropical paradise. Use heaters throughout your tent during cold months and transform your tent to a tropical paradise – carry your guests away to the islands.
  • Asian flair. Use paper lanterns and bright colored paper pom-poms to decorate your space.
  • A forest fairytale. Use string lights and branches to decorate your tent. Add greenery throughout the venue, including green garland.
  • Art space. Why not drape white fabric and use paint splashes to add color?
  • Turn a book into life.
  • Pick a decade – A fifties diner, the sixties peace and love era, the 70’s disco era, the 80’s neon colors, etc.
  • Create a magical candy land. Think Willy Wonka.
  • A diamond party with glitter and all things that shimmer.

A style and theme are as unique as you are. So, do a little soul-searching and use your imagination to determine what will give you the effect you are looking for. Make sure you get through this step first to help guide you with the fluidity of the look.

Splashes of color

Tents are great for party places, but they sure don’t offer much in the way of color. That is where your creative side will come in. You can get your color in many forms – actual decorations, lighting, or fabric.

Make it colorful, make it stand out, and make it inviting.

Fabric, fabric, and more fabricLarge Tent Rentals | American Pavilion

Fabric seems to be a popular thing when it comes to tent rentals. It can create an elegant look for your partying needs. In fact, when fabric is draped throughout the tent, it can almost make you forget that you are even in a tent!

There are several methods to draping fabric:

  • Fabric walls. Whether you choose to have sidewalls on your tent or not, you can use fabric to drape down the walls and add a beautiful texture. This method can also be used a backdrop for a main centerpiece of the party, such as a wedding cake or stage area.
  • Ceiling drapes with centerpiece. Fabric can be draped from all edges along the circumference of the tent to meet in the middle at a centerpiece. For example, fabric to meet in the middle with a mirror ball, candelabra, chandelier, or floral centerpiece. It creates an eye catching, and even breathtaking, decoration.
  • Decorate the poles with fabric. Use fabric to drape around poles that surround the tent. You may simply cover the poles, or drape it from the poles to the center of the tent.
  • Create a covered ceiling. Another method for decorating with fabric is to drape it from one side of the tent directly to the other.

Make sure that you incorporate color into your fabric, as well. Layering it with your party colors can transform your tent rental.

Finding the Perfect Lighting for Large Tent Rentals

Lights can be eye-catching or romantic. There can set a mood or increase energy. Here are a few of the most popular lighting methods for tent rentals:

  • Candles. Talk about romance! It will depend on the mood you are trying to achieve on whether you should use candles. You can use them as table centerpieces in clusters or in areas surrounding the party area.
  • String lights. You can decorate the party area with string lights in a bistro method. This can give your party a soft, backyard garden party
  • Tiki torches. Having a luau or tropical party? Tiki torches can give a warm, island feel to any outdoor event.
  • Color lighting. Use various lighting techniques to add color or spot lights on white surfaces, the ceiling, or on any focal point within the venue.

Decorations don’t make or break an event, but they sure do add some ooh and ahh factors for guests. It is fun to add a little flair to your tent – especially because it is a wide-open space that you can make your own! So, open that imagination and go for it!


Here’s How You Can Plan an Unforgettable Corporate Event

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So, you are ready to take the plunge and host the latest corporate event in your industry. You have invited many people and want to make a bold statement – as this is your make or break moment.  You want to do something different and engage your guests, rather than just have the same old boring conference with a monotone speaker and a yawning audience. There must be a way to avoid this, right? Yes! There sure is.

From renting a clear span tent to selecting the perfect theme, use the ideas below to liven up your next corporate event and raise the bar for other industry leaders in the future. Be prepared to have a blast at the hottest corporate event yet!

Use Props with a theme!

Props are awesome. They offer event-goers a chance to let loose and maybe even giggle a little bit, depending on the props and theme you choose. Here are few of the most popular:

  • Night at the movies. Complete this idea with a movie screen and projector, popcorn machine, props to include the Hollywood sign, and the walk of fame.
  • Set up a photo booth. You can use props to match your theme, say — the roaring 1920’s, casino night, 1980’s flashback, animal kingdom, etc.
  • Ice sculptures
  • Road trip. Use car prop, street signs, state backdrops, photos on postcards, etc.
  • Stress relief. Offer massages and spa services to your attendees. After all, it may be a work event, but it is also a mini vacation from the office.
  • A DIY section. Think of something that may come in handy for the folks in your industry (or just simply a fun idea) and have an area in which your guests can learn how to make their own. For example, lotions, a zen garden, stress balls, step by step painting class, etc.
  • Inflatables! These are not just for kids anymore! Instead of bounce houses, adults get inflatable money booths, bull riding, snowboard or surfboard riding, etc. Fun stuff!
  • 50’s diner themed. Complete with poodle skirts, jukeboxes, records, and checkered flooring.

The point is to make the atmosphere fun and entertaining. Sure, your guests are there to work – technically. But, sometimes it is okay to let loose when the boss isn’t looking!

Backgrounds – and photo spot

Have you ever watched celebrities walk into an award show or a benefit on the red carpet? How about turning your guests into celebrities? Have a red carpet (or any color, for that matter) and then take their picture in front of a backdrop as they arrive. You can use a backdrop that matches your theme or you can have a backdrop custom made with your company or events name and/or information on it. (The latter can turn into a great advertising tool thanks to social media).

Use the photos you take during the event and turn them into something comical or memorable. For instance, you can put the faces on bobble heads, create canvas photos, caricatures, pins and badges, etc. It is even possible to set up an Instagram station (or any social media, for that matter). As the pics are posted (with a specific hashtag) you can have video screens throughout the venue showing a continuous collage of these photos. You may also have an area when people my purchase or download copies that were professionally taken at the event.

Rent a clear span tentClear Span Tent | American Pavilion

Gone are the days of boring old hotel conference centers or convention centers. People these days look for adventure or, at the very least, something intriguing or unique. Take time to carefully select where you would like to hold your event.

A suggestion that allows you a lot of room for customization to get the exact space you want is renting a clear span tent. It is easy to do – all you need to worry about is finding a space large enough to hold the clear span tent, the attendees, and, possibly, parking. You determine the size, the layout, the location, and any other specific details and the ball starts rolling. Easy as pie! Clear span tent rentals even have all the offerings of a permanent building – flooring, walls, climate control, etc. – except it is where you want it and designed how you want it.


Who says you need one famous headliner or performer to make your event a success? That is just not the case at all. In fact, if you can keep your attendees entertained throughout the event, you are so much farther ahead.

Here is what we are talking about here:

Let’s say you have a casino-themed event. While you will have various casino games, etc., why not hire Vegas dancers to mingle among the crowd, as well as have short shows sporadically throughout the day?  Or, if you are having a circus theme, why not hire fire-eaters, jugglers, clowns, and acrobats to make their way through the crowd? If it is a tropical or island theme, you could hire belly dancers. Get the idea?

There are so many options – and even more people looking to entertain. You just have to find them!

Hire a DJ and an MC

No one can quite get a party going quite like a DJ can. People love music – especially music that makes them feel good. Hiring a DJ for your corporate event can liven the moods of your attendees and keep a joyful feeling in the air.

MC’s can be entertaining, as well. They keep order in an event. When you have a lot of guests in a large space with a lot going on, sometimes it can be hard to maintain order and reduce any confusion. An MC can be that center point of contact for attendees and help with the flow of the day.

If you use your imagination, you should be able to come up with all sorts of ideas to liven up your next corporate event. Just keep in mind that the idea is help keep the mood of your attendees elated, the feel of the event confident, and the outcome successful. Best of luck!


Ceiling Designs for Your Event Tent

Event Tent | American Pavilion

You are hosting your wedding and your reception in an event tent outdoors. Smart move — this means that you get to choose all your decorations from the ground up!

No, just take a moment and picture your wedding day: You and the one you love – finally tying the knot. You are surrounded by the smiling faces of friends and family, flowers and table centerpieces in your wedding colors, and – wait. What’s that? A blank, white event tent ceiling. You can spend your entire time celebrating and worrying about guests wondering what happened to the decorations for your forgotten ceiling. Or, you can prepare in advance to use this blank canvas to create a magical area. The choice is yours! It doesn’t have to be difficult or extravagant to make a statement.


Chandeliers scream elegance. They provide a beautiful means of a light source for your wedding. The great thing about chandeliers is you can match them to the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are having a rustic wedding, you can use chandeliers made from wagon wheels or lanterns. Or, if your wedding is a black-tie affair, you may want to opt for a crystal (or crystal-like) chandelier. The lights reflecting off the crystal create a magical, dim glow.

You may choose to use one large chandelier as a centerpiece or several smaller ones to hang throughout. The idea is to maintain uniformity of the decorations – including the lighting.

Event Tent Fabric DrapingEvent Tent | American Pavilion

It may sound odd, but if done correctly, flowing fabric can look beautiful on your ceiling. You can even match it with the colors of your wedding—extend your colors to the ceiling. Depending on how you choose to drape the fabric, you can make it look like a warm blanket or keep it light, open, and airy. If your wedding is taking place during the daytime, you can use the fabric in part – rather than covering the whole ceiling, allow for strips of flowing fabric and then strips of tent. This will allow the bright sunlight to shine through.

Beads and Garland

Get unique with your ceiling. The decorations you choose do not have to be the norm. In fact, this is your wedding day – you want it to stand out. Here are a few ideas:

  • String crystal beads down from the ceiling to give the effect of icicles.
  • Garland of greenery or even in various colors can be strung across the tent and down poles on every side to add a splash of color to the white ceiling.
  • For rustic, outdoor weddings, use a combination of tree branches and twinkle lights to decorate the ceiling.

Flowing Flowers

Every wedding needs flowers. Most of the time they are used in table centerpieces or as decorations to line aisles. However, what about flowers flowing down from the ceiling? These magical bouquets look as though they are blooming out of the ceiling. Again, you can choose one large bouquet or smaller ones throughout the tent. Or, be a rebel and go all out – Maybe a large upside down flower bouquet over the dancefloor and smaller ones throughout the rest of the space?

For a soft, romantic glow, mix pastel flowers with a candlelight chandelier. If you are considering a tropical paradise, use bright bouquets – reds, oranges, yellows — and combine them with tiki torches along the ground. Experiment with different flower and light combinations to obtain the look that is just right for your tent wedding.

Lanterns and String Lights

Think beachside wedding, lighthouses, and lanterns. Symbolically let these lanterns guide you into your future as a happily married couple. You can decorate the ceiling with single lanterns throughout the venue. Another take on lanterns is using Japanese paper lanterns. This type of lighting gives a soft glow and symbolizes a wish for a bright future. What more could you ask for on your wedding day?

String lights are romantic on their own. Put them under a tent on your wedding day and it can take the sweet moments to new heights. You can string these lights across the tent in a bistro style or have them dangle on a clear string, appearing to be twinkling starlight. Here is an option – rent a tent with a clear ceiling and let mother nature be your backdrop with just a few string lights under the starts. It is like having a real outdoor garden party, without the risk of bad weather conditions!

Gobo Lighting

Gobo lighting is a spiffy light trick. It basically can take your boring, blank what slate of a tent ceiling and turn it in to something completely stunning. Gobo lighting uses projectors and stencils to project images through a light source and on to your ceiling. There are many ideas that you can choose to do with this sort of lighting technique:

  • Use specific words or phrases. You can project names, initials, dates, etc. onto the ceiling.
  • Tree outline. Using a tree stencil can make it look like tree shadows on the ceiling and give a neat effect.
  • Specific floral or paisley pattern.
  • Make it appear that the ceiling is water – and that you are under water when inside the tent (though this may not be good for your claustrophobic guests!).
  • Stars and the moon on the ceiling.

Use your imagination and draw your own stencils. This gobo technique is a much easier way to decorate the ceiling without having to actually decorate it! In other words – no crazy long ladders required.

You can decorate your event tent ceiling in any way you wish – it is your wedding day. The above are just suggestions to get you started. If you are daring, you can combine them together for a unique look. For example, use string lights with your fabric draping or flower bouquets and crystal chandeliers. However you decide to do it, make sure you leave a lasting impression that keeps your guests looking up!


5 Things to Do Before Setting Up a Temporary Structure

Temporary Structures | American Pavilion

Temporary structures can be used for so many things. They assist construction companies in protecting equipment and workers from outdoor elements. They can be used by airports as temporary hangars. Sports complexes use temporary buildings to house indoor playing fields, equestrian riding arenas, and skating rinks. Temporary buildings are even used for parties, corporate events, fundraisers, art shows, and concert venues.

Whatever your reason is for deciding to choose one of these versatile and customizable buildings, there are a few things you will want to consider before setting up your temporary structure.

Create a site plan and layout

Before you can even begin to setup a temporary structure, you are going to need to make sure that your building will sit securely and in the proper manner on the vacant land you are using. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Which direction do I want the main entrance to face?
  • Are the exits and windows in the proper position for the property?
  • If you will need a parking lot or access for big tractor trailers, will you be positioning your temporary structure to allow for this?
  • Do I have a layout? Where will I place designated areas once the temporary structure is erected?

You will want to make sure that the building is going to be setup in the exact position that will work for all your needs.

Find Your LocationTemporary Buildings | American Pavilion

Yes, you will need to find a location for the setup of your temporary structure. Depending on what you are using it for, this could include vacant land, a large parking lot, the fairgrounds, etc. Regardless of what location you choose, you will want to make sure of the following:

  • that there is level ground available for setup.
  • that the size of the location will allow room for the size of the building and anything else that you may require on the property.

Check the Zoning and Building Code

Depending on where you live, all the red tape that is required for the addition of a building on a property must be reviewed and completed. While some cities may not require anything, many will require permits for the erection of temporary buildings. Still, others may have specific zoning laws about what the building can be used for or where it can and cannot be placed.

If you fail to talk to your city or county inspectors and set up the temporary building anyways – you could find yourself in a bit of hot water. Many may request for the removal of the building, a correct paper trail of permits and plans, and the possibility of fines! So, in other words, it is best to do it right the first time to save a lot of hassle!

Confirm Utilities and Facilities

Access to utilities is super important. Even if you don’t plan to need any – you still want to make sure you have access to electricity, water, and plumbing. Consult with your local electric and water companies to make sure there is available access or the possibility of getting hooked up if needed.

In the beginning, you created a layout for your building. That layout should have included the designated areas that will be inside the temporary structure. For instance:

  • What designated areas will require electrical outlets?
  • What designated areas will require running water?
  • Where will you place the restroom?
  • How many restrooms will you have?

Once the building is setup, you will likely need an electrician to consult with to ensure you can properly distribute the electricity as needed throughout the temporary structure. In addition, you will want to take into consideration that you may not want wires running throughout the building, as they may become a security risk – so take care when determining the positioning of all things electrical.

Don’t forget the restrooms – they are important! The number of facilities you need, as well as the location and position of them, will depend on the use of the building. For instance, if your temporary structure is being used as a riding stable, then you may not require but one or two restrooms. However, if you are hosting a corporate fundraiser or a huge dinner party, you may want to consider multiple restrooms and in multiple locations. The numbers of sinks required will also be important.

Safety and Security

You will want to review your building for security and safety reasons. You take the time and energy to get everything prepared for the erection of the temporary structure, you will not want to skip this step.

If you are using your building to accommodate very many guests, you will want to make sure you have confirmed that the fire safety is addressed. Plan for enough exits in various locations, as well as making sure you have fire extinguishers available. Having your building and wiring inspected for fire safety may be something you would like to consider as well. Take care not to overload your temporary electrical outlets.

If you have wires or exposed pipes, make sure to cover them or flag them so they will be seen by your guests to reduce an injury and liability.

Planning for the security of your building is important as well, especially if you have chosen a remote location to erect it or if you are planning on storing important or expensive items. Having motion lighting outdoors can deter thieves. Also, using locks or temporary alarm systems can assist to protect your investment. If you can or so desire, placing a fence around the perimeter can add additional protection to your temporary building.

Temporary buildings are the perfect solution for many events or needs. They can meet just about any requirement you may have and are very versatile if your circumstances are intricate. Make sure you have a plan in place, be safety conscious, talk to your local utility authorities, and always check with zoning requirements!

Transition to Off-Grid Living Using a Large Tent Rental

Large Tent Rental | American Pavilion

Home as we know it keeps us safe, it keeps us warm, it keeps us dry, and it keeps us comfortable. It also keeps us connected. Our world today has us absorbed by electronics. We lose out on so many precious moments of life because our attention is drawn away by a ring, a ding, a chirp, or a you’ve got mail. It is more common to see a group of individuals standing together looking down at cell phones than it is to see a group of kids playing a game of baseball in the park. When you feel overwhelmed by all the technology, it is time to unplug. From using a large tent rental for shelter to raising livestock, you could turn a piece of vacant, secluded land into an adventure and an opportunity to disconnect yourself from all the daily stimuli and reconnect with yourself.

Keep reading for the basic steps to help you transition to world of off-grid living.

Using a Large Tent Rental

Shelter is necessary. You may think that you want to go off the grid in an extreme way, but, after exposed to the wildlife, the insects, the weather and its elements, you will likely change your mind – quickly.

One of the most cost efficient forms of shelter is a large tent rental. Large tent rentals are especially handy since they can be assembled at any location. Since you are going off-grid, that could mean you will need shelter in a remote area with the possibility of tricky terrain. Tents are customizable, allowing you to design them to meet your needs in size, shape, etc. and include flooring, sidewalls, windows, etc. Large tent rentals are also made of durable fabric and can withstand any potential damage that can come your way.

Other potential shelters are campers, professionally built residences, or anything that is large enough to live in and turn into a comfortable living space.

Water is a Necessity

It’s a fact of life – if you want to survive, you will need access to clean water. Unless you plan on walking down to the creek to fill your bucket, walk back home, treat your water, and hope you have enough for all that your family will need – you are going to want to make sure you are hooked up to a well or some other water irrigation system that can deliver you clean water.

Say no to gathering water bottles and gallon jugs, unless you intend to reuse them. You are going off-grid to live off the land. Therefore, don’t pollute that very land with wasteful plastic!


Here is when you must show everyone what you are made of. Are you able to forego dining out, fast food, and Starbucks and, instead, learn to hunt for your food and have a farm with livestock and a garden? Livestock, such as cows, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and pigs, among others, can serve as a great food source. Tending a garden can produce healthy and tasty veggies and fruits that are full of the good stuff for you. The best news? You control what your livestock eats and what you spray on your garden. In other words, you will finally have total control over the food your family eats.

You will likely make sporadic trips to a grocery store or market, depending on how remote you live. However, when you do so, you can stock up on staples like rice, beans, powdered milk, or any other non- perishable food items you may desire.

Energy SourcesLarge Tent Rental | American Pavilion

The rage is all about solar panels! These panels use the sun’s rays and convert it to an energy source. The cost of solar panels may put a dent in your wallet initially, but the system will last you for many years. When you average out the monthly cost you currently pay in your fully-wired home, you will realize you are actually going to be saving money.

Wind is another possible source of energy. However, not all off-grid homes are located in areas in which wind would be a feasible source.


You will have to go to the bathroom. Your family members will, too. It is a fact of life. And, well, it must go somewhere. Because you will want to make sure your waste doesn’t negatively affect your food sources or water, you will want to ensure you have a properly functioning septic system. Whether it is built into the ground or a motor home-type septic tank that will require occasional emptying, you will be thankful for the septic tank.

Another method some hardcore off-grid folks choose is a composting toilet. This will collect your waste and turn it into compost.

Whatever method you choose, make sure to consult the zoning board in your area to confirm your septic method meets the requirements.

Willingness to Embrace Change

When choosing to move to a remote location and completely rearrange everything about the way you currently live your life, you are going to have to expect some difficulty in adjusting. Living off grid means getting rid of things such as TVs, cell phones, tablets, computers, washers and dryers, microwaves, air conditioning, etc. Sure, you can still have these items, but you will not likely have the means to use them how you are used to. Remember – you are making your own energy now.

Many people who have chosen this route either loved it or hated it. It surely isn’t for everyone. But, those who love their decision and have embraced the change to off-grid living, have found a sense of calm that somehow gets lost in the midst of all the electronics. In fact, families are brought together because, being cut off civilization, they don’t have anywhere else to turn. It can break down barriers. And for those with kids – this change can teach responsibility, the joy of the outdoors, learning to live off the land, and staying connected with family.

Are you ready? Unplug and go. Now – before you change your mind!

5 Tips to Help You Maintain a Fabric Building

Fabric Buildings | American Pavilion

So, you bought a fabric building for your business and you thought you wouldn’t have to do anything else once it was set up, right? Fabric buildings really are durable and built to last. However, there is nothing in life that is going to survive without a little bit of necessary care. Yes, this includes your fabric building.

It has served you great. You have been able to store your equipment, host parties and events, take cover from extreme outdoor elements, etc. Your fabric building has been the perfect choice for your business needs. It is time, however, that you take a good look at your structure and make sure that it is in perfect working order to keep serving your needs for years to come. Or else you may find yourself outside in the cold!

What kind of maintenance does a fabric building require and why?

Many things require maintenance. For example, you know that you need your car to get you from point A to point B. If you want to continue to be able to use it, you know that you need to maintain it. You give it oil changes, gas, you wash it, check the tires, and any other routine maintenance. The same idea goes for fabric buildings. You must clean it and inspect it regularly.

Why? Because not taking care of your building could lead you into some trouble. Such as:

  • Rips or tears in your fabric can cause an incredible waste of energy.
  • Weak spots in the fabric can lead to future problems.
  • It is cheaper to maintain a building regularly than to have to replace it in its entirety due to lack of care.
  • Elements of the weather can wreak havoc on fabric buildings, causing strain and damage.
  • The sun’s UV rays can be detrimental to a fabric structure that is losing its protective coating due to unaddressed damage or wear and tear.
  • Being proactive is a lot less costly than being reactive.


Think about all the things that meet fabric buildings on a daily basis – birds (and their droppings), debris from trees (fallen branches, leaves, moss, berries, dropped fruit, etc.), dirt blown in the wind that finds its place of rest on your fabric, and so on. It sits exposed, outside all day and night! Over time, these things can build up and cause great damage to the fabric. Therefore, whether you choose to hire someone or do it yourself, it is important to clean this debris off the fabric regularly.

To clean your fabric building you are going to need a few key items:

  • A water hose or other source of water.
  • Gentle soap, mild commercial cleaner, or bleach alternative.
  • A brush with soft – not harsh – bristles
  • A sponge

While it may require special equipment to reach the top of the building, you will use the above items to remove the debris. The brush will assist with removing stuck on debris and the sponge will allow you to give the structure an overall shine, removing built up dirt. Do not use a pressure washer or similar equipment to clean this structure. Doing so could jeopardize the protective layer of coating on the fabric and overall stability of the building.


Being outside all the time makes your fabric structure subject to all sorts of elements. Think about it – while you are taking cover, your building is taking a beating with things such as rain, wind, the sun’s UV rays, snow, ice, etc. How do you think this impacts your structure? Doing an inspection regularly can save you from greater headaches later down the road.

When buildings get pounded by winter storms or heavy rain and wind, eventually the protective coat on the building may become affected. Once that happens, it is a matter of time until the sun’s rays cause the fabric to fall apart.

Don’t let that happen – inspect your structure regularly!

Maintain Sustainability and Energy EfficiencyFabric Building | American Pavilion

By maintaining your fabric building, you will require less repairs. This makes the most sense financially and economically. If you are using your structure in your day to day business, you are, in a sense, affecting your livelihood when you fail to take proper care of your building.

In addition, energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint is a big deal these days. Not to mention, going green can save you green, too. While inspecting your building, look for possible leaks, tears, or other weak spots in the fabric that could be affecting the controlled climate. Repairing anything that you find will cut down on your cooling and heating costs and will also reduce the amount of energy wasted.

Public Safety

Not taking care of your building could lead to injury. Many people use their fabric structures to hold either equipment, people, or both. If the structure is jeopardized in any way, it can lead to serious injury. That means a great deal of liability for you or your business. Looking for weak spots and inspecting your building, as well as keeping up with regular cleanings can safeguard you from a potentially disastrous situation.

Be proactive

Taking care of your structure – both inside and out – can increase the life of the fabric building and reduce the possibility of any injury. Don’t be reactive, be proactive! We are too quick to let things go or put them off until we have time. Unfortunately, putting off the care of your building could end up costing you a lot of money that you hadn’t prepared for. Had you maintained your fabric building in a proactive manner, you would be able to move forward without worry – and with more money in your pocket!

Your fabric building does so much for you that the least you can do is make sure it is cleaned, inspected, and maintained regularly. Doing so reduces the possible risk of injury and loss of your building. What are you waiting for?