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Flexible, Portable, Secure Solutions Executed with Precisions

Today's military is always on the move, responding to hot spots, training assignments, and special events with speed and precision. American Pavilion is a trusted partner to the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense and National Guard, executing a wide range of assignments with precision.

American Pavilion provides solutions in all 50 states and has designed and deployed temporary barracks and storage solutions to more than a dozen military bases across the country. This gives bases the ability to quickly and cost-effectively ramp up operational and residential capacity, while training troops for overseas deployment. Our portable, easy-to-erect clear span tent structures can be equipped with raised sub-floors, HVAC, lighting, power outlets, and other critical accessories.

Additionally, American Pavilion provides tent rental for security applications at military bases, as well as for the Secret Service during events such as the inauguration of President Barack Obama.