Large Tent Rentals that will Survive Extreme Weather

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Extreme weather happens and there isn’t a thing you can do about it. Well, let’s just say you cannot stop it or change it, but you can adapt. For example, you can change your routine. If you know the weather is supposed to be extreme in the evening, you can make sure you complete what you need to do early so you are out of the rough weather when it hits. You can also decide to switch up your wardrobe to match the weather conditions – sweaters, raincoats, boots, shorts, umbrellas, etc. Or, of course, you can just stay indoors and avoid the weather altogether.

But, what can you do when that isn’t an option? You can find a tent that will survive extreme weather conditions and let you accomplish what you need to – despite Mother Nature’s plan!

Types of extreme weather

Weather conditions can vary, depending on location. However, each type can become extreme – wind, rain, snow, cold. Here are a few of the most extreme weather conditions that can put a damper on any outdoor events or jobs:

  • Hurricanes – From June through November, hurricanes are a real risk along the east coast of the U.S. Many people need to arrange outdoor activities to avoid any tropical disturbance.
  • Snowstorms – For those individuals in the north, snowstorms can wreak havoc on outdoor activities, including events and job sites. Whether one inch or one foot, some of the white stuff goes a long way.
  • Ice storms – These storms hurt communities all throughout the north. They take down power lines and make driving less than ideal – and downright dangerous!
  • Heavy rains – These rains can lead to flooding. They can come down by the inches within mere minutes and wash out any outdoor activity.
  • Winds – Winds can make the outdoors frustrating. Not only is it difficult to walk or ride a bike against the wind, it is also difficult to try to accomplish any projects when the wind is blowing out of control.
  • Tornadoes–These suckers are scary and can happen in an instant. Depending on the strength of them, there may be nothing you can do to prepare and avoid catastrophic damage.

All weather patterns can range from minor to extreme.

Who faces challenges by extreme weather?

When thinking of who deals with the trials and struggles relating to outdoor weather conditions, it will most definitely be those who must be outside during them. Or those who need to be outside to complete a project, but can’t due to the extreme weather. For example, construction companies, sports teams and athletes, contractors, farmers, etc.

Weather can even affect those who are throwing a party or having an event. It isn’t always possible to move an entire wedding party indoors when heavy rainstorms threaten. Therefore, they will face the challenge of having to potentially come face to face with extreme weather or scramble for shelter.

How large tent rentals can help

Many times, weather can make or break a project. It can disrupt a construction site with flooding waters, high winds, or a heavy snowfall. Not only does it slow the progress and push back the completion date, but it also can lead to an unhappy customer. For farmers, the weather can mean the difference between a high crop yield and sufficient payday or a loss of crop and income.

With that being said – how can large tent rentals help ward off the extreme weather?

  • A tent rental can allow construction workers and contractors to continue working despite the outdoor conditions.
  • It can allow companies to meet deadlines, rather than lose out on work.
  • Large tent rentals can save crops from potential devastating damage due to extremeweather conditions.

Losberger tentsLarge Tent Rentals | American Pavilion

Losberger tents offer a perfect solution for those who weather the outdoor elements day in and day out. These tents can solve so many problems that can halt a project or an event – without a lot of fuss. They are very easily erected, which means they can be moved around from site to site with ease.

The Losberger tents are large – offering protection for your entire crew and project. Or, if you are having an outdoor event that is getting slammed by unexpected weather conditions, there will be plenty of room to bring it inside.

Surprisingly, these tent rentals withhold hurricane force winds and are sturdy enough to hold fallen snow without collapsing. In addition, the climate control is ideal for keeping guests and workers warm (or cool) and allowing farmers to grow crops in the most ideal conditions.

Additional perks of a Losberger tent

Now you are aware of how you can manage to keep your productivity up, your guests or crew healthy and safe, and that, believe it or not, it is a tent that can make all of that happen. What else can a Losberger tent do? There are even more perks to check out:

  • It is important to know that Losberger tents require very little maintenance. Once they are erected, they are fully functional without any difficult maintenance or repairs – allowing you to solely focus on your event or project.
  • There are no poles. Who wants a wide-open space with poles in the way? Poles make it difficult to move machinery or erect large structures underneath without causing damage to the tent. Because these tents come sans poles, you will have less to worry about.
  • Tents can be customized to meet any size requirements – and they can be very large, to meet the needs of your project, crop or event.
  • Power is not a foreign concept when it comes to tents, either. With proper planning, temporary power can be delivered under the tent to make everything that you may need run smoothly.

When you face extreme weather, there are many things that you can do to protect your plans and keep moving forward. Be smart and prepared – don’t let the weather slow you down.

5 Steps to Spice Up Your Next Corporate Event

Losberger Tents | American Pavilion

Keeping your guests intrigued and engaged in a corporate event doesn’t require a lot of work – just a little creativity and planning. Whether it is using losberger tents for a stellar location or having a spontaneous karaoke session – your guests will surely look forward to your future events.

Besides getting time out of the office or maybe free trip to a different city, many people loathe the idea of having to go to corporate events. The idea sounds fun, but the busy schedules, hours listening to boring speakers, and games is enough to make you cringe inside – even if you don’t show it.

So now that you are planning your own corporate event, what is something you can do to make sure your guests aren’t secretly hoping someone pulls the fire alarm or, even worse, that there is a power outage?

These five steps will guide you in spicing up your next corporate event so that you will raise the bar for all other corporations:

Choose Any Location Using Losberger Tents

The first thing that your guests will see is the venue you choose. When they arrive to your event, are they going to be blown away? Convention centers and generic ol’ conference halls seem to be the desired pick for most organizations. You have the same bright, busy carpet and white cloth table coverings with very few windows. It is boring.

Why not try something new? Losberger tents offer a place to wow your guests. They give you the opportunity to hold your event in any location. Pick somewhere remote and beautiful – off the beaten path or search for a location that is sure to grab the interest of attendees. If it has space for a losberger tent and is near lodging, then you are set.

You can rent and customize losberger tents very easily. Depending on the size of your crowd, you can increase or decrease the size of your tent. In fact, if you really want to go for the wow factor, losberger tents can be rented as two-story buildings – with lots of windows! They are climate controlled and act as real buildings – only their location is not permanent! Give your guests something to talk about!

Set a theme

Themes for your corporate event can be as professional or as goofy as you would like them to be. What matters is that you pick a theme that will be eye-catching and you go all out for it. When planning your food, prizes or giveaways, decorations, etc. make sure you keep with your theme and match every detail accordingly.

Remember – colors matter! Colors can set a tone or mood for an event. To make sure you get the right vibe going, check these out:

  • Red: signals passions, intensity, power, excitement – and even anger.
  • Purple: royalty, luxury, spirituality
  • Blue: calm, peace, tranquility, trust
  • Green: rejuvenation, health, nature, harmony
  • Orange: confidence, friendliness, outgoing
  • Yellow: happiness, optimistic, cheerful, awakening

You know your vision and the goal you are trying to achieve. Just make sure your decorations and colors remain uniform and flow throughout each aspect of your event.

Increase your social media presenceLosberger Tents | American Pavilion

Getting the word out there about your event is crucial. You cannot just rely on word-of-mouth or a few Facebook posts to get it going. These days, a social media presence isn’t an option – you need one. If you are not up on the ins and outs, find someone who is!

Use sites where you will find your ideal audience. Post about your event, of course, but also post relevant blogs, photos, surveys, etc., to engage your audience. Another great idea is to do a promotion that will get you shares and attention. You want them to know your name and what you are about – and you want them to discover you are having an event. If you stay in front of their face – even if just while they are scrolling through – they will remember you.

Extra tip: During the event — always, always create a hashtag and encourage lesson and photo sharing by your guests to help increase your social media presence for future events! This is like having free promotion!

Engage your guests

Everyone dreads the getting-to-know-you games at corporate events. Every corporate event has speakers, a cocktail party, a dinner, a vendor’s area, games – it’s all rather generic and predictable.

To stand out, you will need to do something different. You will need to engage your guests and make them forget they are even at a boring corporate event. Check these out:

Go off grid and give your guests a time of growing and relaxation. Remove the need for electronics and, instead, let attendees recharge while spending time at your event. Have spa services, fresh foods, etc. (This is a perfect idea if you rent a tent for your event and place it in a remote location).

In addition to learning about your corporation, incorporate a learning event for your guests. For example, have a cooking class, teach a dance move or a magic trick, etc.

Think of what you would like to see at a corporate event and think about what you want your guests to get from yours. Then, put your mind to work and brainstorm ideas. You can come up with something unique, memorable, and engaging.

Throw in the unexpected

When all else fails, do something out completely unexpected and catch your guests by surprise. Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Invite a well-known speaker
  • Have a known musician
  • Plan a flash mob
  • Incorporate neat talents into your theme, such as a magician, acrobats, snake handler, caricature artist, etc.

There are so many possibilities. Doing something out of the ordinary will leave a lasting impression for all who attend your event. Think about it carefully and go for it!

No matter what your corporate event is about, it doesn’t have to be all business. Attendees are used to the monotonous events in their industry. Step out and do something different. Whether it is using a losberger tent for a stellar location or having a spontaneous karaoke session – your guests will surely look forward to your future events.

Why Losberger is a Top Clear Span Tent Manufacturer

Losberger Tents | American PavilionIf you are looking to create an enclosed outdoor area protected from the elements, the best way to go is with clear span tents. These structures can be made in relatively small dimensions, for example for small outdoor stages or for parties, or they can encompass huge enclosures of space, serving as sports pavilions, exhibition areas, or even as temporary warehouses. What makes one of these structures a “clear span” is the fact that all of the support is engineered to be positioned around the perimeter, so that there are no central columns that will get in the way of people or objects that you want to set up. As these temporary structures are used for almost any kind of outdoor event, there are quite a few companies that manufacture them, however some companies have established an especially strong reputation.

Losberger: German Engineering at Its Finest

Losberger is one of the larger manufacturers of clear span tents, and they are known for producing quality shade structures. They first came to America with their products in the 1990s, and they are still one of leaders in the U.S. market. While other competitors came to the game afterwards, Losberger has maintained a clear position as one of the go-to makers for those who are looking for a top-notch setup. Part of what makes them so successful is their concept of semi-permanent rather than just temporary structures. Their clear span tents can remain in place for as long as you need them to.

The Advantages of Losberger Tents

 There are several aspects to losberger tents that are available from this company such as those described in the following list:

  1. Speed and Efficiency: Suppose there is a sudden need for additional event spacing, or a place to store excess materials while keeping them protected from the elements. The design of Losberger tents is such that they can be put up and taken down quickly.
  2. Economical and Sturdy Materials: The membranes used in these buildings are steel and aluminum, recyclable and lightweight. These components are reliable and secure, while being easy to afford.
  3. A Green Product: Fully recyclable materials allow for minimal waste. If your clear span is going to be used in the day time, the fabric can be set up to allow daylight inside, so that there is no need for artificial light sources. If the structure needs to be moved, it can be done with minimal energy expenditure and at a moment’s notice for maximum convenience.

These are just some of the reasons that give a sense of why people are still choosing Losberger tents when they are looking for dependable, semi-permanent clear span spaces.

Clear Span Tents Available in the U.S.

You can be sure you’re getting the best possible product if you rent from a U.S. provider that offers products of the highest quality, such as those made by Losberger. A dealer who is willing to invest in superior German engineering knows what people are looking for in a clear span tent. Make sure you look to see where the people you are renting from get their tents.

Five Uses for a Losberger Tent

Five Uses for a Losberger Tent | American PavilionLosberger tents are considered the best in the industry, and this brand is available in the United States from a facility in Frederick, Md. When you need to rent a tent for an event this is one of the most popular brands that you will find. There is a wide variety of tent sizes, colors and styles available, and the items are suitable for several types of events.

One: Musical Events
If you want to have a musical event in your own backyard or at a fairground, a Losberger tent is available to hold a few people or hundreds. It is possible to use a stage along with seating such as benches or chairs to listen to a jazz concert or country western band.

Two: Fashion Show
When you want to have a fashion show at a local shopping mall rent a long Losberger tent that will hold a runway for models to walk on. You can place chairs or benches on either side of the runway for people to sit on while watching the fashion show.

Three: Earth Day
Earth Day occurs each year, and you need a place to have the activities at a local park. Rent multiple Losberger tents for each company that wants to give away flower seeds or recycled products to visitors.

Four: Family Reunion
For a family reunion you need a place for relatives to enjoy a potluck meal that is out of the hot sunlight, a medium-sized Losberger tent is the perfect size for your home’s backyard.

Five: Temporary Storage
When a college student comes home for the summer they have a ton of stuff to store until the new semester begins. You can rent a small Losberger tent for two to three months to place in a backyard to store a college student’s possessions.

Create a Comfortable Space
If you are renting a Losberger tent it does not need to be a dark or uncomfortable environment because you can use patio heaters, circulating fans or light fixtures to create an inviting space.

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3 Reasons to Like Losberger Tents

Losberger-clear-span-tent-by-American-PavilionLosberger has been a trusted name when it comes to renting high-quality tents. Whether you are sponsoring a major outdoor event and do not want a rainy day to spoil the happy occasion, are a first responder in an emergency or need extra space for your construction site, Losberger has the tent you need.

  1. Variety of Tents

Order a tent for a conference to create space for a large number of people or use it to shelter and store jeeps and equipment. You can find a Losberger tent ranging from 3 to 50 meters with a height of one story or two stories. In addition, you can choose a rugged, functional. fully inflatable tent that can stretch to fit large surfaces and can be moved to various areas or a tent with a metal interior structure that provides extra support.

  1. Extra Features

You may prefer a simple tent that can be set up and taken down easily with no extra items to deal with or a tent that contains doors, flooring and ramps. Many tents have advanced temperature controls to provide comfort in the summer or winter.

  1. Instant Storage

Losberger tents provide extra storage space and can serve as temporary warehouses. An interior aluminum structure is durable and can be erected and taken down easily. A transparent roof allows provide natural lighting. For additional space and storage right away, Losberger tents provide a solution.

Look for a tent rental service that has a selection of Losberger tents. You can rent a large or small tent for a wedding, construction needs or for extra storage space at a reasonable cost. Tents are simple to put up and take down and are made of heavy-duty materials that are designed to stand up to the elements and hold their shape. A Losberger tent will help transform the outdoors into indoor space when you need it.

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