Staying Dry During Winter Construction Projects


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Just because the weather isn’t so pleasant, doesn’t mean you can stop working. Rain weather is one of the top reasons for construction delays. This can include snow – in its frozen and melting form. However, your winter project cannot stop – you have deadlines to meet and customers to satisfy. So, what can you do to stay dry during winter projects?

The best thing to do is to take steps to prevent the weather from affecting your construction project to begin with. Keep reading for some tips on staying dry and finishing that project on time!

Rain and Snow Can Ruin a Project

Rain is good for a lot of things. It can water our flowers, trees, and crops. It can also add to our lakes and water reservoirs, as well as provide the best source of groundwater. However, when you are working on a construction project that requires a dry area, rain is not so welcome. In fact, it can wreak havoc on your project and cause a heap of delays. For example:

  • If working with wood, wet weather can cause the wood to warp and even crack. Wood can absorb water like a sponge, damaging it before your project is even finished.
  • Metal is strong and usually has a long life. However, excessive rains can cause rusting. When the rain gets to the metal at the earliest stage of construction, it can shorten the overall life of the structure.
  • When working construction, building requires sturdy placement within the ground. Heavy rains and especially localized flooding can wash away the soil, causing a questionable foundation.

These are just a few of the things that can cause delays when you do not keep your winter project area dry. There are ways, however, to avoid these costly delays.

Take Cover

One of the smartest moves you can make when working your winter project is to protect yourself and your project site from the rain – and other weather conditions. So how should you protect yourself? With something overhead, of course! You need protection over your project that will not get in the way of what you need to do to complete it.Taking your winter project indoors isn’t really a feasible option, so let’s look at what is…

Use a Construction Tent Rental
Construction Tent Rental | American Pavilion

Many construction crews opt for tarps to protect themselves and their project from wet weather. However, that is not necessarily the best route to go. Tarps can come loose or collapse under winds or heavy rain or snowfall. In addition, you will need to make sure you have specific landscape or your own poles for hanging up your tarp. Let’s not even mention how you need to make sure you can even tie it up successfully!

On the other hand, we have the possibility of using a tent. A construction tent rental can protect your project from the elements and the detrimental effects of them. It’s a good thing that construction tent rentals come in all shapes and sizes and are completely customizable to your needs. Also, if you need some serious protection from the wintry weather, you can take the extra step and get walls for your tent. For these reasons, you are likely to have better luck with a tent, rather than a tarp.

If you find yourself with a project that is beyond the realms of tent protection, you can, at the very least, protect your tools, machinery, and supplies with a dry place. Plus, you have a place to hide out when the rain gets to be too much!

Protective Clothing Can Help

Since holding an umbrella isn’t practical on construction sites, individuals can wear special clothing and accessories to keep dry while working in the wet winter weather. Items such as waterproof boots can keep your feet dry. In addition, waterproof pants or overalls, waterproof construction jackets (yes, they even come in bright colors to be seen by passersby), and helmets with waterproof lining. Plus, it is your lucky day – you can even find waterproof gloves and socks!

The point is that clothing manufacturers know that some people must be outdoors, despite the weatherconditions so they have created a line of rugged outdoor wear that will withstand the wintry elements so you can complete that project.

Staying Warm and Dry 

Winter months can bring all kinds of weather. When you combine wetness and cold together, it can create a mess – especially for those who are in the outdoors every day for extended periods of time. With a little planning, there are ways to stay warm and dry as you try to complete your winter project. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Dress in layers. The more layers you wear, the warmer you are, the more you may sweat. Once you take a break, the sweat may lower your body temperature. Find what works for your body.
  • Look for clothing made of wool, polyester fleece, or polypropylene. These fabrics retain warmth – even when they are wet!
  • Wear Gaiters. These go on the outside of the boot and cover the pant leg, as well. It keeps water and snow from entering your boots.
  • Have a shelter handy. Set up a construction tent with sidewalls to gain shelter from the elements. This creates a warm, dry place to seek refuge during rough, wintry weather.

The key to staying dry during winter projects is to plan and be ready for the wet and cold weather when it hits. It is inevitable – as is the outdoor job of a construction worker. It’s tough with the outdoors as your office. However, with the help of overhead covering, such as a construction tent rental, and waterproof clothing, you can make sure your project gets completed on time and in a proper manner.




Understanding the Idea of a Construction Tent

Understanding the Idea of a Construction Tent | American PavilionYou’ve seen tents used in quite a few settings. Along with tents used for camping, there are the kind designed for use at craft fairs, herb festivals and other outdoor events. One application that you may not be familiar with is the construction tent. Here are some things you should know about this strategy and how a construction tent can come in handy for a residential or commercial project.

The Basic Function of the Tent

Like all tents, the construction tent is constructed to provide protection from the elements. Once it’s in place, the ability to continue working no matter what the weather is like certainly helps to keep projects on track.

For example, perhaps you are renovating an older building with a plan of opening a store in the spring. The only problem is that the weather will be less than cooperative during the winter months. If you have a temporary construction tent erected over the building, the contractor can keep the crew working no matter how hard the rain happens to be or how much it’s snowing. Think of the time and money you’ll save by keeping the project on schedule.

This same idea can be used for any type of construction around the house. Think of what could happen if you are having a team install an in-ground pool in the back yard. What would happen if the rain came before the concrete cured and the tile was set? By having a construction tent over the area, the team can keep working while it rains. Once they leave for the day, the tent will also prevent the rain from getting into the pool area and creating a mess that has to be dealt with the next day.

Plenty of Style Options

Just as there are all sorts of construction projects, there are different kinds of tents that will provide the coverage needed. Some of them are designed with frames that can be put in place in no time. There are models that are enclosed on three sides, and have flaps to secure the fourth side when the day’s work is completed. The tents can be small enough to cover an area for the construction of a residential garage all the way up to a size that will adequately protect a the construction site for a big box store.

More Security

You may not think of a construction tent as providing security, but it can be a real asset in this area. Consider the ability to use a tent large enough to cover the construction site. At the end of the day, any materials or tools needed tomorrow can be stored inside the tent. It’s even possible to mount temporary security systems around the main points of entry. The result is that anyone who thinks they can walk onto the site and make off with whatever they want will be sadly disappointed.

If you have any type of construction project coming up that will last longer than a day or two, it makes sense to look into the possibility of using a construction tent. Your contractor will know who has the right tents in the area and can help you arrange for the rental and the installation. In the long run, that tent will save you time and money, something that you’ll appreciate once the construction is finished and you can start using the space.

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Temporary Warehouses Maximize Work Capacity

Maximize Work Capacity With Temporary Warehouses  | American PavilionPeople who often relocate to new job sites know the importance of keeping organized. When you frequently move your crew and equipment, Any number of things can go wrong when you must frequently relocate your crew and equipment. You do not want your job’s delays to have been preventable by your storage situation. When you have the right kind of temporary warehouses, you can keep your equipment safe and keep your operations running.


Not all temporary warehouses are created equal. When selecting storage tents for your job site, you should look for structures that can withstand the elements. There is no point in investing in a shelter for your equipment if it cannot stand up to a storm. Look for tents with strong aluminum frames hung with vinyl-coated fabric. These will not blow away in strong winds, so they will do their job of protecting your equipment from damage.

Customize to Your Needs

Depending on the specifics of your project, there are a number of additional functions you might desire from your temporary warehouses. Fortunately, there are many available add-ons for storage tents. Portable HVAC systems can give you and your crew relief from outdoor temperatures. They can also safely store any temperature-sensitive materials you are using. If necessary, you can partition an area of the tent as an office area for any administrative tasks you must do, even adding electrical hookups so you can charge your mobile devices. Tents can also be outfitted with specialized lighting for the times when your workday spills into the evening hours.

Get the Job Done

In order to get the most out of your project, you need your materials to be in working order, your crew to be happy and your tasks to run smoothly. A temporary storage structure can help make all of these things possible. By renting a temporary building for the duration of your project, you can maximize your work capacity and get the job done right.

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3 Reasons to Rent an Industrial Tent for Your Construction Site

3 Reasons to Rent an Industrial Tent for Your Construction Site | American PavilionAs the foreman on a construction site, you are responsible for ensuring the project moves as smoothly as possible and it completed on time. If you do not have a well-organized place to work, this task becomes quite difficult. Consider renting an industrial tent for your construction site to gain the following benefits.

Protection for Your Tools and Materials

If you work with materials or tools that could be ruined by sudden inclement weather, it is especially important to consider renting a tent. Industrial tents are made to withstand extreme temperatures, high winds, flooding and other problems associated with bad weather, so they will be able to keep your expensive equipment protected until the storms pass. Many tents have plenty of space available to work in, so you could even keep the job going instead of losing time to the weather.

Comfort for Your Employees and Contractors

Your tools and materials are not the only things that need protection from the elements. People who work outside in extreme temperatures or other inclement weather are susceptible to heat stroke or other ailments. Providing a safe space away from rain, snow or the hot sun will help to keep your employees comfortable during breaks and is likely to aid in preventing serious medical situations.


Renting an industrial tent during your construction project is also much more convenient than hauling equipment to and from the worksite each day. A secure tent allows you to keep all of your equipment on the construction site for the duration of the project so that you always have what you need, when you need it. Industrial tents are made from flame-retardant materials to help ensure the safety of your equipment.

Industrial tents are not one size fits all. If you are considering renting one for your construction site, be sure to do your research. Many companies will even offer customized options to further meet the needs of you, your team and your equipment.

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4 Benefits of Construction Tents

4 Benefits of Construction Tents | American PavilionWhether you are working in harsh weather conditions, are dealing with hazardous materials, or need extra space to complete an intricate project, it is good to know that you can easily rent a construction tent to help you get the job done. Look for tents that are sturdy, provide comfort and privacy and can stand firm without requiring interior poles that may interfere with storage.

  1. Shelter

If a work site is known for harsh weather conditions, a well-made construction tent will provide protection against the elements. Rugged materials can resist harsh winds and will not fall down even in extreme winter weather. In addition, a tent can provide relief from sweltering heat.

  1. A Place for Hazardous Materials

Dealing with hazardous materials can complicate and slow down a project, in addition to potentially compromising safety. Keep these materials away from your crew and isolate them so they can be dealt with by experts who are aware of safety and legal procedures for harmful materials.

  1. Instant Office Space

You may have part of your crew handling the construction work and staff who are working on the computer and dealing with paperwork. You need a clean space that is protected from dust, debris and is in a defined area so office workers can concentrate. At the same time, a tent will ensure you are close enough to the site to inspect the progress of the construction.

  1. Extra Storage

If you have items that are in the way but you need to be close to the construction site, a tent can come in handy. A quality construction tent is large enough for significant storage and provides protection against inclement weather and theft.

Construction tents are simple to rent and are available in many sizes with a variety of features. Whether you are looking for office space or a place to keep large equipment, a construction tent will make your job go more smoothly.

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Temporary Building Structures Provide Enduring Refuge

Temporary Building Structures Provide Enduring Refuge | American PavilionThere are many situations where access to electricity, temperature control, and storage and living space are necessary, but it would be impractical to construct a new building to serve these purposes. At times like these, temporary building structures are an excellent resource. Here are several situations in which temporary building structures are ideal.

Construction Sites

During a construction project, a lot of equipment must be left at the site at the end of each day. Construction crews can use fabric buildings to corral their equipment and protect it from the elements overnight. Plus, portable HVAC systems can create a break area for workers during the day. Once the project is complete, crews can take tents with them for use on future job sites. 

Military Applications

Military units must frequently settle in areas on a temporary basis. When they do so, they need barracks, storage, and work areas for large groups of people. Having access to durable and versatile temporary buildings makes these frequent transitions much simpler.

Clear span tents are a type of temporary building that can be up to 50 meters wide and can be partitioned into many rooms. Made of strong fabric and covered with vinyl, they can withstand wind and rain, and are flame retardant. They can also be equipped with power outlets and temperature control, so service members can have comfortable and functional spaces wherever their duties take them.

Disaster Relief

Temporary building structures have proved useful many times in the aftermath of natural disasters and other catastrophic events. When the worst happens, those affected by the tragedy need shelter, and relief workers need a home base. Fabric buildings that can be climate controlled, partitioned, and equipped with TVs and attractive flooring can bring some comfort to a scary situation. When conditions improve, these shelters can easily be disassembled to make way for rebuilding efforts.

Whether they are used as temporary storage or as temporary homes, fabric buildings are a great way to make short-term settling a more comfortable experience. There are many ways to customize temporary building structures to make them perfect for any circumstances.

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Three Times Construction Tents Can Save Your Project

Three Times Construction Tents Can Save Your Project | American PavilionLarge contracting projects need to anticipate setbacks and challenges. One of the most important factors for handling the wildcard that is nature is proper shelter. While many projects will call for temporary structures for storage or work, you can save money and labor by employing construction tents. Usually made of metal siding and roofing, the short-term buildings are intended to take a beating and keep working. These are the three biggest setbacks that can be overcome with a construction tent.

  1. Severe Weather

Construction needs to happen everywhere, regardless of the elements. When you have work that takes you into extreme climates, or if the weather outlook is bleak, you know how important it is to have adaptable shelter. In a worst case scenario, storm systems can move in unexpectedly. A construction tent that includes services will erect the structure while your crews keep to their tasks. Quality buildings can handle extreme temperatures, winds up to 90 miles an hour and harsh precipitation.

  1. Hazardous Materials

If you need to store anything that requires special handling, a defined and secure workspace is mandatory. A good temporary shelter will include climate control and reliable security. Insurance policies and legal regulations will mandate how you need to store hazardous cargo like demolition equipment, powerful solvents or preservatives, so leaving this aspect to experienced professionals can leave your crew free to accomplish the task they are hired to do.

  1. Customization

Complicated projects need specialized work spaces. Customized buildings provide clean environments for your skilled laborers. Level surfaces enable precision work and covered buildings keep important jobs like equipment or electrical assembly productive under any circumstances. For large scale projects, multiple work spaces can create assembly line efficiency in any environment.

When you consider the cost of renting a temporary work tent over building your own, the decision is pretty easy. You can get a quote for your next site and select the options that will optimize your operation expenses.

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Preparing Your Construction Project For Winter Storms

Preparing Your Construction Project For Winter Storms | American PavilionWith much of the country bracing for massive winter storms in the next few days, it’s only natural for you to worry about the progress of your construction project. Weather conditions such as the ones expected over the next week delay projects and impact contractors and construction professionals in many states. Construction projects don’t always need to be halted due to adverse weather conditions, however. Heavy duty construction tents can help to keep a project going, withstanding extreme temperatures and frozen work sites and protecting materials underneath.

Workers should be trained appropriately for cold stress as well as other winter weather hazards. With the implementation of a construction tent – and options for flexibility and temperature control – your project can continue on track and on budget.

Click here to read up on winter weather information from OSHA.

Commercial Tents Can Help Your Projects Stay on Track

No matter what your industry is, there are times when customized commercial tents can provide a protected working space that will help keep your projects moving forward. With anodized aluminum frames and fabric that is flame retardant, you will find that the engineering that goes into the construction of these tents can provide a specialized service to your business in many areas where it is not reasonable to build a permanent structure.

Many Features to Choose From

The many features you can choose from can provide you with a perfect tent to house your specialized project. The engineers who have designed these tents do it in a way that there is no need for guy wires or interior poles. You will find this to be extremely effective in allowing more equipment or storage of supplies within the tent. Your workers will be greatly appreciative when they do not have to work around these usual obstructions. Some of the features of the tents include:

  • Ability to expand up to over 1000 feet in length
  • Widths vary from 10 feet up to 264 feet
  • Flame retardant and fully compliant with United States building codes
  • No interior supports

Commercial Tents have Plenty of Benefits

No matter where you need to set up shop, you will find these commercial tents are very adaptable to the surrounding terrain. They are strong enough to withstand Class C winds which can be up to 90 miles per hour. Extreme temperatures can be accommodated by providing the necessary heating or air conditioning to enhance your crews’ ability to work efficiently.

It does not matter if you have a need for a semi-permanent or temporary job site, you will find these commercial tents will help keep your project on budget and progressing in a favorable manner. The nice part is, you do not have to worry about providing the structure for your equipment and workers. The tents will be delivered, installed and removed when the project is complete.

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