Using a Clearspan Tent for a Mardi Gras Party

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It’s that time of year again. The time when people from all over the world travel to New Orleans for parades, music, partying, and making memories they may very well never even remember. While many people want to make this journey and partake in these festivities, not everyone has the opportunity.

Who says you need to be in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras? Why not throw your own party? In fact, creating your own party means that you can invite who you want, chow down on the food you choose, all while partying in your own backyard – close to the conveniences of home. What could be better?

First, clear space in your backyard and rent your clearspan tent. Then, keep reading:

The Invitations

You are going to want to send out invites to those you want to share your Mardi Gras event with. The invites will allow you to keep everyone on the same page about the party’s happenings and what is requested from guests. For instance, tell your guests to dress for the occasion and to bring their own masks and supply of beads for sharing.

To keep it fun and intriguing for your invitees, keep your invitations festive. Use sparkles and make them shine in colors of purple, green, and gold. Hint: Your invitation is going to be the first clue as to how thrilling your Mardi Gras party will be – so be bold and make it stand out!

Decorate Your Clearspan Tent

Here comes the fun stuff – decorating. You made the great decision to rent a clearspan tent, allowing you to have the freedom of openness for your guests to get wild and crazy. Now all you must do is transform your backyard and your tent into Mardi Gras central. If you don’t know where to start, keep reading – we’ve got you covered.

  • Stick to the festive colors green, purple, and gold. And make sure to add some sparkle.
  • Use garland, tinsel, and balloons to decorate the area.
  • Get table coverings, paper plates, napkins, and cutlery to match.
  • You must have a sparkling disco ball.
  • Decorate walls and poles with masks, Mardi Gras signs, all things jazz (such as music notes, saxophones, trumpets, etc.)
  • String decorative lights throughout the tent and fly the Mardi Gras flag high and proud!

Use your imagination and check out your local party stores for ideas and decorations.

Dress for the OccasionClearspan Tent | American Pavilion

This is where the fun stuff comes in. You want to get your guests involved into playing the part to make your Mardi Gras party true to form. Idea: Entice your guests by letting them know in the invite that there will be an award for the best dressed.

Mardi Gras is all about having fun and letting loose. It is a time that you can go wild with your look, in a glitz and glamour sort of way. Sequined dresses or gowns for the ladies and suits for guys are the top ideas for attending a party. Keeping your outfits within the color scheme is also recommended. For example, wearing a sequined purple suit would fit in perfectly!

Masks are also a big hit with party-goers. Years ago, these decorative masks allowed guests to mingle in an incognito manner – overriding the constraints of different societal classes. Nowadays, the masks are worn because they are just part of the culture. You can decorate your own or buy masks from party or masquerade stores. Whatever you do, make sure you include feathers!

Beads are perhaps the biggest symbol of Mardi Gras these days. The colors, purple, gold, and green have a historical meaning – purple for justice, green for faith, and gold for power – and were initially meant to be thrown to those in the crowd who exhibit the meaning of the colors. Now, not so much. Beads get tossed for various reasons and are a staple of any Mardi Gras party.

The Sounds of New Orleans

Music is HUGE in New Orleans – and that also goes for Mardi Gras celebrations. You have a ton of people at your party that you want to entertain, keep them moving, and keep their spirits high. You can do that with the perfect Mardi Gras playlist. It must include:

  • Louis Armstrong’sWhen the Saints Go Marching In
  • Al Johnson’s Carnival Time
  • The Hawketts Mardi Gras Mambo
  • Earl King’s Street Parade

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Any Jazz, Cajun, or pop music will do the trick to keep your guests smiling. Don’t forget to plug in those speakers and sound system – then kick it up a notch!

Classic Mardi Gras grub and cocktails

New Orleans uses flavors of Cajun and Creole to spice up the party. You absolutely cannot have a Mardi Gras party without gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish, and hush puppies. Let’s not forget the king cake – the delicious cream cheese cinnamon sweet cake with a little plastic baby hidden inside. Yes, you read that right – a plastic baby hidden within the cake. While you want to be sure not to choke, if you get the slice with the hidden baby it is supposed to symbolize prosperity.

Cocktails are also a big part of the celebration. Here are a few of the most popular mixed drinks:

  • The Hurricane: a powerful drink of fruit juices mixed with two types of rum.
  • A Ramos gin fizz: this is a classic in New Orleans created by Henry C Ramos. It is a gin fizz combined with egg whites and orange flower water.
  • Southern Comfort: on the rocks or any way, shape, or form. This liquor is a staple in New Orleans.

If you combine each of these elements under your rented clearspan tent, you will create a Mardi Gras party that is so memorable, many of your guests may wonder if they are really in your backyard or if they have been transported to the Big Easy. Cheers!

Why You Should Plan a Fundraising Event in the New Year

Clearspan Tents | American Pavilion

With each New Year, there is a new opportunity for growth and change – for individuals and organizations. January is the perfect month to start planning the fundraising event for your non-profit or charity organization. Plan a gala under a clearspan tent or host a marathon! You turned over a new leaf – now you can do so for your organization, too!

Asking for money is never exactly easy. That is what makes fundraising events so fantastic – you get to receive money for your organization or charity and have fun at the same time!

If you are looking to revamp your organization this year and gain some fundraising dollars to do so, then keep reading to discover the cream of the crop in fundraising event ideas to get you moving!

The Talent Show

How fun would it be to see all your employees, co-workers, friends, or family up on stage showing off their talent? Whether you choose to have dinner and a show or just the show, this is sure to be one of the most fun and entertaining fundraisers.

Have people you know sign up to participate in the talent show. To make it more interesting, inviting, and well-rounded, set categories such as: most musical, funniest talent, weirdest talent, no one else can do your talent, and best overall. Have prizes for each category. This will entice everyone to participate – not just those looking to land a spot on the next America’s Got Talent.

Themed Ball or Gala Under a Clearspan TentClearspan Tent | American Pavilion

Themed dinner party events are always a hit – especially the extravagant ones. Choose a theme and create a uniquely decorated space for your party. To maximize your options, it is best to find an open area and rent a tent. Clearspan tents offer wide open areas with no poles or inside barriers and have many of the perks of an indoor venue – including climate control, flooring, protective walls, etc.

A clearspan tent rental will allow you open decorating space to match your theme in the best way you can. Make sure your theme is spread throughout your food selection, decorations, entertainment and music choices, as well as any goodie bags or gifts for guests. Keep it uniform and eye-catching.

To get you started, here are a few themed ideas:

  • Under the sea theme –Use lighting in your clearspan tent to bathe the entire event space in hues of blue. Create decorations in the shape of sea life.
  • Black and white – This is the blanket idea for a formal gala. It calls for a classy dress code and your decorating should be classy and tasteful, too – in black and white, of course.
  • Casino night – Use a Vegas theme and get the games rolling. Decorate with casino-flair and get some of your friends to dress as cocktail waitresses. Make sure to check your local gambling laws first.
  • Caribbean night – Turn your clearspan tent into a tropical oasis. Tiki torches, palm trees, sand, and steel drum bands can give your guests a vacation without having to go anywhere!
  • Fiesta – Complete this party with a piñata, a taco bar, and tequila.

Remember, your guests are paying for a memorable and good time – and your organization needs their support.

Any of the many a-thons

There are jump-a-thons, bike-a-thons, dance-a-thons, bake-a-thons, and many, many more. Have your friends, employees, or co-workers sign up to participate. They will then collect donations from everyone they know who want to support them while they do something like tip-toe in ballet slippers wearing a tutu for 24 hours. The more participants you can gather up, the more money your organization can make. Does anyone really ever make it to the 24-hour mark at these things?

Guest Speaker

Find someone noteworthy who supports your cause and reach out to see if you can get them to donate their time by speaking at your event. It is highly unlikely you will get Matthew McConaughey to come speak at your auto show fundraiser, but there are many influential people out there that will be willing to. Use your network and see who you can come up with – you may surprise yourself!

Turn it into an event – including dinner, and sell your tickets. You will be well on your way to raising money!

Race – Ready, Set, Go!

Are you into fitness? Are you trying to motivate others? Do you have a large outdoor space available? You can always create a race. Plan a 5k course and have runners and walkers alike sign up. They can solicit donations for their participation and for the support of your organization. That gives you the opportunity to obtain further funds for your fundraising in addition to the registration fees.

You can rent a clearspan tent for registration and a post- race snack. Use donated prizes for the runners who place in each category.

If you are into the idea that you must spend money to make money, you can also use various race companies that will take care of the logistics for you.

Wine Tasting

If you are familiar with wine or know someone who is, you could set up a wine tasting. Depending on the turnout, you will need to purchase bottles of several different wines. Combine this with platters of cheese, crackers and other pairings and you have a wine tasting! It is also a good idea to talk to a local liquor stores to see about getting discounts on bulk purchases.

If wine isn’t your thing, don’t rule this idea out just yet. You can always turn it into a beer tasting or, say, a whiskey tasting.

You can also use this platform combined with a raffle or silent auction using donated items.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to be torture. Everyone likes to have a good time. If you can make an exciting event happen, then you can raise the much-needed funds for your organization. New year, new growth opportunities – go for it!


How Long do Temporary Structures Last?

How Long do Temporary Structures Last? | American Pavilion

Sometimes in life permanency is not required. In fact, you may find temporary things to work out better for you; you know, make your life a bit easier. Paper plates, for instance. You use them and get rid of them – no washing, drying, or putting away the dishes. Shoes are another example. They are your shoes when you need them, but they are only temporary – as you grow or as your needs change, so will your shoes.

Buildings can be temporary, too. Say you only need a temporary structure for a day or two to host a wedding or a special event. Or maybe you need one for a summer athletic training center. Or you could just be starting out your business and need a temporary building to use for an undetermined amount of time. You will be amazed of all the things these temporary structures can do. They can go up quickly, be relocated with ease, and leave virtually no trace of itself.

So, who uses temporary structures and how long do they last? Keep reading!

Airline Industry

The airline industry uses temporary structures, most often clearspan tents. Primarily used by smaller aircraft as temporary hangars, they are also often used by airport emergency crews. Clearspan tents have no center beams or poles, the entire space under the structure is usable. In addition, they are open and well ventilated naturally, not requiring intricate exhaust systems. These reasons, among others, provide great space at a lower cost.

Sports Industry and Equestrian Facilities

Training facilities and sport complexes also utilize temporary structures. For example, Olympic athletes, college and high school teams need an open space for training and conditioning. These structures can be customized to house training for many athletes, including those of soccer, basketball, hockey, gymnastics, etc.

Equestrian facilities generally include stables and a riding hall, used for the protection and shelter of horses. Riding halls or arenas require large open spaces, no poles or standing beams, high ceilings and large doors. In addition, they require natural sunlight. Temporary structures seem to meet every demand of those in the equestrian industry and are widely used.

Trade shows

Antique shows, art shows, home shows, car shows – you name it! They travel throughout the year to various cities, setting up at each location in a temporary structure. These free-standing structures allow for the display of items and booths in an uninterrupted manner, as the space is completely 100% usable. In addition, because they are customizable, temporary structures can meet all the requirements and needs of those involved with the trade show – such as providing climate control, open layout, wide entrances for unloading, cornered off storage space, etc.

Farming Industry

Depending on the type of farming, farmers may find themselves using temporary structures. Some farmers will use these temporary structures to house animals such as cattle or as coops for chickens and turkeys. They will, perhaps, need another structure for storage of feed and possibly maintenance supplies.

Other farmers may use the temporary structures as a greenhouse or storage facility. They can create the perfect environment for growing plants, vegetables, and flowers by customizing their structure with climate control, etc.

In addition, because these temporary structures come in many sizes, farmers can also use them for storing tractors and other field equipment.

The U.S. Military and the Construction IndustryTemporary Structures | American Pavilion

Our military requires some very secure storage areas. They need durable structures that they can set up at any location and relocate upon demand. These structures are needed to act as storage warehouses, military vehicle garages, a mess hall, and even dormitories!

Construction workers use so many types of equipment to do their job. From handheld tools to huge cranes, they need to have a place for storage and feel confident that when they leave the job site for the night, their supplies will be secure enough to be there upon their return in the morning. Temporary structures allow this confidence. In addition, they provide a dry, shaded area for workers to take shelter throughout the day.

Now – how long do temporary structures last?

So by now you know who uses these temporary structures, but you are probably still asking yourself – “Are they really that strong?” The answer is yes! Of course, temporary structures are not built with the same specifications and materials as permanent structures. After all, no matter how strong they are – they are still temporary. They are, however, built strong and durable. In fact, most temporary structures are built to meet the national building codes.

Temporary structures such as clearspan tents are made for both short-term and long-term use. They can be used for events such as a wedding or concert or they can stay up for months or even years! They do not require a lot of maintenance, as they are made with durable fabric. For example, temporary structures are generally all resistant to:

  • Water – the structures are leak-proof and have panels that are welded and sealed for protection from rain.
  • Mold and/or mildew
  • Fire – the fabric of these structures is coated in a fire-retardant, decreasing any safety hazards at events.
  • Ice – the fabric is also coated with a chemical that prevents ice from forming on the temporary structure.

Not to mention that there are also UV light inhibitors protecting the structure from damage caused by the sun. So, in other words, the weather should not deter you from purchasing a temporary structure.

Years ago, temporary structures were not as strong as those today. Through engineering, advances in technology, and testing, the quality of temporary structures on the market today can be used in place of permanent structures for years to come. Your customized structure can typically be assembled quickly and effortlessly. When, or if, you decide you need it removed or moved, you can do so without much fuss. The best part? The temporary structure will leave no trace that it was ever erected in that location.



Clearspan Tents: Your Ultimate Event Tool

Clearspan Tents | American Pavilion

Many ideas are behind every great event, and even more time and thought. Whether you are planning a networking event for work, a wedding for your sister, or a birthday party for your son – you want your guests to arrive in a state of awe and leave with a barrel chock full of memories. In other words, you want to create the ultimate party or event. Of course, who doesn’t?

Who Uses Clearspan Tents?

Everybody! Better question is – who wouldn’t use a tent? You may think it would seem odd or a bit much to hold a party in a tent, rather than at a home or an indoor venue. I assure you that it is very, very common, and for good reason! After you find out all the benefits of using a clearspan tent below, we will come back to this question!

Freedom to Choose Location

Finding a location to hold an event can, at times, be tricky – especially if the event needs to be held in a specific area. Be honest, you don’t really want to host a house full of people, do you? Moving the party or event outdoors can take away a lot of frustrations.

Clearspan tents can be used anywhere.  They can be assembled in vacant lots, parking lots, backyards, parks, or any other open space. This is a convenience that will decrease the worry of finding the perfect venue.

Custom Design

Make it yours! Clearspan tents allow for much customization. Depending on the event, you could have 15 people or 500! You can design the tent for what you need. Other ways to tailor your tent rental is to decide what amenities your guests will require. For example, are you looking for flooring or do you prefer the grass under your feet?

When planning your event under the tent, make sure you design a space for all that you will need. For instance, if it is a networking event, you will want to ensure there is enough space for vendor tables in the layout. If it is a dinner and a show, you will need room for tables, a stage, and possibly a dance floor.

Clearspan tents give you a wide-open area to design your party or event specifically for your needs. Customize the space just how you imagine it to look.

Don’t forget your furniture, lighting choices, and decorations!

No Inside Poles

Guess what? These tents have no poles in the middle of the tent. Poles can be dangerous. They can be a safety hazard for rambunctious kids, creating another obstacle to dodge or, unfortunately, run in to. In addition, if you are hosting a concert or speaking engagement, poles can tend to obstruct the view of guests.

Having to create a layout for vendors at a craft show or line up cages in a petting zoo and do so around poles can be a hassle.

Clearspan tents allow for an open floor space with which you can design and create your ultimate hotspot.

Temperature ControlClearspan Tents | American Pavilion

Parties and events don’t just happen on perfectly beautiful days. They happen when it’s hot, cold, rainy, storming, windy, snowing, sleeting. You name it! But the party must go on. Offering your guests protection from any weather condition is just the polite thing to do.

Likely, when you think about hosting an outdoor tent party, you may worry about unexpected weather. Lucky for you, clearspan tents offer all the amenities of an indoor space and keep your guests comfortable. In addition, side walls are an option, keeping guests dry and the wind at bay, too.

Guests will be delighted with effective and efficient temperature control within the tent – warmth on a cold day and cool air on a hot day.

Now, Who Uses Clearspan Tents?

Now that you know all the benefits that using a clearspan tent can provide and the secrets as to why people love to use them, here are a few ideas to get you thinking. Remember, clearspan tents can be used for any occasion, big or small.

  • Networking – Using a tent for a networking event provides ample room. You can designate food and mingling areas, as well as have room for vendors to set up displays and do a meet and greet.
  • Kids parties – Think about it – do you really want 30 of your eight-year-old daughter’s friends running and yelling through your house? I didn’t think so. Clearspan tents provide a place for you to let kids be kids and protect the inside of your home.
  • Fundraisers – Set up a petting zoo or a small carnival. Find a few local bands and hold a benefit for someone in need. Renting a tent would make this a cost-effective venture, as well as providing the perfect space, too.
  • Weddings – Who hasn’t dreamed of getting married under delicate, sparkling lights on a dance floor under a huge tent? Whether you hold the nuptials there or just the reception, a tent can provide the perfect setting for a sit-down dinner or a buffet style luau on your big day. Not to mention that the wide-open space of the tent allows the bride and groom to create their dream space, rather than working around the design of an over-used wedding venue.
  • Holiday parties – Because clearspan tents can be used at any time of the year (thanks to the climate control) you can send your family straight to your backyard for their next holiday feast!
  • Sports events – Whether it’s the end of the season baseball party or the ultimate man-cave for a Super Bowl party, you can transform a tent to fulfill your needs.

Clearspan tents can provide the ultimate party location. Protection from the outdoor elements and fully customized to match your ideas and dreams, you can dismiss the worry of finding a venue and focus on what is truly important – your guests. With so many reasons to have a party – what are you waiting for?


Hosting Your Next Event in a Tent

Clearspan Tents | American Pavilion

Planning a private or business event often culminates in a lot of choices. The choices you make affect the ambiance of the event. Do you want to host an intimate wedding reception or a bachelor party? Do you need a space that is conducive to formal dining or a conference? No matter what event you are planning, a clearspan tent can fulfill all of these wishes.


You can rent clearspan tents in a variety of sizes and with a plethora of accessories. The size variety guarantees that you will be able to find something big enough and small enough to comfortably host your event. The accessories mean that you can set the tone as well.

Many tent rental companies offer flooring options such carpet, wood or plastic flooring. You can also get temperature controlled tents or tents that have generators. No matter what you need, a clearspan tent can give it to you.

The accessories do not end there either. You can rent tables, chairs, lighting systems, partitions and other accessories that will help you define the space. Clearspan tents can be rustic, elegant, rowdy, professional and anything that you need.


Renting a clearspan tent is easy. A crew will come set it up in the location of your choosing. They will come back and tear it down again. Tents go up faster than a permanent structure, and they can offer the same amenities.

When you work with certain companies, you may even have the option to hire someone to help you plan your event too. How easy is that? You can get the venue, the catering and the layout of your party all figured out with the help of a professional.

Pick Out Your Clearspan Tent

Next time you have to host an event, consider renting a clearspan tent. You can find a tent that can hold 20 people or 2,000. You can find tents that offer luxury or rustic charm. No matter what type of event you are hosting, you can find an event tent to fit your needs.

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