Event Profs Weigh In On Priorities For 2016


With the end of the year just days away, we are all looking ahead to 2016 – in regards to event trends, preferences, and new innovations. BizBash discussed the biggest priorities for the new year with a variety of event professionals. Below are a few key ideas that featured event profs are looking forward to prioritizing:

–Global perspective on a local level
–Climate change/green opportunities
–Top quality food
–Measures of success/performance indicators
–More frequent, more casual entertaining
–Tech friendly events, ie. charging stations, wifi

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Why Clear Span Buildings Are the Best Choice for Large Temporary Structures

Clear Span Buildings | American Pavilion

If you think that a large event tent would be the perfect solution for a problem that you have, you are probably right. These large tents can accommodate people, goods, events and structures in the making. They can be set up anywhere between 10 feet to upwards of 150 feet wide. You may believe that a portable structure this large would require several supports all over the place, making it inconvenient to meet, work or exhibit in. This is where you would be wrong.

Clear span tents give you a surprising amount of space with no interior supports or guy lines blocking your view and throwing a wrench into your event layout. The key to their being so sturdy for their size lies in their construction. Some of the features of clear span temporary structures include:

–Steel plates at the base.
–Strong, lightweight aluminum rafters.
–Aluminum frames.
–Modular design.
–Flexible side panels.

The benefits resulting from these features include:

–No need for guy lines.
–Sturdy roofs that resist even strong winds and foul weather.
–Lightweight buildings that are easy to transport and set up.
–Flexibility regarding size and shape of the finished structure.
–Ability to open or close panels according to current needs and weather conditions.

A multitude of optional accessories are available for clear span buildings, including basic and specialty lighting, glass walls and entry doors, power distribution and heating and air conditioning units. The unique way that clear span tents are stabilized enables them to be set up over grass, dirt, sand or concrete. They also accommodate uneven surfaces extremely well, and can stand sturdy, without much maintenance, for months at a time.

Whatever your size, layout or aesthetic needs, you can customize a clear span building to fit. The building dealer will even deliver and set up the building for you, so you can be assured of its quality and resilience for however long you need it.

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Hosting Your Next Event in a Tent

Clearspan Tents | American Pavilion

Planning a private or business event often culminates in a lot of choices. The choices you make affect the ambiance of the event. Do you want to host an intimate wedding reception or a bachelor party? Do you need a space that is conducive to formal dining or a conference? No matter what event you are planning, a clearspan tent can fulfill all of these wishes.


You can rent clearspan tents in a variety of sizes and with a plethora of accessories. The size variety guarantees that you will be able to find something big enough and small enough to comfortably host your event. The accessories mean that you can set the tone as well.

Many tent rental companies offer flooring options such carpet, wood or plastic flooring. You can also get temperature controlled tents or tents that have generators. No matter what you need, a clearspan tent can give it to you.

The accessories do not end there either. You can rent tables, chairs, lighting systems, partitions and other accessories that will help you define the space. Clearspan tents can be rustic, elegant, rowdy, professional and anything that you need.


Renting a clearspan tent is easy. A crew will come set it up in the location of your choosing. They will come back and tear it down again. Tents go up faster than a permanent structure, and they can offer the same amenities.

When you work with certain companies, you may even have the option to hire someone to help you plan your event too. How easy is that? You can get the venue, the catering and the layout of your party all figured out with the help of a professional.

Pick Out Your Clearspan Tent

Next time you have to host an event, consider renting a clearspan tent. You can find a tent that can hold 20 people or 2,000. You can find tents that offer luxury or rustic charm. No matter what type of event you are hosting, you can find an event tent to fit your needs.

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6 Reasons to Choose a Clear Span Tent

Clear Span Tent | American Pavilion

Many tents that you can rent will have poles and other means of support. For some events, it can be hard to work around the structure of a tent. Many companies offer clear span tents to rent as well. The benefits include:

1. Clear Span Tents have No Obstructions

You do not have poles in the middle of your tent. Also, there are no ropes on the outside. You can eliminate tripping hazards, eye sores and interior obstructions by renting a clear span tent.

2. Heavy Duty

Manufacturers use aluminum support beams to provide the structural integrity needed to keep the tent upright. This strong structure means that the tents can withstand inclement weather.

3. Fabric Options

There are two main types of durable fabric that you can choose from. You can either get a transparent fabric or a blackout fabric. The transparent fabric lets in light, which creates a warmer environment. The blackout tent blocks the sunlight and keeps the tent cooler. Both fabrics are waterproof, so rain will not stop your party.

4. Fewer Surface Restrictions

This type of tent does not have to be put up on a flat surface. That means that you can put this type of structure almost anywhere.

5. Many Sizes

Many companies offer clear span tents in a wide variety of sizes. You can find tents as small as ten feet wide or as large as 162 feet wide.

6. Accessories

Another great thing about this type of tent is that you can get the accessories that you need. The accessories will vary depending on where you rent them from, but you can find a variety of flooring options, lighting, heating and cooling systems, glass walls, generators, entry doors and panels.

As you think about why you need a tent, make sure to keep the benefits of a clear span tent in mind. You may just find that this tent is the right choice for you.

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5 Uses for Temporary Structures

temporary structures | American Pavilion

If you have ever hosted a family reunion, you know how difficult it can be to find a venue. You have to find someplace that is in your budget and will let you serve the food that you want. That is where a temporary structure can come in handy. You can rent tents for a variety of different events:

1. Parties

Tents are a great way to host a special event, an intimate wedding reception or birthday party. You can find tents of all sizes, which means that you can even host large super bowl parties in the comfort of a tent.

2. Business

Whether you are planning a conference, a corporate event,  or a retreat, a temporary structure may be what you need. Many companies offer temperature controlled tents, which means that you can have computers, projectors and lights without any worry.

3. Construction

In the construction industry, it can be difficult to keep your tools and equipment near the worksite. Large, clear span tents can offer you a protected place to store your equipment near where you need it. Tent rental companies can also provide massive tents that will allow you to continue construction beneath them during harsh weather or low temperatures.

4. Relief

Tents can be used for parties and work, but they can also be used as a place to congregate for people who have been displaced due to some sort of disaster. Tents can be set up as dining halls, laundry areas, sleeping quarters and whatever you may need.

5. Barracks

Similarly, the military uses tents as temporary barracks. This costs less money than it would to build a permanent structure, and the temporary structures go up much quicker.

No matter what sort of event you are planning, think about renting a tent or temporary structure to use as your venue. This gives you the freedom to have whatever caterer you want. You can also choose from a lot of different sizes, temperature controlled tents, clear span tents and even some accessories to help make your party, meeting or gathering go smoothly.

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Event Trends For The New Year

Waiter with meat dish serving catering table with food snacks
Waiter with meat dish serving catering table with food snacks

As the year wraps up and many holiday events are almost over as well, we continue to look at potential trends for the coming year. Keeping events fresh and unique each year can be a challenge, which leads many within the event planning industry to spot upcoming trends that will spice up our events.

Colors: Pantone has recently announced their two colors for 2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity. These colors will be hot options for decor, flowers, and other furnishings.

Food and beverage: local, fresh, and organic sources; ethnic/spiced foods; smoked dishes; artisan desserts

Event technology: immersive experiences, facilitated attendee interaction, social media integration, insights and analytics tracking, real-time event management tools

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Renting a Large Tent for a Construction Job Site

Construction Tents | American Pavilion

At some job sites, you just can’t risk letting your work-in-progress get wet. Other times, it’s so cold outside that your crew would greatly benefit from even a little bit of shelter. These are times when a simple 10 by 10 shade pavilion is simply not enough. Taking the time to build a temporary structure over your worksite is one option, but it is time consuming and expensive. The solution: renting a large construction tent from a specialty supplier.

Construction Tents

The aluminum frames of construction tents are specifically engineered to stand up to extreme weather conditions and quite a bit of hanging weight, which enables the frames to hold the weight of the outer fabric without guy lines or supports getting in the way of your work.

Options to Fit Every Need

Flame-retardant fabric is a must on any job site, and multiple fabric options are available to suit your particular needs. The size of the tent can also be customized, and you can choose to add features such as heating and air conditioning, security systems and carpeting.

Common Uses

In addition to serving as shelter for your building-in-progress, construction tents can be used as warehouses, on-site offices or equipment storage units. The fact that they can be secured makes them a great place to protect your assets from both weather and theft.

Typical Terms

Large construction tents are available to rent, lease or purchase. The dealer that you work with can usually provide delivery, customization, full set up and take down as part of the deal. See what options they offer and find out what the policy is for adding on customizations mid-lease. Once you find a setup that works for you, you may want to rent for a while and then purchase that design.

No matter what your site requires in terms of shelter, there is a good chance that renting a large, custom construction tent will fill that requirement. With all of the available sizes and configurations, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs.

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Outdoor Events Under A Tent

Tent Rental Service | American Pavilion

If you need a space for a special event but don’t want to rent a building, then consider commercial tents. These are ideal for events like large sales held by companies, wedding receptions, birthday parties and more. All you have to do is hire a reputable tent rental service to set up the tent; once that’s done, you can be ready to go and decorate for the event accordingly.

An outdoor party or themed event can benefit greatly from a large tent. Not only will the area be covered in case of weather, but temperature- controlled options are also available to keep guests comfortable. The decor can be planned to match any theme you are going for to create a space where guests can mingle while celebrating the guest of honor.

Outdoor weddings are popular, and it can be a great option to utilize a large event tent for the reception. A wedding marquee tent or a party marquee can set the perfect tone for any reception.  You can easily decorate underneath the tent with lights and items that blend with the same themes of the wedding. By adding flooring and a dance floor, a tent rental service company can completely transform an outdoor area into the perfect spot for your wedding reception.

Some companies will hold large sales through the year in order to sell items that are on clearance or items that are being replaced by new models. They also hold sales so that customers can see some of the newer items the company offers. A tent offers the space that is needed to set up multiple tables, and several tents can be out together to create various “stores” that customers can walk through while shopping. Most tents can be put up and taken down in less than an hour, making them an ideal solution for a pop-up warehouse sale by a company or another organization.

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Increasing Attendee Interaction At Your Event


Whether an event planner is coordinating your event or if you are using someone in-house, a common goal that any event pro strives for is attendee interaction and engagement at the event. Ensuring that your guests are interacting and connected is essential to a more enjoyable experience. So what exactly can you do to engage your attendees?

  • –Build anticipation for the event ahead of time by engaging with attendees early on. This can be through small, informal gatherings, kickoff events, or digitally.
  • –Interact through social media through your event or corporate accounts. Utilizing a hashtag, event handle, and even certain apps can help you to build community before and during the event.
  • –During the event, create smaller groups. The more manageable size will help guests to comfortably participate in conversation and activities.
  • –Happy hours can provide more intimate settings for attendees to chat and discuss ideas.
  • –Choose venues or areas that provide the proper amount of space for networking.
  • –Create Q&A opportunities to encourage attendees to become involved in the event. This allows for interaction between a speaker and attendees, if you have a speaker;  breakout sessions are also a great way to go.

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Planning a Wedding at an Unconventional Site (and Making It Work)

Event Tents | American Pavilion

You have been dreaming of this day your entire life. It’s your wedding day, and you want everything about it to be perfect. You don’t need your plans to be constrained by which venues have the appropriate amount of seating or the right layout so that you can walk down the aisle without the guests seeing you in the corridors. More specifically, you want to have the ceremony outdoors but the reception under a shelter, and you don’t want the guests and the wedding party to have to travel very far between the two events.

All-in-one event venues can be very expensive, and chances are low that you’ll find the perfect venue with the perfect amenities and the perfect setting on the exact date that you need. You may not have considered this before, but there are many reasons to choose an event tent for your unforgettable day.

Event Tents are Flexible

Event tents are flexible and customizable. They can be configured to seat a few hundred people, or only your closest friends and family. They can be set up with dance floors or carpet, or left open to the grass underneath. Tasteful options, such as mood lighting, glass entryways and elegant table settings transform a simple, sturdy tent into a five-star venue. All you need is a big, open space.

Full-Service Providers

Take a look at the event tent providers in your local area. Many of them offer event management services, which don’t end with the delivery and set up of your temporary structure. This service may include finding the ideal location for your ceremony, planning and arranging restroom facilities and public address systems and providing security.

When you’re planning a wedding ceremony that’s different from all the rest, consider renting an event tent. No, not a big tacky one that’s going to make guests think they’ve walked into a trade show by mistake, but an elegant one that is set up exactly the way you dreamed it would be.

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