All You Need to Know About Tent Rentals

Tent Rentals | American Pavilion

When it comes to hosting an event you need to be prepared on all fronts. Many types of events require a tent in order to provide covering. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to getting a tent for your event, all you need is to know more about your options and how to find an event tent rental provider.

What Events Need Tent Rentals?

No matter what event you’re having you can rent a tent that works for you. Tents are perfect for trade shows, special events, and corporate meetings. The type of tent you need depends on the type of your event and your budget. The tents you can get include fabric structures, clear span tents, and party tents. Some tents provide you with more space while others are better for smaller events.

Your Accessory Options for a Tent Rental

You need much more than just a tent to pull of your event. A professional rental service will also be able to provide you with other necessary pieces, including the following:

  • –Lighting
  • –Power
  • –Temperature control
  • –Glass entry doors
  • –Flooring
  • –Ceiling liners
  • –Carpet

Choose Wisely

Picking the right event tent rental provider is crucial. You want to work with a team that will help you every step of the way. From picking out the correct tent to tearing it down after your event you want to be taken care of. Working with a team that is trusted to pull of extravagant events is priceless.

Renting is your best bet instead of buying your own tent. You’ll only need it for your specific event so it’s better to rely on a tent rental service that sets it up and provides you with necessary accessories. Start planning ahead and figure out what your tent needs are now before it gets down to the wire. Get a free quote on your tent rental and start making your event great.

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Temporary but Tough: Heavy Duty Tents

Industrial Tents | American Pavilion
circus tent with deep blue sky background. Polarized sky

Imagine that you are the head of a company or large organization that needs a structure for a long-term project. It has to be durable and include the usual amenities like electric lighting, heat, and cooling, but it also has to be affordable. It needs to offer protection from high winds, rain, and snow, but you also need it to be flexible, so it can accommodate your various needs. So what do you need when you need a structure that meets all these requirements? You need a heavy duty tent.

Construction Site Storage

Because they’re flexible, tents can be set up to store anything from construction materials and supplies to heavy pieces of equipment. They can include roll-up doors and hard surface flooring to accommodate trucks and other large vehicles. They also provide shelter from the elements, allowing work to continue in inclement weather. In particular, a heated Losberger clear span heavy duty tent allows for the pouring of concrete in even sub-freezing temperatures.

Industrial Tents

Industrial tents are useful for a variety of purposes, including equipment storage, break and lunch areas, and temporary warehousing. They can cover over 100,000 square feet, vary in width from 10′ to 160”, can be set up in almost any length, and range in height from 20′ to nearly 50′. These clear-span tents contain no internal supports, which means that forklifts can move through them freely. They can be erected quickly, and are designed to meet all U.S. building and fire codes.

And more…

Other uses include military operations, disaster relief efforts, and temporary warehousing solutions. In general, a heavy duty tent is useful in any situation where a temporary yet durable structure is needed. They can be leased or purchased, and as such, are often a much cheaper alternative to renting or buying a permanent structure. With this much flexibility, the only real limit when it comes to using a tent is your imagination.

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Spicing Up Your Holiday Event


With the holidays just around the corner, you’re probably in the middle of planning a handful (if not more) of events throughout the season. When it comes to holiday events, these ideas might help your event to stand out from the crowd and add some flair.

  1. Use new technology
  2. Provide festive holiday party favors
  3. Go for the holiday food
  4. Utilize social media – holiday style
  5. Try a new seating style
  6. Add signature holiday-themed cocktails
  7. Surprise the guests – be it with a gift, the location, or a surprise guest
  8. Implement a philanthropic aspect
  9. Include kids activities
  10. Focus on customer service


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Get Tent Rentals Delivered to You

Tent Rentals | American Pavilion

Have you been asking the question “Where can I find tent rentals near me?” Planning an event is difficult and you need many different factors to pull it off. Having access to a high quality tent will make your event stand out and be all that it needs to be. Take solace in the fact that you can find a tent rental service with a professional team that is ready to help.

Get Tent Rentals Anywhere

The right tent rental company will be able to provide you with an effective service in all fifty United States. They should even go the extra mile and travel to Canada if need be. When you work with a professional tent rental service they will go to your event and install all of their equipment for you. Renting a tent should be a stress-free process. Planning an event is difficult enough. When you rent a tent from the right company you’ll be taken care of.

Your Tent Options

When it comes to choosing the right tent you’ll be influenced by many factors, including the location, size, and type of your event. Here are some different tents available to you.

  • –Fabric structures
  • –Clear span tents
  • –Party tents

For a special event you might only need a smaller party tent. If you’re having a large corporate meeting or something else with a bigger capacity requirement, you might opt for the clear span tents that are sturdy, provide a lot of space, and meet building codes.

You can also get a variety of accessories including air conditioners, heaters, lights, entry doors, carpets, power distribution, and more. Now you don’t have to keep asking, “Where will I find tent rentals near me?” Taking trust in your tent rental is crucial. Now that you know more about the process and what to look for, get started on preparing your event today.

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Ensuring Success At Your Outdoor Event


Minimizing risk and ensuring a great time for guests is central to planning any successful event. When it comes to outdoor events, those risks often come in the form of weather. Special Events Blog explains three tips for managing — and minimizing — risk when it comes to outdoor event planning.

–Ensure that all vendors are covered in case of weather or another issue that may interfere with your outdoor event. Consider multi-day coverage depending on your event.

–Identify your venue’s potential pitfalls. Address any possible issues beforehand, document any pre-existing conditions, and ensure any problems are fixed before your event happens.

–Account for the safety of your attendees. Guest participation (depending on the event, of course) can in itself be a risk factor. Be sure your attendees are aware of any risk at an event and if you are hosting a concert, festival, or other large-scale event, waivers may even be a good idea.

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Event Companies Talk 2016 Event Trends


What will 2016 bring for the event industry? While many of the trends for 2015 will likely stick around in the new year, Special Events has talked to a variety of event companies about what they think will be big next year.

  • –Unique aspects that make an event stand out: many companies see custom solutions and unique additions to be key to next year’s event trends
  • –Rustic, classic, and retro styles: all predicted to be hot for 2016
  • –Corporate events: spending is expected to increase next year as the economy continues to rebound and companies allocate funds to event planning
  • –Brand experience: for corporate events, help attendees to become a part of the brand experience at the event

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How an Industrial Tent Can Save the Day

Industrial Tent | American Pavilion

Thinking of an industrial tent, you might picture something that people host wedding receptions under. However, this type of tent actually has an industrial use. A strong, durable, industrial tent can save the day after a disaster, at a construction site and for the military.


When disaster strikes, lives can be turned upside down. Temporary structures given by industrial tents can provide a place to set up a command center for those trying to help sort out the after math. Tents can also be used as sleeping quarters, wash facilities and dining halls when the need arises. After homes have been torn away due to hurricanes, floods or earthquakes, people need a little bit of stability. Temporary housing can give that stability.


Industrial tents can also be used to keep construction on schedule. When you use a covering, you do not have to stop due to weather. Industrial tents help stave off theft, water and freezing. Some of these structures are even temperature controlled, so you and your workers can stay comfortable. Industrial tents allow work to get done at a quicker pace.


Finally, an industrial tent can save the day for the military. They provide the perfect answer for temporary military housing and security. Because many military operation area always on the move, using any permanent buildings is out of the question. Temporary buildings give the protection and structure that is needed, while also being mobile.

Rent an Industrial Tent Today

The great news is that these types of structures can even be rented. If you think that an industrial tent will be able to help you in some way, make sure to talk to some professionals. You will be able to find out what sort of customizations can be made, how much the rental will cost and what uses they are recommended for. Let an industrial tent save the day from rain, wind, heat and cold.

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Making Your Corporate Event A Success

Document and pen on the desk, silhouettes of business people shaking hands in the background
Document and pen on the desk, silhouettes of business people shaking hands in the background

When it comes to planning a corporate event, so many aspects are coming into play behind the scenes. To ensure that your corporate event goes off without a hitch, check out these helpful tips from Event Manager Blog.

  • –Plan for everything: Checklists may seem tedious, but they will keep you organized for each aspect of your event. Create deadlines and a detailed plan with due dates. Assign projects to others and keep weekly updates of your progress.
  • –Budget effectively: Budgeting and allocating funds appropriately is unfortunately a very key part of even planning. Consider every item you want to include and how much each will cost you. Be sure to have a realistic understanding of all costs and a firm budget. Maintain expenses through a spreadsheet for quotes and hard costs.
  • –Decisions, decisions: Each decision you make will add to the event in a certain way. Visit the venue in person to be sure your choices will work for your event. Meet vendors in person and make choices on vendors, decor, venue, and other aspects with your main goal in mind.
  • –Provide for attendees: The attendees are the ones you are creating this event for. Be sure to provide them with materials they need and are interested in.  Depending on what you are looking to create at the event, speaking sessions, social media, and other marketing efforts may be most effective.

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Important Things To Do After An Event


In the life of an event professional, the fun doesn’t stop once your event has come to an end! Despite the relief that you might feel after your last guest heads out the door, your job isn’t over just yet. There are a few key duties that are best done immediately after the event, when everything is fresh in your mind.

  • –Send thank you notes (or even small thank you gifts) to those pivotal to your event. These may include sponsors, partners, performers, staff, and caterers.
  • –Engage on social media. Answer any questions, share photos in the days following the event, and continue using the hashtag to continue the momentum.
  • –Balance any outstanding invoices and budgets. This is important to do immediately after the event ends. Follow up with any vendors and go over your event budget to ensure it is all set.
  • –Debrief with your team. Were goals met? Were there any major issues? What can be improved? Guest feedback?
  • –Relax and enjoy! Your event is over and you should be proud of your hard work. Recharge and even consider a ‘digital detox’ if you have the time, to clear your head and help you relax.

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How to Choose the Perfect Party Tent



Tent Rentals | American Pavilion
Party Tent Glowing Warm at Dusk with Cool Blue Light. Entertainment catering tent at party event. Converted from 14-bit Raw file. sRGB color space.

No matter what you are celebrating, if the party will be outside you can benefit from booking a tent or two. Here are some factors to consider when decided what tent rentals you might need.

Pick the Style

Thinking about how you need the tent to function will go a long way toward helping you choose which to rent. Ask yourself which of these would be the best for your celebration.

  • –Canopy style: If you want several smaller tents, just simple canopies can work just fine.
  • –Pole tents: These are the structures that have the support system under the canopy, so that pole share the space with your guests.
  • –Clear-spans: If you choose this option you won’t have poles on the inside, but you may have ropes and other visible framing on the exterior.

Pick the Size

Presumably you have planned out what types of activities will take place under the tents, so these factors will play a role in the size you choose for your tent.

  • –Number of guests: How many people need to fit inside? Will they stand or sit at tables? This will give you a ballpark idea for required size.
  • –Function needed: Do you want to have a buffet under the tent or a dance floor? How much room will those take up?
  • –Budget: Tent rentals are not inexpensive. Be pragmatic when pitting what you need against what you can afford.

Tent Rentals have Bonus Features

If you have room in the rentals budget for a few extra features, here are some useful options to boost the ambiance under the roof.

  • –Heating or cooling: If the weather could go to either extreme during the event, consider climate controls.
  • –Walls: High winds can make walls a really handy feature to add.
  • –Lighting: Not only are overhead lights practical, they also can create a romantic ambiance if desired.

If you think tent rentals might be in your future, use these guidelines to choose the right option for your event for your party planning.

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