Many merchants take advantage of outdoor spaces, like parking lots, to rent warehouse tents for seasonal sales. A warehouse tent is the perfect option for these sales for a number of reasons. Warehouse tents are clear span, meaning that there are no supports inside the tent. This allows for the maximum use of indoor tent space and does not restrict the interior layout like a tent with poles can. Warehouse tents also meet building and fire codes in all 50 states due to their ability to withstand high winds and inclement weather. No footings or foundations are required to install warehouse tents; they are simply attached to the ground by using large steel stakes or sometimes various methods of ballasting. Most warehouse tents can be installed in a single day, and due to their design they need little to no maintenance. Warehouse tents can be rented for as short as a few days, or as long as a year or more.

Another advantage of warehouse tents is their modularity; they can be configured in almost any width and length. This allows for a perfect fit in a confined space and allows a merchant to use only what space they need. Warehouse tents are also good at gaining attention from passing motorists who are always curious about an outdoor sale. In short, clear span warehouse tents are the best combination of modularity and reasonable rental costs. They are also the most weather resistant tents on the market.


Large tent rentals are the domain of a small niche of nationwide rental companies. American Pavilion has been at the vanguard of these large clear span tent rentals in the United States and was the first company to install them. The largest tents in the country are known as “clear span” tents. They have a number of features that enable them to be installed for the largest of events like corporate meetings, music festivals, construction projects, product displays, plus many more applications.

Large tents (clearspans) offer a number of unique features:

  1. They are modular so they can be installed in almost any width or length depending on the client’s needs.
  2. They have no interior poles to get in the way of seating, equipment, line of site, etc.
  3. They are engineered for hurricane force gusts and are the most weather resistant, large tents on the market.
  4. These large, clear span tents can be installed without any foundation preparation and can be Installed as quickly as a day or two depending on the size.
  5. Large tents are transported on semi-trucks and are pre-loaded allowing for a short lead time like when a tight deadline is required.

American Pavilion currently has a large tent installed on the west coast for a yacht sale that is 164 feet wide and over 1,000 feet long.  This large tent has no interior supports, special foundations or guy-lines to tie down the tent.  It is so big that it could host three football games underneath this large tent structure simultaneously!  American Pavilion leads the industry in inventory size, installation experience (112 years), quick lead times and customer service. If you need a large tent, there is only one call to make, 1.800.424.9699.


When looking for an extreme temporary structure, clear span tents are often the best choice, but one needs to ask a number of questions to determine the best structure.

  1. How long do I intend on using the extreme temporary structure? If the answer is longer than one week, then a rental clear span tent is often the best choice. It installs quickly but is designed for both shorter term use of a few days or weeks to months and even years with little or no maintenance.
  2. What type of weather will I expect during the rental? No matter where you live in the U.S. you will experience everything from rain, lightning storms, high winds and even monsoons (think fall in the southwest).  These weather phenomena are unpredictable and can appear from nowhere, leaving an extreme clear span as the best choice for these weather events.
  3. Why is a clear span tent preferable during inclement weather? Losberger and Hoecker clear span tents are designed to withstand 90 mph winds (hurricane force) while maintaining their structural integrity and keeping wind and rain outside the tent structure. Clear span tents have engineering documents that meet the toughest U.S. standards and can be “wet stamped” in any of the 50 U.S. states, thus making the permitting process much easier
  4. Do these extreme rental tent structures (clear spans) cost more than a standard pole supported tent? Often the answer is no, clear span tents can be a very economical choice due to the fact that they require little to no maintenance where as other rental tents require routine maintenance with costs that can add up quickly.
  5. Can these extreme structures be installed anywhere in the U.S? They can and they are installed in all 50 states on a regular basis. There are few companies like American Pavilion with the expertise to send rental clear span tents across the country along with specialized crews and equipment to economically install extreme tent structures.
  6. Is there only one size of extreme clear span tents? The beauty of the clear span tent is its modularity. These extreme rental tents vary from 10 feet wide to 164 feet wide and extend in either 10 foot or 16 foot increments. This means that there are literally thousands of size combinations available for rental or sale, one of which will be perfect for its intended use.
  7. How long have these extreme tents been in use? American Pavilion was the first rental company to install these extreme tents in the U.S. and we have been at the vanguard of this industry niche for over 30 years. They have proven themselves as the “go to” rental tents for almost every application imaginable. Construction use, corporate trade shows and product installations, corporate shareholder meetings, sporting events, social functions, disaster relief and much more.
  8. What questions should I ask my extreme tent supplier? How long have you been in this business (American Pavilion began in 1902), how many extreme clear span tents do you install each year, do you service the entire U.S., do you own your own extreme rental tents, how much experience do your installers have? These are a few of the more important questions to ask. Please feel free to contact American Pavilion (1.800.424.9699) for help in determining the best extreme tent for your next project.