A Blue Sky Solution Soars for this American Pavilion Client

You would think that someone who makes corporate jets wouldn’t have any trouble getting noticed. But when there are hundreds of brand new jets lined up together at an air show, as unlikely as it seems, they can tend to blend together.

Recently, a leading manufacturer of business jets that was determined not to blend into the crowd, called on American Pavilion to make their new models soar. Specifically, the jet maker wanted to customize a 132′ wide by 282′ long clear span rental tent to serve as a high-profile pavilion to showcase their current and upcoming jet models at a Miami air show.

American Pavilion is always up to a challenge. Our sales/marketing and manufacturing team got together to “blue sky” a solution that would get the client noticed on land and in the sky: giant logos integrated into the roof panels of the big tent. Sharing the vision and our enthusiasm, the client agreed.

Producing logos more than half the length of a football field would seem like an impossible task. Not for the American Pavilion team. Using industrial, state-of-the-art laser printers, two giant logos more than 165 feet long and 40 feet tall were manufactured for the top of the large tent and incorporated directly onto the roof panels. These panels would serve as the roof of the rental clear span tent.

Surprisingly, that was the easy part. Traditionally, clearspan tents are anchored into the ground using stakes so they remain stationary throughout an event. However, the air show was held at an airport and the client didn’t want to drill into the concrete runway. So the American Pavilion team worked with engineers to determine how much concrete would be required to secure the structure while still meeting stringent U.S. building codes. At the end of the day, we needed 265 tons of concrete blocks trucked in on 13 semi trucks. A crew of ten installers erected and secured the clear span tent–another two semi-loads of equipment.

The final pavilion was breath taking. The roof of the large, brilliant white tent sported logos covering more than 13,000 square feet. The client’s name could be seen from miles away by air and land. The client was so impressed that an agreement was signed naming American Pavilion as the sole provider of its  corporate clear span tent structures for the next three years.

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