There is a tremendous swell of interest in American Pavilion’s latest product introduction; a heavy duty, portable tent floor.  Manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene, this floor is designed to support not only pedestrian traffic but also the use of vehicles including cars, trucks and even forklifts.  The following are a few of the features that this floor offers:

  1. 30,000 lbs. sq/ft static load suitable for all but the heaviest of uses.
  2. Modular design which offers the ability to make the floor fit in ANY sized tent.
  3. A diamond-plate finish for added slip resistance along with drainage holes to prevent water build up.
  4. Grass protection by utilizing a moisture canopy, ventilation holes and support ribs to allow distribution of weight over a wider area.
  5. A surface height of almost two inches which allows for the floor to be elevated above damaging rain, mud and water run-off.

This new tent floor may also be carpeted with American Pavilion’s wide variety of rental carpet for that added touch.  Some other uses of our new portable tent floor have included walkways between tents, temporary roadways over grass, sand or dirt, temporary flooring at military bases and the protection of lawns and grass during concerts and other outdoor special events.

American Pavilion is proud to add this new flooring to its inventory of portable tent floors.  This new floor, along with the other types of tent floors in our current inventory gives American Pavilion the ability to offer the right floor at the right price for each and every client’s event.