Tent Rental Service

American Pavilion is a tent rental service providing tent structures to meet all sorts of needs – thanks to the ability to customize our tents based on your specifications. So, it doesn’t matter if you are having the wedding of the year, looking for a place to store your construction equipment, or are just planning a small company picnic – we’ve got you covered.

When a permanent structure just isn’t an option, or you are looking for protection from the outdoors, a tent rental can provide just what you are looking for: a wide-open, covered space that can withstand some harsh weather conditions without a fuss.

In fact, American Pavilion tents are located all around the globe. Social events, sporting events, celebrity functions, trade shows, fundraisers, and so many others all have a need for these highly effective tents. Four of the most common services that these American Pavilion’s tents are used for are social events, disaster relief, for use in the construction industry, and for use by the U.S. Military.

Event Tents

Tent Rental Service | American Pavilion

Hosting an event outdoors can lead to nervous anticipation. After all, Mother Nature sets her own calendar and has her own plans for the day of your event. What do you do with all your guests if the weather doesn’t approve?

American Pavilion has the answer: don’t leave “tent rental” off of your party planning agenda.

Our event tent rental service is perfect for any size party or celebration, thanks to their customizability. And, they are crucial to hosting a successful event.

Whether your outdoor event is for a wedding, a holiday party, a corporate function, or a trade show, tent rentals from American Pavilion can:

- Allow your event to proceed – rain or shine
- Use nature as your backdrop.
- Accommodate a larger guest list
- Let you choose the perfect location
- And so much more

Most importantly, American Pavilion with work closely with you to understand your needs – and wants – for the event space and provide you a customized tent. This is thebest way to find the perfect space for your event.

Construction Tents

Construction companies know just how important it is to properly maintain their equipment and machinery. American Pavilion does, too.

With construction jobsites primarily outdoors, the equipment and machinery are exposed to the outdoor weather all year long. The more damage they encounter from extended time spent in the sun, ice, snow, rain, and other conditions, the higher the maintenance cost for the company. Not to mention that damaged equipment slows down the job – causing missed deadlines and unhappy clients.

American Pavilion works with construction companies to offer the best shield from the weather. Our tent rental stays on the job site with you – providing shade, warmth, and protection for all your equipment. The wide-open space provided by our construction tents allows for easy mobility and storage.

Most importantly, you can rest easy at night knowing that our secured sidewalls are protecting your equipment from vandalism and theft.

Disaster Relief

In the blink of an eye, a natural disaster can devastate a community. Fires, floods, hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes can replace life as we know it – leaving behind chaos and destruction.

In order to gain some sort of normalcy and organization back for the displaced people in the community, relief crews are trained to act quickly. American Pavilion works with government officials and many private disaster responders to provide fast assistance to affected areas.

Our tent rental service is available for uses such as:

- Temporary housing
- Temporary offices
- Medical / triage stations
- Supply and donation storage
- Food prep and dining areas

Thankfully, our ClearSpan tents offer HVAC systems, allowing for climate control, as well as raised flooring to make the space morecomfortable. Lighting, electrical supply outlets, and other pertinent needs can also be provided.

American Pavilion is a trusted partner when disaster strikes.

The U.S. Military

Military Tent | American Pavilion

The troops that make up the U.S. Military travel all over the world. Many times, this travel includes setting up a base camp in places that are less than ideal.

Our soldiers have a tough job to do and they need to be rested and focused. American Pavilion works with our government to provide all the necessary tent rental service accommodations for the troops, allowing them to focus on their mission while they create a sense of community amongst the base.

The U.S. Amy, National Guard, and the Department of Defense, specifically, know the importance of the tents American Pavilion delivers. The design of these tents focus on easy portability and quick setup. They are sturdy and strong in a variety of different climates. And, they provide a wide-open space for use as places, such as:

- Billeting
- Dining hall/kitchen
- Offices
- Medical office
- Storage

And, these tents are also completely customizable. In addition to choosing the perfect size, this includes the addition of an HVAC system for climate control, raised flooring, electrical outlets, and lighting.

American Pavilion is here to provide their durable, easy-to-erect tent rental for any situation you need to cover.