Tent Flooring that will Upgrade Your Event

You have planned a magnificent event. Careful to touch on every detail, you have planned the entertainment, the food, the seating arrangement, the centerpieces, the lighting, and the decorations. You have been thorough and have left no element untouched.

Well, with everything — except flooring.

There are many choices that you have when it comes to selecting the flooring for your tent. Of course, you will want something that is functional, but you will want to make sure it will also add to the feel of your event and complete the overall package.

Not sure what type of flooring fits your venue? Here are some ideas of flooring that can take your event to the next level.


When you think of a tent rental, you probably don’t think about carpet. After all, it does seem a bit odd to think of an outdoor event with carpet. However, it can truly add a lot to your event – and its color and comfort are no exception. Carpeting can be stapled or taped down throughout the tent, providing a lush design. In fact, it may even make your guests forget they are even in a tent!

Should you choose to go with carpet for your event, there are so many colors and designs to choose from. So, rest assured that there is one to match your event colors. And even if you miss the bold designs of regular banquet hall carpet – you can add that to your tent, too!

If you want to get fancy, why not let your guests arrive and walk on a red carpet? Have a strip of red carpet leading up to the doorway, combined with some golden rope, and your guests will feel like celebrities! (Tip: this could be a great photo spot).

Light up the dance floor (and walkways)Tent Flooring | American Pavilion

Do you like to dance? Do you want your guests to dance? Then entice them with a lit-up dance floor! They can come in various colors and with various lighting techniques. The lights can match the colors in your event or you can just go with a simple, yet elegant, white light. Either way, the lights will get your dance floor popping.

Just imagine it – a dimly-lit tent full of your party guests and a dance floor in the middle, pulsating with different colors of lights to the beat of the music. How many more people will want to dance just for the experience?

A lighted walkway and dance floor will make you and your guests feel like you are walking in a different world! It is sure to stand out and be the focal point of the venue.

Elegant tile

Tile floor is another way to upgrade your tent. Adding tile can shine and shimmer – especially when placed under a great lighting source. If you are having an event that is requiring your guests to dress up or attend in business attire, you are going to want to give them an appropriate surface to walk on.

Tile can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. This means that you have a ton of choices! Think about the vibe you are trying to obtain with your event before you make your tile selection because, believe it or not, the tile on the floor can help set the mood for the overall event. For example:

  • Shimmering, bright white can add to a clean, pure feel.
  • Shiny black tile looks elegant and classy, which is perfect for a black-tie affair.
  • Want to get funky?  You can go for black and white checkered tile. This same look can also be used for a throwback party.
  • Use colored tiles to match the colors of your event.

Tile is easy to walk on, easy to clean up spills, and provides many options to choose from.

Wood flooring

Wood flooring is simple and brings a feeling of warmth and comfort. You can utilize this type of flooring for your tent event if this is what you are looking for. Wood flooring comes in different shades and different wood grain appearances.

Wood floors with a shine can offer a sense of elegance. On the other hand, dull wood floors can warm you up and make you feel as though you are holding your event in a long cabin on a crisp, cold night. Wood floors are very versatile and can either be dressed up or dressed down, depending on your party decorations.

When grass is all you need

What if you don’t need any flooring? What if the earth is the best fit for your event? Sometimes tented events just call for simple and natural flooring – like grass! Maybe you chose to have your event outdoors in a tent so you can be just that – outdoors in a tent. Maybe the tent is just for protection should bad weather strike. Whatever your reason is, if going au natural is your type of thing, then do it!

Grass is easy because it means that you don’t have to worry about spills and there is nothing you physically must install – it comes free with the tent compliments of Mother Earth! It is perfect for things such as barbecues and cookouts, kids’ parties, events with lots of games or messy activities, etc. However, it may be less than ideal for a fancy night out (since heels and grass don’t mix) or if you are erecting the tent in an area that is lacking in its grass to weeds and dirt ratio.

When decorating a tent for your event, the flooring is just as important as other decorations, such as the lighting, the centerpieces, and the ceiling decorations. In fact, floors are usually the first things that people see when they walk into a room so you will not want to neglect this element! Choose something that is practical for your event and completes the décor – carpet, tile, wood, grass, or any combination of the four! Making the decision to not pass on the floor design can upgrade your event. Don’t leave your guests hanging! Put something sweet under their feet!

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