Event Management

Site Program Planning

Our Planning Services Transform Your Ideas Into Great Events. 
No detail is too small when it comes to event management. That’s why we offer White Glove Event Management Services. Smart planning is the crucial first step in creating any successful event. American Pavilion and Gordinier Group help you create a plan that transforms your vision into a rollicking good time. We start with a site planning worksheet to capture all your needs to shape an event that showcases your product, service, or celebration and attains your goals. We’ll help you select the most appropriate venue from our preferred partner catalog of more than 50 sites.

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Site Selection Management

Finding the Right Site. Building the Right Infrastructure. 
Once your plan is in place, American Pavilion will begin addressing the tactical dimensions of your event. How long should it be? What’s the best time of year to stage it? How should public address systems, overhead lights, security, restrooms, and trash removal be handled? Do you want to have fireworks, or a concert, or both? Throughout this phase, every activity is carefully considered, and every detail is double-checked. At each step along the way, we keep your vision for the event on the front burner so that the finished event meets your expectations..

Site Logistics

It's What You Don't See That Matters.
Everything we do is about creating magic at the moment of truth. We do the scheduling to make sure that everyone involved with your event is where they need to be at the right time. We carefully choreograph all details so that on-stage events are crisp, seamless and deliver maximum impact. We also go the extra mile to ensure that your event delivers a positive experience in the community where it takes place by securing all required permits, insurance, and emergency services well ahead of time.

Site Staffing and Course Management

Our People are Focused on a Single Goal - Creating a Great Time For Your Customers
Our staff is fully qualified to assume critical front-of-the-house responsibilities as well as all behind-the-scenes details. This can include leading on-site demonstrations and training sessions to managing custom “Ride and Drive” courses tailored to your product. From the opening ceremonies to the fin al moments, we deliver superlative service in support of your marketing goals. Our staff is enthusiastic, friendly, and above all, personifies the professional and family values that have made our reputation.

For information, please visit our event management alliance partner:www.gordiniergroup.com