Clear Span Fabric Structures

The Benefits of Clear Span Fabric Structures

Clear Span Fabric Structures | American Pavilion

Clear span tents are temporary fabric structures that provide the best solution for so many of the needs you may have. From small parties to large corporate functions, you will find that the benefits of these tents make them outshine all your other options.

When you rent clear span fabric structures, you are renting a versatile temporary wide-open space. These tents are put together in a clean, organized manner. That means when your guests or attendees arrive, they will discover a professional-looking structure that is free from ropes, poles, guy lines, or other unsightly anchors.

Perhaps one of the best benefits that a clearspan tent can provide is that they can be installed just about anywhere. Looking to have your next event in your backyard? That is not a problem. Need to move to a larger location that can accommodate a crowd? Go for it! Do you want to have your tent installed amidst others? That is ok, too!

Clearspan tents can be erected anywhere since they do not require guy lines, ropes, or stakes. That means if you want to hoist your tent up on soft, grassy land or on a vacant parking lot – you can. These temporary structures do not event require level grounding.

Another benefit is their use of a modular design. In crafting fabric structures, this design was thought to be the easiest method for allowing the extension or reduction in the size of the tents. Each 10-foot side panel can be effortlessly added to extend the length of the tent.

Rough weather may pose a significant problem for those using outdoor temporary structures. But, not for those who choose a clearspan tent!Providing another benefit, these fabric tents are one of the most weather resistant tents in the industry – and can stand up against inclement weather and fierce winds. While there is never a 100% guarantee that any structure will be totally waterproof at all times, you can count on your clearspan structure to be manufactured to hold up in some terrible conditions.

Besides rough weather, clear span fabric structures and tents simply work to protect people – and items – from the summer sun’s harmful rays and the winter’s detrimental cold. Without this protection, both can cause serious health risks.

What Can Fabric Structures Be Used For?

With all these benefits – and more – what are clearspan tents perfect for?

Live concerts, shows, or speaking events.

Because of their open area and the lack of poles and structural obstructions, these temporary structures allow for great audience views. In addition, accessories such as flooring can provide a distinct area of separation between the stage and audience. The strong sidewalls and overhead fabric coverings can safely protect electronic equipment from outdoor weather conditions.

Weddings, receptions, and other formal gatherings.

Clear span tent rentals work beautifully for weddings, receptions, and other formal events. Thanks to their modular design, there is no need to worry about your guest list. These clear span fabric structures allow room for as many guests as you need– making sure that everyone is comfortable and at ease. Also, they provide a blank canvas to decorate exactly how you want – creating the ability to have the wedding you have always dreamed of.

Trade shows and markets.

Clear Span Tent at Corporate Trade Show | American Pavilion

When hosting an event with many different vendors and many attendees, it is important to make sure you have ample amount of space to avoid congestion, confusion, and potential fire hazards.

Clear span temporary structures allow for all the space you need. Using the flooring accessories, you can easily set up the layout of this wide-open space – allowing for the smooth flow of foot traffic. The team at American Pavilion is experienced in designing a well-organized show space.

To meet agricultural needs.

Clear span fabric structures are not just used to meet the needs of those in event planning or corporate markets. They also assist in meeting the needs of those in the agricultural industry. As a matter of fact, these temporary structures work perfectly to meet their needs. After all, they can be as large or small as the need and land allow. They can be securely enclosed with roof and sidewalls – even using clear panels for those building a greenhouse. The optional HVAC system allows for the temperature to remain exactly where it needs to be – whether housing plants, animals, harvested product, or special equipment and machinery.

Sporting events and spectator sports.

Temporary Structure at All Star Game Detroit | American Pavilion

There are many sporting events that don’t always come equipped with permanent stadiums or structures. For instance, rodeos, skating, tennis, etc. Even more, there are those who come to watch the competition that welcomes a shaded space. This is often the case for track meets, golf matches, swim meets, marathons or other fundraiser-type races, horse races, etc. These temporary structures can provide all of that and more.

Clear span fabric structures offer such a vast number of benefits that they can be used in so many situations. It is no wonder you find them all around the globe! Regardless of your needs, American Pavilion can help to make every event a success.