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Industrial tents are used for a variety of commercial applications throughout the world. In the United States, industrial tents are used year-round in the oil and gas industry and for construction projects including excavation, pouring footings, foundations and concrete pads.

Industrial tents are also used on job sites for equipment refurbishing, as lunch tents, break and safety meeting tents, road salt storage tents, inventory storage tents, home building and oil and gas drilling and repair tents.

Industrial tents are also used for additional storage at manufacturing plants, usually because renting an industrial tent is less expensive than building a permanent building or because the storage space may only be needed for a few months or perhaps a year.

I received phone calls the last two years from a client that needed to build a hotel in North Dakota during the winter! He asked how I could help him, so American Pavilion installed an industrial clear span tent that was 100 feet wide and 248 feet long. The client was able to excavate, pour concrete and even build the entire first story of the hotel, all under a heated, industrial tent.

American Pavilion rented an industrial tent that is over 15,000 square feet for a U.S. government facility. That industrial tent was also a clear span and has been installed for over four years, with little maintenance. This client asked me to install lighting, HVAC and even fire suppression equipment, things that American Pavilion provides on a regular basis.

Our industrial tents  are manufactured to meet all U.S building and fire codes and they are installed quickly without special foundations of any type. Uses for industrial tents are only limited by your imagination so call the market leader of industrial tents today. Industrial tents from American Pavilion can be installed anywhere, anytime. Excellence since 1902.

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