American Pavilion is currently providing clear span fabric structures for a series of concerts across the United States. From coast to coast, American Pavilion is providing rental fabric structures in a number of cities in a variety of sizes. These Losberger and Hocker fabric structures serve as stage covers, backstage preparation areas, food service and memorabilia sales.

Contracted by one of the largest concert promoters, American Pavilion was chosen to provide fabric structures in various sizes for all their concert needs. Our fabric structures are clear span so there are no interior poles to block views of attendees or get in the way of the stage. Also, American Pavilion has one of the largest inventories of clear span fabric structures in the country. Our fleet of trucks and crews have decades of training in the safe installation of structures, and because of our competitive pricing, American Pavilion was an easy choice for the concert promoter.

Fabric structures are modular and can be installed quickly in almost any size needed, beginning with structures as small as 100 square feet up to 100,000+ square feet and every size in between. American Pavilion literally has thousands of different sized fabric structures.

American Pavilion even has in-house manufacturing specialists that can construct custom sized fabric structures to meet any need. Our fabric structures can be installed on almost any terrain, from parking lots to undulating, grassy areas. We have the ability to cover shrubs, trees, light poles and a number of other impediments.

Our fabric structures have a number of available options that can make them as comfortable as permanent facilities. American Pavilion can provide a number of types of flooring, from reinforced plywood with carpet, to raised and laser-leveled heavy duty flooring. Almost any style carpet is available to cover the flooring. Various types of lighting are also available, from general lighting to studio quality specialty lighting. Do you need glass entry doors? American Pavilion has dozens of rental glass doors specifically designed for fabric structures. If you desire air-conditioning, heat, power distribution or generators, American Pavilion is the only call you need to make.

American Pavilion inventories all of its own fabric structures along with every option listed above plus a number of other options. There is no need for us to sub-contract any equipment from other companies as this can often be problematic. One call gets you 113 continuous years and four generations of experience in the rental business along with state of the art rental equipment, a fleet of trucks and scores of installers that are the most well trained in the business. No matter what type of event or end use, American Pavilion’s clear span fabric structures are the best choice for any short or long term need. Call 800.424.9699 to get started with the first company in the country to provide fabric structures nationwide.  www.americanpavilion.com 

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