5 Uses for Rental Tents You’ve Never Considered

Tents can be used for many things such as for parties, weddings, trade shows, storage for construction crews, and grow houses for farmers. They are so adaptable and can be used for things you may not ever think of! In fact, they could be making your life easier right now!

Keep reading to discover 5 uses for rental tents that you’ve never considered:

Classic car show (or car repair)

Tents provide great shelter for many things. Depending on whether they have side walls or not, rental tents can protect anything that is in them from outdoor elements. This can prove handy when you are planning on setting up a classic car show.

Classic cars are just that – classics. Their owners care for them as if they were a family member. Much care and gentle reconditioning goes into the car to get it shined and spotless. Many of these cars are kept in a garage or under a covering so they are not exposed to damaging elements. Therefore, if you are wanting to have a classic car show, you are most likely to entice car owners to attend if they know their beauty will be kept safe under a tent.

When it comes to cars, rental tents are also good for providing a work space. Whether it is doing mechanical repairs or body work, it helps if the car is inside or under the protection of a structure. Tents provide the ultimate space as they are outdoors, but also shielded.

Yard sale

Yard sales are a terrific way to clean out your house and let your junk be another man’s treasure. Gaining some pocket change along the way isn’t too shabby either.  So, you decide to do it. You search for months through your storage, your closets, your cupboards, etc. to put together some items for a yard sale. You surely don’t want to keep the stuff and you would like to make a few bucks. But – what if you place all your items out on your lawn to entice passersby to stop and then the storm clouds come rolling too quickly for you to take shelter? Before you know it, all your items are soaked and many more are ruined. Or perhaps the temperatures have been much too high and the thought of sitting out on your lawn in the hot sun make you shy away from a yard sale.

Either of these sound familiar to you?

Yard sales are another wonderful use for a tent. Since they come in all sizes, you will be sure to find one that fits your needs. Not only will the tent give you protection from the elements, it may also draw attention to potential buyers – they will be wondering what goodies you rented a tent to protect!

Green market

Farmers markets, green markets, produce markets, Sunday markets – no matter what they are called, they all have the same idea in common: local people coming together to sell local products to earn a living. Some individuals grow their own produce, others make homemade organic soaps or candles, and others design clothing, or turn wine corks into amazing artwork. Having a tent to use for the market not only protects your sale items (and you), but it also shows that you are a serious seller. For cryin’ out loud – you have a tent!  Not everyone has a tent at these markets and those who do seem to dominate.

Tents can be customized to meet your needs and can even be designed to show your name, what you sell, or any specific color(s) that are key to your business. Make it stand out!

Beach dayRental Tents | American Pavilion

There aren’t many things that can be as satisfying and relaxing as a day at the beach with your friends and family. The waves crashing against the shore, the seagulls chirping as they look for their next catch, children laughing and splashing, a group of teens playing a game of beach volleyball… you can just tune out your day to day hustle and bustle and just be. And, chances are that if you didn’t burn so easily, you would stay at the beach all day and just soak it up!

Beach days are another fantastic use for a tent that you may not have considered. Beach umbrella, likely, but not a tent!  Think about it – you could rent a tent that is small and functional. Erect it early in the morning at the best location along the shore and stay all day! You would have protection from the sun, you would have a place to store your belongings, keep your cooler shaded and cool, and you could even take a mid-day nap!

Extended kitchen

Most people think to rent a tent when they want to host a party, but don’t necessarily want to do so in their home. But, what if you want to hold the party in your home and you just don’t have the ability to pull it off. For instance, what if your kitchen is too small? Or what if you just don’t want the heat from your kitchen making your guests uncomfortable? Maybe you just don’t want the mess of cooking in your house! It doesn’t matter why. There is something you can do – you can rent a tent for an extended kitchen.

Yes, you read that right – an extended kitchen. It is simple to rent a tent and place it in your backyard to use as a kitchen or prep area while your guests are partying the night away in your home. The tent will give you more room to maneuver, remove the heat and various aromas from the home, and keep your home neat and tidy.  This works perfectly for those who are having a catered event.

Well, there you have it – 5 uses for rental tents that you may have never considered. Tents are versatile structures that can be beneficial and help you out – whether at the beach or the market. See how a tent can make your life more enjoyable!

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