Using Creativity for Special Events

When you work in a field like event planning, creativity is one of the most key traits one should have. If you present an event that is uninspired and drab, you’re probably not going to go very far in the industry. Being creative with events is an art on its own. Creating an inspired event can take you places and cement yourself as a visionary planner, and a go to person. There are many ways to help spark that creativity that is inside of you.

Sticking to the same sources for ideas, can get stale after a while. Take a few extra trips to different stores, venues, and gardens. Also switch up your magazines and websites you read on a daily basis. Involve your team more in the planning. Take their ideas and work with them to create something you might not have done before or have been wanting to do. Create idea lists and work on developing the ideas you have. Try things and take a risk.  Don’t take on too much, otherwise you might get burned out.


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