5 Events that are Better with a Tent Rental

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When you want to have a party or get-together, one of the first things you must decide is where you will hold the event. You likely have an idea of what you are hoping the party will be like – the theme and décor, the vibe, the time of day, how you want it set up. Maybe you even know what you will wear! Before you spend all your time looking at hotel conference rooms, banquet halls, park pavilions, or personal living space – how about you consider a tent rental? Let’s face it – the “normal” spaces are boring and everyone rents them. Perhaps it is time for you to step outside the box and give your guests a more unique experience –without that crazy banquet room carpet.

Deciding to go with a tent rental for your next event means that you can decide on a location anywhere – vacant lots, parking lots, backyards, parks, etc. Find a space big enough for your event and erect your tent. If you are still on the fence about whether a tent rental would be the best idea for your event, here are five events that are made even better by choosing to use a tent!


When you think about outdoor weddings, you likely think of a beautiful nature backdrop to the big day and dancing the night away under the stars with a soft glow of string lights. Then you probably think about how the biggest rain storm could just happen to form and ruin the day you waited your whole life for.

So, what if you could have your cake and eat it too? Meaning – you can still have your outdoor wedding and if Mother Nature wants to throw a fit, let her! That is where a tent rental comes in to play. See, you can have your wedding outdoors, with all the convenience of being indoors.

Tent rentals provide you with walls to protect from the outdoor elements and a dance floor to get down with your wedding party and guests. Decorating can be easy, as a tent is an open canvas – allowing you to set up the layout just as you have always imagined. Problem solved!

BrunchTent Rental | American Pavilion

Brunch is a wonderful time to get together with friends, family, and colleagues. Especially during the spring time when the weather is warming, the trees are starting to return with a breath of life, and flowers are blooming in shades of the brightest colors. People want to be outdoors. So much so that holding a brunch and blockading everyone in your dining room seems a bit suffocating.

While it is a beautiful time of year, it is also often rainy. You will want to make sure you have some sort of cover for your guests just in case. If you have a large backyard, consider renting a tent to hold your brunch. It is sure to make it a winning experience for everyone involved.

Cocktail Party 

Cocktail parties are fun get-togethers that allow you to avoid the formal sit-down full-dinner type events and lean more toward tapas while your guests sip their adult beverage of choice. These parties involve a lot of mingling. They also tend to involve a lot of music and a little dancing.

You don’t need a fancy hall to have a cocktail party. In fact, that seems a bit boring. You can decorate a tent, giving a soft, warm, slightly-seductive ambience to your cocktail party. Outdoor parties seem to liven the mood. Spills or other accidents – will be much easier to handle outside, rather than inside…especially if your other option was to have the party in your own home!

Networking Events

Networking events also work well in tent rentals. Why? Because you never know how many people are going to attend. Many times, these events are not by reservation or invitation. And, even if they are, colleagues usually invite others who invite others who send an email blast inviting others and, before you know it, you are overloaded. Many people choose to come for the freebies – the food, drinks, and entertainment – while hoping to score at least one new contact.

Choosing a tent for networking events allows your overflow to spill out into the open areas. Tents are customizable and can be as large as your space will allow. If you still need more room, the sides come up, allowing your guests to feel free and able to move.

Kids’ Birthday Parties

Imagine it: A party of 25 six-year-olds, hyped on sugar, running from one end of your house to the other. You will be on edge secretly waiting for the first sound of the crash of one of your precious items – or kids. Combine that with messes, crowded games, and spilled Kool-Aid – and you will be thankful that you are reading this article.

When you have your next kid’s birthday party – rent a tent. Just do it and don’t even think twice. The tent will provide ample space for kids to run. It offers open space for a variety of party games, without having to worry about things getting broken. Forget about having to pin the tail on the donkey – an outdoor party will give you the freedom for such games as:

  • Potato sack races
  • Three-legged races
  • Egg and spoon race
  • Limbo
  • Apple bobbing
  • Treasure dig

And let’s not even mention the high-pitched squeals of those 25 six-year-olds – this sounds so much better when combined with open air instead of four concrete walls. The other parents will thank you.

Choosing a Tent Rental

The good news is that it doesn’t even matter what time of year you decide to party. Tent rentals come in many shapes and sizes – depending on what you are looking for. You have the option for walls, flooring, and climate control. The tent will keep your guests safe from outside elements, while allowing you to relax and enjoy your party worry-free.


Follow These 5 Steps to Decorate a Tent Rental

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First and foremost, congratulations for choosing to hold your party or event in a tent rental. There is no better way to get a venue where you want, when you want it, and how you want it. Large tent rentals allow you to find a vacant location of your choice – no longer requiring you to wait or work your event around a banquet hall schedule – and erect a tent based on your exact customizations (type, size, shape, perks, etc.). A tent rental is like a blank canvas when it comes to decorating, too. Such as smart choice!!

So, now that you’ve got your tent, how do you decorate it?


It is wonderful that large tent rentals allow you to have an open space to decorate and organize how you wish. However, that means you must figure out the layout, too, since there is no set area for a dance floor, or dining area, or restrooms, etc.

Depending on the type of event or party you are having, you will need to determine what areas you will need for your guests – and don’t forget the necessities. You will need to do this before you start decorating so you know how to plan the lighting, the décor, etc.

  • Are you having a dance floor?
  • Do you need a stage?
  • Are you having a sit-down dinner or a mingling cocktail party?
  • How much seating will you need and where will you put it?
  • Will you require a food prep and/or serving area?

These are the things you will want to consider as you begin decorating your tent.

What’s your style?

When it comes to decorating, you want to keep it uniform throughout the tent. Mixing themes and styles could make your party space look a bit confused or discombobulated. Pick your theme or style and stick with it.

There are many to choose from:

  • A skyline party. Use tons of white balloons to create the effect of clouds. Use blue backgrounds and fabrics to look like the sky.
  • Tropical paradise. Use heaters throughout your tent during cold months and transform your tent to a tropical paradise – carry your guests away to the islands.
  • Asian flair. Use paper lanterns and bright colored paper pom-poms to decorate your space.
  • A forest fairytale. Use string lights and branches to decorate your tent. Add greenery throughout the venue, including green garland.
  • Art space. Why not drape white fabric and use paint splashes to add color?
  • Turn a book into life.
  • Pick a decade – A fifties diner, the sixties peace and love era, the 70’s disco era, the 80’s neon colors, etc.
  • Create a magical candy land. Think Willy Wonka.
  • A diamond party with glitter and all things that shimmer.

A style and theme are as unique as you are. So, do a little soul-searching and use your imagination to determine what will give you the effect you are looking for. Make sure you get through this step first to help guide you with the fluidity of the look.

Splashes of color

Tents are great for party places, but they sure don’t offer much in the way of color. That is where your creative side will come in. You can get your color in many forms – actual decorations, lighting, or fabric.

Make it colorful, make it stand out, and make it inviting.

Fabric, fabric, and more fabricLarge Tent Rentals | American Pavilion

Fabric seems to be a popular thing when it comes to tent rentals. It can create an elegant look for your partying needs. In fact, when fabric is draped throughout the tent, it can almost make you forget that you are even in a tent!

There are several methods to draping fabric:

  • Fabric walls. Whether you choose to have sidewalls on your tent or not, you can use fabric to drape down the walls and add a beautiful texture. This method can also be used a backdrop for a main centerpiece of the party, such as a wedding cake or stage area.
  • Ceiling drapes with centerpiece. Fabric can be draped from all edges along the circumference of the tent to meet in the middle at a centerpiece. For example, fabric to meet in the middle with a mirror ball, candelabra, chandelier, or floral centerpiece. It creates an eye catching, and even breathtaking, decoration.
  • Decorate the poles with fabric. Use fabric to drape around poles that surround the tent. You may simply cover the poles, or drape it from the poles to the center of the tent.
  • Create a covered ceiling. Another method for decorating with fabric is to drape it from one side of the tent directly to the other.

Make sure that you incorporate color into your fabric, as well. Layering it with your party colors can transform your tent rental.

Finding the Perfect Lighting for Large Tent Rentals

Lights can be eye-catching or romantic. There can set a mood or increase energy. Here are a few of the most popular lighting methods for tent rentals:

  • Candles. Talk about romance! It will depend on the mood you are trying to achieve on whether you should use candles. You can use them as table centerpieces in clusters or in areas surrounding the party area.
  • String lights. You can decorate the party area with string lights in a bistro method. This can give your party a soft, backyard garden party
  • Tiki torches. Having a luau or tropical party? Tiki torches can give a warm, island feel to any outdoor event.
  • Color lighting. Use various lighting techniques to add color or spot lights on white surfaces, the ceiling, or on any focal point within the venue.

Decorations don’t make or break an event, but they sure do add some ooh and ahh factors for guests. It is fun to add a little flair to your tent – especially because it is a wide-open space that you can make your own! So, open that imagination and go for it!


How to Prepare for Music Festival Season

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We are slowly reaching that time of year again – music festival season. The time when you need to start planning your vacation from your job so you and your friends can hit up the best music festivals around the country. It doesn’t matter what you are into – pop, indie, rock, EDM, hip hop – there is a festival for you. In fact, they seem to get more popular as each year passes.

So, after you have made your selection showcasing your favorite bands, what should you do to make sure you are prepared for the festival? Grab a pen to take notes – you are going to want to keep reading for the best ways to get yourself set for a worry-free music festival season.

Find a Tent Rental to Create Your Temporary Living Space

First, you will need a tent to sleep in. Remember, you are going to have to use your tent rental for sleeping and for storing your belongings. Therefore, make sure it is big enough. Always go for a size or two bigger than the amount of people it says it can sleep. Let’s face it – you are not necessarily going to want to be snuggled up to your buddies who have been partying hard for hours on end, are you?

Now, because you are not going to want to stay in your tent rental all day, you will want to set up a space next to it to act as a social/living area, so-to-speak. You can rent a canopy that can hold quite a few people. Load it up with rugs, chairs, lights, etc. Not only will it provide a spot for you and your friends to mingle, it will also provide a place for shelter and shade. Make it as comfortable as possible. This is going to be your spot for the next couple days.

If you are lucky enough to plan, you can find a tent rental for the festival – get all decked out with personalization and stand out!

Be Prepared

Music festivals really aren’t the time and place to cook a classy five course meal. Opting to purchase the food sold at the festival could get a bit pricey rather quickly. The best thing to do would be to pack non-perishable food items that can keep you well-nourished and won’t require too much effort to make. Here are a few suggestions:Tent Rental | American Pavilion

  • Peanut butter, jelly, and bread for sandwiches
  • Bagels or rice cakes with peanut better
  • Fruits
  • Veggies
  • Canned beans, ravioli, soup
  • Dried fruits
  • Nuts
  • Granola bars or cereal bars
  • Oatmeal

Make sure you bring lots of water to stay hydrated. You may even bring empty bottles for re-filling, as most festivals will have available water taps. Check with organizers prior to going to see what is and what is not allowed. Some allow small grills or hot plates, others do not. Some allow glass bottles, others do not. It is best to know these things in advance so you can plan accordingly without encountering any surprises.

Don’t forget to pack a cooler for your travels as there is usually a long line of traffic to get to these rather rural festivals. You will get hungry and you will not want to dip into your festival rations.

Bring the Right Clothing and Frills

Think about it – you are going to be outdoors, subjecting yourself to all types of elements. You will want to be prepared, for your own sake. Know the weather before you go. If it is going to be hot, cold, rainy, etc., pack accordingly. If it is going to be cold, pack a couple extra clothing items to act as extra layers to keep you warm. If it is going be hot, pack a couple extra outfits to change into once you have turned your current outfit into a stinky, sweaty mess.

As far as having fun – you will want to pack those extra frills. Things such as onesie pajamas, bathing suits, crazy outfits, wigs, makeup, masks, glow jewelry, etc. Anything to stand out.

Arrive Early

You are going to want to make sure you arrive early enough to find the best camping spot or at the very least, a really good one. There is nothing more miserable than having to spend three days camping with the smell of overflowing portable toilets.

  • Make sure your spot is far away from toilet and trash locations. This may not seem like a big deal on day one, but by the end of day two, you will be wishing you had listened better.
  • Find grassy, flat land. It may seem like a soft idea to pitch a tent in the sand, but after a little rainfall, you will then have mud and, well, that is not so pleasant.
  • It can be brutally hot outside at times. When you are spending your days in the great outdoors without the great perk of air conditioning, you are going to want to find some shade.

It may force you to put in a little work, but ideally you are looking for a place that allows you to avoid horrid stenches, potential mud, and significant sunshine. Arriving early will allow you the most opportunity to find this master location!

Leave Your Bad Attitude at Home

Nobody enjoys the company of a Debbie Downer so leave your bad attitude at home. Music festivals get crowded, loud, and dirty. If that isn’t your thing, maybe you should re-consider. A couple of days roughing it with thousands of hyped fans is going to lead to chaos. Things may not always go as you planned. Warn yourself of this ahead of time and you should have no worries.

Music festivals are meant to bring you fun times to dance, socialize, and forget the real world for a couple of days. Not being prepared could add a lot of stress to the event. From finding a tent rental to arriving early, plan ahead with these tips and you are sure to have a great time!



Celebrate Valentine’s Day With a Party for Singles

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It is almost the time of year again that many people either love or hate: Valentine’s Day. If you have been pricked by Cupid, then you are likely living in a romantic fairytale right about now. However, for those who didn’t make the cut for Cupid this year, the day can bring about many “woe is me” moments, followed by a stomach ache because you have devoured 3 pints of ice cream and half of a large pizza. How about making a change this year? Instead of moping around and feeling sorry for yourself because you don’t have anyone to call your Valentine, why not throw a party? No, not the kind of party that will make your coupled friends throw their great fortune in your face. Rather, a party for you and all your single friends. You can rent an event tent and dance floor and have a blast celebrating the holiday together.

Life is too short to act depressed because the calendar says you should have a significant other on one specific day. Live it up! Party big! Be happy! Here are the best ideas for throwing a valentine’s day bash for the many single people in your life.

Why should I have a singles valentine’s day party?

The better question is – why not? Everywhere you turn this time of year, you are bombarded with pink and red hearts, chocolates, and ginormous stuffed teddy bears. If you don’t have someone to call your valentine, it doesn’t mean that you should have to spend this day alone and sans all goodies.

Getting together with others in your same boat and turning a day of potential mourning into a day of celebration – of love, life, friendship, and good times – is not something to turn down. Embrace yourself and those around you. Celebrate!

Who should I invite?

Everyone! This party does not have to be just your closest friends. Invite everyone you know (even if they aren’t single) and ask them to bring a guest or two. Make it a huge bash! Besides – Cupid just may end up introducing you or another one of your single friends to someone special!

Rent an event tent and dance floor Event tent | American Pavilion

Since you have instructed your invitees to bring guests, you are not going to know exactly how many people are going to show up for your party. Having it in your house may prove to be a terrible idea if you have a crowd. No one likes to feel like they are partying in a sardine can. However, renting out a hall may be a bit presumptuous – especially if there is a chance your invitees come alone or not at all.

The best solution? Rent an event tent. It is easy and an event tent is completely customizable. Rent a tent that fits comfortably in your backyard. If too many people show up? No problem! You can let your guests spill out into the yard, creating a relaxed party space. Tent rentals provide such a versatile space and are set up quickly.

Event tents come in all sizes and with all kinds of customizations. In fact, because Valentine’s day falls in February you can make sure that your event tent is climate controlled to keep you and your guests cozy. Whatever you do – do not forget the flooring! Dance floor, anyone?

How to decorate once you rent an event tent 

This isn’t an anti-Valentine’s Day party so that doesn’t mean you must forego all the cutesy colors and decorations that scream LOVE – pinks, reds, whites, hearts, roses, chocolates, etc. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative either. Here are a few decorating ideas:

  • Soft and cozy – decorate your space in all things V-day. Add fuzzy pillows and rugs to make a welcoming space. Light the room with candles.
  • Renaissance party – go back in time and create a castle theme. Use torches for lighting and ask your guests to dress the part.
  • Chocolate tasting party – rather than a wine tasting, have a chocolate tasting! Set up tables with different kinds and different brands of chocolate.
  • White party – turn your party into a real hoppin’ party. Ask your guests to wear all white and use black lights to decorate the space. Spin the disco ball and turn the music You and your guests can dance away your Valentine’s day blues.

Truth be told, you don’t really need a theme. You can just have a party in an event tent. It is up to you how creative you want to make it.

What should I feed my guests?Event Tent | American Pavilion

Are you wanting a sit-down dinner? Are you serving a brunch? Do you just want to serve desserts and coffee? Do you prefer a pot luck? The choice is yours! However, if you want to keep with the theme of Valentine’s day, you can do a little research online and discover some neat ideas for Valentine’s Day dishes and treats, such as stuffed strawberries, Valentine’s Day cupcakes, or you can even find recipes to make your own conversation hearts at home!

As for drinks – cocktails – pick a drink of the night. Find a recipe for something bubbly and fun. Make sure it keeps with your theme and, of course, that it has a taste most guests will enjoy.

What should we do?

So, what do you do at a singles’ Valentine’s Day party? You want to keep your guests busy. You could do the norm – listen to music, dance, mingle, play cards or board games or you can spice it up a bit with some special Valentine’s day games. How about a round of “Name that Tune,” using love songs or maybe a “Who’s Who,” game using the name of romance movies? Whatever you decide to do – keep your guests on their toes!

The point of the party is to keep your guests busy, laughing, and enjoying themselves. Some people – single or not – tend to get a bit sappy and emotional on this day. Plan your party to be one that even your most tear-filled friend can smile at and learn that this day is for everyone to enjoy and feel loved.


Ringing in the New Year with a Party

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Ah, out with the old, in with the new. We are quickly approaching the end of the year. It’s time to reflect on all that we did – or didn’t do – in the ending year and set our sights on hope for the upcoming, fresh opportunity in the new year. Superstition says that whatever you spend your new year doing is what you will be doing the whole year through. So, rather than sleeping your new year away, resulting in potentially no forward movement in life for the upcoming year, perhaps you should throw a party and spend your time ringing in the new year with your favorite people making memories. Sounds like a good way to spend a year, right? From planning a special surprise to choosing tent rentals, you can plan the perfect party to ring in the new year.

If you are looking for the best ideas for creating your new year’s party, you have come to the right place.

Tent Rentals for the Perfect Party Space

The first thing you will want to determine for your party is where you are going to have it. Sure, you could always ring in the New Year in your house, but, let’s face it – no one wants to kick off the New Year with a party-damaged home.

There are other options. For starters, you could look for a hall or other rental space. Of course, you must be aware of noise ordinances, decorate within the parameters of the owner’s guidelines, and hope that the space can accommodate all your needs. Here is a better option – rent a tent and find a place to put it. Whether in your own backyard or in an empty lot, tent rentals allow you the opportunity to build your party from the ground up, so-to-speak.

Tent rentals can be customized to meet all your needs. Depending on the theme of your party, you may want to go formal with flooring and lights throughout, with a dance floor. You may choose to let the earth be your flooring and use tiki torches. Tent rentals can be completely climate controlled and have sides, as well.

Basically, it is your best option for creating the perfect space for your party.

Party ThemeTent Rentals | American Pavilion

What type of theme will you have? Of course, you can decide to just call it a party. But what fun is that? You want to make an impression and have fun. You are closing out one year and running straight into a new one. Do something grand. If you have a great imagination, then your options are endless. Here are a few ideas:

  • Black-light party. Ask your guests to get all decked out in their whitest whites. Also, decorate in whites and use black-lights to create a glow.
  • Black and White Ball. This is perfect for those who want a classy and elegant way to ring in the New Year. Make it a black-tie affair or just a black and white one.
  • Masquerade Ball. This is a secret way to end your year. You and your guests can sport your masks while dressed up, heel to toe. Masquerade balls do not necessarily have to be fancy, but why would you want it any other way?
  • Disco party. If you feel like you want to get down and boogie, perhaps a disco party will be more up your ally. Music, a dance floor, and a mirror ball. Have your guests dress in disco-era attire to make it more fun!
  • Last Hurrah party. You know a huge percent of people say they are starting the first day of the New Year with a healthy lifestyle. Why not kiss the year goodbye with all the food you and your guests won’t be enjoying for a while? e. fried foods, sweets, and any other junk food.
  • Casino party. Turn your space into Las Vegas. Set up poker tables, roulette, and black jack.


Did you ever wonder why everyone has always been taught to make a lot of noise at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s? Superstition says that this noise will scare evil spirits away. Yep, they won’t get to follow you into the New Year.

Whether you are superstitious or not, no New Year’s party is complete without noisemakers. You can stick to the traditional party horns, blowouts, or ratchets. You could create unique noisemakers such as the bubble jump (jumping on bubble wrap), jingle sticks (adding bells to popsicle sticks), or placing raw beans inside decorated glass jars or half-folded paper plates.

However you decide to do it – make it loud!

Food and Beverage

You have some fun friends, a stellar venue – but what are you going to serve to eat? You can continue with the superstitions for the New Year. For instance, serving a pork dish, holding that pigs root forward meaning progression in life. Also, anything round – donuts, Bundt cake, etc. symbolizing the year coming full circle. Let’s not forget noodles which symbolize a long life or beans which are thought to resemble money.

Separately the superstitious New Year’s foods seem odd. However, a quick search online can lead you to recipes to combine these items into something delicious.

If you aren’t feeling like sticking with the common New Year foods, use your imagination and create a menu that matches the theme of the night!

Even though it isn’t food – don’t forget the champagne!

Plan Something Special

This is the very last night of the year. You will never again be in this same moment. Do that something special that is going to make headlines. In other words, send the old year away with a bang.

Here are a couple ideas or create your own!

  • Writing wishes, hopes, and dreams for the coming year on mini scrolls and placing them inside balloons. When the clock strikes midnight, release the balloons into the sky!
  • Create a hashtag for the event and ask everyone to take a ton of pictures, upload them to your favorite social media site using the specified hashtag.
  • Buy fireworks and set them off at midnight, literally starting the year off with a bang.

However you choose to ring in the New Year, do it bold and make memories that will last a lifetime. Decorate your tent rental, stick to a theme, add a dash of food and champagne and rehearse a fantastic toast. Cheers!

7 Steps to Hosting the Ultimate Dinner Party

Tent Rental | American Pavilion

Anyone can throw a dinner party. Not everyone can throw the ultimate dinner party. So, what makes it ultimate? Planning, planning and planning. Oh, and not leaving any detail untouched.

Making the decision to throw a dinner party can sound exciting. But when the ball starts rolling, the idea of putting it into effect can be a bit overwhelming. It isn’t easy making sure everything goes smoothly – from the initial arrival of guests to the last goodbye. However, if you can arm yourself with this checklist and the will to make it happen, your dinner party will be the talk of the town for years to come.

Timing and Invites

First, timing is everything. Deciding the best time of year, the best day, and best time will be key to how many will attend. Keep in mind possible weather-related issues, holidays, and other events. You will want to gather a list of those you are inviting and prepare the invitations. Mailing (or e-mailing) the invites should take place about 4 weeks from the party date. This will allow plenty of time for any planning or schedule re-arranging that needs to be done by your guests.


Creating Space

Decide where you will host your dinner party. If your guest list is small, you may be able to hold the dinner in your home, using your existing dining room table, or adding on to it. However, for those with extensive guest lists, hosting a gathering under a tent rental in the backyard may seem more logical. Using a tent rental for dinner parties is extremely common and can make the dinner more enjoyable – adding space to roam.

Make sure to account for enough space to have a dining area, a food station area, a comfortable sitting/mingling area, and an area to entertain for things such as dancing, games, etc.

Don’t forget to decorate your space! Choose a color scheme or a party them and match your decorations to it. There are many ideas online or at party stores if you can’t decide.


Planning the Menu

Most guests will arrive hungry. They know they are coming to your awesome dinner and they will bring their appetite. The best thing that you can do as a hostess is provide something for your guests to munch on prior to dinner. Appetizers or hors d’oeuvres such as chips and dip, veggie platters, shrimp cocktail or skewers, etc., will be light on the stomach, but will keep your guests busy until the meal is ready.

Dinner can be served at the table or via buffet style. Either way, make sure you have a varied selection. Not everyone likes the same dish. Some guests may also have dietary concerns. Make sure you provide dishes with meat, some without, and, if you cook a dish that has well-known allergens, such as shellfish or peanuts, make sure you notate it.

Always conclude the meal with a dessert. Get creative. You want this to taste delicious since it is going to be the final taste left on the tongues of your guests! Chocolate fountains with a variety of fruits, a sundae bar, pies, cakes, brownies. The choice is yours—just make it good!

Tip: If you decided to go with a theme, let your food keep in line with that theme. For example, if you decide on that Mardi Gras party, then serving a crawfish boil or jambalaya would be fitting.


Plan for Weather with a Tent RentalTent Rental | American Pavilion

The comfort of your guests is very important. If you are holding the dinner party indoors, make sure you have adequate cooling or heating. In addition, make sure you have a plan for wet shoes, clothes or umbrellas – you do not want a wet, dirty floor should Mother Nature decide to soak you!

This point is more important to look at if you decide to host your party outdoors. You will need to be prepared for all types of weather conditions. A tent rental can provide shelter from rain and sun. If it has walls or a floor, then you can avoid wind and mud. You can also set up fans and heaters or use a tent rental that allows you to control the temperature.

If your guests are exposed to the elements, you would be an ultimate hostess if you provide little luxuries that others may forget. For example, soft throw blankets, insect repellant, sun glasses, flip flops, hand-held fans, etc. The more comfort you provide, the happier your guests will be.



Lighting can make a bold statement and set the mood. Soft lighting can create an intimate environment, allowing your guests to come together.  Make use of candles (citronella candles if you are outdoors), delicate string lighting, or lanterns. Switching your normal lightbulbs for those of a lower watt can make a big difference, too. Having more soft lights rather than less bright lights can create a calming effect, making the night more serene.



You will need to make the decision of whether to serve alcohol at your dinner party. Sure, some people do not drink, but many others do. Asking your guests to bring their own drink, i.e. a “BYOB., will not lead you to win the ultimate dinner party host award. Your guests want to be catered to and treated. If you choose to treat them to booze, then you are going to have to make some decisions as to what you will serve. For the sake of your budget, you will want to ignore specific requests. Decide on a special drink of the night – one that goes with your party’s theme or color – and buy a load of white and red wine. Your guests will be appreciative, guaranteed.


Plan a Group Activity

This doesn’t have to be cheesy. You can choose a game or event that matches your party theme or you can just choose something to get your guests moving and talking. Guests don’t want to be bored and they surely aren’t coming just for your Aunt Mary’s old casserole recipe. Whatever you decide, keep it fun and entertaining.

Dinner parties can be exciting and memorable. It doesn’t take any special skill to throw an ultimate dinner party – just organization, planning, and a thoughtful attitude. Remember your guests are guests and treat them as such, even if they are your closest friends.


5 Things to Look for in a Tent Rental Service


5 Things to look for in a Tent Rental Service | American Pavilion


5 Things to Look for in a Good Tent Rental Service

 There are numerous providers of tent rentals in the U.S. and some are better than others. How can you be sure you are selecting the best company to help you curate your event in a temporary structure? The following guide is meant to give you a sense of what a great tent rental service looks like.

  1. They Know Their Product

 A company that really know what they are doing will know about the product that they are selling. For instance, if they are selling clear span tents, wouldn’t you feel better if they were able to demonstrate knowledge of the different parts of the tent and why they work the way they do? It is also a plus if they also know about the history of the type of tents they sell history and the types of manufacturers that make them.

  1. They Provide Experts for Setup

 A well-trained team can figure out all of the engineering specifications and take into account all of the necessary factors. In addition, a good team can set up a structure to cover a large area in a minimal amount of time. Make sure to look into the type of team that a renter has available, as just getting the tent is only the first part of renting.

  1. Quality Materials

 Find out if the materials used in building the tents pass national safety standards. How long is the tent intended to stay up? Are the support poles lightweight and affordable? A good clear span tent should be able to stand for years with minimal maintenance. It is also important to be able to get different types of materials. Does a company have multiple types of fabric or only one variety?

  1. Event Consulting

 A true sign that a rental company cares is that they are prepared to discuss the logistics of your event with you. The terrain on which the tent will be built as well as expected weather are important things to keep in mind. If the renter is experienced, they will have an opinion on all of these factors as well as the knowledge on how to proceed. They should also ask you about what kind of event you’re planning and figuring out how best to orient the space needed for it.

  1. Availability of Accessories

 Why shop at multiple different outlets when you can find a renter that provides all the accessories you could need with your tent? Perhaps you’ll need doors to create a fully insulated environment. If your event will take place in the night time, you’ll want to be able to secure enough lighting. Flooring is a must for some events. Even a fire extinguisher can be an important device to have around, depending on the type of event being held.

Always Choose the Best

 If a company can provide all of the above items, then you won’t have to look much farther. Always research and compare different providers, and don’t settle for someone who doesn’t fit your needs. A great tent rental service will go above and beyond your expectations.



What to Keep in Mind When Planning an Outdoor Event

What to Keep in Mind When Planning an Outdoor Event | American PavilionThe warmer months of the year tend to be the most popular time for outdoor events. Although outdoor events are beautiful, it’s essential to understand all that goes into organizing one. From permits to preparations for unexpected weather, here are a few tips for planning an outdoor event:

  1. Once you’ve decided the location and date of the event, get any permits required.
  2. Research the restrictions and laws of the town or city your event will be in.
  3. If your event is not being held at a pre-existing facility, keep in mind everything you’ll need to provide such as power, toilets, equipment and food.
  4. Have a meeting with all of your suppliers at the venue before the event to organize the set up of equipment and layout of the event.
  5. Consider how you can make attendees comfortable such as extra water stations and air conditioning .
  6. Any event that goes into the evening will need lighting for any pathways, exits and parking areas to keep guests safe and comfortable finding their way.
  7. A major threat to outdoor events is unexpected weather. You can prepare for both extreme heat and unexpected rain by using tent rentals to shelter guests. Some tent rentals have side walls that can protect attendees from rain or you can rent a temperature controlled tent to keep guests cool.

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5 Reasons to Choose Clear Span Tent Rentals for Your Next Event

5 Reasons to Choose Clear Span Tent Rentals for Your Next Event | American PavilionTent rentals come in many different sizes to accommodate most any occasion, from corporate trade shows to construction sites. The problem with some large tent rentals lies in their construction and assembly; they often have interior support columns that get in the way or interfere with your line of sight. For events that require open space without these obstructions, a clear span tent is the best option.

Why a Clear Span Tent is the Clear Choice

  1. You can install them anywhere.

Because of their modularity, you can place clear span tents most anywhere, from an uneven grass field to a paved parking lot or a rooftop. They mount to most any surface thanks to their modified leg heights and scaffolding floors, which come in handy for golf courses when you need to get off the ground for a better view of the action.

  1. Clear span tents can withstand heavy wind and rain.

Clear span tents have a weather-resistant design and prevent the wind and the rain from ruining your event. These sturdy and reliable tent rentals withstand wind gusts up to 90 miles per hour or more and can be covered with waterproof tape at the seams to keep you and your guests dry. You can also quickly pull the sides of the tent closed in case a storm pops up without notice. These tents don’t use ropes or straps to keep them standing upright and from blowing away. Instead, they feature steel base plates that are driven into the ground for improved support and rigidity.

  1. You get a clear view of the event space.

A clear span tent differs from a traditional tent in that it doesn’t have interior support beams to distract you from the view or get in the way as you walk around. Therefore, you get a complete 360-degree view of the interior space and ample room to set up stages, seating, booths and more. These large tent rentals also provide enough open space for completing construction projects on-site while staying covered during inclement weather.

  1. The optional features improve your experience.

You can get the bare minimum or go all out with a clear span tent. Why have your guests walk directly on the grass or the pavement when you can have wood or carpeted floors installed? You can also opt for glass entry doors, theater lighting and heating and air conditioning to create a luxurious event space. Other features such as ceiling liners, glass walls and power distribution are also available when you select a clear span tent.

  1. Get a tent size to fit any event.

You’re not limited when it comes to clear span tents. Whether you need a 10-foot or a 160-foot space, you can select a size that accommodates your event. The tent’s modular design makes it easy to create most any length, shape or size for setting up a single booth or creating a concert space for a large crowd.

A clear span tent gives you the freedom to transform most any outdoor area into a covered and reliable event space. With weatherproofing and available options such as wood flooring, glass side walls and theatre lighting, you can entertain your guests and host a memorable event anywhere you can imagine.

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Three Ways to Use a Clear Span Tent for an Event

Three Ways to Use a Clear Span Tent for an Event | American PavilionIf you are researching tents and trying to find the right one, you are likely planning an event that you need covering for. This is probably the most common use for clear span tents, and they are generally the best option for events of varying sizes. This is only the beginning of the potential uses a clear span tent has, however, and there are even more uses when you choose clear span tents. Unlike traditional tent structures, a clear span tent can be erected and used without obtrusive poles or guy-lines on the exterior. This makes it a great choice for events or for any of the following innovative uses as well.

Create a Dramatic Ballroom

Are you thinking about dancing? Does your next event involve the potential for some salsa? This is rarely a bad thing, but it can be bad if you do not provide enough room and accommodation for the intended activities. One way to ensure your guests are ready to get swingin’ is to offer a great dance floor space covered by a temporary structure. This creates an atmosphere much like that of a ballroom, and the dramatic space all but demands that your events’ attendees start dancing. A clear span tent makes it so that there are no structures or poles obtruding on the floor that might pose a risk to people who are moving about.

Stage an Entrance

One of the most innovative ways to control incoming traffic at an event is to assemble a clear span tent at its entrance. Doing so makes a grand first impression, and it gives event organizers the opportunity to provide services such as greeting, registration, mini gift suites and restrooms. These are all attractive options that keep incoming attendees occupied as you control your traffic and manage the crowd effectively. The simplicity of a clear span tent allows you to set this up easily.

Achieve the Perfect Ambiance

A temporary structure gives users the impression that they are both inside and outside, and this feeling can be used to make your next event a memorable one. While maintaining the refreshing feeling of being outside, you can control the atmosphere within the temporary structure through air conditioning and other options. Ambiance is not just about temperature, though, it is also about the atmosphere you cultivate in the space. A clear span tent makes it easy for you to construct a reliable tent space, control its dimensions and features and turn it into whatever your event’s unique needs call for.

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