Large Tent Rentals that will Survive Extreme Weather

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Extreme weather happens and there isn’t a thing you can do about it. Well, let’s just say you cannot stop it or change it, but you can adapt. For example, you can change your routine. If you know the weather is supposed to be extreme in the evening, you can make sure you complete what you need to do early so you are out of the rough weather when it hits. You can also decide to switch up your wardrobe to match the weather conditions – sweaters, raincoats, boots, shorts, umbrellas, etc. Or, of course, you can just stay indoors and avoid the weather altogether.

But, what can you do when that isn’t an option? You can find a tent that will survive extreme weather conditions and let you accomplish what you need to – despite Mother Nature’s plan!

Types of extreme weather

Weather conditions can vary, depending on location. However, each type can become extreme – wind, rain, snow, cold. Here are a few of the most extreme weather conditions that can put a damper on any outdoor events or jobs:

  • Hurricanes – From June through November, hurricanes are a real risk along the east coast of the U.S. Many people need to arrange outdoor activities to avoid any tropical disturbance.
  • Snowstorms – For those individuals in the north, snowstorms can wreak havoc on outdoor activities, including events and job sites. Whether one inch or one foot, some of the white stuff goes a long way.
  • Ice storms – These storms hurt communities all throughout the north. They take down power lines and make driving less than ideal – and downright dangerous!
  • Heavy rains – These rains can lead to flooding. They can come down by the inches within mere minutes and wash out any outdoor activity.
  • Winds – Winds can make the outdoors frustrating. Not only is it difficult to walk or ride a bike against the wind, it is also difficult to try to accomplish any projects when the wind is blowing out of control.
  • Tornadoes–These suckers are scary and can happen in an instant. Depending on the strength of them, there may be nothing you can do to prepare and avoid catastrophic damage.

All weather patterns can range from minor to extreme.

Who faces challenges by extreme weather?

When thinking of who deals with the trials and struggles relating to outdoor weather conditions, it will most definitely be those who must be outside during them. Or those who need to be outside to complete a project, but can’t due to the extreme weather. For example, construction companies, sports teams and athletes, contractors, farmers, etc.

Weather can even affect those who are throwing a party or having an event. It isn’t always possible to move an entire wedding party indoors when heavy rainstorms threaten. Therefore, they will face the challenge of having to potentially come face to face with extreme weather or scramble for shelter.

How large tent rentals can help

Many times, weather can make or break a project. It can disrupt a construction site with flooding waters, high winds, or a heavy snowfall. Not only does it slow the progress and push back the completion date, but it also can lead to an unhappy customer. For farmers, the weather can mean the difference between a high crop yield and sufficient payday or a loss of crop and income.

With that being said – how can large tent rentals help ward off the extreme weather?

  • A tent rental can allow construction workers and contractors to continue working despite the outdoor conditions.
  • It can allow companies to meet deadlines, rather than lose out on work.
  • Large tent rentals can save crops from potential devastating damage due to extremeweather conditions.

Losberger tentsLarge Tent Rentals | American Pavilion

Losberger tents offer a perfect solution for those who weather the outdoor elements day in and day out. These tents can solve so many problems that can halt a project or an event – without a lot of fuss. They are very easily erected, which means they can be moved around from site to site with ease.

The Losberger tents are large – offering protection for your entire crew and project. Or, if you are having an outdoor event that is getting slammed by unexpected weather conditions, there will be plenty of room to bring it inside.

Surprisingly, these tent rentals withhold hurricane force winds and are sturdy enough to hold fallen snow without collapsing. In addition, the climate control is ideal for keeping guests and workers warm (or cool) and allowing farmers to grow crops in the most ideal conditions.

Additional perks of a Losberger tent

Now you are aware of how you can manage to keep your productivity up, your guests or crew healthy and safe, and that, believe it or not, it is a tent that can make all of that happen. What else can a Losberger tent do? There are even more perks to check out:

  • It is important to know that Losberger tents require very little maintenance. Once they are erected, they are fully functional without any difficult maintenance or repairs – allowing you to solely focus on your event or project.
  • There are no poles. Who wants a wide-open space with poles in the way? Poles make it difficult to move machinery or erect large structures underneath without causing damage to the tent. Because these tents come sans poles, you will have less to worry about.
  • Tents can be customized to meet any size requirements – and they can be very large, to meet the needs of your project, crop or event.
  • Power is not a foreign concept when it comes to tents, either. With proper planning, temporary power can be delivered under the tent to make everything that you may need run smoothly.

When you face extreme weather, there are many things that you can do to protect your plans and keep moving forward. Be smart and prepared – don’t let the weather slow you down.

Follow These 5 Steps to Decorate a Tent Rental

Large Tent Rentals | American Pavilion

First and foremost, congratulations for choosing to hold your party or event in a tent rental. There is no better way to get a venue where you want, when you want it, and how you want it. Large tent rentals allow you to find a vacant location of your choice – no longer requiring you to wait or work your event around a banquet hall schedule – and erect a tent based on your exact customizations (type, size, shape, perks, etc.). A tent rental is like a blank canvas when it comes to decorating, too. Such as smart choice!!

So, now that you’ve got your tent, how do you decorate it?


It is wonderful that large tent rentals allow you to have an open space to decorate and organize how you wish. However, that means you must figure out the layout, too, since there is no set area for a dance floor, or dining area, or restrooms, etc.

Depending on the type of event or party you are having, you will need to determine what areas you will need for your guests – and don’t forget the necessities. You will need to do this before you start decorating so you know how to plan the lighting, the décor, etc.

  • Are you having a dance floor?
  • Do you need a stage?
  • Are you having a sit-down dinner or a mingling cocktail party?
  • How much seating will you need and where will you put it?
  • Will you require a food prep and/or serving area?

These are the things you will want to consider as you begin decorating your tent.

What’s your style?

When it comes to decorating, you want to keep it uniform throughout the tent. Mixing themes and styles could make your party space look a bit confused or discombobulated. Pick your theme or style and stick with it.

There are many to choose from:

  • A skyline party. Use tons of white balloons to create the effect of clouds. Use blue backgrounds and fabrics to look like the sky.
  • Tropical paradise. Use heaters throughout your tent during cold months and transform your tent to a tropical paradise – carry your guests away to the islands.
  • Asian flair. Use paper lanterns and bright colored paper pom-poms to decorate your space.
  • A forest fairytale. Use string lights and branches to decorate your tent. Add greenery throughout the venue, including green garland.
  • Art space. Why not drape white fabric and use paint splashes to add color?
  • Turn a book into life.
  • Pick a decade – A fifties diner, the sixties peace and love era, the 70’s disco era, the 80’s neon colors, etc.
  • Create a magical candy land. Think Willy Wonka.
  • A diamond party with glitter and all things that shimmer.

A style and theme are as unique as you are. So, do a little soul-searching and use your imagination to determine what will give you the effect you are looking for. Make sure you get through this step first to help guide you with the fluidity of the look.

Splashes of color

Tents are great for party places, but they sure don’t offer much in the way of color. That is where your creative side will come in. You can get your color in many forms – actual decorations, lighting, or fabric.

Make it colorful, make it stand out, and make it inviting.

Fabric, fabric, and more fabricLarge Tent Rentals | American Pavilion

Fabric seems to be a popular thing when it comes to tent rentals. It can create an elegant look for your partying needs. In fact, when fabric is draped throughout the tent, it can almost make you forget that you are even in a tent!

There are several methods to draping fabric:

  • Fabric walls. Whether you choose to have sidewalls on your tent or not, you can use fabric to drape down the walls and add a beautiful texture. This method can also be used a backdrop for a main centerpiece of the party, such as a wedding cake or stage area.
  • Ceiling drapes with centerpiece. Fabric can be draped from all edges along the circumference of the tent to meet in the middle at a centerpiece. For example, fabric to meet in the middle with a mirror ball, candelabra, chandelier, or floral centerpiece. It creates an eye catching, and even breathtaking, decoration.
  • Decorate the poles with fabric. Use fabric to drape around poles that surround the tent. You may simply cover the poles, or drape it from the poles to the center of the tent.
  • Create a covered ceiling. Another method for decorating with fabric is to drape it from one side of the tent directly to the other.

Make sure that you incorporate color into your fabric, as well. Layering it with your party colors can transform your tent rental.

Finding the Perfect Lighting for Large Tent Rentals

Lights can be eye-catching or romantic. There can set a mood or increase energy. Here are a few of the most popular lighting methods for tent rentals:

  • Candles. Talk about romance! It will depend on the mood you are trying to achieve on whether you should use candles. You can use them as table centerpieces in clusters or in areas surrounding the party area.
  • String lights. You can decorate the party area with string lights in a bistro method. This can give your party a soft, backyard garden party
  • Tiki torches. Having a luau or tropical party? Tiki torches can give a warm, island feel to any outdoor event.
  • Color lighting. Use various lighting techniques to add color or spot lights on white surfaces, the ceiling, or on any focal point within the venue.

Decorations don’t make or break an event, but they sure do add some ooh and ahh factors for guests. It is fun to add a little flair to your tent – especially because it is a wide-open space that you can make your own! So, open that imagination and go for it!


Transition to Off-Grid Living Using a Large Tent Rental

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Home as we know it keeps us safe, it keeps us warm, it keeps us dry, and it keeps us comfortable. It also keeps us connected. Our world today has us absorbed by electronics. We lose out on so many precious moments of life because our attention is drawn away by a ring, a ding, a chirp, or a you’ve got mail. It is more common to see a group of individuals standing together looking down at cell phones than it is to see a group of kids playing a game of baseball in the park. When you feel overwhelmed by all the technology, it is time to unplug. From using a large tent rental for shelter to raising livestock, you could turn a piece of vacant, secluded land into an adventure and an opportunity to disconnect yourself from all the daily stimuli and reconnect with yourself.

Keep reading for the basic steps to help you transition to world of off-grid living.

Using a Large Tent Rental

Shelter is necessary. You may think that you want to go off the grid in an extreme way, but, after exposed to the wildlife, the insects, the weather and its elements, you will likely change your mind – quickly.

One of the most cost efficient forms of shelter is a large tent rental. Large tent rentals are especially handy since they can be assembled at any location. Since you are going off-grid, that could mean you will need shelter in a remote area with the possibility of tricky terrain. Tents are customizable, allowing you to design them to meet your needs in size, shape, etc. and include flooring, sidewalls, windows, etc. Large tent rentals are also made of durable fabric and can withstand any potential damage that can come your way.

Other potential shelters are campers, professionally built residences, or anything that is large enough to live in and turn into a comfortable living space.

Water is a Necessity

It’s a fact of life – if you want to survive, you will need access to clean water. Unless you plan on walking down to the creek to fill your bucket, walk back home, treat your water, and hope you have enough for all that your family will need – you are going to want to make sure you are hooked up to a well or some other water irrigation system that can deliver you clean water.

Say no to gathering water bottles and gallon jugs, unless you intend to reuse them. You are going off-grid to live off the land. Therefore, don’t pollute that very land with wasteful plastic!


Here is when you must show everyone what you are made of. Are you able to forego dining out, fast food, and Starbucks and, instead, learn to hunt for your food and have a farm with livestock and a garden? Livestock, such as cows, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and pigs, among others, can serve as a great food source. Tending a garden can produce healthy and tasty veggies and fruits that are full of the good stuff for you. The best news? You control what your livestock eats and what you spray on your garden. In other words, you will finally have total control over the food your family eats.

You will likely make sporadic trips to a grocery store or market, depending on how remote you live. However, when you do so, you can stock up on staples like rice, beans, powdered milk, or any other non- perishable food items you may desire.

Energy SourcesLarge Tent Rental | American Pavilion

The rage is all about solar panels! These panels use the sun’s rays and convert it to an energy source. The cost of solar panels may put a dent in your wallet initially, but the system will last you for many years. When you average out the monthly cost you currently pay in your fully-wired home, you will realize you are actually going to be saving money.

Wind is another possible source of energy. However, not all off-grid homes are located in areas in which wind would be a feasible source.


You will have to go to the bathroom. Your family members will, too. It is a fact of life. And, well, it must go somewhere. Because you will want to make sure your waste doesn’t negatively affect your food sources or water, you will want to ensure you have a properly functioning septic system. Whether it is built into the ground or a motor home-type septic tank that will require occasional emptying, you will be thankful for the septic tank.

Another method some hardcore off-grid folks choose is a composting toilet. This will collect your waste and turn it into compost.

Whatever method you choose, make sure to consult the zoning board in your area to confirm your septic method meets the requirements.

Willingness to Embrace Change

When choosing to move to a remote location and completely rearrange everything about the way you currently live your life, you are going to have to expect some difficulty in adjusting. Living off grid means getting rid of things such as TVs, cell phones, tablets, computers, washers and dryers, microwaves, air conditioning, etc. Sure, you can still have these items, but you will not likely have the means to use them how you are used to. Remember – you are making your own energy now.

Many people who have chosen this route either loved it or hated it. It surely isn’t for everyone. But, those who love their decision and have embraced the change to off-grid living, have found a sense of calm that somehow gets lost in the midst of all the electronics. In fact, families are brought together because, being cut off civilization, they don’t have anywhere else to turn. It can break down barriers. And for those with kids – this change can teach responsibility, the joy of the outdoors, learning to live off the land, and staying connected with family.

Are you ready? Unplug and go. Now – before you change your mind!

Clear Span Tents: Practical, Cost-Effective and Attractive

Clear Span Tents: Practical, Cost-Effective and Attractive | American PavilionTent rentals are an efficient solution in a variety of situations. Whether you are hosting a garden wedding or a trade show spanning several blocks, clear span tents are a cost effective to provide shelter and demarcate areas. Many rental services offer a wide array of tent styles so that you can choose the one most appropriate for your needs.

The Space You Need

Clear span tents are among the most popular types of tent rentals. This structure is called clear span because it is constructed to provide a clear, unobstructed interior space. The clear span tent’s unique design allows it to be fully supported without any need for interior supports such as columns or poles. As a result, you have greater freedom to configure the interior space of the tent as you wish.

Safety and Durability

When choosing a clear span tent, it is important to select one that is made with high-quality materials. Because the design does not include interior supports, it is essential that the design of the peripheral support structure be solid, especially in the case of particularly large tents. A quality clear span tent will be made with fire-retardant and flexible materials such as vinyl and aluminum. In addition to ensuring proper support, aluminum beams provide the strength and flexibility to endure high winds and rain. A top-quality clear span tent is a temporary structure that can stand in the same place for several years, if needed. Be sure to ask your tent rental vendor about its tents’ compliance with local building codes – reputable vendors will only offer code-compliant tents.

Visual Appeal

Appearance is another important factor when selecting a clear span tent. Although the traditional clear span gains support from cables or ropes that are secured to the ground from outside, some advanced designs today use steel stakes instead. This enhances visual appeal, presenting a neater and sleeker appearance than the usual ropes.

Highly Customizable 

Because clear span tents are modular, they can be configured for a huge variety of sizes, shapes and surfaces. A simple addition of extra beams and panels can expand your tent or change its shape with minimal investment of labor and materials. The flexible structure allows one to compensate for issues such as uneven ground by using adjustable leg heights, shims or scaffolding flooring. Today’s tents offer many choices such as sliding walls, safety glass entrances and glass side walls to let in the light and offer an outside view. Look for tents that use safety, energy-efficient glass to cut down on heating or cooling costs for your tent.

There are many uses for clear span tents. They are convenient and attractive for outdoor events and celebrations, trade shows, conventions, markets, temporary warehousing and more. Today’s manufacturers provide a variety of accessories that make it even easier to use a clear span for your event. Customers have a choice of flooring materials, including wood and carpet for elegant affairs. Lighting options have grown increasingly sophisticated and may include spotlights or theater lighting. Ceiling panels may be available if you want to cover the roof rafters from view. Heating, cooling and power options are also available to suit a range of purposes.

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Events That Call for a Large Tent Rental

Events That Call for a Large Tent Rental | American PavilionThere are times when the expense associated with building a permanent structure is not worth it. This is especially true when the structure will only be used for a short time. One way to ensure there is always a place to get out of the sun or seek shelter from a bit of rain that passes through is to include a large tent rental in the event planning. Here are a few scenarios that call for renting this type of tent.

Temporary Storage

The warehouse you own is in need of repair. The thing is that the inventory that is normally kept in the structure has to be moved before the repairs can get underway. Since you have a sizable amount of land adjacent to the warehouse, why not invest in a large tent rental that is supported with a lightweight aluminum frame? You can rent a tent that is large enough to house your inventory while the repairs are made. Once the job is done and you move everything back into the permanent structure, it will be easy enough to take down the tent and have it returned to the owner.

An Ideal Place for a Wedding Reception

You and your intended have planned an outdoor wedding. While holding the ceremony under the trees sounds great, setting up the reception in an open area could pose some problems. One approach is a large tent rental that can serve as the site for your reception. Keep in mind that tent rental services normally offer many different sizes. You won’t have trouble finding one that will accommodate a couple hundred guests, plus the chairs, tables, and space to set up the cake tables and the food. If it starts to rain during the ceremony, everyone can gather in the tent and stay high and dry while you exchange your vows. Thanks to a large tent rental, you are ready to deal with just about anything that could happen.

A Job Fair at the Local Park

You are charged with organizing a job fair for the local chamber of commerce. Given the season, the idea of holding the fair at a local park makes sense. There’s plenty of parking, and an open space that will be just right for a large tent. In fact, you will be able to offer space for a hundred exhibitors to set up. There will even be enough room to create large aisles for attendees to walk around and check out what each exhibitor has to offer. Best of all, the expense of securing the park along with the cost of the tent rental will be much less than using a different venue. You save the chamber money and still make it easy for people to exhibit and attend the job fair.

Community Yard Sales

Your neighborhood association wants to hold a yard sale as a fundraising event. The local park is a nice setting, but what about rain on the day of the sale? Consider a large tent rental and covering the cost by allowing participants to a small amount for room to display the things they want to sell. The tent provides protection from the elements, something that could entice shoppers to hang around longer and by more treasures.

Large tent rentals can come in handy for many different residential and commercial activities. Talk with a rental agency and get an idea of how others have used the tents in the past. That will help you decide if a rental would make your next event more successful.

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What to Keep in Mind When Planning an Outdoor Event

What to Keep in Mind When Planning an Outdoor Event | American PavilionThe warmer months of the year tend to be the most popular time for outdoor events. Although outdoor events are beautiful, it’s essential to understand all that goes into organizing one. From permits to preparations for unexpected weather, here are a few tips for planning an outdoor event:

  1. Once you’ve decided the location and date of the event, get any permits required.
  2. Research the restrictions and laws of the town or city your event will be in.
  3. If your event is not being held at a pre-existing facility, keep in mind everything you’ll need to provide such as power, toilets, equipment and food.
  4. Have a meeting with all of your suppliers at the venue before the event to organize the set up of equipment and layout of the event.
  5. Consider how you can make attendees comfortable such as extra water stations and air conditioning .
  6. Any event that goes into the evening will need lighting for any pathways, exits and parking areas to keep guests safe and comfortable finding their way.
  7. A major threat to outdoor events is unexpected weather. You can prepare for both extreme heat and unexpected rain by using tent rentals to shelter guests. Some tent rentals have side walls that can protect attendees from rain or you can rent a temperature controlled tent to keep guests cool.

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3 Tips to Improve the Security of an Outdoor Event

3 Tips to Improve the Security of an Outdoor Event | American PavilionA top priority when planning a large event, especially one that is mainly outdoors, is the event’s safety precautions. Depending on the size of the audience and event space, you may need to plan for varying levels of security. Establishing a perimeter and briefing staff on the layout are just a few of the steps you should take when making an event safe for attendees. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you plan the security for your event:

  • Form multiple back plans. There are so many areas of any event that could go wrong, it’s essential to prepare for the worst. In this way, you can keep an event running as smoothly as possible.
  • There should be someone that is medically trained on the event staff. Whether you hire a medical team for larger events or a single member of staff that has medical training, you should always be prepared for medical emergencies.
  • Keep staff updated on the complete layout of the event. In case of emergency, attendees will immediately look to staff for guidance.

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Steps to Maximize Security at Your Event

Steps to Maximize Security at Your Event | American PavilionWith the rise of violent incidents in public venues, it’s important for event planners to raise awareness towards event security and emergency planning. Events such as conferences and trade shows can be relatively unprotected and vulnerable in the case of an attack. Here are a few steps from United Security Services vice president Bill Cunningham and security specialist Ken Grandy on how to step up security at your next event:

  • Form a crisis communications plan with the event staff. You can also consider collecting secondary contact information for each attendee in case of emergency.
  • Think about discussing security issues with any exhibitors or vendors that may know of any potential risks that would warrant a higher level of security.
  • Place security personnel in highly visible areas of the event and at all entry points.
  • Maintain observation for any suspicious activity such as a vehicle parked in an odd location or packages that are left alone.
  • Notice if someone is asking normally unnecessary questions regarding the security of the event or even staff members shift changes.

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Preparing a Safe Summer Event for Attendees

Preparing a Safe Summer Event for Attendees | American PavilionThe season is here for outdoor events! Large crowds most often attend outdoor events in the summer so it’s important for venues to prepare a safe environment for attendees. When preparing your summer event for large crowds it’s essential to point out potential problems and how to fix them. Here are a few common problems found at crowded summer events:

  • The lines to enter the event are getting long and frustrating attendees. To solve this problem you can implement queue management through options such as barriers, an electronic queuing system or increasing the amount of staff on hand.
  • The weather is hot outside and attendees are losing energy. Try placing a comfort station at a central area in the venue. Include fresh water, food and first-aid to keep attendees upbeat and comfortable.
  • The size of the venue is confusing attendees. Help attendees easily navigate your event by implementing signage throughout the venue such as traditional signs or even a digital guide.

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What a Festival Needs to Stand Out

What a Festival Needs to Stand Out | American PavilionAs the amount of festivals increase, so does the need to stand out. How can you make your festival stand out from the crowd? Looking at California’s most popular festivals, a key ingredient seems to be focusing on offering more than just music. The festivals offer opportunities to explore food, art, shopping and even yoga., all of which contribute to the attendee’s overall experience. Another way for festivals to stand out is by staying a step ahead with event technology. One festival sent free virtual reality headsets to it’s attendees to use before, during and after the event. Some festivals even include the whole town in the event by using several venues throughout a cite. The main objective for all of these festivals is to create an unforgettable experience for attendees surrounding the music.

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