5 Industries Which Utilize Industrial Tents

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When you think of industrial tents, you likely think – BIG. Industrial tents are huge and can handle many things that you would think would require a real building. In fact, these tents can act like a real building! They can be designed to fit any need across a wide array of industries.

Here are a few of the most common uses for industrial tents:

Disaster Relief

As much as we would like to pretend that natural disasters – or any disasters for that matter – don’t occur, they do. And, industrial sized tents can come in handy when they do. Whether it’s a flood, earthquake, hurricane, or tornado, the many people who come together to provide disaster relief are not going to stop, design, and build a permanent structure before they can tend to those in need. No, sir. That is not even a possibility.

When disaster strikes, the relief crew needs to be ready to set up and go – allowing them to tend to the needs of the people and community, rather than worry about setting up. Disaster crews use temporary, industrial sized tents to store food, water, and other donated supplies. They can also be used as temporary hospitals or housing. These tents can even be used as a temporary office or headquarters for the crew.

Construction SitesIndustrial Tents | American Pavilion

Construction companies also use industrial sized tents. In fact, they are very common in this industry. Think about it – construction crews are outside all day. Not only are the individuals subjected to the outdoor elements, so is the equipment, tools, machinery, and project. Industrial sized tents can make sure to keep everyone and everything dry, warm, and shielded from strong winds.

Some projects require stellar outdoor conditions to complete, but mother nature has a mind of her own. Did you know that weather is the biggest reason for delays in construction projects? Industrial sized tents can be customized to meet your needs and cover your project. This means that no matter what the weather decides to do, you will maintain a happy client because your work will be done on time.

Security is another reason that construction companies utilize these tents. Each piece of machinery that you see on site costs a nice penny. Thieves know this and, when the sites are abandoned at night, they make their move. However, companies that use tents can lock and secure their machinery, tools, and other equipment, saving a potential overwhelming loss.

Sports and Athletic Facilities

Industrial sized tents are also commonly found when it comes to sports and athletic facilities. In fact, many colleges utilize them for indoor tennis, basketball, golf, skating/hockey rinks, etc. They serve the purpose needed by the college, but they don’t necessarily have to take up a permanent space – allowing for future college expansion. Not to mention, they are cheaper than building an actual sports complex.

Perhaps one of the most popular sports to use these tents are those within the equestrian community. They can be used as riding arenas, as housing, or even as a spectator area.

Farming and Gardening

Industrial tents are commonly used in the farming and gardening industry. They are versatile and allow for the farmers and gardeners to use them in a variety of settings. For instance:

  • As a greenhouse. Gardeners can use industrial sized tents as greenhouses to maintain flowers, plants, veggies, etc. year around. You won’t need to worry about the outside weather conditions affecting their growth. It’s climate control system allows for the most ideal growing environment for whatever your specialty is.
  • To house chickens, turkeys, small animals, or other farm animals. Whether a humane farm or a farm that raises animals for the meat industry, industrial sized buildings are used to protect the animals and to store feed, as well as any other necessary equipment.
  • A grow house. Farmers earn a living based on being able to provide a quality product. If it takes only one freeze or flood to wipe out an entire season of earnings, how wise is it to invest in an industrial sized tent that can prevent such loss? The climate controlled tent can maintain the perfect growing conditions for any type of crop. It will make each year one of perfect earnings for the farmer.

For farmers and gardeners, these industrial sized tents can prove to be beneficial time and time again.

Trade Shows

There are many, many types of trade shows –from art shows and Comic Con, to the release of new technology and the latest automobiles.You will likely attend at least one of these trade shows during your lifetime. What is the one thing you will notice? Each trade show is set up differently, depending on the product and the overall goal of the show.

Most trade shows are backed by a team of marketing professionals. Part of their goal is to unveil a product in a specific manner, with effect and design. With a tent, these companies are provided a blank slate to determine the structure and layout of the entire show. This means that the consumer or average trade show-goer will be able to view the product just as the designer intended.

These are all reasons why using industrial sized tents work so perfectly for trade shows – the tents can be designed, customized, and erected in the exact manner that will work for each particular show. In fact, the tents remove the need to work around walls, hallways, or badly constructed buildings.

Look around you and see how many times you encounter industrial tents – probably more than you have ever noticed. Sometimes you may even think you were in an actual building, rather than a tent. Disaster relief, trade shows, construction crews, sports complexes, and farmers all have an insight as to just how much more manageable life is with a temporary structure. The benefits are many, especially the ability to customize the tent to meet your exact needs.

How can you use an industrial sized tent to benefit your business?

How You Can Make the Best Use of Industrial Tents

How You Can Make the Best Use of Industrial Tents | American PavilionTent rentals are a great choice when you have any type of high-profile event that requires more room than you can have available. Industrial tents come in many difference sizes and shapes. That makes them versatile enough to provide the coverage you need and have plenty of space for every aspect of your event. Here are a few examples of how people have put these tents to good use for projects lasting anywhere from a single day to several weeks.

Industrial Tents for Outdoor Trade Shows

It’s hard to think of any industry that is not the subject of at least one annual trade show or convention. Many of these shows do take place in stadiums, hotels, and conference centers. When these venues don’t offer what the show organizers need, there is another way to go. The solution is to rent a tract of land and arrange for the rental and setup of an industrial tent.

The nice thing about the tents is that it will be easy to organize the layout for the trade show. You can set aside space specifically for each display under the tent. Another area can be set aside for food vendors, along with tables and chairs where attendees can sit down and enjoy their meals. If the show happens to include workshops or speeches, it’s easy enough to have space set aside for everyone to gather and participate.

Thanks to the fact that the right tent has a sturdy aluminum frame and the vinyl materials can be used to create walls as well as serve as roofing, you can arrange the space in any way you please. Best of all, the team that sets up the tent will be back the day after the trade show to take it all down.

Outdoor Concerts

Holding an outdoor concert in the local park or on a vacant lot is great, but what can be done about protecting the attendees from the heat or cold? One approach is to rent a tent large enough to accommodate everyone who has purchased tickets for the event. Inside the tent, it’s possible to set up a stage area, make sure there are an adequate number of outlets for the instruments and sound system, and still have room to arrange the seating.

Choosing this approach also ensures that the concert can go on even if the weather is less than cooperative. If things are sunny and there’s a gentle breeze, it’s easy enough to open the side panels and let the air circulate through the space. Should things get cloudy and the rain is falling fast and furious, close the panels and let the show continue. Everyone will be dry, comfortable, and have the time of their lives.

Major Political Events

Not all political speeches and rallies take place indoors. Often, candidates want to provide room for as many people to attend as possible. Even so, there’s the need to make sure all those attendees have a place to get out of the sun or avoid being caught in the rain.

An industrial tent can be set up in a parking lot, along a river walk, a football field, or any number of other open spaces. The speaker stand can be set up at one end and the rest of the tent can be reserved for people to stand or sit while the speech is in progress. Once the speech is concluded and the political candidate is ready to move to the next stop on the trail, the tent can be removed by a team of professionals.

Disaster Recovery

Any type of major disaster is likely to leave many people with nowhere to go. With their homes demolished, they need a place where they can enjoy a hot meal, get some sleep, and in general make plans to overcome the recent event. That’s where industrial tents come into the picture.

It’s possible to set up one or more tents in just about any open space. A team can clear room for a tent that serves as a communal dining hall. Another tent can serve as the place to set up cots for those who no longer have homes. There can even be space set aside for relief workers to provide people with access to first aid, signing up for temporary assistance, and even places to take showers and wash clothing.

If it looks as if the time needed to get people back on their feet will stretch into weeks or months, industrial tents can be used as temporary housing. Each local citizen can be assigned a private space that can be occupied until something more permanent can be arranged.

The tents for a disaster recovery mission can be set up in a matter of hours. Once they are no longer needed it will not take long to dismantle the tents and prepare them for the next project.

Temporary Storage Space

When there’s the need to make some enhancements to your manufacturing plant, there’s the matter of where to store machinery and other equipment while the work is in progress. One approach is to rent a container and have everything moved into it for a short period of time.

Another strategy is to invest in a tent rental and move everything into the temporary storage space that you set up on the property. Once the work inside the plant is completed, there is no need to arrange for the container to be returned. Your team can start moving the machinery back into the main building immediately.

There are many other ways to put an industrial tent rental to good use. From situations that require some type of coverage for a single day to applications that will be needed for weeks, there is a tent that’s right for the job. Learn more about industrial tents, the materials used, and how they can be set up and configured in various ways. That information will come in handy when an event takes place and there is the need to prepare a venue immediately.


The Advantages of Industrial Tents

The Advantages of Industrial Tents | American PavilionTent rentals can be a helpful and cost-effective asset for many types of industries. Tents can be used for temporary storage and warehousing, to protect construction or equipment repair projects and for industrial projects such as environmental remediation. The specific type of tent you will need may depend on several factors such as the nature of the project, the environment and surface, and your budget. An experienced tent rental service with knowledge of industry needs can help you choose the industrial tent that is best for your purposes.

Spacious and Adaptable

Clear span tents provide the most space and flexibility for many types of industrial projects. Whether the tent is needed to protect construction or to provide temporary warehousing, the unobstructed space and customizable configuration allow for optimal freedom and efficiency. The lack of interior supports or outside ropes and lines offers an additional safety advantage, eliminating unnecessary obstacles and hazards for workers and equipment. The modular nature of clear span tents makes them a great choice for oddly shaped locations or uneven terrain. Size is not a problem either – clear span tents can be constructed to be as small or as large as you need them. These tent rentals can also be set up on a variety of surfaces, from porous soil to concrete. Your tent professionals can advise you as to the flexible options that will optimize safety and stability for your structure.


Today’s industrial tents also offer a wide choice of optional accessories for the industrial sector. Customers can choose from many types of flooring and lighting. Additional add-ons include extras such as walkways, security doors, overhead panels and more. Look for a tent rental service that is knowledgeable about your industry’s needs and can help you customize the best tent for your project.

Durable and Weather-Resistant

Whatever your project, you want your tent to be durable enough to protect your equipment, supplies and merchandise against damage from weather, vandalism or theft. This means selecting your tent or fabric structure based on the particulars of your project environment. An important consideration when choosing industrial tents are their ability to stand up to the outside environment. Whether you will be working in high temperatures, excess humidity, heavy rain, high winds or freezing cold, you need to know that your tent will endure. Top-quality industrial tents typically come with flame-retardant fabric panels and sturdy enforced aluminum frames, and are geared to withstand most types of weather. Ask your rental service about additional waterproofing options, security features and extra insulation.

Adaptable for Each Project

Industrial tents can be used for a variety of purposes across many industrial sectors. Some such uses include:

  • Field office
  • Commercial space
  • Merchandise warehousing
  • Equipment and materials storage
  • Large equipment refurbishment and repair
  • Construction projects
  • Oil and gas projects
  • Environmental remediation

Depending on how you intend to use your tent, you will want to customize your flooring, lighting, climate control and security options. Choose a service that offers durable, high-quality clear span tents for optimum levels of customization and flexibility. When you work with experienced industrial tent professionals, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that they understand your needs and will go the extra mile to meet them.

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Planning a Live Event? Consider These Helpful Tips

Planning a Live Event? Consider These Helpful Tips | American PavilionMaking the decision to live stream an event can be an overwhelming prospect. However, the takeaway from a successful live event can far outweigh the risks and stress that comes with live streaming. When you add live video to your event, you are able to spread awareness of the event and brand much farther than just the venue.

When organizing the event, it’s essential that you put in just as much effort planning the steps that will be taken post event. Following up with attendees after the event can strengthen and fortify the connections made during the live event. In order to create a memorable event experience, plan the event from an attendees perspective. Keep in mind how large the event is going to be and adjust the planning time frame accordingly. For example, if you’re expecting 200-400 attendees, you can properly plan the event in roughly 6-8 weeks. Yet,  if there could be as many as 800 attendees or more, take at lease 6 months to a year for planning.

If you’ve decided to use video throughout the event, consider live streaming for attendees that could not make it. This video could also be utilized for promotional, educational and post-event reasons.

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New Learning Labs on Audiovisual Services at Events

New Learning Labs on Audiovisual Services at Events | American PavilionThe Event Leadership Institute (E.L.I) will soon be starting a series of learning labs in a variety of cities throughout the summer. These hands-on learning labs will be directed towards technical meetings and event production designed to help event professionals learn more about audiovisual services. The labs will take place in New York City, Chicago, Washington and Alberta and will vary between full-day sessions or sessions that span two half-days.

Each session will be led by industry leaders and will include exercises teaching participants the pros and cons of lighting techniques, slide presentation, different types of microphones and projection technology. Howard Givner, E.L.I founder and executive director, explains “most events and practically all meetings, utilize some form of audiovisual and lighting technology, yet this is still one area where the average planner really doesn’t know what they’re buying.” The Event Leadership Institute is hoping to change that through these hands-on, experiential learning labs.

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Understanding the Idea of a Construction Tent

Understanding the Idea of a Construction Tent | American PavilionYou’ve seen tents used in quite a few settings. Along with tents used for camping, there are the kind designed for use at craft fairs, herb festivals and other outdoor events. One application that you may not be familiar with is the construction tent. Here are some things you should know about this strategy and how a construction tent can come in handy for a residential or commercial project.

The Basic Function of the Tent

Like all tents, the construction tent is constructed to provide protection from the elements. Once it’s in place, the ability to continue working no matter what the weather is like certainly helps to keep projects on track.

For example, perhaps you are renovating an older building with a plan of opening a store in the spring. The only problem is that the weather will be less than cooperative during the winter months. If you have a temporary construction tent erected over the building, the contractor can keep the crew working no matter how hard the rain happens to be or how much it’s snowing. Think of the time and money you’ll save by keeping the project on schedule.

This same idea can be used for any type of construction around the house. Think of what could happen if you are having a team install an in-ground pool in the back yard. What would happen if the rain came before the concrete cured and the tile was set? By having a construction tent over the area, the team can keep working while it rains. Once they leave for the day, the tent will also prevent the rain from getting into the pool area and creating a mess that has to be dealt with the next day.

Plenty of Style Options

Just as there are all sorts of construction projects, there are different kinds of tents that will provide the coverage needed. Some of them are designed with frames that can be put in place in no time. There are models that are enclosed on three sides, and have flaps to secure the fourth side when the day’s work is completed. The tents can be small enough to cover an area for the construction of a residential garage all the way up to a size that will adequately protect a the construction site for a big box store.

More Security

You may not think of a construction tent as providing security, but it can be a real asset in this area. Consider the ability to use a tent large enough to cover the construction site. At the end of the day, any materials or tools needed tomorrow can be stored inside the tent. It’s even possible to mount temporary security systems around the main points of entry. The result is that anyone who thinks they can walk onto the site and make off with whatever they want will be sadly disappointed.

If you have any type of construction project coming up that will last longer than a day or two, it makes sense to look into the possibility of using a construction tent. Your contractor will know who has the right tents in the area and can help you arrange for the rental and the installation. In the long run, that tent will save you time and money, something that you’ll appreciate once the construction is finished and you can start using the space.

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The Most Popular Uses for Clear Span Tents

The Most Popular Uses for Clear Span Tents | American PavilionAny time you need to host a large event with a lot of people, one of the first things you need to do is find a venue. Since it can be difficult to rent a venue big enough for a huge crowd, erecting a temporary structure, such as a large clear span tent, pavilions, or canopy, is often an excellent choice. This allows you to customize your space needs, and your guests can enjoy being outdoors yet still having weather protection. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few of the most common uses for clear span tents.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are events where everyone from an industry can meet for exhibits and demonstrations of their latest innovations and products. This type of event typically involves many different businesses and vendors setting up their own individual table or display while interested customers and business rivals wander around the area checking everything out. A clear span tent is the ideal way to get the perfect amount of space needed at a trade show. Planners can take into account how many people are involved to craft the perfect layout with the ideal amount of space.


The huge popularity of outdoor weddings in the past few years has lead to a burgeoning interest in temporary structures. Many bride and grooms want to have a picturesque ceremony in an isolated natural area, but wedding are planned so far in advance that it is impossible to know what the weather will be like. Choosing a clear span tent with removable sides is the ideal solution to this problem. If the weather is perfect, guests can enjoy the view from all sides of the tent during the reception, and if the weather is bad, the entire wedding ceremony and reception can be held within the tent without causing guests to get wet or chilled. Since some temporary structures even come with air conditioning and lighting, any bad weather can be avoided in the tent.

Sports Events

Most sports take place outdoors, but not every team has enough popularity to build a massive stadium for their watcher’s needs. Smaller events like swimming competitions or tennis matches may host the entire event within one clear span tent, but even massive sporting events always use a few temporary structures. Tents at sporting events can be used for vendors selling food and keepsakes, or they can be used to create a VIP area for special guests. Even after the game is over, a temporary structure can be used to host a party for the participants later in the evening.


Temporary structures can benefit a variety of different types of musical shows. Smaller concerts often need a structure that can hold a lot of people while still being far enough away from general homes and businesses to avoid sound limitation laws. A clear span tent allows these venues to ensure that only those with tickets can access the concert, and it also provides some weather protection. At the huge, lengthy music festivals that are so popular right now, temporary structures have many purposes. They can be used to provide shelter, create a cafeteria area, or set up a staging area for a band to get ready. Many of these big festivals also use temporary structures to host alternative acts while the headliners are playing on the main stage.

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How Technology Is Impacting the Events Industry Today

As innovations in event technology steadily increase, event professionals are finding new ways to increase attendee engagement at their events. Pairing event technology and the event’s objectives is a great way to increase an event’s growth. Integrating familiar technologies into your event also ensures an improved experience for attendees. Take a look at this infographic created by Losberger for more information on event technology in the industry today:

How Technology Is Impacting the Events Industry Today | American Pavilion

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5 Factors to Consider When Planning an Event Tent Rental

5 Factors to Consider When Planning an Event Tent Rental | American PavilionEvent tents provide a comfortable space for special occasions that can be adapted to suit a variety of different themes. Yet, it is important to understand that not all event tent rentals are the same. The company you choose, the type of event and the location all play a role in how your rental should be planned. As you prepare for your event, consider these five factors to ensure that your tent rental will fit your needs.

Ask About Local Permits and Ordinances

If you are new to planning events, then it may come as a surprise that some areas require special permits regarding setting up a tent. This is especially common if you will be hosting your event on public property such as in a community or national park. Professional event tent rental companies should be prepared for this and will help you streamline the process of making sure your event is in compliance with all local ordinances.

Choose the Right Size Tent

Event tents can range from 10-feet to over 160-feet, which means that you have a wide range of options from which to choose. Typically, the size of your tent and the amount of guests will determine how large of a tent you need so be prepared to tell the rental company a few details about what you are planning. This way, they can help you create a cozy, intimate atmosphere for a wedding or provide enough space for booths at a trade show.

Consider Climate Control

One of the best things about event tents is that they are waterproof and can withstand foul weather such as high winds and hail. However, you may need to include climate control in your plans if your event will be hosted in a location with extreme temperatures. As you plan, keep in mind that large numbers of people in a tent tend to warm up the space. If you are unsure of your needs, then a professional event tent manager will be able to help you decide upon the right type of climate control.

Assess Decorating Needs

Every event requires some type of decoration. Whether you need carpeting to create a professional appearance or special lighting to create a romantic ambiance, you will want to make sure that your event tent can accommodate your needs. Spend a few minutes thinking about the details that will make your event spectacular, then check to ensure that the tent you rent has the capability of handling things such as a projector screen or stage.

Inquire About Additional Services

Depending upon the event you are hosting, it may be helpful to have a company that employs staff who can go the extra mile. For example, event management services can help you procure emergency personnel or an evacuation plan if it is required by the community, or they can provide in-house product demonstrations for your corporate training event. As an event planner, every bit of support you get will just make your special event that much better.

Renting an event tent is an excellent solution to the classic problem of finding a venue. Yet, it is important to rent a tent that will fit every aspect of your event. By taking into consideration all of the factors surrounding a tent rental, you will be able to welcome your guests with the support you need to make your event a success.

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Temporary Warehouses Maximize Work Capacity

Maximize Work Capacity With Temporary Warehouses  | American PavilionPeople who often relocate to new job sites know the importance of keeping organized. When you frequently move your crew and equipment, Any number of things can go wrong when you must frequently relocate your crew and equipment. You do not want your job’s delays to have been preventable by your storage situation. When you have the right kind of temporary warehouses, you can keep your equipment safe and keep your operations running.


Not all temporary warehouses are created equal. When selecting storage tents for your job site, you should look for structures that can withstand the elements. There is no point in investing in a shelter for your equipment if it cannot stand up to a storm. Look for tents with strong aluminum frames hung with vinyl-coated fabric. These will not blow away in strong winds, so they will do their job of protecting your equipment from damage.

Customize to Your Needs

Depending on the specifics of your project, there are a number of additional functions you might desire from your temporary warehouses. Fortunately, there are many available add-ons for storage tents. Portable HVAC systems can give you and your crew relief from outdoor temperatures. They can also safely store any temperature-sensitive materials you are using. If necessary, you can partition an area of the tent as an office area for any administrative tasks you must do, even adding electrical hookups so you can charge your mobile devices. Tents can also be outfitted with specialized lighting for the times when your workday spills into the evening hours.

Get the Job Done

In order to get the most out of your project, you need your materials to be in working order, your crew to be happy and your tasks to run smoothly. A temporary storage structure can help make all of these things possible. By renting a temporary building for the duration of your project, you can maximize your work capacity and get the job done right.

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