Using Fabric Structures for an Outdoor Gathering

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When the weather is perfect outside, that last thing you want to do is stay indoors. So, when you decide to have a gathering with friends and family, are you going to pile everyone in your house, staying cooped up? No – you will want to bask in the outdoor freshness.

Think about it — outdoor gatherings have a ton of perks: natural scenery, lots of space to mingle, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your house before or after the party. However, there are downfalls, as well: the weather is completely unpredictable, there may be pesky pests around and a lack of indoor comforts.

Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy the pros and avoid the cons and have a blast at your next outdoor gathering.

Fabric Structures

Just because you are outside, doesn’t mean you have to give up your indoor comforts. In fact, there is a way to have the indoors brought outdoors for you! Renting fabric structures can be the way to go. Why?

  • You have a place for your guests to take cover from the sun and its hot rays.
  • If mother nature wants to rain on your parade, tell her to go ahead. If you rented a canopy, then you have cover and protection.
  • Wind won’t be a problem, either. If its windy – or windy and rainy – you can simply drop down the sidewalls to your canopy. Voila! You are dry and so is the rest of your party.
  • You will not need to worry about claustrophobic guests, either, as the sidewalls of these canopies have windows!
  • Believe it or not, fabric structures can be customized – you can make them as big or small as you need, you may be able to have flooring (allowing you to avoid having your guests walk on grass or dirt), and you can even splurge for climate control.

Protect attendees from pests

When you take your party outdoors, you are entering the natural habitat of so many insects and creatures. That doesn’t mean you must invite them to the party. Here are a few ways to control the pest population so you and your guests can continue to get your groove on:

  • Use citronella. These come in the form of candles and lighter fluid. Place candles in all areas where your guests will be mingling. You may also use Tiki Torches filled with citronella to give a great outdoor look while also serving a purpose.
  • Make use of your canopy sidewalls. Putting them down will allow a barrier between your guests and the pests.
  • Ahead of time, spray the canopy and its walls with repellent to try to keep the insects at bay.
  • Offer insect repellant spray and wipes for your guests. Many will be very appreciative for this little convenience.
  • Dry up any standing water that may draw mosquitoes.
  • Add fans throughout the gathering area to deter smaller insects from invading your space.

Safety first!

To have an outdoor gathering, you are likely going to need to get some sort of electricity for lighting or music and entertainment purposes. You will, however, want to make sure that you take precaution and watch out for extension cords.

Putting a note or taping them down may not be enough to avoid someone tripping or causing injury. It is best to be overcautious: Put up a sign, tape the cords down, and cover them with a rug.

Also — you will likely be using a fire pit and/or grill. Fire can be deadly – especially when you have a large group of people partying and having a good time. Make sure you have a nearby water source and a fire extinguisher. Also, make sure the person manning each of these items is experienced and able to handle the task.

Prepare the spaceFabric Structures | American Pavilion

Just because you are taking your gathering outdoors does not mean you can avoid your home’s cleanliness altogether. Your guests may not be hanging out in there, but it doesn’t mean they will not be, at the very least, walking through. When your guests arrive, they may come through your front door. Many may come into your kitchen to help with food preparation or to grab something from your refrigerator. Lastly, you can bank on each of your guests having to use your restroom – at least once. So, when preparing your outdoors for your party, you may want to tidy up these indoor areas, as well.

You may want to make your backyard presentable, too. It would be good for you to mow your lawn (as no one wants to put boots on to trek through your overgrown yard) and clean up any garbage or miscellaneous items.

Do what you need to do to make the space presentable and welcoming – your guests will thank you.

Provide comfort for your guests

Last, but certainly not least, go above and beyond to make your guests comfortable. You are moving the party outside, so do something a little extra to make sure you aren’t taking anything away from your guests by keeping them out of your house! Here are a few things you can do that will win you the title of “Host of the Year.”

  • Provide blankets. If your party is going to carry over into the evening and night hours, have blankets available for your guests to bundle up should it get cooler.
  • If it is hot outside, provide personal fans. Your sweating guests will be thankful that you did.
  • Buy flip flops for your guests. You can find cheap flip flops at discount stores. Many people dress up to go to parties but may not enjoy wearing dress shoes in the grass and dirt.
  • Sunglasses can be a welcome – and healthy – thing to provide for your guests. Buy them in bulk and pass them out.

Having an outdoor gathering can be a fun and relaxing time for your friends and family. Just be prepared and safety conscious and it will be the talk of the town!


Glamping in Your Own Backyard

Clear Span Fabric Structures

Life gets busy sometimes. Our phones are always making some sort of ding, ring, chirp, vibration alerting us to calls, emails, text messages, app notifications. Sometimes we need to step away. The idea of running out into the woods, popping up a tent and secluding yourself may sound delightful. The idea of actually doing it, not so much. The idea of giving up your four walls of safety for a tent is a bit scary. Not to mention that you may have a hard time falling asleep knowing that you are resting right in the middle of the home of all nocturnal wildlife – and bugs! Fact is, camping is not for everyone and can create a challenge for those not willing to give up the comforts of home.

Good news — Camping outdoors doesn’t necessarily mean that you have you to give up the luxuries you are used to. Glamping is a term comprised of the words glamorous and camping. It takes the idea of camping and adds the comforts of home. Sometimes, even more! This allows everyone a time to enjoy nature and remove daily routines without having to learn what it means to rough it.

And what better way to go glamping than to have a glamping party in your own backyard! Below are some ideas from using a clear span fabric structure instead of a tent to what luxuries to bring, that will help you get started on creating the most memorable glamping experience ever.

Who to Invite?

Who do you invite to a glamping party? Well, you surely would want to steer clear from hardcore campers. This is glamping, after all – not camping! Pick a few of your favorite people who will openly enjoy the experience and add to yours.

Remember, you will be in an element a tad bit different than you are used to so make sure you select those guests you know will be willing to join you without hesitation!

What Luxuries should You Bring?

The options are endless. Because you want to make sure that you and your guests do not feel deprived, you will want to make sure that you have items that make you feel comfortable. First on the list is comfortable bedding. Long gone are the days of stuffing yourself into a zipped up sleeping bag on the cold, hard ground. For your glamping party, use blown up air mattresses (or even actual mattresses) complete with sheets, blankets and pillows.

Lighting is also important. When indoors we take for granted all the light sources at our fingertips. Outside, however, once the sun goes down you want to make sure you have a means to see. Rather than using old camping lanterns, get creative. Candles, string lights, tiki torches, etc. are all good examples.

While the point of moving outdoors is to unplug from phones, television, social media, computers, etc. The luck of being in your backyard, however, will allow you to run an extension cord, providing a source for electricity. And, likely, a wi-fi signal. If you still decide you want try not to use electronics, the idea that you can still charge your phone and camera, for example, will be comforting.

What Will You Eat?

Pork and beans in a can heated over a fire? No way. Glamping allows you to eat good while you are camping! Make sure you have a cooler (or electric ice chest) handy. You can then keep perishable snacks for you and yours guests. Opt for cheese and crackers – and no, not American cheese with a saltine. Go for the good stuff. Pair up different combinations. Fruit platters are another great idea. (Both go well wine, too!)

You do not have to limit yourself because you are glamping. For dinner, pull out your barbecue grill and make your favorite light and refreshing meal. Try your hand at various side dishes that can be cooked on the grill, as well.

Desserts are fun. Instead of roasting s’mores over the campfire – and finding yourself covered in a sticky, gooey marshmallow mess – you can make dessert on the grill! Banana Boats are a great option! Slice an unpeeled banana lengthwise, insert mini marshmallows and chocolate chips, wrap in foil and place on the grill! When it becomes a pool of melted chocolaty goodness, squeeze it open and dig in!

Use your imagination. Get creative. And don’t stick to the boring old camping food.

Clear Span Fabric StructureUsing a Clear Span Fabric Structure

While the idea of sleeping under the stars sounds exciting, you are going to likely want the overhead protection of tent. For glamping, we are going to shy away from vinyl or canvas tents that you picked up in a box. Sure, they serve their purpose, but clear span fabric structures allow us the covering of a tent with a style that keeps with the fun and light idea of glamping.

You can either buy or rent clear span fabric structures. They are temporary structures, providing shade and protection from other elements such as wind and rain. Depending on their size, clear span fabric structures can come with different accessories, from temperature controls to glass sidewalls. Many even include flooring!

Yes, it is like an outdoor house in the backyard of your house!

What will You Do?

There is plenty to do while glamping, no matter who your outdoor crew is. Playing a game of cornhole, horse shoes, or catch with a baseball are traditional activities. Because you will have the privilege of lighting, you aren’t limited on the amount of board games you can bust out or card games you can play.

If you are looking for a more relaxing approach to your glamping experience, you can always take time to write or read. Just make sure to bring enough for everyone. Grabbing some crayons and coloring books is also a calming way to relax. Get creative with your friends. Play music and laugh while having a dance contest, play hot potato like you did as a kid, or just enjoy chatting and mingling with your friends since you are all not burdened with daily chores.

However you choose to go glamping in your backyard, let your imagination go wild and put together something fantastic. Enjoy the outdoors, breathe in fresh air, and relax on your mini-vacation. You don’t have to give up luxuries to take a break and count the stars, you just need to make a plan and put it into action. Happy glamping!


5 Reasons to Choose Clear Span Tent Rentals for Your Next Event

5 Reasons to Choose Clear Span Tent Rentals for Your Next Event | American PavilionTent rentals come in many different sizes to accommodate most any occasion, from corporate trade shows to construction sites. The problem with some large tent rentals lies in their construction and assembly; they often have interior support columns that get in the way or interfere with your line of sight. For events that require open space without these obstructions, a clear span tent is the best option.

Why a Clear Span Tent is the Clear Choice

  1. You can install them anywhere.

Because of their modularity, you can place clear span tents most anywhere, from an uneven grass field to a paved parking lot or a rooftop. They mount to most any surface thanks to their modified leg heights and scaffolding floors, which come in handy for golf courses when you need to get off the ground for a better view of the action.

  1. Clear span tents can withstand heavy wind and rain.

Clear span tents have a weather-resistant design and prevent the wind and the rain from ruining your event. These sturdy and reliable tent rentals withstand wind gusts up to 90 miles per hour or more and can be covered with waterproof tape at the seams to keep you and your guests dry. You can also quickly pull the sides of the tent closed in case a storm pops up without notice. These tents don’t use ropes or straps to keep them standing upright and from blowing away. Instead, they feature steel base plates that are driven into the ground for improved support and rigidity.

  1. You get a clear view of the event space.

A clear span tent differs from a traditional tent in that it doesn’t have interior support beams to distract you from the view or get in the way as you walk around. Therefore, you get a complete 360-degree view of the interior space and ample room to set up stages, seating, booths and more. These large tent rentals also provide enough open space for completing construction projects on-site while staying covered during inclement weather.

  1. The optional features improve your experience.

You can get the bare minimum or go all out with a clear span tent. Why have your guests walk directly on the grass or the pavement when you can have wood or carpeted floors installed? You can also opt for glass entry doors, theater lighting and heating and air conditioning to create a luxurious event space. Other features such as ceiling liners, glass walls and power distribution are also available when you select a clear span tent.

  1. Get a tent size to fit any event.

You’re not limited when it comes to clear span tents. Whether you need a 10-foot or a 160-foot space, you can select a size that accommodates your event. The tent’s modular design makes it easy to create most any length, shape or size for setting up a single booth or creating a concert space for a large crowd.

A clear span tent gives you the freedom to transform most any outdoor area into a covered and reliable event space. With weatherproofing and available options such as wood flooring, glass side walls and theatre lighting, you can entertain your guests and host a memorable event anywhere you can imagine.

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Three Ways to Use a Clear Span Tent for an Event

Three Ways to Use a Clear Span Tent for an Event | American PavilionIf you are researching tents and trying to find the right one, you are likely planning an event that you need covering for. This is probably the most common use for clear span tents, and they are generally the best option for events of varying sizes. This is only the beginning of the potential uses a clear span tent has, however, and there are even more uses when you choose clear span tents. Unlike traditional tent structures, a clear span tent can be erected and used without obtrusive poles or guy-lines on the exterior. This makes it a great choice for events or for any of the following innovative uses as well.

Create a Dramatic Ballroom

Are you thinking about dancing? Does your next event involve the potential for some salsa? This is rarely a bad thing, but it can be bad if you do not provide enough room and accommodation for the intended activities. One way to ensure your guests are ready to get swingin’ is to offer a great dance floor space covered by a temporary structure. This creates an atmosphere much like that of a ballroom, and the dramatic space all but demands that your events’ attendees start dancing. A clear span tent makes it so that there are no structures or poles obtruding on the floor that might pose a risk to people who are moving about.

Stage an Entrance

One of the most innovative ways to control incoming traffic at an event is to assemble a clear span tent at its entrance. Doing so makes a grand first impression, and it gives event organizers the opportunity to provide services such as greeting, registration, mini gift suites and restrooms. These are all attractive options that keep incoming attendees occupied as you control your traffic and manage the crowd effectively. The simplicity of a clear span tent allows you to set this up easily.

Achieve the Perfect Ambiance

A temporary structure gives users the impression that they are both inside and outside, and this feeling can be used to make your next event a memorable one. While maintaining the refreshing feeling of being outside, you can control the atmosphere within the temporary structure through air conditioning and other options. Ambiance is not just about temperature, though, it is also about the atmosphere you cultivate in the space. A clear span tent makes it easy for you to construct a reliable tent space, control its dimensions and features and turn it into whatever your event’s unique needs call for.

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The Versatility of Clearspan Structures

The Versatility of Clearspan Structures | American PavilionClearspan tents get their name from their distinguishing feature: the specialized design that obviates the need for interior support columns and dangling ropes, no matter the size of the tent. Instead, the tent’s roof is supported by an assembly of aluminum box-beam rafters that are lifted and fastened onto steel or aluminum supports along the walls. This design creates an open-plan interior that cuts down on crowding and is aesthetically  pleasing.

Assemble Anywhere

Unlike most other types of tents, clearspan structures do not use ropes or cables for anchoring. Instead, steel stakes are used to stabilize the tent. An additional bonus is the fact that such a structure can be put up on almost any type of surface, with custom modified leg heights allowing for setup even on uneven or sloping terrain. Whatever the setup, a clearspan structure that is correctly set up can remain in place for months, even years.

Weather Protection

Weather resistance is another standout feature, with the sturdiness of the framework providing for increased stability in the face of strong wind and rain. Some tents also offer integrated flooring to get rid off water runoff, ensuring that the floor remains dry even when it rains. Energy-efficient materials and design minimize the escape of heated or air-conditioned air from the tent.

Optional Features

While the typical covering for such a tent will consist of heavy-duty vinyl, some tents also offer the optional feature of including safety glass sliding doors and walls. This is a great feature when views are important, such as during a sporting event.

Variety of Use

Because clearspan frameworks are modular and can be speedily assembled, shape and size are incredibly customizable, making this type of tent a great choice for almost any use. Due to their unparalleled versatility, clearspan structures are in demand for weddings, events, conventions, temporary emergency housing and military use. Low maintenance and lightning-quick assembly times are additional advantages.

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Important Questions to Ask a Tent Rental Company

Important Questions to Ask a Tent Rental Company | American PavilionChoosing a company to provide event tent rentals is not as simple as choosing the first one that you find. Not all companies are the same, so if you want something that truly works for your needs, you need to know which kinds of questions to ask.

Ask About Quality Standards

Ask to see pictures of the tents at the very least. If you can, it is preferable to actually check out the rentals in person so you can check for signs of damage. However, be sure to put any damage into perspective. A small tear might mean more to you on your wedding day than it would for a birthday party with a group of rambunctious toddlers.

Ask About Pricing

Of course, the rental price for the tent is important, but do not forget to ask about other fees. Find out whether there is a deposit, and if so, when it is due and whether you will get it back if you need to cancel for some reason. Some companies also charge for delivery, so be sure to factor this into your budget. If you hope to save a bit of money, try holding your event in the off season and asking for a discount.

Find Out How Long It Takes to Set Up and Tear Down

The time it takes to set up and tear down a tent will vary depending on the type and size. Unless you are holding your event on your own property with no restrictions, you will need to factor construction time into your venue rental. For example, you do not want to rent a space for four hours if it will take that long just to set up or tear down the tent.

When choosing tent rentals, always go with your gut. If a deal seems too good, it just might be. If the person you speak to is rude or unprofessional when answering questions, it is a good indicator that you will have problems on the day of your event, so keep looking.

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5 Advantages of Clear Span Buildings

5 Advantages of Clear Span Buildings | American PavilionA growing innovation across many industries, clear span temporary building structures have many advantages over both permanent buildings and standard pole tent designs. The special design of these tents, called “clear span” because their interior spans are clear of support structures, make them useful, safe and convenient for a variety of reasons.

No Obstructions

Because these tents are supported entirely by their framework and the steel spikes securing their base plates to the ground, they have no poles or support columns obstructing the interior. This makes for wide, completely open spaces where no one’s view is cut off during events, and construction and moving equipment can freely maneuver without any fear of damaging the structure or risking its collapse.

Modular and Resizable

Support rafters and other extensions can be added into the basic structures at most points, allowing for customizable arrangements. Vendors and rental companies offer clear span tents ranging in size from only three meters to up to 50 meters wide, suiting almost any function.

Fast Set-up and Removal

Like any other tents, clear span structures are designed to be transportable, with all the parts fitting on standard trucks and trailers. A single experienced crew can install anywhere from 10,000 to as much as 20,000 square feet of tent in a day.

Weather Protection

The vinyl fabric covering these tents is sturdy and waterproof, and separate roof panels are sealed together with high-frequency welding to make a single piece that will not leak. The sides can be closed in the case of rain or wind, or plastic sidewalls can protect against worse weather conditions.

Variety of Locations

Using specialty shims, adjustable legs or anchored scaffolding, clear span tents can be safely erected on uneven surfaces. This allows placement anywhere from parking lots to grassy fields to building rooftops.

The spacious interiors and flexible construction of clear span building structures are ideal  for many purposes. Whether you are arranging a reception, creating temporary storage or any other objective, clear span tents offer solutions.

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Video: Clear Span Tent Install

Have you ever wondered what a clear span tent can do? This installation video gives you a quick glimpse into the setup time and shows you just how quickly we can transform your space into a true event venue.

When to Use a Clear Span Tent

When to Use a Clear Span Tent | American PavilionYou want your event to be a massive success. While you have certainly undergone intense preparation, there are so many details to consider that some of them may elude you. For outdoor venues, you have probably thought about tents, but which one is best might be difficult to discern. Clear span tents offer some unique benefits that just might be perfect for your situation. This list will explain the major features of these tents to help you make a more informed decision in your event planning.


Clear span tents use aluminum frames to make them much stronger than many other event tents. This makes them the best choice for multi-day events, as they are better suited for long-term placement. They can also stand up to stronger-than-average winds with improved resilience. The metal framing has an additional advantage: it requires fewer poles and stakes. This sets it up perfectly for the next topic.

Better Viewing

With fewer stakes and poles, a clear span tent is able to accommodate superior aesthetics. Unattractive support frames are hidden from view, the interior is unobstructed and expansive openings can make the attractive surroundings visible from more vantages. This makes them better for stage events or showcases that make use of the outdoor location.

Climate Control

Clear span tents can have stronger sidings than other options. Glass or other hard sides can make your event much more weatherproof. Stronger enclosure also makes heating and cooling substantially more manageable, making your event successful at any time of year and reducing power needs by large margins. The durable sides are also more secure if you need to leave valuable items or expensive equipment for the duration of an extended event.

Finding the right tent is as much a part of your venue as the location. A clear span tent may not be the perfect option, but if you understand its advantages then you can plan accordingly. Whatever you choose, partner with your tent company to make sure you have all of the supplies and services necessary for a complete success.

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Fabric Structures Are More Durable Than Ever Before

There are times when the costs and construction of a permanent structure to house a project is just not warranted. The engineering of fabric structures can now offer durable and lower cost options with the latest designs. Their standards of quality can offer a high level of service to provide you with the type of covering you need for your particular needs.

Dependable Structures

Premier tents can be rented for a short or long span of time, depending on how long you need them. Many clients become longtime customers because they know they can depend on a quality product being delivered and set up when and where they need it. These structures can be used for:

  • Construction projects
  • Military uses such as temporary barracks
  • Construction or industrial projects
  • Disaster relief
  • Events such as concerts, private parties or weddings
  • Meetings or graduations

Accommodates Large or Small Crowds

Fabric structures can be used for construction or other work projects; however, they can also be used for special events such as parties or celebrations where lighting, carpet, ceiling liners and temperature control are required. It is not always practical to subject your guests to outdoor elements when a beautiful enclosure can be set up in a welcoming and comfortable setting.

Special events require strategic planning, whether it is for entertainment, business or a social occasion. Do not leave it up to chance. Take advantage of the expertise that is available to select the right size and design of a tent that you will be glad you took advantage of.

High quality service and products are always in demand, and you will not be disappointed. Once you meet with trained experts, you will find that your high expectations can be met and exceeded. Many high profile companies, trade shows, sales and corporate meetings are held in fabric structures, as they find them affordable and inviting.

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