Using Fabric Structures for an Outdoor Gathering

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When the weather is perfect outside, that last thing you want to do is stay indoors. So, when you decide to have a gathering with friends and family, are you going to pile everyone in your house, staying cooped up? No – you will want to bask in the outdoor freshness.

Think about it — outdoor gatherings have a ton of perks: natural scenery, lots of space to mingle, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your house before or after the party. However, there are downfalls, as well: the weather is completely unpredictable, there may be pesky pests around and a lack of indoor comforts.

Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy the pros and avoid the cons and have a blast at your next outdoor gathering.

Fabric Structures

Just because you are outside, doesn’t mean you have to give up your indoor comforts. In fact, there is a way to have the indoors brought outdoors for you! Renting fabric structures can be the way to go. Why?

  • You have a place for your guests to take cover from the sun and its hot rays.
  • If mother nature wants to rain on your parade, tell her to go ahead. If you rented a canopy, then you have cover and protection.
  • Wind won’t be a problem, either. If its windy – or windy and rainy – you can simply drop down the sidewalls to your canopy. Voila! You are dry and so is the rest of your party.
  • You will not need to worry about claustrophobic guests, either, as the sidewalls of these canopies have windows!
  • Believe it or not, fabric structures can be customized – you can make them as big or small as you need, you may be able to have flooring (allowing you to avoid having your guests walk on grass or dirt), and you can even splurge for climate control.

Protect attendees from pests

When you take your party outdoors, you are entering the natural habitat of so many insects and creatures. That doesn’t mean you must invite them to the party. Here are a few ways to control the pest population so you and your guests can continue to get your groove on:

  • Use citronella. These come in the form of candles and lighter fluid. Place candles in all areas where your guests will be mingling. You may also use Tiki Torches filled with citronella to give a great outdoor look while also serving a purpose.
  • Make use of your canopy sidewalls. Putting them down will allow a barrier between your guests and the pests.
  • Ahead of time, spray the canopy and its walls with repellent to try to keep the insects at bay.
  • Offer insect repellant spray and wipes for your guests. Many will be very appreciative for this little convenience.
  • Dry up any standing water that may draw mosquitoes.
  • Add fans throughout the gathering area to deter smaller insects from invading your space.

Safety first!

To have an outdoor gathering, you are likely going to need to get some sort of electricity for lighting or music and entertainment purposes. You will, however, want to make sure that you take precaution and watch out for extension cords.

Putting a note or taping them down may not be enough to avoid someone tripping or causing injury. It is best to be overcautious: Put up a sign, tape the cords down, and cover them with a rug.

Also — you will likely be using a fire pit and/or grill. Fire can be deadly – especially when you have a large group of people partying and having a good time. Make sure you have a nearby water source and a fire extinguisher. Also, make sure the person manning each of these items is experienced and able to handle the task.

Prepare the spaceFabric Structures | American Pavilion

Just because you are taking your gathering outdoors does not mean you can avoid your home’s cleanliness altogether. Your guests may not be hanging out in there, but it doesn’t mean they will not be, at the very least, walking through. When your guests arrive, they may come through your front door. Many may come into your kitchen to help with food preparation or to grab something from your refrigerator. Lastly, you can bank on each of your guests having to use your restroom – at least once. So, when preparing your outdoors for your party, you may want to tidy up these indoor areas, as well.

You may want to make your backyard presentable, too. It would be good for you to mow your lawn (as no one wants to put boots on to trek through your overgrown yard) and clean up any garbage or miscellaneous items.

Do what you need to do to make the space presentable and welcoming – your guests will thank you.

Provide comfort for your guests

Last, but certainly not least, go above and beyond to make your guests comfortable. You are moving the party outside, so do something a little extra to make sure you aren’t taking anything away from your guests by keeping them out of your house! Here are a few things you can do that will win you the title of “Host of the Year.”

  • Provide blankets. If your party is going to carry over into the evening and night hours, have blankets available for your guests to bundle up should it get cooler.
  • If it is hot outside, provide personal fans. Your sweating guests will be thankful that you did.
  • Buy flip flops for your guests. You can find cheap flip flops at discount stores. Many people dress up to go to parties but may not enjoy wearing dress shoes in the grass and dirt.
  • Sunglasses can be a welcome – and healthy – thing to provide for your guests. Buy them in bulk and pass them out.

Having an outdoor gathering can be a fun and relaxing time for your friends and family. Just be prepared and safety conscious and it will be the talk of the town!


Planning a Live Event? Consider These Helpful Tips

Planning a Live Event? Consider These Helpful Tips | American PavilionMaking the decision to live stream an event can be an overwhelming prospect. However, the takeaway from a successful live event can far outweigh the risks and stress that comes with live streaming. When you add live video to your event, you are able to spread awareness of the event and brand much farther than just the venue.

When organizing the event, it’s essential that you put in just as much effort planning the steps that will be taken post event. Following up with attendees after the event can strengthen and fortify the connections made during the live event. In order to create a memorable event experience, plan the event from an attendees perspective. Keep in mind how large the event is going to be and adjust the planning time frame accordingly. For example, if you’re expecting 200-400 attendees, you can properly plan the event in roughly 6-8 weeks. Yet,  if there could be as many as 800 attendees or more, take at lease 6 months to a year for planning.

If you’ve decided to use video throughout the event, consider live streaming for attendees that could not make it. This video could also be utilized for promotional, educational and post-event reasons.

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New Learning Labs on Audiovisual Services at Events

New Learning Labs on Audiovisual Services at Events | American PavilionThe Event Leadership Institute (E.L.I) will soon be starting a series of learning labs in a variety of cities throughout the summer. These hands-on learning labs will be directed towards technical meetings and event production designed to help event professionals learn more about audiovisual services. The labs will take place in New York City, Chicago, Washington and Alberta and will vary between full-day sessions or sessions that span two half-days.

Each session will be led by industry leaders and will include exercises teaching participants the pros and cons of lighting techniques, slide presentation, different types of microphones and projection technology. Howard Givner, E.L.I founder and executive director, explains “most events and practically all meetings, utilize some form of audiovisual and lighting technology, yet this is still one area where the average planner really doesn’t know what they’re buying.” The Event Leadership Institute is hoping to change that through these hands-on, experiential learning labs.

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The Benefits of Temporary Buildings

The Benefits of Temporary Buildings | American PavilionThe only constant in business or life is change. Whether your organization is new or has been operating for several years, it may experience challenges and opportunities that require additional space. Potential situations include hosting a special event, storing supplies and equipment or protecting sensitive items from the harmful effects of the weather. It is essential that managers and planners find the right solution quickly. Temporary building structures may be the best way to meet your organization’s short-term needs.

Fast Installation

Clear-span, aluminum structures have made significant advances over the years in their resilience, quality and versatility as well as energy-efficiency and cost effectiveness. The main advantage of these temporary buildings is that they can be installed quickly in a variety of configurations, sizes and locations. They can be ready in a matter of days or even hours. Depending upon the structure, these buildings can be erected on existing surfaces without the need for expensive site preparation. This feature significantly reduces labor and construction costs. The additional space is ready for use in a matter of days instead of weeks. When the space is no longer required, the building can be dismantled and removed just as quickly. This allows you to return the surface to its original state. As a result, temporary building structures save time as well as money.

Flexible, Environmentally Friendly Designs

These lightweight, sustainable buildings feature strong, noncorrosive aluminum frames and fabric coverings. The construction process requires little energy. As a result, temporary buildings have a small carbon footprint. The metal is also completely recyclable. Their modular design makes them extremely adaptable to a variety of situations and applications, including retail, storage and event space. These buildings can be expanded, altered or relocated quickly. The building can be insulated and equipped with climate control equipment. Temporary buildings can be used to replace or expand an existing facility that no longer meets your requirements or has been damaged by a disaster. The design can often be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Spacious Interiors

Due to their unique design, all of the interior space of a clear-span structure is usable. There are no columns or support beams to interfere with your floor plan. These buildings also provide excellent height and clearance compared to traditional wood and metal structures. This enables you to maximize the available space for your particular application. In addition to being low maintenance, these buildings offer natural light and superior ventilation for better air quality that creates a healthier environment with less moisture and fewer pests.

Cost Benefits

Although they are called temporary structures, these buildings have the capacity to serve as a viable long-term alternative to a permanent structure. Rental and installation fees may fit a business’s cash flow situation better than the upfront costs required to build or lease a permanent structure. Temporary buildings enable companies and other organizations to have space required for seasonal business or special one-time events at less cost. The building can bridge the gap during a period of new construction as well. Their flexibility and lower expense make these temporary buildings an attractive option for businesses looking to minimize their capital expenditures.

Depending upon your needs, an adaptable temporary building structure can fulfill your space and timing requirements in a cost-effective manner.

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The Most Popular Uses for Clear Span Tents

The Most Popular Uses for Clear Span Tents | American PavilionAny time you need to host a large event with a lot of people, one of the first things you need to do is find a venue. Since it can be difficult to rent a venue big enough for a huge crowd, erecting a temporary structure, such as a large clear span tent, pavilions, or canopy, is often an excellent choice. This allows you to customize your space needs, and your guests can enjoy being outdoors yet still having weather protection. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few of the most common uses for clear span tents.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are events where everyone from an industry can meet for exhibits and demonstrations of their latest innovations and products. This type of event typically involves many different businesses and vendors setting up their own individual table or display while interested customers and business rivals wander around the area checking everything out. A clear span tent is the ideal way to get the perfect amount of space needed at a trade show. Planners can take into account how many people are involved to craft the perfect layout with the ideal amount of space.


The huge popularity of outdoor weddings in the past few years has lead to a burgeoning interest in temporary structures. Many bride and grooms want to have a picturesque ceremony in an isolated natural area, but wedding are planned so far in advance that it is impossible to know what the weather will be like. Choosing a clear span tent with removable sides is the ideal solution to this problem. If the weather is perfect, guests can enjoy the view from all sides of the tent during the reception, and if the weather is bad, the entire wedding ceremony and reception can be held within the tent without causing guests to get wet or chilled. Since some temporary structures even come with air conditioning and lighting, any bad weather can be avoided in the tent.

Sports Events

Most sports take place outdoors, but not every team has enough popularity to build a massive stadium for their watcher’s needs. Smaller events like swimming competitions or tennis matches may host the entire event within one clear span tent, but even massive sporting events always use a few temporary structures. Tents at sporting events can be used for vendors selling food and keepsakes, or they can be used to create a VIP area for special guests. Even after the game is over, a temporary structure can be used to host a party for the participants later in the evening.


Temporary structures can benefit a variety of different types of musical shows. Smaller concerts often need a structure that can hold a lot of people while still being far enough away from general homes and businesses to avoid sound limitation laws. A clear span tent allows these venues to ensure that only those with tickets can access the concert, and it also provides some weather protection. At the huge, lengthy music festivals that are so popular right now, temporary structures have many purposes. They can be used to provide shelter, create a cafeteria area, or set up a staging area for a band to get ready. Many of these big festivals also use temporary structures to host alternative acts while the headliners are playing on the main stage.

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How Technology Is Impacting the Events Industry Today

As innovations in event technology steadily increase, event professionals are finding new ways to increase attendee engagement at their events. Pairing event technology and the event’s objectives is a great way to increase an event’s growth. Integrating familiar technologies into your event also ensures an improved experience for attendees. Take a look at this infographic created by Losberger for more information on event technology in the industry today:

How Technology Is Impacting the Events Industry Today | American Pavilion

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5 Factors to Consider When Planning an Event Tent Rental

5 Factors to Consider When Planning an Event Tent Rental | American PavilionEvent tents provide a comfortable space for special occasions that can be adapted to suit a variety of different themes. Yet, it is important to understand that not all event tent rentals are the same. The company you choose, the type of event and the location all play a role in how your rental should be planned. As you prepare for your event, consider these five factors to ensure that your tent rental will fit your needs.

Ask About Local Permits and Ordinances

If you are new to planning events, then it may come as a surprise that some areas require special permits regarding setting up a tent. This is especially common if you will be hosting your event on public property such as in a community or national park. Professional event tent rental companies should be prepared for this and will help you streamline the process of making sure your event is in compliance with all local ordinances.

Choose the Right Size Tent

Event tents can range from 10-feet to over 160-feet, which means that you have a wide range of options from which to choose. Typically, the size of your tent and the amount of guests will determine how large of a tent you need so be prepared to tell the rental company a few details about what you are planning. This way, they can help you create a cozy, intimate atmosphere for a wedding or provide enough space for booths at a trade show.

Consider Climate Control

One of the best things about event tents is that they are waterproof and can withstand foul weather such as high winds and hail. However, you may need to include climate control in your plans if your event will be hosted in a location with extreme temperatures. As you plan, keep in mind that large numbers of people in a tent tend to warm up the space. If you are unsure of your needs, then a professional event tent manager will be able to help you decide upon the right type of climate control.

Assess Decorating Needs

Every event requires some type of decoration. Whether you need carpeting to create a professional appearance or special lighting to create a romantic ambiance, you will want to make sure that your event tent can accommodate your needs. Spend a few minutes thinking about the details that will make your event spectacular, then check to ensure that the tent you rent has the capability of handling things such as a projector screen or stage.

Inquire About Additional Services

Depending upon the event you are hosting, it may be helpful to have a company that employs staff who can go the extra mile. For example, event management services can help you procure emergency personnel or an evacuation plan if it is required by the community, or they can provide in-house product demonstrations for your corporate training event. As an event planner, every bit of support you get will just make your special event that much better.

Renting an event tent is an excellent solution to the classic problem of finding a venue. Yet, it is important to rent a tent that will fit every aspect of your event. By taking into consideration all of the factors surrounding a tent rental, you will be able to welcome your guests with the support you need to make your event a success.

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5 Uses for Temporary Structures

5 Uses for Temporary Structures | American PavilionFinding a venue is one of the most important parts of hosting an event, and it can be hard finding a place that has the ideal location, space and is available on the date required. Fortunately, temporary structures are available that can provide all of the amenities of a brick and mortar building with the flexibility necessary to set the stage for a memorable event. As you begin your search for the perfect venue, consider these five uses for temporary structures that will simplify your event planning.

Wedding venues fill up fast, and you might not have known you were getting married two years in advance so you could get on the waiting list. You will also discover that chapels and other venues may not offer the space you need for your dream wedding. A temporary tent structure, however, can be transformed into a place full of magic and wonder while providing enough space for both sides of the family. From romantic lighting to red carpet down the aisle, you can choose the elements you need to make your day memorable.

Corporate Events
Planning a corporate event is a huge responsibility, and all eyes will be on you if there is a mistake. In the past, you might have chosen hotels or convention rooms, but these are not always available on specific dates. A temporary structure also allows you to personalize your event with signage depicting your company logo, mission statement and colors. Projector screens, stages and podiums can also be added inside for training symposiums, and you can choose to use your structure for as long as your event lasts.

Construction Sites
As every construction professional knows, nothing can interfere with meeting deadlines more than hazardous weather. Freezing temps, high winds and rain can halt progress immediately, yet this does not have to be the case. Temporary structures made using an anodized aluminum frame and flame-retardant fabric are designed to withstand high winds and provide protection to the crew and equipment from severe weather. When temporary structures are placed over a construction site, it also means that the work can continue no matter what surprises nature brings.

Disaster Relief
Natural disasters occur without warning and can leave thousands of people displaced. Clear span tents can expand to a width of more than 160 feet, which allows for plenty of room to set up beds, nursing stations and cooking areas. Portable bathrooms can also be installed so that those affected by a disaster have a safe, hygienic space to recover.

Trade Shows
From classic car shows to video gaming expos, planning a trade show is simple when you use a temporary structure to keep total control over the location, layout and décor. Under the tent’s protective awning, you can create booths, or you can establish separate spaces for lectures, demonstrations and photo opportunities. A temporary structure also allows you to set your trade show up anywhere you want so that the location is accommodating to your target market.

From weddings to corporate meetings, temporary structures serve a variety of purposes, and you can take advantage of the ease that they provide for scheduling and protecting guests from the elements. Since you can transform the inside of a temporary structure into anything you desire, you are sure to impress your guests with an event that meets their every need.

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The Benefits of Temporary Warehouse Structures

The Benefits of Temporary Warehouse Structures | American PavilionLarge-scale industrial and commercial construction projects offer unique logistical challenges for on-site meeting space and storage. Often millions of dollars in equipment, materials and manpower must be on location at the right time to get the job done quickly and on budget. Temporary warehouse buildings offer facility and project managers an on-site cost-effective option to ensure that your valuable materials are readily available. They also can provide temporary meeting, break or lunch spaces for employees.

Off-site storage can cause costly delays due to transit and security issues. It can add hundreds of man-hours to a project as you must wait for parts to be ordered, loaded and transported to the site. Structures that can be installed at or near construction the site provides on-demand access to tools, equipment and parts. Temporary warehouse structures are quickly installed. They can be set up on nearly any surface including concrete, asphalt or the ground. They do not require a permanent foundation.

Workers are the most valuable resource available at any job site. When workers are productive it increases project completion time. Along with material storage climate-controlled temporary warehouse structures can be utilized to help increase employee efficiency by serving as break areas or safety meeting locations. When the project is completed the structure can be easily removed and re-installed at the next site. In addition temporary warehouse buildings are durable and can withstand harsh environments.

Types of Temporary Structures

There are a variety of temporary warehouse buildings available to meet almost any need. These structures feature blackout or translucent fabric roofs. Some do not have interior columns or supports giving you a large storage area. They typically offer enough room for items to be easily moved.

Clear Span Tents
Clear span tents do not have center poles or interior columns. They are no exterior guy-lines. This eliminates virtually all obstructions and makes them perfect temporary warehouse structures. Clear span tents can be constructed in any length and range in width anywhere from approximately 10 feet to 150 feet. The tent flooring, lighting, temperature control, and other aspects of the building can be customized according to the needs of the project.

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Fabric Structures Support Our Troops

Fabric Structures Support Our Troops | American PavilionThere are many challenging aspects of being in the military, one of which is the necessity of frequent relocation to temporary living and working situations. Throughout history, militaries of all sizes have set up camp in tents as they traveled and trained. There is a great deal of inconvenience that comes with this lifestyle. Fortunately, modern innovations to fabric structures have made them more worthy of sheltering the men and women who make daily sacrifices for our country.

Space to Live

When a military unit temporarily settles in an area to train or carry out an operation, its members need areas to rest and eat. Traditionally, this has been accomplished essentially through camping, often in cramped quarters. Newer fabric structures have options for add-ons that turn them into mobile barracks, making them significantly more comfortable than simple tents. These amenities include:

  • Attached climate control systems
  • Modular expansion to create enough room for large groups
  • Hookups for TVs and other electronics

Space to Work

In addition to physical work, service members must also attend to a number of logistical and organizational problems. This creates the need for office space, which can be difficult to set up when a unit is on the move. The same things that make fabric structures more comfortable living quarters can also make them functional office spaces. Portable HVAC systems can regulate temperatures inside the tents, creating a more comfortable work environment. Modular expansion enables the housing of multiple desks and tables, while the capacity to run electronics facilitates the use of computers and other necessary technology.

Helping American Heroes

Men and women who are in the armed forces have many things to worry about. The least of these should be the comfort and convenience of where they sleep and work. When troops have access to high-end tent structures during training operations, they can stop being bogged down by trivial details and focus on keeping themselves and our country safe.

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