Ceiling Designs for Your Event Tent

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You are hosting your wedding and your reception in an event tent outdoors. Smart move — this means that you get to choose all your decorations from the ground up!

No, just take a moment and picture your wedding day: You and the one you love – finally tying the knot. You are surrounded by the smiling faces of friends and family, flowers and table centerpieces in your wedding colors, and – wait. What’s that? A blank, white event tent ceiling. You can spend your entire time celebrating and worrying about guests wondering what happened to the decorations for your forgotten ceiling. Or, you can prepare in advance to use this blank canvas to create a magical area. The choice is yours! It doesn’t have to be difficult or extravagant to make a statement.


Chandeliers scream elegance. They provide a beautiful means of a light source for your wedding. The great thing about chandeliers is you can match them to the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are having a rustic wedding, you can use chandeliers made from wagon wheels or lanterns. Or, if your wedding is a black-tie affair, you may want to opt for a crystal (or crystal-like) chandelier. The lights reflecting off the crystal create a magical, dim glow.

You may choose to use one large chandelier as a centerpiece or several smaller ones to hang throughout. The idea is to maintain uniformity of the decorations – including the lighting.

Event Tent Fabric DrapingEvent Tent | American Pavilion

It may sound odd, but if done correctly, flowing fabric can look beautiful on your ceiling. You can even match it with the colors of your wedding—extend your colors to the ceiling. Depending on how you choose to drape the fabric, you can make it look like a warm blanket or keep it light, open, and airy. If your wedding is taking place during the daytime, you can use the fabric in part – rather than covering the whole ceiling, allow for strips of flowing fabric and then strips of tent. This will allow the bright sunlight to shine through.

Beads and Garland

Get unique with your ceiling. The decorations you choose do not have to be the norm. In fact, this is your wedding day – you want it to stand out. Here are a few ideas:

  • String crystal beads down from the ceiling to give the effect of icicles.
  • Garland of greenery or even in various colors can be strung across the tent and down poles on every side to add a splash of color to the white ceiling.
  • For rustic, outdoor weddings, use a combination of tree branches and twinkle lights to decorate the ceiling.

Flowing Flowers

Every wedding needs flowers. Most of the time they are used in table centerpieces or as decorations to line aisles. However, what about flowers flowing down from the ceiling? These magical bouquets look as though they are blooming out of the ceiling. Again, you can choose one large bouquet or smaller ones throughout the tent. Or, be a rebel and go all out – Maybe a large upside down flower bouquet over the dancefloor and smaller ones throughout the rest of the space?

For a soft, romantic glow, mix pastel flowers with a candlelight chandelier. If you are considering a tropical paradise, use bright bouquets – reds, oranges, yellows — and combine them with tiki torches along the ground. Experiment with different flower and light combinations to obtain the look that is just right for your tent wedding.

Lanterns and String Lights

Think beachside wedding, lighthouses, and lanterns. Symbolically let these lanterns guide you into your future as a happily married couple. You can decorate the ceiling with single lanterns throughout the venue. Another take on lanterns is using Japanese paper lanterns. This type of lighting gives a soft glow and symbolizes a wish for a bright future. What more could you ask for on your wedding day?

String lights are romantic on their own. Put them under a tent on your wedding day and it can take the sweet moments to new heights. You can string these lights across the tent in a bistro style or have them dangle on a clear string, appearing to be twinkling starlight. Here is an option – rent a tent with a clear ceiling and let mother nature be your backdrop with just a few string lights under the starts. It is like having a real outdoor garden party, without the risk of bad weather conditions!

Gobo Lighting

Gobo lighting is a spiffy light trick. It basically can take your boring, blank what slate of a tent ceiling and turn it in to something completely stunning. Gobo lighting uses projectors and stencils to project images through a light source and on to your ceiling. There are many ideas that you can choose to do with this sort of lighting technique:

  • Use specific words or phrases. You can project names, initials, dates, etc. onto the ceiling.
  • Tree outline. Using a tree stencil can make it look like tree shadows on the ceiling and give a neat effect.
  • Specific floral or paisley pattern.
  • Make it appear that the ceiling is water – and that you are under water when inside the tent (though this may not be good for your claustrophobic guests!).
  • Stars and the moon on the ceiling.

Use your imagination and draw your own stencils. This gobo technique is a much easier way to decorate the ceiling without having to actually decorate it! In other words – no crazy long ladders required.

You can decorate your event tent ceiling in any way you wish – it is your wedding day. The above are just suggestions to get you started. If you are daring, you can combine them together for a unique look. For example, use string lights with your fabric draping or flower bouquets and crystal chandeliers. However you decide to do it, make sure you leave a lasting impression that keeps your guests looking up!


Clearspan Tents: Your Ultimate Event Tool

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Many ideas are behind every great event, and even more time and thought. Whether you are planning a networking event for work, a wedding for your sister, or a birthday party for your son – you want your guests to arrive in a state of awe and leave with a barrel chock full of memories. In other words, you want to create the ultimate party or event. Of course, who doesn’t?

Who Uses Clearspan Tents?

Everybody! Better question is – who wouldn’t use a tent? You may think it would seem odd or a bit much to hold a party in a tent, rather than at a home or an indoor venue. I assure you that it is very, very common, and for good reason! After you find out all the benefits of using a clearspan tent below, we will come back to this question!

Freedom to Choose Location

Finding a location to hold an event can, at times, be tricky – especially if the event needs to be held in a specific area. Be honest, you don’t really want to host a house full of people, do you? Moving the party or event outdoors can take away a lot of frustrations.

Clearspan tents can be used anywhere.  They can be assembled in vacant lots, parking lots, backyards, parks, or any other open space. This is a convenience that will decrease the worry of finding the perfect venue.

Custom Design

Make it yours! Clearspan tents allow for much customization. Depending on the event, you could have 15 people or 500! You can design the tent for what you need. Other ways to tailor your tent rental is to decide what amenities your guests will require. For example, are you looking for flooring or do you prefer the grass under your feet?

When planning your event under the tent, make sure you design a space for all that you will need. For instance, if it is a networking event, you will want to ensure there is enough space for vendor tables in the layout. If it is a dinner and a show, you will need room for tables, a stage, and possibly a dance floor.

Clearspan tents give you a wide-open area to design your party or event specifically for your needs. Customize the space just how you imagine it to look.

Don’t forget your furniture, lighting choices, and decorations!

No Inside Poles

Guess what? These tents have no poles in the middle of the tent. Poles can be dangerous. They can be a safety hazard for rambunctious kids, creating another obstacle to dodge or, unfortunately, run in to. In addition, if you are hosting a concert or speaking engagement, poles can tend to obstruct the view of guests.

Having to create a layout for vendors at a craft show or line up cages in a petting zoo and do so around poles can be a hassle.

Clearspan tents allow for an open floor space with which you can design and create your ultimate hotspot.

Temperature ControlClearspan Tents | American Pavilion

Parties and events don’t just happen on perfectly beautiful days. They happen when it’s hot, cold, rainy, storming, windy, snowing, sleeting. You name it! But the party must go on. Offering your guests protection from any weather condition is just the polite thing to do.

Likely, when you think about hosting an outdoor tent party, you may worry about unexpected weather. Lucky for you, clearspan tents offer all the amenities of an indoor space and keep your guests comfortable. In addition, side walls are an option, keeping guests dry and the wind at bay, too.

Guests will be delighted with effective and efficient temperature control within the tent – warmth on a cold day and cool air on a hot day.

Now, Who Uses Clearspan Tents?

Now that you know all the benefits that using a clearspan tent can provide and the secrets as to why people love to use them, here are a few ideas to get you thinking. Remember, clearspan tents can be used for any occasion, big or small.

  • Networking – Using a tent for a networking event provides ample room. You can designate food and mingling areas, as well as have room for vendors to set up displays and do a meet and greet.
  • Kids parties – Think about it – do you really want 30 of your eight-year-old daughter’s friends running and yelling through your house? I didn’t think so. Clearspan tents provide a place for you to let kids be kids and protect the inside of your home.
  • Fundraisers – Set up a petting zoo or a small carnival. Find a few local bands and hold a benefit for someone in need. Renting a tent would make this a cost-effective venture, as well as providing the perfect space, too.
  • Weddings – Who hasn’t dreamed of getting married under delicate, sparkling lights on a dance floor under a huge tent? Whether you hold the nuptials there or just the reception, a tent can provide the perfect setting for a sit-down dinner or a buffet style luau on your big day. Not to mention that the wide-open space of the tent allows the bride and groom to create their dream space, rather than working around the design of an over-used wedding venue.
  • Holiday parties – Because clearspan tents can be used at any time of the year (thanks to the climate control) you can send your family straight to your backyard for their next holiday feast!
  • Sports events – Whether it’s the end of the season baseball party or the ultimate man-cave for a Super Bowl party, you can transform a tent to fulfill your needs.

Clearspan tents can provide the ultimate party location. Protection from the outdoor elements and fully customized to match your ideas and dreams, you can dismiss the worry of finding a venue and focus on what is truly important – your guests. With so many reasons to have a party – what are you waiting for?


What’s Trending in Events Today

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Society is always evolving. New ideas and fads get introduced — some stick, others disappear and are quickly forgotten. Factors for change can be anything from new technological advances to fluctuating economies to a growing and maturing population. These transformations affect all industries and the event planning sector is no exception!

Looking back over the last few decades, we can clearly see how much events have changed. For example, an event in the 1960’s would have been filled with tie-dye, flowers and peace signs, the 1970’s would likely guarantee the use of a disco ball, and the 1980’s would have showcased neon colors and big boom boxes. Trends today are much, much different – thankfully.

This year events are bringing more creativity and fresh ideas. The focus seems to have turned from acquiring stuff – a.k.a goody bags – to acquiring new, original experiences, comradeship and building lasting memories.

Below is a list of the most popular event trends thus far for 2016:

You are there, even when you aren’t

With technology always expanding, it has become so easy for guests to attend events without ever having to leave the comfort of their living room. The idea of streaming events live is soaring. With the use of a computer or smartphone, this concept allows people all over the world to watch loved ones come together for special events. Weddings, graduations, or birthdays no longer must be missed by those who cannot travel.

Streaming has done wonders for businesses, as well. It is not always feasible for management or leads to take time out of the office to travel and attend events. Providing a streaming option allows more people to join a seminar or conference without having to ever leave the office! This allows businesses to keep production moving forward, while allowing employees to learn and network at the same time.

Musicians are also jumping on this bandwagon, offering online streaming for sold-out shows or special events.

This is a trend that is likely to continue to grow with time.

Experiences over party favors

A recent trend in the event industry is moving away from party favors and goody bags. Guests are looking for memories that will last years longer than a pen or salt shaker with your name on it. How do you do this? You create a unique event that will stand out above all others. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it just must be memorable. Having a chef lead a small event crowd in cooking their own dinner, or having a bride meet her groom at the end of a slip’n slide – both are a surefire way to make memories.

Interacting with and engaging guests at the event is likely to spark a great celebration. Doing so will allow the guests to be more involved rather than, well, just a guest.

Find a space, use an event tentEvent Tent | American Pavilion

It is becoming common to use the space we have, rather than creating a new space. Perhaps it’s the tiny-house, minimalist trend, but anywhere there is room, there is a place for a party. For example, parks, empty parking lots, or vacant land.

It is a simple process to rent an event tent and set it up wherever you can find space. Not only can this save on venue fees, but it also allows the planner to have more control over the decorations, location, and setup. It is all about using your imagination and taking that bare-boned open tent space and making it something spectacular and memorable.

Forming community

This may come as a shock, but we are growing and maturing. We are coming into an era when we realize that the world doesn’t just revolve around us – no matter how much we don’t want to believe it! The importance of community and building relationships is trending right now. This used to be the case when it came to events supporting specific causes or specific industries, but now we are embracing differences and looking to build relationships.

Many events, whether business or personal, are using engaging methods to bring people together. Games and team-building strategies are both fun and effective, as are interactive themes.

It doesn’t stop at the event, though. Thanks to social media, guests are being brought together via an event page on Facebook, or trending hashtags on Twitter, etc. In fact, social media can begin engaging guests before the day of the event! What a way to network and grow!

Boom, Boom Economy

We seem to have finally grown out of the down economy we had several years ago and we are interested in spending money. This has led to an increase in the number of customizations that are going on within event planning. When preparing for an event, it is becoming a trend to move away from the norm and create a custom setting. Whether this is for a tent, a location, or a theme, it is all about being unique and inventive. Many event planners are now using a designer to take a client’s dream and turn it into a functioning event.

Classic Black Tie Affair

A perfect classic black-tie gala will always, always be trending in the event world. Its classy and ageless. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in life, getting dressed up – and having somewhere to go – always makes you feel beautiful and elegant. Pair that feeling with a fancy sit-down dinner and a glass of pinot, you have one welcoming setting. This type of event will never go out of style!

Trends are always changing, that is why we refer to them as trends. In a few years, you may look back on this and wonder why in the world you would have wanted to give up a cool party favor for a little experience or why would you want to record, post and stream your event for the internet world to see? In the meantime, we will continue to plan and host events that bring people together in beautiful, customized, unforgettable settings. What surprising trends do you see in the events industry today? Let us know in the comments below!


Event Tent: Things That Every Event Should Have

event tentThere are so many different places that events can be held. Outdoor events are great if you need a large open space. If you have an outdoor event you will most likely need to rent an event tent to provide a space for activities that need to be in a shelter.  According to an article on eventmanagerblog.com, there are some things that every event should have, whether they are indoor or outdoor. Some of the things that are listed in the article are diversity, security, innovation, and creativity. Continue reading “Event Tent: Things That Every Event Should Have”

Turn Your Event Around With the Right Content

Turn Your Event Around With the Right Content | American PavilionEvery event is centered around content and the need for engaging content in the events industry is becoming ever more present. New and meaningful content can have remarkable and powerful results for an event. Yet, as the need for content rises, events are beginning to lose content with actual purpose.

When planning an event, it’s important to really consider the message your trying to give attendees. Ask yourself “What do the attendees really want to hear?” “What is it they’re going to be engaged by?”. Reinvent your message into something the audience will be able to identify with. Use content at your event that will include your audience and get them emotionally connected to your message. By thinking of content as a story to be told, you can create a successful event and experience for attendees.

Read more of this article written by Kevin Jackson for Event Manager Blog.

Planning a Wedding at an Unconventional Site (and Making It Work)

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You have been dreaming of this day your entire life. It’s your wedding day, and you want everything about it to be perfect. You don’t need your plans to be constrained by which venues have the appropriate amount of seating or the right layout so that you can walk down the aisle without the guests seeing you in the corridors. More specifically, you want to have the ceremony outdoors but the reception under a shelter, and you don’t want the guests and the wedding party to have to travel very far between the two events.

All-in-one event venues can be very expensive, and chances are low that you’ll find the perfect venue with the perfect amenities and the perfect setting on the exact date that you need. You may not have considered this before, but there are many reasons to choose an event tent for your unforgettable day.

Event Tents are Flexible

Event tents are flexible and customizable. They can be configured to seat a few hundred people, or only your closest friends and family. They can be set up with dance floors or carpet, or left open to the grass underneath. Tasteful options, such as mood lighting, glass entryways and elegant table settings transform a simple, sturdy tent into a five-star venue. All you need is a big, open space.

Full-Service Providers

Take a look at the event tent providers in your local area. Many of them offer event management services, which don’t end with the delivery and set up of your temporary structure. This service may include finding the ideal location for your ceremony, planning and arranging restroom facilities and public address systems and providing security.

When you’re planning a wedding ceremony that’s different from all the rest, consider renting an event tent. No, not a big tacky one that’s going to make guests think they’ve walked into a trade show by mistake, but an elegant one that is set up exactly the way you dreamed it would be.

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Event Tents Make Your Event Go Off Without a Hitch

Event Tents | American Pavilion

Regardless of the type of event you are having, from a wedding reception to a college graduation, renting event tents may be a great solution to keep everything organized and looking great.

Event Tents for Corporate Meetings

Corporate meetings, product demonstrations, and kickoff meetings will be more comfortable when held out of the weather and under an event tent. Having several different tents allows you to set up different booths to help keep participants organized.

Special Events

Host and celebrate special events such as college graduations, weddings, and parties with event tents. Look for a rental company that will secure any appropriate permits so that your event can go off without a hitch and you have nothing to worry about.

Intimate Events

A plain white tent can be adorned with decorations to match any environment and atmosphere you want for your intimate event. Want an outdoor wedding without having guests sweating and sticking to their seats? Provide some shade with a tent.


You do not have to be hosting a huge event for tent rental to be a good idea. Keep construction theft and stalls in production because of inclement weather to a minimum with event tents that provide workers with shade and office personnel with an office away from the office.

Disaster Relief

Anytime you see disaster relief efforts on TV and social media following a natural disaster anywhere around the world, you also see tents. When you are providing help for those in need such as during a disaster, event tents can help people stay organized, know where to go, and will help direct those needing help to where they can go.


Last but not least, another use for event tents involves the military. Whether the military needs temporary barracks, or tents for training or hot spot assignments, temporary structures such as tents in some cases will be just the thing that is needed.

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