Ceiling Designs for Your Event Tent

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You are hosting your wedding and your reception in an event tent outdoors. Smart move — this means that you get to choose all your decorations from the ground up!

No, just take a moment and picture your wedding day: You and the one you love – finally tying the knot. You are surrounded by the smiling faces of friends and family, flowers and table centerpieces in your wedding colors, and – wait. What’s that? A blank, white event tent ceiling. You can spend your entire time celebrating and worrying about guests wondering what happened to the decorations for your forgotten ceiling. Or, you can prepare in advance to use this blank canvas to create a magical area. The choice is yours! It doesn’t have to be difficult or extravagant to make a statement.


Chandeliers scream elegance. They provide a beautiful means of a light source for your wedding. The great thing about chandeliers is you can match them to the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are having a rustic wedding, you can use chandeliers made from wagon wheels or lanterns. Or, if your wedding is a black-tie affair, you may want to opt for a crystal (or crystal-like) chandelier. The lights reflecting off the crystal create a magical, dim glow.

You may choose to use one large chandelier as a centerpiece or several smaller ones to hang throughout. The idea is to maintain uniformity of the decorations – including the lighting.

Event Tent Fabric DrapingEvent Tent | American Pavilion

It may sound odd, but if done correctly, flowing fabric can look beautiful on your ceiling. You can even match it with the colors of your wedding—extend your colors to the ceiling. Depending on how you choose to drape the fabric, you can make it look like a warm blanket or keep it light, open, and airy. If your wedding is taking place during the daytime, you can use the fabric in part – rather than covering the whole ceiling, allow for strips of flowing fabric and then strips of tent. This will allow the bright sunlight to shine through.

Beads and Garland

Get unique with your ceiling. The decorations you choose do not have to be the norm. In fact, this is your wedding day – you want it to stand out. Here are a few ideas:

  • String crystal beads down from the ceiling to give the effect of icicles.
  • Garland of greenery or even in various colors can be strung across the tent and down poles on every side to add a splash of color to the white ceiling.
  • For rustic, outdoor weddings, use a combination of tree branches and twinkle lights to decorate the ceiling.

Flowing Flowers

Every wedding needs flowers. Most of the time they are used in table centerpieces or as decorations to line aisles. However, what about flowers flowing down from the ceiling? These magical bouquets look as though they are blooming out of the ceiling. Again, you can choose one large bouquet or smaller ones throughout the tent. Or, be a rebel and go all out – Maybe a large upside down flower bouquet over the dancefloor and smaller ones throughout the rest of the space?

For a soft, romantic glow, mix pastel flowers with a candlelight chandelier. If you are considering a tropical paradise, use bright bouquets – reds, oranges, yellows — and combine them with tiki torches along the ground. Experiment with different flower and light combinations to obtain the look that is just right for your tent wedding.

Lanterns and String Lights

Think beachside wedding, lighthouses, and lanterns. Symbolically let these lanterns guide you into your future as a happily married couple. You can decorate the ceiling with single lanterns throughout the venue. Another take on lanterns is using Japanese paper lanterns. This type of lighting gives a soft glow and symbolizes a wish for a bright future. What more could you ask for on your wedding day?

String lights are romantic on their own. Put them under a tent on your wedding day and it can take the sweet moments to new heights. You can string these lights across the tent in a bistro style or have them dangle on a clear string, appearing to be twinkling starlight. Here is an option – rent a tent with a clear ceiling and let mother nature be your backdrop with just a few string lights under the starts. It is like having a real outdoor garden party, without the risk of bad weather conditions!

Gobo Lighting

Gobo lighting is a spiffy light trick. It basically can take your boring, blank what slate of a tent ceiling and turn it in to something completely stunning. Gobo lighting uses projectors and stencils to project images through a light source and on to your ceiling. There are many ideas that you can choose to do with this sort of lighting technique:

  • Use specific words or phrases. You can project names, initials, dates, etc. onto the ceiling.
  • Tree outline. Using a tree stencil can make it look like tree shadows on the ceiling and give a neat effect.
  • Specific floral or paisley pattern.
  • Make it appear that the ceiling is water – and that you are under water when inside the tent (though this may not be good for your claustrophobic guests!).
  • Stars and the moon on the ceiling.

Use your imagination and draw your own stencils. This gobo technique is a much easier way to decorate the ceiling without having to actually decorate it! In other words – no crazy long ladders required.

You can decorate your event tent ceiling in any way you wish – it is your wedding day. The above are just suggestions to get you started. If you are daring, you can combine them together for a unique look. For example, use string lights with your fabric draping or flower bouquets and crystal chandeliers. However you decide to do it, make sure you leave a lasting impression that keeps your guests looking up!


Celebrate Valentine’s Day With a Party for Singles

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It is almost the time of year again that many people either love or hate: Valentine’s Day. If you have been pricked by Cupid, then you are likely living in a romantic fairytale right about now. However, for those who didn’t make the cut for Cupid this year, the day can bring about many “woe is me” moments, followed by a stomach ache because you have devoured 3 pints of ice cream and half of a large pizza. How about making a change this year? Instead of moping around and feeling sorry for yourself because you don’t have anyone to call your Valentine, why not throw a party? No, not the kind of party that will make your coupled friends throw their great fortune in your face. Rather, a party for you and all your single friends. You can rent an event tent and dance floor and have a blast celebrating the holiday together.

Life is too short to act depressed because the calendar says you should have a significant other on one specific day. Live it up! Party big! Be happy! Here are the best ideas for throwing a valentine’s day bash for the many single people in your life.

Why should I have a singles valentine’s day party?

The better question is – why not? Everywhere you turn this time of year, you are bombarded with pink and red hearts, chocolates, and ginormous stuffed teddy bears. If you don’t have someone to call your valentine, it doesn’t mean that you should have to spend this day alone and sans all goodies.

Getting together with others in your same boat and turning a day of potential mourning into a day of celebration – of love, life, friendship, and good times – is not something to turn down. Embrace yourself and those around you. Celebrate!

Who should I invite?

Everyone! This party does not have to be just your closest friends. Invite everyone you know (even if they aren’t single) and ask them to bring a guest or two. Make it a huge bash! Besides – Cupid just may end up introducing you or another one of your single friends to someone special!

Rent an event tent and dance floor Event tent | American Pavilion

Since you have instructed your invitees to bring guests, you are not going to know exactly how many people are going to show up for your party. Having it in your house may prove to be a terrible idea if you have a crowd. No one likes to feel like they are partying in a sardine can. However, renting out a hall may be a bit presumptuous – especially if there is a chance your invitees come alone or not at all.

The best solution? Rent an event tent. It is easy and an event tent is completely customizable. Rent a tent that fits comfortably in your backyard. If too many people show up? No problem! You can let your guests spill out into the yard, creating a relaxed party space. Tent rentals provide such a versatile space and are set up quickly.

Event tents come in all sizes and with all kinds of customizations. In fact, because Valentine’s day falls in February you can make sure that your event tent is climate controlled to keep you and your guests cozy. Whatever you do – do not forget the flooring! Dance floor, anyone?

How to decorate once you rent an event tent 

This isn’t an anti-Valentine’s Day party so that doesn’t mean you must forego all the cutesy colors and decorations that scream LOVE – pinks, reds, whites, hearts, roses, chocolates, etc. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative either. Here are a few decorating ideas:

  • Soft and cozy – decorate your space in all things V-day. Add fuzzy pillows and rugs to make a welcoming space. Light the room with candles.
  • Renaissance party – go back in time and create a castle theme. Use torches for lighting and ask your guests to dress the part.
  • Chocolate tasting party – rather than a wine tasting, have a chocolate tasting! Set up tables with different kinds and different brands of chocolate.
  • White party – turn your party into a real hoppin’ party. Ask your guests to wear all white and use black lights to decorate the space. Spin the disco ball and turn the music You and your guests can dance away your Valentine’s day blues.

Truth be told, you don’t really need a theme. You can just have a party in an event tent. It is up to you how creative you want to make it.

What should I feed my guests?Event Tent | American Pavilion

Are you wanting a sit-down dinner? Are you serving a brunch? Do you just want to serve desserts and coffee? Do you prefer a pot luck? The choice is yours! However, if you want to keep with the theme of Valentine’s day, you can do a little research online and discover some neat ideas for Valentine’s Day dishes and treats, such as stuffed strawberries, Valentine’s Day cupcakes, or you can even find recipes to make your own conversation hearts at home!

As for drinks – cocktails – pick a drink of the night. Find a recipe for something bubbly and fun. Make sure it keeps with your theme and, of course, that it has a taste most guests will enjoy.

What should we do?

So, what do you do at a singles’ Valentine’s Day party? You want to keep your guests busy. You could do the norm – listen to music, dance, mingle, play cards or board games or you can spice it up a bit with some special Valentine’s day games. How about a round of “Name that Tune,” using love songs or maybe a “Who’s Who,” game using the name of romance movies? Whatever you decide to do – keep your guests on their toes!

The point of the party is to keep your guests busy, laughing, and enjoying themselves. Some people – single or not – tend to get a bit sappy and emotional on this day. Plan your party to be one that even your most tear-filled friend can smile at and learn that this day is for everyone to enjoy and feel loved.


How to Choose the Perfect Lighting for a Clearspan Tent

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Well look who decided to host the biggest party of the year – you! You have decided to hold your event in a clearspan tent, knowing it will allow you to create the perfect space! You have been busy designing the layout for the event, picking out your theme, your decorations, your centerpieces, your food, etc. Everything seems to be falling into place.

You saved the lighting decisions for last. After all, you know what look you are going for, but you are unsure of your options and what will work best for you. Your party is taking place after the sun goes down so you must have sufficient lighting or you will have some unhappy – and possibly scared – guests!

Lighting for tents can take on many forms, depending on the look you are going for and the mood you are trying to set. Here is a list of a few of the more popular options to help you make your decision.

Setting a Romantic Mood in a Clearspan Tent

Some parties and events such as weddings, dances or balls require soft and romantic lighting. There is just something magical about outdoor, soft lighting such as light displays during winter holidays. For example, using fairy lights around your centerpieces – even placing them inside empty lanterns for a soft glow. Depending on your level of concern for fires, you may choose to use candles to light your way (or you could always opt for the flameless variety). String lights and bulbs roped across a clearspan tent in decorative fashion can add that warm glow and a giddy, romantic feel.

The Spot Light is On

Are you hosting an event that you will need a focus light? Are you wanting to display an item – a special piece of art, a cake, etc.? Are you wanting to draw your guests to a specific area once they are under the event tent? Spot lights can make that happen. When you think of these lights, don’t think solely of the light that follows your favorite musician around the stage. Think about it like this – throughout your clearspan tent you have the soft, romantic lights mentioned above, then BOOM – a single bright light shining over the wedding cake. In other words, you would use this spot light to grab attention of your guests as soon as they walk in the room.

Another idea for spot lights is to use smaller versions to hang over centerpieces on the table, letting guests see your beautiful design, while also allowing them to enjoy their meal with a dimmer light – since the light will not be focused in the middle of the table. This is known as pin spot lighting.

Colored Lights, a Disco Ball, and a Dance Floor

If you want to get funky and keep the vibe flowing on the dance floor you must kick up your light game. Lights can push the energy almost as much as music can. So, whether you are looking to have your guests waltz or do the cha cha, you may want to pay attention.

People tend to not dance as much when the venue is light. If it is dark outside, people think no one can see their dance moves. So, keeping the lighting low at the ground level is a good idea. Uplighting allows you to light from the floor upwards. At the base (the floor) it will be darker and as the lighting extends up, it branches out. This lights up a space, with most the light toward the ceiling. The great thing about uplighting is that you can usually use a variety of colors – which allows you to keep with your décor.

Wash Lighting to Get that Glow

It is likely that the clearspan tent you rented for your event will be white. However, what if you don’t want it to be so white and get creative instead? This is where wash lighting comes into play. This is a neat lighting trick that can paint the whole area a new color. Blue, pink, soft green? The choice is yours. Wash lighting does just as it says – it washes (or paints) the whole space with a color. Choose the color based on the decorations or theme of your party. You can also choose the color based on the mood you are trying to set:

Blue – calm, tranquility

Red – sultry, passion, lust

Orange and Yellow – energy, sunshine, happiness

Green – growth, freshness

Purple – luxury, royalty, power

Decorative LightsClearspan Tent | American Pavilion

If you are trying to create a space using the lighting as part of your decorations, then you are in luck! A few options are:

Chandeliers. Chandeliers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They can be hung high or low, and offer a feeling of extravagance. Many times, chandeliers can be used as the focal point in the tent.

Lanterns. If you want to keep with the outdoor feel, lanterns can help. They can add a bit of ruggedness to your beautiful event. The great thing about lanterns is how versatile they are. You can fill them with many different things – candles, 1 light bulb, fairy lights, etc. They can be placed on tables, on the floor, hung from the ceiling, etc.

Candles. Real or flameless, these things just scream romance. Candles can be used in candleholders, candelabras, in lanterns, on platters, or even by themselves. You can use 5 or 500; scented or unscented. Candles provide many, many options.

String lights. Known as “bistro style,”string lights can add a uniqueness to any event. You can choose from many different size, wattage, shape, etc., of string lights and use them as you wish. You can string them from side to side, in a design, wrap them around poles, or wrap them as balls and hang them from the ceiling for a unique look.

Lighting for your party or event can be as unique as the event itself. Once you know the mood you are trying to set, you can easily select a lighting to match. Use your imagination and make it shine!


What’s Trending in Events Today

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Society is always evolving. New ideas and fads get introduced — some stick, others disappear and are quickly forgotten. Factors for change can be anything from new technological advances to fluctuating economies to a growing and maturing population. These transformations affect all industries and the event planning sector is no exception!

Looking back over the last few decades, we can clearly see how much events have changed. For example, an event in the 1960’s would have been filled with tie-dye, flowers and peace signs, the 1970’s would likely guarantee the use of a disco ball, and the 1980’s would have showcased neon colors and big boom boxes. Trends today are much, much different – thankfully.

This year events are bringing more creativity and fresh ideas. The focus seems to have turned from acquiring stuff – a.k.a goody bags – to acquiring new, original experiences, comradeship and building lasting memories.

Below is a list of the most popular event trends thus far for 2016:

You are there, even when you aren’t

With technology always expanding, it has become so easy for guests to attend events without ever having to leave the comfort of their living room. The idea of streaming events live is soaring. With the use of a computer or smartphone, this concept allows people all over the world to watch loved ones come together for special events. Weddings, graduations, or birthdays no longer must be missed by those who cannot travel.

Streaming has done wonders for businesses, as well. It is not always feasible for management or leads to take time out of the office to travel and attend events. Providing a streaming option allows more people to join a seminar or conference without having to ever leave the office! This allows businesses to keep production moving forward, while allowing employees to learn and network at the same time.

Musicians are also jumping on this bandwagon, offering online streaming for sold-out shows or special events.

This is a trend that is likely to continue to grow with time.

Experiences over party favors

A recent trend in the event industry is moving away from party favors and goody bags. Guests are looking for memories that will last years longer than a pen or salt shaker with your name on it. How do you do this? You create a unique event that will stand out above all others. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it just must be memorable. Having a chef lead a small event crowd in cooking their own dinner, or having a bride meet her groom at the end of a slip’n slide – both are a surefire way to make memories.

Interacting with and engaging guests at the event is likely to spark a great celebration. Doing so will allow the guests to be more involved rather than, well, just a guest.

Find a space, use an event tentEvent Tent | American Pavilion

It is becoming common to use the space we have, rather than creating a new space. Perhaps it’s the tiny-house, minimalist trend, but anywhere there is room, there is a place for a party. For example, parks, empty parking lots, or vacant land.

It is a simple process to rent an event tent and set it up wherever you can find space. Not only can this save on venue fees, but it also allows the planner to have more control over the decorations, location, and setup. It is all about using your imagination and taking that bare-boned open tent space and making it something spectacular and memorable.

Forming community

This may come as a shock, but we are growing and maturing. We are coming into an era when we realize that the world doesn’t just revolve around us – no matter how much we don’t want to believe it! The importance of community and building relationships is trending right now. This used to be the case when it came to events supporting specific causes or specific industries, but now we are embracing differences and looking to build relationships.

Many events, whether business or personal, are using engaging methods to bring people together. Games and team-building strategies are both fun and effective, as are interactive themes.

It doesn’t stop at the event, though. Thanks to social media, guests are being brought together via an event page on Facebook, or trending hashtags on Twitter, etc. In fact, social media can begin engaging guests before the day of the event! What a way to network and grow!

Boom, Boom Economy

We seem to have finally grown out of the down economy we had several years ago and we are interested in spending money. This has led to an increase in the number of customizations that are going on within event planning. When preparing for an event, it is becoming a trend to move away from the norm and create a custom setting. Whether this is for a tent, a location, or a theme, it is all about being unique and inventive. Many event planners are now using a designer to take a client’s dream and turn it into a functioning event.

Classic Black Tie Affair

A perfect classic black-tie gala will always, always be trending in the event world. Its classy and ageless. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in life, getting dressed up – and having somewhere to go – always makes you feel beautiful and elegant. Pair that feeling with a fancy sit-down dinner and a glass of pinot, you have one welcoming setting. This type of event will never go out of style!

Trends are always changing, that is why we refer to them as trends. In a few years, you may look back on this and wonder why in the world you would have wanted to give up a cool party favor for a little experience or why would you want to record, post and stream your event for the internet world to see? In the meantime, we will continue to plan and host events that bring people together in beautiful, customized, unforgettable settings. What surprising trends do you see in the events industry today? Let us know in the comments below!


Planning a Rain and Sun Proof BBQ Event

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Hosting any successful event requires planning carefully for any possible contingency, and barbecues are one outdoor event that demands being ready for any type of weather. Whether you are hosting a formal corporate barbecue or a casual family reunion, planning ahead will ensure that no one gets sunburned and your food does not get drenched. As you get ready for your special event, use these tips to make sure everyone has a good time whether it rains or shines.

Select Your Meats Wisely

Barbecues are all about the meat, which means your guests will be looking forward to sampling your menu. On a rainy day, you may want to limit the amount of time that you are outside working with the grill. Fortunately, many delicious barbecue favorites cook quickly such as skinny sausages and lean meat. You can also grill boneless meats, such as chicken breasts, that you have pounded flat to tenderize and shorten the cooking time.

Consider Precooking Your Meat

It may seem like cheating, but lots of chefs precook meat in the oven before grilling. For example, ribs fall off the bone after slowly cooking them in the oven for a few hours before throwing them on the grill. Precooking indoors will help you avoid rushing through the cooking process due to the rain; yet giving the meat a few minutes on the grill will still give you that delicious barbecue flavor.

Serve Extra Sides

With any outdoor event, you should always plan for more than enough food. Set out some chips, dip and veggie trays, and consider requesting for your guests to bring some extra sides. Asking your guests to bring a side dish will help you ensure that there is plenty of food to go around, even if it takes a little extra time to finish with the meat. Everyone has a favorite barbecue recipe that they love to share, and good-natured debates about who makes the best potato salad or baked beans are great ways to encourage interaction among your guests.

Use Covers and Lids

While grilling, you will most likely be working in stages, which means that some dishes will be finished while the meat is still cooking. Try to limit the amount of foods you leave outside until it is time to eat. This way, there will not be a mad scramble to gather up dishes if a rain shower comes along. For those dishes that do stay outside, bring covers that can help keep them dry in the event of rain while also keeping the hot sun from beating down on them and changing the temperature. Just make sure that any covers you use are waterproof. Those handmade bowl covers your grandmother sewed are pretty, but they will not hold up to a heavy rain.

Plan Indoor and Outdoor Activities

It is important to give your guests options for activities so that they can get out of the rain or relentless sun if it gets uncomfortable. In addition to the typical outdoor games such as corn hole and horseshoes, set up some comfortable seating inside. Place some board games and other conversation starters around the room, so that the guests who choose to go indoors will have something to keep them engaged. If you host your event under an awning, make sure to keep your activities close to the center of the event so that wind does not blow rain onto the fun, or choose a tent with sides that can keep out any type of inclement weather.

Be Flexible With Your Timing

Although your event will likely have a defined time for your guests to arrive, try to be flexible regarding when your barbecue hits full swing. Often, storms pass quickly so waiting a few minutes to fire up the grill can make a big difference in how your food turns out. This is where those extra sides come in handy, since your guests will have something to stave off the hunger if you need to delay your start time for cooking. A little preplanning can help here as well since the hottest part of the day tends to be the same during most seasons. If you know that a big storm or heat wave is coming, then consider hosting your event at a different time of the day. For large events, simply let your guests know that shelter will be provided so that they are not tempted to stay home out of fear that the rain will cause your barbecue to be cancelled.

Set Up an Event TentEvent Tent | American Pavilion

Outdoor events always go more smoothly when there is a shelter available for guests to use as shade or to keep dry in the rain. Tent rentals can be found in a variety of sizes to fit everyone on your guest list while leaving plenty of room for mingling and activities. Depending upon the type of barbecue you are planning, you can also choose additional features to make your guests more comfortable such as temperature control. Having a shelter available helps prevent just about every weather-related concern along with others such as keeping insects away from your guest’s plates.

Keep Your Guests Dry

While an event tent will keep everyone comfortable for the duration of your event, you may add a few extra touches to make sure everyone gets to and from the shelter dry. Scatter a few extra umbrellas and one-size-fits all raincoats around your barbecue venue that everyone can use when traveling between their cars and the event tent. Alternatively, consider setting up a covered walkway between the parking area and your tent so that no one has to worry about a sudden gust of wind and rain.

One of the best parts about planning a barbecue is looking forward to spending the day outside. However, outdoor events can be as unpredictable as the weather. By planning beforehand for ways to battle the inclement weather, you can ensure that everyone on your guest list has a wonderful time whether it rains or shines on your special day.


The Best Social Media Networks to Market Your Event

 The Best Social Media Networks to Market Your Event | American PavilionWhen planning the best way to market your event over social media, it’s essential to choose which social media networks to focus on. First, you need to identify which social media channels will reach the most potential attendees. The best way to do this is to understand your event’s target audience and what social media they use the most. Use event reporting, surveys and your own observations to better understand the characteristics of your average attendee, then compare these traits to the users of top networks. Here are a few examples of social media channels and their regular users:

Facebook is the most popular social media network and has roughly 1.59 billion active users each month. This channel is most widely used by younger generations but is still the best network to reach older generations and is also slightly more popular among women.

Instagram is the perfect network to use for art festivals, food and beverage events and events that include any dancing. It has 400 million active users, most of which are millennial women. Images shared with Facebook also receive 23% more engagement than images posted directly to Facebook.

Twitter has 320 million users per month and is most popular with high-income millennials. Twitter is a great social media network to reach a young, tech savvy audience. Be aware that Twitter works at a fast pace with posts reaching their average peak at 18 minutes.

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Engaging Millennials at Trade Shows and Corporate Events

Engaging Millennials at Trade shows and Corporate Events | American PavilionAs more and more millennials enter the workforce, they are becoming a larger audience to target at trade shows. Trade shows need to begin embracing this new audience in order to continue evolving in the events industry. Here are a few ways to engage more millennials at a trade show or corporate event:

  • Make technology a priority.
  • Place a charging station in an accessible area.
  • Consider recording speakers or any other content at the event for post-event engagement.
  • Utilize social media to connect and engage with the audience.
  • Provide opportunities for attendees to network during the event.

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Steps to Organizing a Flawless Summer Corporate Event

Steps to Organizing a Flawless Summer Corporate Event | American PavilionThe summer months are an ideal time for a corporate event, especially outdoors. However, planning a corporate event can become a stressful job as you strive to plan an memorable experience with all the right elements. Here are a few tips to organizing a corporate event over the summer:

  • Save the date of the event before anything else. The summer months tend to be the most popular so establish your event’s date as soon as you can.
  • Pick the theme of the event before choosing a venue. This way you can keep your theme in mind when choosing a venue that will be able to accomplish your vision.
  • Make outdoor space a priority when deciding on a venue. Choose an outdoor venue that allow for any needs pertaining to equipment, dining and decor.
  • Set the scene with perfect ambiance. Consider what lighting will create the right atmosphere as the sun goes down and how you will keep attendees warm.
  • Planning the entertainment for the night is a great opportunity for creativity. Consider hiring aerial drink pourers or magicians that move throughout the crowd.

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Helpful Tips for Improving Attendee’s Event Experience

Helpful Tips for Improving Attendee's Event Experience | American PavilionIn a recent article, Eventbrite’s customer service team provided a few helpful tips on solving customer service issues that can have a big impact on an event.

  1. From ticket sales to entry management, moving at a fast pace can make a significant difference for an attendee’s experience. A great way to create early excitement over an event is by having early ticket sales with a discount for a limited number of buyers. You can also improve attendee’s experience by responding promptly to any attendee communication and to keep any lines at the event moving quickly.
  2. To keep an event running smoothly, prepare for the worst of unplanned situations. Make sure attendees are well aware of the event’s refund policies to avoid any miscommunication. Also, consider forming back up plans in case of unexpected weather and informing attendee’s of the protocol beforehand.
  3. A perfect time for attendees to purchase more tickets from you is when they are presently engaged with another one of your events. Sell for the future by promoting any upcoming events as soon as you can or by utilizing email newsletters as an effective marketing tool.

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Make Your Event Better By Adding These Small Details

Make Your Event Better By Adding These Small Details | American PavilionAfter planning an event, it’s important to consider putting forth extra effort and adding small details that can make your event unforgettable. Oftentimes, it’s a small but effective gesture that can completely transform an attendee’s experience. Here are a few extra touches to consider adding to an event:

  1. An effective and budget-friendly way to start an event is by greeting guests with a personalized welcome. Ask attendees to fill out a survey with pertinent information before the event, then utilize that information when welcoming them. For example, use the information by calling them by name, or by providing them with their favorite drink.
  2. Surprise attendees with an unexpected break for a sugary snack or healthy boost to keep their energy and spirits up.
  3. Provide guests with extra comfort by placing small pillows on chairs or even handing out pairs of plush socks to help them stay r throughout the event.

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