Planning an Outdoor Summer Wedding

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So, you have decided to have a summer wedding. Here is all you need to get started on piecing it together to make sure your special day is just that – special. From finding the perfect venue in a clear span tent to sending out the save-the-date invitations, read below to learn how to plan the perfect outdoor wedding.


Having a wedding during the summer means having to plan with and around the schedules of many. Since kids are out of school in the summer, most families plan vacations during that time. If you want to have a summer wedding and you want to make sure you have guests attend, you will want to make sure you send out save-the-date invitations to your guests.

Save-the-dates can be sent out six to eight months prior to the scheduled wedding date. This will provide ample time for your future guests to arrange their schedule so they will be able to see you tie the knot.

Don’t overlook this step in your preparation. You want a wedding – and you want guests to celebrate your day with you!

Use a clear span tent for the perfect outdoor venue

Okay, so you don’t have to have an outdoor wedding in the summer, but why wouldn’t you want to? Nature and the outdoors brings such a welcoming place for a celebration. Most people try to fill indoor venues with flowers – but, you can have your wedding outside amongst the flowers! Besides, having an outdoor wedding gives you ample amount of choices for location. You can rent a clear span tent and have it erected in a large backyard, an open field, a park, the beach – you name it!

Clear span tent rentals come in all shapes and sizes. You can customize your wedding tent to meet your exact needs, depending on the size of your wedding and the events you plan to partake in on your special day. For example, you are going to want to likely have seating, a food serving/prep area, dance floor and DJ location, etc.

Food for thought – best ideas for outdoor weddings

There is something about eating a heavy meal on a hot day and then feeling miserable – heavy food and outdoor heat do not mix. If you are holding your wedding outdoors during summertime, it is best to go for a light meal that will not weigh your guests down and spoil any potential fun. Here are a few ideas to consider when planning your menu:

  • Offer a mixture of light salads on a salad bar, such as crisp tossed salad, chicken salad, fruit salad, etc.
  • Go barbecue style. Have ribs, chicken, burgers, etc. on the grill, along with all the fixins’ – potato salad, coleslaw, or chips.
  • How about a cool down station? A sundae bar, popsicle stand, or a shaved ice cart.
  • Like seafood? How about serving crab, sushi, shrimp cocktail, or a crawfish boil?
  • How about serving finger foods or appetizers to keep it a light menu?

Food isn’t the only thing you want to keep light. Have you considered the beverages you will serve? Outdoor, summer weddings require staying hydrated. However, there are many light and refreshing beverages and cocktails that your guests will appreciate. Use this list to get you started:

  • Have a drink station of pre-made beverages – Fill dispensers with a ton of ice and then fill them up with things like lemonade, iced tea, sangria, fruit spritzers. To add a decorative flair, add fresh fruit to the dispensers, too.
  • Fruit-infused waters add a lovely touch to wedding receptions, as well. Water is necessary on a hot day, but the fruit spruces it up a bit.

Decide what it is you and your guests will enjoy and then make it happen. Keep it cool, light, easy, and tasty.

Make your guests comfortableClear Span Tent | American Pavilion

Just because you chose to have a wedding outside, in the middle of summer, does not mean that your guests should suffer. It’s going to be hot. Depending on where you live, it could also be humid. While your friends and family may be fans of you, they may not be fans of the heat and the sun. So, treat them and make them comfortable on your special day.

Providing fans is one of the most important things you can do for your guests. Although, clear span tent rentals can be climate controlled, when you have a lot of people in an outdoor space in the summer, it may get a little sticky. Providing area fans throughout your celebration, as well as decorative hand-held fans can add a bit of relief. If you are feeling up to the spending, purchasing personal fans for your guests will likely be much appreciated.

Sunglasses and flip flops are other things that will help guests be more relaxed. Perhaps they spent their time dressing for a wedding, rather than remembering things such as sunglasses to protect their eyes or the fact that heels and grass don’t mix. These items are cheap to purchase in bulk and can make a big, welcoming impact.

All in all, make sure your guests are protected from the elements and are staying hydrated and cool throughout the festivities.

Don’t overlook the little things

You cannot please everyone, but you sure can try. There are lots of little things that you don’t want to overlook when planning your outdoor wedding. Make sure you take into consideration the venue and the pesky things that may lead to irritable guests.

For example, bugs. Your clear span tent can have side walls that will help keep a lot of the pests away. However, with so many guests coming in and out, the bugs are likely to find their way in. That doesn’t mean they must feel welcome when they get in. Make sure you use repellent and spray the area prior to the party. Then, provide your guests with repellant wipes to stay bug-free throughout the day!

Something else you will not want to overlook is hot guests. You want them to dance and let loose, but you don’t want them passing out from heat exhaustion. Therefore, providing your guests with ice rags to put on their necks can cool them down and keep them dancing!

Put yourself in your guests’ shoes and decide what would make you most comfortable – then provide that for your guests.

Outdoor weddings can be fun and beautiful. Plan to make it memorable – and enjoyable – for all involved.


Here’s How You Can Plan an Unforgettable Corporate Event

Clear Span Tent | American Pavilion

So, you are ready to take the plunge and host the latest corporate event in your industry. You have invited many people and want to make a bold statement – as this is your make or break moment.  You want to do something different and engage your guests, rather than just have the same old boring conference with a monotone speaker and a yawning audience. There must be a way to avoid this, right? Yes! There sure is.

From renting a clear span tent to selecting the perfect theme, use the ideas below to liven up your next corporate event and raise the bar for other industry leaders in the future. Be prepared to have a blast at the hottest corporate event yet!

Use Props with a theme!

Props are awesome. They offer event-goers a chance to let loose and maybe even giggle a little bit, depending on the props and theme you choose. Here are few of the most popular:

  • Night at the movies. Complete this idea with a movie screen and projector, popcorn machine, props to include the Hollywood sign, and the walk of fame.
  • Set up a photo booth. You can use props to match your theme, say — the roaring 1920’s, casino night, 1980’s flashback, animal kingdom, etc.
  • Ice sculptures
  • Road trip. Use car prop, street signs, state backdrops, photos on postcards, etc.
  • Stress relief. Offer massages and spa services to your attendees. After all, it may be a work event, but it is also a mini vacation from the office.
  • A DIY section. Think of something that may come in handy for the folks in your industry (or just simply a fun idea) and have an area in which your guests can learn how to make their own. For example, lotions, a zen garden, stress balls, step by step painting class, etc.
  • Inflatables! These are not just for kids anymore! Instead of bounce houses, adults get inflatable money booths, bull riding, snowboard or surfboard riding, etc. Fun stuff!
  • 50’s diner themed. Complete with poodle skirts, jukeboxes, records, and checkered flooring.

The point is to make the atmosphere fun and entertaining. Sure, your guests are there to work – technically. But, sometimes it is okay to let loose when the boss isn’t looking!

Backgrounds – and photo spot

Have you ever watched celebrities walk into an award show or a benefit on the red carpet? How about turning your guests into celebrities? Have a red carpet (or any color, for that matter) and then take their picture in front of a backdrop as they arrive. You can use a backdrop that matches your theme or you can have a backdrop custom made with your company or events name and/or information on it. (The latter can turn into a great advertising tool thanks to social media).

Use the photos you take during the event and turn them into something comical or memorable. For instance, you can put the faces on bobble heads, create canvas photos, caricatures, pins and badges, etc. It is even possible to set up an Instagram station (or any social media, for that matter). As the pics are posted (with a specific hashtag) you can have video screens throughout the venue showing a continuous collage of these photos. You may also have an area when people my purchase or download copies that were professionally taken at the event.

Rent a clear span tentClear Span Tent | American Pavilion

Gone are the days of boring old hotel conference centers or convention centers. People these days look for adventure or, at the very least, something intriguing or unique. Take time to carefully select where you would like to hold your event.

A suggestion that allows you a lot of room for customization to get the exact space you want is renting a clear span tent. It is easy to do – all you need to worry about is finding a space large enough to hold the clear span tent, the attendees, and, possibly, parking. You determine the size, the layout, the location, and any other specific details and the ball starts rolling. Easy as pie! Clear span tent rentals even have all the offerings of a permanent building – flooring, walls, climate control, etc. – except it is where you want it and designed how you want it.


Who says you need one famous headliner or performer to make your event a success? That is just not the case at all. In fact, if you can keep your attendees entertained throughout the event, you are so much farther ahead.

Here is what we are talking about here:

Let’s say you have a casino-themed event. While you will have various casino games, etc., why not hire Vegas dancers to mingle among the crowd, as well as have short shows sporadically throughout the day?  Or, if you are having a circus theme, why not hire fire-eaters, jugglers, clowns, and acrobats to make their way through the crowd? If it is a tropical or island theme, you could hire belly dancers. Get the idea?

There are so many options – and even more people looking to entertain. You just have to find them!

Hire a DJ and an MC

No one can quite get a party going quite like a DJ can. People love music – especially music that makes them feel good. Hiring a DJ for your corporate event can liven the moods of your attendees and keep a joyful feeling in the air.

MC’s can be entertaining, as well. They keep order in an event. When you have a lot of guests in a large space with a lot going on, sometimes it can be hard to maintain order and reduce any confusion. An MC can be that center point of contact for attendees and help with the flow of the day.

If you use your imagination, you should be able to come up with all sorts of ideas to liven up your next corporate event. Just keep in mind that the idea is help keep the mood of your attendees elated, the feel of the event confident, and the outcome successful. Best of luck!


How to Tailgate in Style at Sporting Events

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If you are going to a football game, you are likely going to make sure you are there early enough to tailgate. After all, tailgating can be an awesome experience, filled with games, drinks, friends, and lots of food! There are several ways to prepare for a tailgate, from choosing the right food to serve to renting a clear span tent.

Want to know how to be the most hip and stylish tailgater in the parking lot? Keep reading to find out.


It’s all about presentation, presentation, presentation. You can make anything look sophisticated and delectable if you present it right. Scrap the paper plates and Styrofoam containers and splurge for real table wear. Well, wooden or metal, that is (stay away from glass). For instance, using a silver metal platter to display the hotdogs, burgers or whatever you choose to make can take the display factor up about 10 notches. So, no need to stray from your normal food course if you aren’t ready to or if it would mess with your superstitions!

If you do decide you want to make your munchies a bit more grown up, try ideas like making beer brats and gouda stuffed turkey burgers. Or, take your tailgating menu to a whole new level by picking a theme and creating a menu. For example, have tacos, guacamole, black bean dip, etc. Or a shrimp boil with crab cakes and fish dip. Even get fancy and set up a fondue feast. Your choices are endless!

Drink up!

Red solo cup? Not for a stylin’ tailgater! Who says you need to use plastic glasses or even drink out of cans or bottles? There is nothing written in the playbook that requires this. In fact, you are free to drink whatever your heart desires. Make it classy. Party and restaurant stores sell plastic barware, including margarita, highball, and martini glasses that lift you a step above those other plastic cup drinkers.

Instead of drinking beer, pick a drink of the day. Make it something fun to match the game you are tailgating for or your specific team. You can match it to the name of the mascot or pick a drink that has your team’s colors. Have fun with it, but don’t make it boring! You can even bring a blender and make it a frozen drink. Don’t forget to bring cut, fresh fruit for a garnish!

Rent a Clear Span TentClear Span Tent | American Pavilion

You are there to have a good time. Let everyone around you know this by decorating your space to reflect the same. First, because you cannot predict the weather, renting or buying a clear span tent would be an extremely good idea. This will keep out the elements and protect your food and drinks from wind and rain, as well. Clear span tents come in all shapes and sizes, so choose the best one to meet your needs and match the look you are going for. If you want to go all out, have the tent rental customized! Get your team’s logo, or color, or even have sides added for extra protection.

Then, decorate, decorate, decorate!

Things To Do

If you decide you want to watch other games or you like to watch the sports talk prior to a game, bring a TV, laptop, or other device that you can hookup and stream live feeds. Better yet – hook this up to a sound bar if you have one so that your whole gang doesn’t have to squeeze close together to get near the speaker.

Bring games to pass the time and increase the fun factor. Sure, you could play beer pong or cornhole, but everyone does that! How about a game of football trivia, travel table tennis or card games? Choose anything to keep your friends entertained and active – in an adult like, civilized manner, of course.


Depending on your location, the time of year, and the time of the game, there are a few things that you may want to include to top off your stylish tailgate experience.

  • During the evening, use lanterns or solar/battery operated string lights to set a soft mood for your space.
  • During peak sunlight hours, make sure you have shades for your eyes available – and some extras for those who may forget.
  • For chilly weather, it is always a good idea to have blankets or throws to keep warm.
  • Ponchos are a necessity if it rains. Don’t forget baggies to protect important items such as cell phones and wallets.
  • Goody bags. No, it isn’t a kid’s birthday, but creating a unique item for you and your guests to sport while you tailgate – and even at the game – is a thoughtful gesture.
  • And a first-aid kit because you just never know what could happen.

Whether you are a sports nut or not, tailgating is about coming together in support of a team with drinks, food, games, and laughter all under one clear span tent. It is up to you to tweak a regular tailgate to make it classy, stylish, and memorable. Set the bar high. But, whatever you do, do not blare 80’s music or surround yourself with screaming, half-naked, drunk football fans. There is no amount of style or class that can override that tailgate experience! Good luck!


Why Losberger is a Top Clear Span Tent Manufacturer

Losberger Tents | American PavilionIf you are looking to create an enclosed outdoor area protected from the elements, the best way to go is with clear span tents. These structures can be made in relatively small dimensions, for example for small outdoor stages or for parties, or they can encompass huge enclosures of space, serving as sports pavilions, exhibition areas, or even as temporary warehouses. What makes one of these structures a “clear span” is the fact that all of the support is engineered to be positioned around the perimeter, so that there are no central columns that will get in the way of people or objects that you want to set up. As these temporary structures are used for almost any kind of outdoor event, there are quite a few companies that manufacture them, however some companies have established an especially strong reputation.

Losberger: German Engineering at Its Finest

Losberger is one of the larger manufacturers of clear span tents, and they are known for producing quality shade structures. They first came to America with their products in the 1990s, and they are still one of leaders in the U.S. market. While other competitors came to the game afterwards, Losberger has maintained a clear position as one of the go-to makers for those who are looking for a top-notch setup. Part of what makes them so successful is their concept of semi-permanent rather than just temporary structures. Their clear span tents can remain in place for as long as you need them to.

The Advantages of Losberger Tents

 There are several aspects to losberger tents that are available from this company such as those described in the following list:

  1. Speed and Efficiency: Suppose there is a sudden need for additional event spacing, or a place to store excess materials while keeping them protected from the elements. The design of Losberger tents is such that they can be put up and taken down quickly.
  2. Economical and Sturdy Materials: The membranes used in these buildings are steel and aluminum, recyclable and lightweight. These components are reliable and secure, while being easy to afford.
  3. A Green Product: Fully recyclable materials allow for minimal waste. If your clear span is going to be used in the day time, the fabric can be set up to allow daylight inside, so that there is no need for artificial light sources. If the structure needs to be moved, it can be done with minimal energy expenditure and at a moment’s notice for maximum convenience.

These are just some of the reasons that give a sense of why people are still choosing Losberger tents when they are looking for dependable, semi-permanent clear span spaces.

Clear Span Tents Available in the U.S.

You can be sure you’re getting the best possible product if you rent from a U.S. provider that offers products of the highest quality, such as those made by Losberger. A dealer who is willing to invest in superior German engineering knows what people are looking for in a clear span tent. Make sure you look to see where the people you are renting from get their tents.

Clear Span Tent: Which Events to Use Them For

clear span tent

Clear span tents are perfect for large outdoor events. Because of the way these tents are structured, they do not have interior support columns. Since there are no interior support columns, clear span tents are able to provide a large open space for guests to enjoy. Tents that have support columns can block the view for guests, especially if you are having an event that requires a stage for speakers or performers. Continue reading “Clear Span Tent: Which Events to Use Them For”

The Best Temporary Tent Structure for Any Event


The Best Temporary Tent Structures for Any Event | American PavilionIt’s not always possible to host every event indoors. When you’re forced outside, your best option is a temporary tent structure. However, some tents don’t provide enough coverage space and could expose your guests and equipment to wind, rain and heat. If the event carries into the evening, the tent may not provide adequate lighting, causing you to plug in lamps using messy extension cords. Luckily, clear span tents provide generous coverage and features without placing obstructions in the way. Continue reading “The Best Temporary Tent Structure for Any Event”

Clear Span Tents: Practical, Cost-Effective and Attractive

Clear Span Tents: Practical, Cost-Effective and Attractive | American PavilionTent rentals are an efficient solution in a variety of situations. Whether you are hosting a garden wedding or a trade show spanning several blocks, clear span tents are a cost effective to provide shelter and demarcate areas. Many rental services offer a wide array of tent styles so that you can choose the one most appropriate for your needs.

The Space You Need

Clear span tents are among the most popular types of tent rentals. This structure is called clear span because it is constructed to provide a clear, unobstructed interior space. The clear span tent’s unique design allows it to be fully supported without any need for interior supports such as columns or poles. As a result, you have greater freedom to configure the interior space of the tent as you wish.

Safety and Durability

When choosing a clear span tent, it is important to select one that is made with high-quality materials. Because the design does not include interior supports, it is essential that the design of the peripheral support structure be solid, especially in the case of particularly large tents. A quality clear span tent will be made with fire-retardant and flexible materials such as vinyl and aluminum. In addition to ensuring proper support, aluminum beams provide the strength and flexibility to endure high winds and rain. A top-quality clear span tent is a temporary structure that can stand in the same place for several years, if needed. Be sure to ask your tent rental vendor about its tents’ compliance with local building codes – reputable vendors will only offer code-compliant tents.

Visual Appeal

Appearance is another important factor when selecting a clear span tent. Although the traditional clear span gains support from cables or ropes that are secured to the ground from outside, some advanced designs today use steel stakes instead. This enhances visual appeal, presenting a neater and sleeker appearance than the usual ropes.

Highly Customizable 

Because clear span tents are modular, they can be configured for a huge variety of sizes, shapes and surfaces. A simple addition of extra beams and panels can expand your tent or change its shape with minimal investment of labor and materials. The flexible structure allows one to compensate for issues such as uneven ground by using adjustable leg heights, shims or scaffolding flooring. Today’s tents offer many choices such as sliding walls, safety glass entrances and glass side walls to let in the light and offer an outside view. Look for tents that use safety, energy-efficient glass to cut down on heating or cooling costs for your tent.

There are many uses for clear span tents. They are convenient and attractive for outdoor events and celebrations, trade shows, conventions, markets, temporary warehousing and more. Today’s manufacturers provide a variety of accessories that make it even easier to use a clear span for your event. Customers have a choice of flooring materials, including wood and carpet for elegant affairs. Lighting options have grown increasingly sophisticated and may include spotlights or theater lighting. Ceiling panels may be available if you want to cover the roof rafters from view. Heating, cooling and power options are also available to suit a range of purposes.

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These 5 Accessories Make a Clear Span Tent Even Better

These 5 Accessories Make Clear Span Tents Even Better | American PavilionClear span tents have many advantages over traditional outdoor event spaces. For one, a clear span tent has no interior columns, support beams or other physical obstructions to get in the way. It’s also very durable and stable, withstanding heavy winds and resisting downpours. The steel stakes keep the tent firmly in place and eliminate the need for ropes and exterior obstructions around the area.

The available accessories also set these tents apart from other outdoor tents. With options such as heating and flooring, it’s possible to transform a clear span tent into an extravagant interior space for hosting many different events.

Top 5 Clear Span Tent Accessories

  1. Heating and Air Conditioning

Hosting an outdoor event often means sacrificing interior comforts such as heating and air conditioning. Even if a traditional event tent has side walls, they don’t create an insulated seal at the seams or along the ground. Therefore, the outside air seeps in and affects the overall temperature and comfort level. Clear span tents come with optional energy-efficient side walls, which keep the heating or air conditioning inside and make everyone feel more comfortable regardless of the outside temperature.

  1. Flooring

When setting up a tent, you may have to attach it to either the grass or the pavement. Hard pavement doesn’t provide the most comfortable area on which to walk or stand, and grass can cause stains on pants and shoes. Installing flooring in a clear span tent creates an inviting space and mimics the indoors. It changes the entire mood of the interior space and works well for conferences, dance events and product shows.

  1. Theater Lighting

Hosts sometimes have to close the side walls due to bad weather or to gain privacy during an event, which makes it difficult for the guests to see in minimal light. Although floor and clip lamps provide sufficient lighting, the cords get in the way and look messy in a clean space. Theater lighting not only brightens the interior but gives it a welcoming ambiance for dinner parties, stage shows and product reveals. It’s also installed as part of the clear span tent, getting the lights out of the way and making them look as a natural part of the event space.

  1. Glass Walls

Not every tent needs to have solid walls and block the outside. When outdoor events such as golf tournaments take place, it’s nice for guests to see the action from inside a clear span tent. Glass walls have an energy-efficient design and provide the ultimate view while keeping in the cool or warm air. They also block the wind from circulating inside the tent and blowing items off the tables. Glass entry doors create a cohesive look around the entire tent and provide a complete 360-degree view.

  1. Ceiling Liners

A clear span tent can have glass walls, flooring and theater lighting and still look incomplete if the rafters are visible overhead. Ceiling liners hide the rafters and any wiring that stretches across the tent. Liners often act as the final touch, producing a ceiling that makes the space look more like a real interior. They help to create an official office setting or a conference room for interviewing people or holding corporate meetings. Ceiling liners complement the flooring below and accentuate the space regardless of the event.

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What to Keep in Mind When Planning an Outdoor Event

What to Keep in Mind When Planning an Outdoor Event | American PavilionThe warmer months of the year tend to be the most popular time for outdoor events. Although outdoor events are beautiful, it’s essential to understand all that goes into organizing one. From permits to preparations for unexpected weather, here are a few tips for planning an outdoor event:

  1. Once you’ve decided the location and date of the event, get any permits required.
  2. Research the restrictions and laws of the town or city your event will be in.
  3. If your event is not being held at a pre-existing facility, keep in mind everything you’ll need to provide such as power, toilets, equipment and food.
  4. Have a meeting with all of your suppliers at the venue before the event to organize the set up of equipment and layout of the event.
  5. Consider how you can make attendees comfortable such as extra water stations and air conditioning .
  6. Any event that goes into the evening will need lighting for any pathways, exits and parking areas to keep guests safe and comfortable finding their way.
  7. A major threat to outdoor events is unexpected weather. You can prepare for both extreme heat and unexpected rain by using tent rentals to shelter guests. Some tent rentals have side walls that can protect attendees from rain or you can rent a temperature controlled tent to keep guests cool.

Click here to read the full article written by Mona Gonzalez on Eventstant.

5 Reasons to Choose Clear Span Tent Rentals for Your Next Event

5 Reasons to Choose Clear Span Tent Rentals for Your Next Event | American PavilionTent rentals come in many different sizes to accommodate most any occasion, from corporate trade shows to construction sites. The problem with some large tent rentals lies in their construction and assembly; they often have interior support columns that get in the way or interfere with your line of sight. For events that require open space without these obstructions, a clear span tent is the best option.

Why a Clear Span Tent is the Clear Choice

  1. You can install them anywhere.

Because of their modularity, you can place clear span tents most anywhere, from an uneven grass field to a paved parking lot or a rooftop. They mount to most any surface thanks to their modified leg heights and scaffolding floors, which come in handy for golf courses when you need to get off the ground for a better view of the action.

  1. Clear span tents can withstand heavy wind and rain.

Clear span tents have a weather-resistant design and prevent the wind and the rain from ruining your event. These sturdy and reliable tent rentals withstand wind gusts up to 90 miles per hour or more and can be covered with waterproof tape at the seams to keep you and your guests dry. You can also quickly pull the sides of the tent closed in case a storm pops up without notice. These tents don’t use ropes or straps to keep them standing upright and from blowing away. Instead, they feature steel base plates that are driven into the ground for improved support and rigidity.

  1. You get a clear view of the event space.

A clear span tent differs from a traditional tent in that it doesn’t have interior support beams to distract you from the view or get in the way as you walk around. Therefore, you get a complete 360-degree view of the interior space and ample room to set up stages, seating, booths and more. These large tent rentals also provide enough open space for completing construction projects on-site while staying covered during inclement weather.

  1. The optional features improve your experience.

You can get the bare minimum or go all out with a clear span tent. Why have your guests walk directly on the grass or the pavement when you can have wood or carpeted floors installed? You can also opt for glass entry doors, theater lighting and heating and air conditioning to create a luxurious event space. Other features such as ceiling liners, glass walls and power distribution are also available when you select a clear span tent.

  1. Get a tent size to fit any event.

You’re not limited when it comes to clear span tents. Whether you need a 10-foot or a 160-foot space, you can select a size that accommodates your event. The tent’s modular design makes it easy to create most any length, shape or size for setting up a single booth or creating a concert space for a large crowd.

A clear span tent gives you the freedom to transform most any outdoor area into a covered and reliable event space. With weatherproofing and available options such as wood flooring, glass side walls and theatre lighting, you can entertain your guests and host a memorable event anywhere you can imagine.

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