Here’s How You Can Plan an Unforgettable Corporate Event

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So, you are ready to take the plunge and host the latest corporate event in your industry. You have invited many people and want to make a bold statement – as this is your make or break moment.  You want to do something different and engage your guests, rather than just have the same old boring conference with a monotone speaker and a yawning audience. There must be a way to avoid this, right? Yes! There sure is.

From renting a clear span tent to selecting the perfect theme, use the ideas below to liven up your next corporate event and raise the bar for other industry leaders in the future. Be prepared to have a blast at the hottest corporate event yet!

Use Props with a theme!

Props are awesome. They offer event-goers a chance to let loose and maybe even giggle a little bit, depending on the props and theme you choose. Here are few of the most popular:

  • Night at the movies. Complete this idea with a movie screen and projector, popcorn machine, props to include the Hollywood sign, and the walk of fame.
  • Set up a photo booth. You can use props to match your theme, say — the roaring 1920’s, casino night, 1980’s flashback, animal kingdom, etc.
  • Ice sculptures
  • Road trip. Use car prop, street signs, state backdrops, photos on postcards, etc.
  • Stress relief. Offer massages and spa services to your attendees. After all, it may be a work event, but it is also a mini vacation from the office.
  • A DIY section. Think of something that may come in handy for the folks in your industry (or just simply a fun idea) and have an area in which your guests can learn how to make their own. For example, lotions, a zen garden, stress balls, step by step painting class, etc.
  • Inflatables! These are not just for kids anymore! Instead of bounce houses, adults get inflatable money booths, bull riding, snowboard or surfboard riding, etc. Fun stuff!
  • 50’s diner themed. Complete with poodle skirts, jukeboxes, records, and checkered flooring.

The point is to make the atmosphere fun and entertaining. Sure, your guests are there to work – technically. But, sometimes it is okay to let loose when the boss isn’t looking!

Backgrounds – and photo spot

Have you ever watched celebrities walk into an award show or a benefit on the red carpet? How about turning your guests into celebrities? Have a red carpet (or any color, for that matter) and then take their picture in front of a backdrop as they arrive. You can use a backdrop that matches your theme or you can have a backdrop custom made with your company or events name and/or information on it. (The latter can turn into a great advertising tool thanks to social media).

Use the photos you take during the event and turn them into something comical or memorable. For instance, you can put the faces on bobble heads, create canvas photos, caricatures, pins and badges, etc. It is even possible to set up an Instagram station (or any social media, for that matter). As the pics are posted (with a specific hashtag) you can have video screens throughout the venue showing a continuous collage of these photos. You may also have an area when people my purchase or download copies that were professionally taken at the event.

Rent a clear span tentClear Span Tent | American Pavilion

Gone are the days of boring old hotel conference centers or convention centers. People these days look for adventure or, at the very least, something intriguing or unique. Take time to carefully select where you would like to hold your event.

A suggestion that allows you a lot of room for customization to get the exact space you want is renting a clear span tent. It is easy to do – all you need to worry about is finding a space large enough to hold the clear span tent, the attendees, and, possibly, parking. You determine the size, the layout, the location, and any other specific details and the ball starts rolling. Easy as pie! Clear span tent rentals even have all the offerings of a permanent building – flooring, walls, climate control, etc. – except it is where you want it and designed how you want it.


Who says you need one famous headliner or performer to make your event a success? That is just not the case at all. In fact, if you can keep your attendees entertained throughout the event, you are so much farther ahead.

Here is what we are talking about here:

Let’s say you have a casino-themed event. While you will have various casino games, etc., why not hire Vegas dancers to mingle among the crowd, as well as have short shows sporadically throughout the day?  Or, if you are having a circus theme, why not hire fire-eaters, jugglers, clowns, and acrobats to make their way through the crowd? If it is a tropical or island theme, you could hire belly dancers. Get the idea?

There are so many options – and even more people looking to entertain. You just have to find them!

Hire a DJ and an MC

No one can quite get a party going quite like a DJ can. People love music – especially music that makes them feel good. Hiring a DJ for your corporate event can liven the moods of your attendees and keep a joyful feeling in the air.

MC’s can be entertaining, as well. They keep order in an event. When you have a lot of guests in a large space with a lot going on, sometimes it can be hard to maintain order and reduce any confusion. An MC can be that center point of contact for attendees and help with the flow of the day.

If you use your imagination, you should be able to come up with all sorts of ideas to liven up your next corporate event. Just keep in mind that the idea is help keep the mood of your attendees elated, the feel of the event confident, and the outcome successful. Best of luck!


Event Marketing With No Money

Event Marketing with No Money | American Pavilion

These days there are so many different options to get your name, business, and ideas out to the world.  Event Marketing is extremely important to ensuring your event is a success and the people who hired you are happy. There are ways to market your event with no money and still have it go off be great.

Build up your brand on social media. Make sure you are targeting the right people in the right cities and demographics. Consider inviting those that are considered taste makers like bloggers and social media stars. Having these people at the event will help to promote your event and depending on how well it turns out, these people will be great to have at future events to attract their followers. Make friends with the writers of magazines, local papers, anything that fits in to the scheme of things. Create an email list to keep those that attended interested in other events you put on.

Making sure your guests are enjoying themselves is what it all comes down to. A successful event will be the talk of the office, town, and social media. The grassroots methods and word of mouth are two of the best keys to have in the ways to market your event with no money.


For more information on event marketing with no money visit the Event Manager Blog HERE







• What exactly is Labor Day and why do we celebrate it? Is it a day spent at the beach, possibly viewing your town’s parade, or maybe lounging on the couch, serial watching your favorite TV series on Netflix? Yes, it’s all that, but it’s also much more. Labor Day was officially memorialized in 1887 for “contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of” the United States. It’s easy to overlook all that America has accomplished with good old-fashioned labor; engineering feats like the Transcontinental Railroad, Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Interstate Highway System. Yes, we all have much to thank for the Puritan work ethic that still embodies many an American worker

• I’m as guilty as most; sure, I think about labor-day, but then I quickly go about my day enjoying a short respite from work. Labor is labor, and all workers deserve to celebrate a day off to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Those of us in the tent rental and special events business certainly know the meaning of hard work. From swinging a sledge hammer to setting tables and chairs, hard work is what we do, every day, no matter how tired or sore we are from the day before.

• I think if the organizers of early American workers could see America today they would be proud of the foundation that they built; a foundation that has allowed America to grow and prosper to a degree which those of yesteryear could only dream. So here’s to all workers, from the past, the present and the future; work hard, work smart and most importantly, enjoy your holiday.




It has been a few years since I wrote about how businesses are faring in the tent rental and special event rental industry as the economy climbs out of the Great Recession. I have a number of close relationships with company owners across the country that I work with throughout the year. These relationships give me insight into how businesses are faring across the country and within the many niches of the tent rental industry.

Tents are rented for a variety of reasons; for special events, corporate meetings, product introductions, construction projects, weddings, environmental remediation, site preparation, sporting events, military training, disaster relief, etc.

At American Pavilion we focus on a wide variety of tents, with a concentration on clear span tents. These clear spans may be used any time a portable fabric structure is needed for a few days or up to years at a time. A majority of our work is commercial with dozens of Fortune 500 corporations asking us to crisscross the country for various events.

American Pavilion also specializes in long term rentals for construction projects and long-term warehouse storage fabric structures (clear span tents). We also provide equipment for almost every type of special event nationwide, which gives us a unique insight to the economy at the macro level.

What I have seen, anecdotally, is a definite increase in a variety of rentals, from construction to corporate meetings as well as special events like social and sporting events. Not only have the number of clients increased this year but their orders have been increasing in size since the dearth of the Great Recession beginning in 2008. This view regards both my company as well as many of my friends and competitors across the country.

I believe that the U.S. economy is in a slow growth period as it works through the excesses of the early Aughts as well as attempts to deal with unprecedented monetary policy from the federal government.

2015 will be the busiest year for American Pavilion since 2009. Each year since 2009 has seen small increases in sales for my company. American Pavilion had to increase its sales and marketing budget to compensate for less overall business. I have seen a number of friends and competitors close shop over the past six years due to an inability to adapt as well as a lack of available capital.

While that may sound callous, that is the nature of a capitalist financial system. Companies must adapt and overcome, or they will be replaced with newer and wiser competitors. A bit harsh, yes, but it is what makes our financial system stronger, and why the United States has the strongest post war economy in the world.

I doubt that we are out of the economic woods, and we are currently living on borrowed time. The average economic expansion, post war, is 58 months, and we are currently in the 70th month of expansion. Good economic times come and go, but sound business practices never change. Knowing one’s customers’ needs, one’s job costs on every job and the proper allocation of capital, is especially important in a muted economic cycle.

Most American tent rental and special event companies will continue to grow, and a few will thrive as we all battle this “New Normal”. As I plan for the future outcome of my business I am reminded of George Santayana’s quote, that “those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. As a caveat, I will add that most over-leveraged companies will not get a second chance when the next recession occurs.

American Pavilion has survived two World Wars, many military battles, the Great Depression, bank runs and much more. We are still here, going strong, after 113 years. Our history has not been written yet, that will be for future generations. American Pavilion will continue to “fight the good fight”, and we “will finish the race”. Excellence since 1902. 1.800.424.9699



• Tent structures is a generic term for a variety of different types of tents. “Isn’t there only one kind of tent”, you ask? Years ago, tents were like Henry Ford’s Model T’s; they came in one model and one color. Today there is a plethora of choices for your event. Rental tents come in almost every color and shape and you are only limited by your imagination.

• Clear span tents are one of the most popular tent structures for corporate events, product displays, large concerts, construction projects and temporary storage. Clear spans tents are the most weather resistant “tents” on the market and are often chosen because of their strength and ability to withstand all but the most extreme weather, with little to no maintenance. Clear span tents come in a variety of sizes and can be floored, air-conditioned, lighted, etc.

• Pole tents are another type of tent structure that are popular for social events, like parties and weddings, due to their aesthetic appeal. Also, they are installed rather quickly and are offered in a variety of sizes and colors.

• Tension structures straddle both the pole tent market and permanent installation market. These tent structures distribute the tension throughout the fabric roof instead of just the tension bands, like in a non-tension pole tent. Rental tension structures come in a variety of sizes.

• Frame tents are traditionally installed using a framework of round or rectangular tube. These tent structures have a frame that provides the strength, with fabric covering the top and sides. Frame tents are often smaller and can be found at outdoor events like small parties, festivals or as support tents for large clear span tents.

• There are still other tent structures; such as pop-up canopies, etc. These types of tents are generally quite small and are used for very short periods of time and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

American Pavilion, nationwide excellence since 1902.


resized-warehouse-tent-clear-span-tent-temporary-warehouse clearspan-construction-tent


Industrial tents are used for a variety of commercial applications throughout the world. In the United States, industrial tents are used year-round in the oil and gas industry and for construction projects including excavation, pouring footings, foundations and concrete pads.

Industrial tents are also used on job sites for equipment refurbishing, as lunch tents, break and safety meeting tents, road salt storage tents, inventory storage tents, home building and oil and gas drilling and repair tents.

Industrial tents are also used for additional storage at manufacturing plants, usually because renting an industrial tent is less expensive than building a permanent building or because the storage space may only be needed for a few months or perhaps a year.

I received phone calls the last two years from a client that needed to build a hotel in North Dakota during the winter! He asked how I could help him, so American Pavilion installed an industrial clear span tent that was 100 feet wide and 248 feet long. The client was able to excavate, pour concrete and even build the entire first story of the hotel, all under a heated, industrial tent.

American Pavilion rented an industrial tent that is over 15,000 square feet for a U.S. government facility. That industrial tent was also a clear span and has been installed for over four years, with little maintenance. This client asked me to install lighting, HVAC and even fire suppression equipment, things that American Pavilion provides on a regular basis.

Our industrial tents  are manufactured to meet all U.S building and fire codes and they are installed quickly without special foundations of any type. Uses for industrial tents are only limited by your imagination so call the market leader of industrial tents today. Industrial tents from American Pavilion can be installed anywhere, anytime. Excellence since 1902.


clear-span-tent-american-pavilion-temporary-warehouse-fabric-structure Corporate-Clearspan-Tents


• I’m often asked what I do for a living. “I rent tents” I reply, “specifically clear span tents”. This is usually followed by a blank look and silence or for the slightly more curious, I’m asked “what is a clear span tent”? A “Clear Span” is defined as “a type of building, tent or warehouse that consists of vertical support columns around the outer perimeter of the structure with clear spaces between all support columns”. What does that really mean when describing a clear span tent? Clear span tents are designed with aluminum roof rafters which are connected with aluminum or steel purlins. This is very similar to how a permanent steel building is built, except with a clear span tent the materials are high grade, lightweight aluminum and steel alloys, for added strength. There are no interior or exterior support columns anywhere in the tent. The space inside is completely clear span with nothing to obstruct people or equipment.

• Odds are that you have been inside or at least seen a clear span tent at some point. They are a staple at almost every professional sporting event as well as corporate meetings, product displays, weddings, temporary warehouses, etc.

• One of the first questions that potential clients ask is, what are the benefits of a clear span tent over a pole tent or a pipe frame tent. I guess you could say I’m biased toward clear spans, for reasons that I list below. Clear span tents, also known as fabric structures or just structures, are designed to have the best characteristics of permanent structures yet they are manufactured to be lightweight, portable, easily installed and meet all U.S. and European building and fire codes. Clear span tents don’t require site preparation, unlike permanent buildings, and they do not require footings or foundations.

• One of my favorite benefits of clear span structures is that they can be installed in as little as one day, depending on the size, and are generally stored on semi-trailers so that they are ready at a moment’s notice. Twenty to thirty thousand square feet can be stored on a single American Pavilion trailer (we have dozens) and can be transported anywhere in North America and the Caribbean. An experienced crew can install upwards of 20,000 square feet of clear span tents per day. A single American Pavilion crew can cover an entire football field in less than two days.

• There are very few companies that have the skilled crews, large inventories and the logistical ability to provide every size clear span tent on the market, anywhere and anytime a client desires. In fact, there are fewer than half a dozen companies in the entire United States that are able to provide engineered clear span tents in any size, anywhere in the country. I did not wake up one morning and decide to rent a clear span tent. I started with one tent, then over the past 25 years I grew my inventory, worked on perfecting installation techniques, purchased dozens of semi-trucks and manufactured millions of square feet of tent fabrics. Needless to say, it’s an extremely capital intensive business that requires a specific skill set involving logistics among other skills.

American Pavilion was the first company in the country to rent and sell clear span tents. We began in 1902 making custom manufactured canvas products, then evolved to renting circus style canvas tents and now we are the leader in clear span tents; from the smallest to the largest on the market. Our Losberger and Hocker clear span tents are of the highest quality, using only the best aluminum and steel alloys along with some of the strongest coated vinyl fabrics available. These clear span tents can be installed for as little as a few days or as long as ten years, all with very little maintenance.

Clear span tents are perfect for corporate meeting and product displays, American Pavilion have done hundreds over the years. Clear spans are also perfect for temporary warehousing, commercial storage, social and sporting events, event tent rentals, oil and gas industry rentals, lunch tents, break tents and meeting tents on jobsites, just to name a few of their many uses.

Clear span tents can also be installed with heavy duty flooring, lighting, personnel doors, heavy equipment roll-up doors, air-conditioning and heat, electrical distribution, power (generators and shore power) fire suppression equipment, etc. If it is available in a permanent steel building, it is available in a clear span tent. Please view our website or place a call to (1.800.424.9699) so that we may help you with your rental needs including clear span tents. “Excellence since 1902”.



American Pavilion is currently providing clear span fabric structures for a series of concerts across the United States. From coast to coast, American Pavilion is providing rental fabric structures in a number of cities in a variety of sizes. These Losberger and Hocker fabric structures serve as stage covers, backstage preparation areas, food service and memorabilia sales.

Contracted by one of the largest concert promoters, American Pavilion was chosen to provide fabric structures in various sizes for all their concert needs. Our fabric structures are clear span so there are no interior poles to block views of attendees or get in the way of the stage. Also, American Pavilion has one of the largest inventories of clear span fabric structures in the country. Our fleet of trucks and crews have decades of training in the safe installation of structures, and because of our competitive pricing, American Pavilion was an easy choice for the concert promoter.

Fabric structures are modular and can be installed quickly in almost any size needed, beginning with structures as small as 100 square feet up to 100,000+ square feet and every size in between. American Pavilion literally has thousands of different sized fabric structures.

American Pavilion even has in-house manufacturing specialists that can construct custom sized fabric structures to meet any need. Our fabric structures can be installed on almost any terrain, from parking lots to undulating, grassy areas. We have the ability to cover shrubs, trees, light poles and a number of other impediments.

Our fabric structures have a number of available options that can make them as comfortable as permanent facilities. American Pavilion can provide a number of types of flooring, from reinforced plywood with carpet, to raised and laser-leveled heavy duty flooring. Almost any style carpet is available to cover the flooring. Various types of lighting are also available, from general lighting to studio quality specialty lighting. Do you need glass entry doors? American Pavilion has dozens of rental glass doors specifically designed for fabric structures. If you desire air-conditioning, heat, power distribution or generators, American Pavilion is the only call you need to make.

American Pavilion inventories all of its own fabric structures along with every option listed above plus a number of other options. There is no need for us to sub-contract any equipment from other companies as this can often be problematic. One call gets you 113 continuous years and four generations of experience in the rental business along with state of the art rental equipment, a fleet of trucks and scores of installers that are the most well trained in the business. No matter what type of event or end use, American Pavilion’s clear span fabric structures are the best choice for any short or long term need. Call 800.424.9699 to get started with the first company in the country to provide fabric structures nationwide. 




Tents and events go hand in hand as you can rarely have one without the other. American Pavilion has been providing a variety of tents for events since our founding in 1902. The types of event tents is almost unlimited; tents for concerts and music festivals, event tents for corporate meetings and product displays, tents for weddings and parties, commercial tented events and tents for company picnics are just a few of the many uses.

• What are the types of tents and events? There are many types of tents for rent, lease or sale; including but not limited to clear span tents, pole tents, tension tents and pipe frame tents.

Clear span tents are perfect for events since they can be installed quickly, are extremely weather resistant, have no interior poles or exterior guy-lines, and can be installed in almost any width and length, from 100 square feet to over 100,000 square feet. Clear span tents for events can be outfitted with many types of accessories including flooring, carpeting, lighting, fabric roof liners, glass sides, entry doors, temporary air conditioning and heat, generators and power distribution.

Pole tents for events are also a popular choice as they come in a variety of colors and have an attractive look due to the tents high peaks which are supported by large interior poles. Pole tents are generally used for short periods but their weather resistance is not always as good as clear span tents. A pole tent can withstand strong weather but they are not engineered to withstand the most severe weather like many clear span event tents. The interior support poles can at times block views for guests and disturb the flow of guests, speakers and servers. Pole tents may come with side walls that can be opened or closed quickly depending on the weather.

Tension tents for events are similar to pole tents because they come in a variety of colors and have attractive peaks running down the center of the tension tent due to the interior support poles. Tension tents are designed so that when installed, the tension that keeps the tent stretched properly is dispersed evenly throughout the fabric roof as opposed to the tension only being placed on support webs as in a pole tent. This over-all tension allows for a wide variety of designs and sizes.

Pipe frames for tented events are a good choice for small backyard affairs where you need to keep a handful of people out of the sun or a mild rain. They are installed using an aluminum pipe frame and covered with a tent fabric to cover the roof and sides of the pipe frame tent. This is the least expensive rental option for tented events but they are limited to smaller sizes, lack the robust engineering of a clear span event tent and are probably the least weather resistant of the four tents mentioned.

• As you can see, there are a variety of tent structures for your event and it is best to speak with a professional to determine which tent will best solve your challenges and fit within your budget. American Pavilion is a nationwide supplier for events, and we would be happy to discuss any questions that you may have. Please visit us at or call 1.800.424.9699.