Tips to Benefit Your Fundraising Event

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For one reason or another, you have decided that you need to raise money. It doesn’t matter whether it is for your business, your kid’s scout troop, a non-profit side project of yours, or for a personal matter. What does matter is how you are going to raise money.

Pay attention to the tips below and see if they may be able to help you decide the best way to raise the funds you need.

Why fundraising is important

Fundraising does just what it says – it is raising funds. Fundraising occurs for all sorts of reasons. In schools, kids participate by selling candy bars or wrapping paper to earn money for trips or new uniforms, etc. Businesses and nonprofits have fundraisers to raise money for much needed equipment and supplies. Communities may hold a fundraiser to raise money for a resident who has a medical need or has fallen on hard times.

Even though these are all very different situations, they all have a common need: to raise money for something that they see as important. And there is always a following of supporting individuals that want to help. Without the opportunity for fundraising, many organizations and communities would be missing out on some important – and possibly lifesaving – items.

How an event structure a can help: Bigger IS better

When you decide to have a fundraising event, you will need to decide on your location. Something to keep in mind is that you may not have an exact number of how many people will show up to your event. And, let’s face it – the more people, the more potential there is to raise money. So, the more the merrier! Therefore, you are going to need to have space to accommodate all your guests. Don’t forget you will also need to account for room for your volunteers that will be helping with organizing and executing the event.

What does all this mean? You will need a versatile space.

Renting an event structure can offer the perfect solution. It gives you a covered space with all the conveniences of a real building, but it is flexible in case you get an overflow of attendees! Event structures can have flooring, side walls, and can even be climate controlled – which can help combat bad weather conditions. Not to mention that event structures come in all sizes. So, you are sure to find the perfect space!

Now all you need to do is decide what kind of fundraiser you are going to have!

Hire a band or have a talent show

Music always brings people together and is a great way to fundraise. Most local bands are looking for gigs to book and may agree to perform at your event for a reduced fee or even for free! If you are feeling ambitious, you could book a couple of bands and keep the music going – make it a mini music festival fundraiser! Bands from different genres could also draw different crowds. A plus to this route is that if you are worried about the turnout at your event, most bands have their own regular following which can be a great perk!

If your crowd is more daring, you could have a talent show. Plan well in advance and have people sign up to participate. Award prizes in different categories, have judges, make it fun. Having an event structure for your fundraising event means that you can have space for a dance floor and a stage.

So how can you raise money with either of these events? Charge an admission fee, sell food and drinks, and sell tickets to raffles (with donated items) and 50/50 games of chance.

Auction anyone?Fundraising Event | American Pavilion

If you have a rather large following, reach out and see if you can obtain donated items for an auction. It can be a simple auction or can be combined with a dinner or live music. Have your guests bid on the items. It helps to draw a crowd if you can get an individual or company to donate an extravagant item to be auctioned.

You can charge an admission fee and for any food or drink items you decide to sell.

Dress up for a formal dinner

People like to have a reason to dress up. Why not give it to them? Getting fancy for a good cause can make people want to spend money. Organize a formal dinner – either home-cooked or catered – and charge for those tickets. Promise your guests a night of dinner and dancing. Or, if possible, hire a relevant speaker, and sell tickets to dinner and a show.

Make sure you decorate your event space to match the event. After all, you don’t want your guests in tuxedos and formal gowns while sitting on metal folding chairs and eating on paper plates. If you spend the money to make your space magnificent, then your guests will be willing to purchase your tickets. In other words, it may cost you more to decorate and have this type of event, but you will also be able to charge more for tickets.

Consider combining this formal dinner with a silent auction of donated goods to raise additional funds.

Friendly competition or race

Remember those days of the all-night dance ‘til you drop? Or how about the jumping jack challenge? A 5k race? These types of events can make good fundraising methods, too. You can organize an event that consists of a race or a competition. Advertise your event and ask people to sign up and participate.

The participants will then reach out to the people they know with the hope of getting sponsors. For instance, if you choose to have a race, the participant will obtain donations from people supporting that individual in his or her efforts to complete your challenge. Make sense?

To be successful, you must choose a competition or race that interests you and your target audience. Then, go for it! Just don’t forget to have prizes for the winners!

Fundraising can be fun – it doesn’t have to be tedious. Brainstorm and decide what you think people will be more interested in and do it!

5 Events that are Better with a Tent Rental

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When you want to have a party or get-together, one of the first things you must decide is where you will hold the event. You likely have an idea of what you are hoping the party will be like – the theme and décor, the vibe, the time of day, how you want it set up. Maybe you even know what you will wear! Before you spend all your time looking at hotel conference rooms, banquet halls, park pavilions, or personal living space – how about you consider a tent rental? Let’s face it – the “normal” spaces are boring and everyone rents them. Perhaps it is time for you to step outside the box and give your guests a more unique experience –without that crazy banquet room carpet.

Deciding to go with a tent rental for your next event means that you can decide on a location anywhere – vacant lots, parking lots, backyards, parks, etc. Find a space big enough for your event and erect your tent. If you are still on the fence about whether a tent rental would be the best idea for your event, here are five events that are made even better by choosing to use a tent!


When you think about outdoor weddings, you likely think of a beautiful nature backdrop to the big day and dancing the night away under the stars with a soft glow of string lights. Then you probably think about how the biggest rain storm could just happen to form and ruin the day you waited your whole life for.

So, what if you could have your cake and eat it too? Meaning – you can still have your outdoor wedding and if Mother Nature wants to throw a fit, let her! That is where a tent rental comes in to play. See, you can have your wedding outdoors, with all the convenience of being indoors.

Tent rentals provide you with walls to protect from the outdoor elements and a dance floor to get down with your wedding party and guests. Decorating can be easy, as a tent is an open canvas – allowing you to set up the layout just as you have always imagined. Problem solved!

BrunchTent Rental | American Pavilion

Brunch is a wonderful time to get together with friends, family, and colleagues. Especially during the spring time when the weather is warming, the trees are starting to return with a breath of life, and flowers are blooming in shades of the brightest colors. People want to be outdoors. So much so that holding a brunch and blockading everyone in your dining room seems a bit suffocating.

While it is a beautiful time of year, it is also often rainy. You will want to make sure you have some sort of cover for your guests just in case. If you have a large backyard, consider renting a tent to hold your brunch. It is sure to make it a winning experience for everyone involved.

Cocktail Party 

Cocktail parties are fun get-togethers that allow you to avoid the formal sit-down full-dinner type events and lean more toward tapas while your guests sip their adult beverage of choice. These parties involve a lot of mingling. They also tend to involve a lot of music and a little dancing.

You don’t need a fancy hall to have a cocktail party. In fact, that seems a bit boring. You can decorate a tent, giving a soft, warm, slightly-seductive ambience to your cocktail party. Outdoor parties seem to liven the mood. Spills or other accidents – will be much easier to handle outside, rather than inside…especially if your other option was to have the party in your own home!

Networking Events

Networking events also work well in tent rentals. Why? Because you never know how many people are going to attend. Many times, these events are not by reservation or invitation. And, even if they are, colleagues usually invite others who invite others who send an email blast inviting others and, before you know it, you are overloaded. Many people choose to come for the freebies – the food, drinks, and entertainment – while hoping to score at least one new contact.

Choosing a tent for networking events allows your overflow to spill out into the open areas. Tents are customizable and can be as large as your space will allow. If you still need more room, the sides come up, allowing your guests to feel free and able to move.

Kids’ Birthday Parties

Imagine it: A party of 25 six-year-olds, hyped on sugar, running from one end of your house to the other. You will be on edge secretly waiting for the first sound of the crash of one of your precious items – or kids. Combine that with messes, crowded games, and spilled Kool-Aid – and you will be thankful that you are reading this article.

When you have your next kid’s birthday party – rent a tent. Just do it and don’t even think twice. The tent will provide ample space for kids to run. It offers open space for a variety of party games, without having to worry about things getting broken. Forget about having to pin the tail on the donkey – an outdoor party will give you the freedom for such games as:

  • Potato sack races
  • Three-legged races
  • Egg and spoon race
  • Limbo
  • Apple bobbing
  • Treasure dig

And let’s not even mention the high-pitched squeals of those 25 six-year-olds – this sounds so much better when combined with open air instead of four concrete walls. The other parents will thank you.

Choosing a Tent Rental

The good news is that it doesn’t even matter what time of year you decide to party. Tent rentals come in many shapes and sizes – depending on what you are looking for. You have the option for walls, flooring, and climate control. The tent will keep your guests safe from outside elements, while allowing you to relax and enjoy your party worry-free.


Welcome Spring With an Outdoor Event


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Spring time is fast approaching. That means it is time for the winter weather to find its way out of town and for the warmer festivities to commence! This time of year is almost symbolic of renewal, as the outdoors seem to breathe out a new sense of life. It is colorful and embracing. If you find yourself stuck in the house doing your “spring cleaning,” why not gather all your friends, family, and an event structure to join nature and welcome Spring? Think about it — a party sounds like more fun!

An event structure makes the perfect space

Unfortunately, as much as you are ready to enjoy the warmer air outdoors, “April showers bring May flowers”which can make outside activities a bit wet. Don’t let that stop you from celebrating! It is easy to keep things moving with a event structure.

Event structures can offer you the best space to hold your spring time celebration. Depending on the size of your space at the park or even your backyard, these tents can be customized to meet your exact specifications. In fact, you can specify the size, the layout, the flooring, sidewalls, etc.

Climate control for these buildings is also an option. They are a surefire way to have all your guests over to enjoy the fresh air, while also being safe from any lingering not-so-friendly weather elements.

Spring time party ideas

Having a Spring time party isn’t necessarily the most common thing to do so you may need a few ideas to get you started. Here are a few themes and ideas to get your guests out of the house and into your backyard:

  • The idea is to be outside after spending a winter cooped up inside. Make sure to plan your party for the daytime so everyone can enjoy the outdoors and, of course, the sunshine.
  • Make it a brunch! It’s the start of a new day – the morning is crisp and bright, and brunch doesn’t mean your guests must get up too
  • Since Spring is all about flowers, why not have a garden party? You can still use your tent or event structure and no, you don’t need to have an actual garden. Instead, create your space to meet your party. It’s all about effect.
  • Have a floral arrangement party. Hire an expert to come and give a tutorial to you and your guests on how to create a beautiful floral arrangement. This is a time to come together to socialize, learn a new skill, and get something special to take home.
  • Go tropical and have a luau. You can even request that your guests come dressed in theme! Fire up the grill and get your limbo stick ready. Oh, and don’t forget the grass skirts!

There are many things that you can do to ring in Spring. It doesn’t have to be formal or extravagant – it just has to be fun and relaxing! So, keep your eye on that when planning.

Decorating your spaceiStock_000009597805_Small

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Spring? Flowers, of course! After all, isn’t that what Spring is all about? All the flowers and trees and plants come back to life, showing off their bright colored hues of reds, pinks, purples, yellows, oranges, etc. Why not choose to decorate based on this refreshing burst?

Use bright dishes, silverware, and table cloths. Line your perimeter with bright flowers, such as the Tulip, Daffodil, Pansy, Hyacinth, Sweet Pea, Lilac, Peony, or Amaryllis. You may even want to hang some of these plants from the ceiling — to lift the color up against the white ceiling.

Make sure you create centerpieces, as well, for your tables. Depending on your theme, combining flowers with simple craft projects can leave your guests in awe. For example, adding food coloring to a clear vase and inserting a couple white Daffodils. Mix up the food coloring to keep the area colorful! Simple and fun.

Planning the menu

You have got to make some good food. You have invited your guests to take part in your Spring fling, they are going to want some goodies, too. Here are a few ideas to get you going in the kitchen:

  • Grill out! Make it an informal dining experience by firing up the grill and cooking the food while your guests are arriving. Let’s face it – the smell of food on the grill gets everyone in the outdoor party mode. Have sides prepared in advance and keep them simple – salads, chips, fruit, etc. Choosing to go this route gives you more time to focus on your guests.
  • Combine breakfast and lunch and have brunch! Serve both breakfast foods and small lunch items. You can even get nifty and create an omelet station.
  • Keep the food light as it is day time get together, not a heavy seven-course sit-down dinner.
  • Allow your guests the chance to serve themselves buffet-style can also create a more informal setting.
  • Offer a set selection of beverages to choose from, such as water, coffee, tea, lemonade, or juice. You can also create a light, signature, bright-colored adult beverage of the day.

Plan activities

Now that you have everyone together, what will you do? First, mingle. Spend time with the people you may not have seen for a while due to the cold, the holidays, etc. and chow down on some good food. If the rain holds off, you can always play some fun yard games. For example – cornhole, horseshoes, croquet, football, baseball, or even volleyball or Badminton! If games aren’t your thing, then put on some music and dance.

The whole idea is to come together and enjoy the freshness and the clean, crisp air. Breathe in the aromas and the colors of spring while surrounded by the people who make your life happy. Having a Spring get together should be fun, not tedious. If you include elements of the season and combine them with your outdoor setting and an event structure, your guests are in for a real treat.

Large Tent Rentals that will Survive Extreme Weather

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Extreme weather happens and there isn’t a thing you can do about it. Well, let’s just say you cannot stop it or change it, but you can adapt. For example, you can change your routine. If you know the weather is supposed to be extreme in the evening, you can make sure you complete what you need to do early so you are out of the rough weather when it hits. You can also decide to switch up your wardrobe to match the weather conditions – sweaters, raincoats, boots, shorts, umbrellas, etc. Or, of course, you can just stay indoors and avoid the weather altogether.

But, what can you do when that isn’t an option? You can find a tent that will survive extreme weather conditions and let you accomplish what you need to – despite Mother Nature’s plan!

Types of extreme weather

Weather conditions can vary, depending on location. However, each type can become extreme – wind, rain, snow, cold. Here are a few of the most extreme weather conditions that can put a damper on any outdoor events or jobs:

  • Hurricanes – From June through November, hurricanes are a real risk along the east coast of the U.S. Many people need to arrange outdoor activities to avoid any tropical disturbance.
  • Snowstorms – For those individuals in the north, snowstorms can wreak havoc on outdoor activities, including events and job sites. Whether one inch or one foot, some of the white stuff goes a long way.
  • Ice storms – These storms hurt communities all throughout the north. They take down power lines and make driving less than ideal – and downright dangerous!
  • Heavy rains – These rains can lead to flooding. They can come down by the inches within mere minutes and wash out any outdoor activity.
  • Winds – Winds can make the outdoors frustrating. Not only is it difficult to walk or ride a bike against the wind, it is also difficult to try to accomplish any projects when the wind is blowing out of control.
  • Tornadoes–These suckers are scary and can happen in an instant. Depending on the strength of them, there may be nothing you can do to prepare and avoid catastrophic damage.

All weather patterns can range from minor to extreme.

Who faces challenges by extreme weather?

When thinking of who deals with the trials and struggles relating to outdoor weather conditions, it will most definitely be those who must be outside during them. Or those who need to be outside to complete a project, but can’t due to the extreme weather. For example, construction companies, sports teams and athletes, contractors, farmers, etc.

Weather can even affect those who are throwing a party or having an event. It isn’t always possible to move an entire wedding party indoors when heavy rainstorms threaten. Therefore, they will face the challenge of having to potentially come face to face with extreme weather or scramble for shelter.

How large tent rentals can help

Many times, weather can make or break a project. It can disrupt a construction site with flooding waters, high winds, or a heavy snowfall. Not only does it slow the progress and push back the completion date, but it also can lead to an unhappy customer. For farmers, the weather can mean the difference between a high crop yield and sufficient payday or a loss of crop and income.

With that being said – how can large tent rentals help ward off the extreme weather?

  • A tent rental can allow construction workers and contractors to continue working despite the outdoor conditions.
  • It can allow companies to meet deadlines, rather than lose out on work.
  • Large tent rentals can save crops from potential devastating damage due to extremeweather conditions.

Losberger tentsLarge Tent Rentals | American Pavilion

Losberger tents offer a perfect solution for those who weather the outdoor elements day in and day out. These tents can solve so many problems that can halt a project or an event – without a lot of fuss. They are very easily erected, which means they can be moved around from site to site with ease.

The Losberger tents are large – offering protection for your entire crew and project. Or, if you are having an outdoor event that is getting slammed by unexpected weather conditions, there will be plenty of room to bring it inside.

Surprisingly, these tent rentals withhold hurricane force winds and are sturdy enough to hold fallen snow without collapsing. In addition, the climate control is ideal for keeping guests and workers warm (or cool) and allowing farmers to grow crops in the most ideal conditions.

Additional perks of a Losberger tent

Now you are aware of how you can manage to keep your productivity up, your guests or crew healthy and safe, and that, believe it or not, it is a tent that can make all of that happen. What else can a Losberger tent do? There are even more perks to check out:

  • It is important to know that Losberger tents require very little maintenance. Once they are erected, they are fully functional without any difficult maintenance or repairs – allowing you to solely focus on your event or project.
  • There are no poles. Who wants a wide-open space with poles in the way? Poles make it difficult to move machinery or erect large structures underneath without causing damage to the tent. Because these tents come sans poles, you will have less to worry about.
  • Tents can be customized to meet any size requirements – and they can be very large, to meet the needs of your project, crop or event.
  • Power is not a foreign concept when it comes to tents, either. With proper planning, temporary power can be delivered under the tent to make everything that you may need run smoothly.

When you face extreme weather, there are many things that you can do to protect your plans and keep moving forward. Be smart and prepared – don’t let the weather slow you down.

5 Industries Which Utilize Industrial Tents

Industrial Tents | American Pavilion

When you think of industrial tents, you likely think – BIG. Industrial tents are huge and can handle many things that you would think would require a real building. In fact, these tents can act like a real building! They can be designed to fit any need across a wide array of industries.

Here are a few of the most common uses for industrial tents:

Disaster Relief

As much as we would like to pretend that natural disasters – or any disasters for that matter – don’t occur, they do. And, industrial sized tents can come in handy when they do. Whether it’s a flood, earthquake, hurricane, or tornado, the many people who come together to provide disaster relief are not going to stop, design, and build a permanent structure before they can tend to those in need. No, sir. That is not even a possibility.

When disaster strikes, the relief crew needs to be ready to set up and go – allowing them to tend to the needs of the people and community, rather than worry about setting up. Disaster crews use temporary, industrial sized tents to store food, water, and other donated supplies. They can also be used as temporary hospitals or housing. These tents can even be used as a temporary office or headquarters for the crew.

Construction SitesIndustrial Tents | American Pavilion

Construction companies also use industrial sized tents. In fact, they are very common in this industry. Think about it – construction crews are outside all day. Not only are the individuals subjected to the outdoor elements, so is the equipment, tools, machinery, and project. Industrial sized tents can make sure to keep everyone and everything dry, warm, and shielded from strong winds.

Some projects require stellar outdoor conditions to complete, but mother nature has a mind of her own. Did you know that weather is the biggest reason for delays in construction projects? Industrial sized tents can be customized to meet your needs and cover your project. This means that no matter what the weather decides to do, you will maintain a happy client because your work will be done on time.

Security is another reason that construction companies utilize these tents. Each piece of machinery that you see on site costs a nice penny. Thieves know this and, when the sites are abandoned at night, they make their move. However, companies that use tents can lock and secure their machinery, tools, and other equipment, saving a potential overwhelming loss.

Sports and Athletic Facilities

Industrial sized tents are also commonly found when it comes to sports and athletic facilities. In fact, many colleges utilize them for indoor tennis, basketball, golf, skating/hockey rinks, etc. They serve the purpose needed by the college, but they don’t necessarily have to take up a permanent space – allowing for future college expansion. Not to mention, they are cheaper than building an actual sports complex.

Perhaps one of the most popular sports to use these tents are those within the equestrian community. They can be used as riding arenas, as housing, or even as a spectator area.

Farming and Gardening

Industrial tents are commonly used in the farming and gardening industry. They are versatile and allow for the farmers and gardeners to use them in a variety of settings. For instance:

  • As a greenhouse. Gardeners can use industrial sized tents as greenhouses to maintain flowers, plants, veggies, etc. year around. You won’t need to worry about the outside weather conditions affecting their growth. It’s climate control system allows for the most ideal growing environment for whatever your specialty is.
  • To house chickens, turkeys, small animals, or other farm animals. Whether a humane farm or a farm that raises animals for the meat industry, industrial sized buildings are used to protect the animals and to store feed, as well as any other necessary equipment.
  • A grow house. Farmers earn a living based on being able to provide a quality product. If it takes only one freeze or flood to wipe out an entire season of earnings, how wise is it to invest in an industrial sized tent that can prevent such loss? The climate controlled tent can maintain the perfect growing conditions for any type of crop. It will make each year one of perfect earnings for the farmer.

For farmers and gardeners, these industrial sized tents can prove to be beneficial time and time again.

Trade Shows

There are many, many types of trade shows –from art shows and Comic Con, to the release of new technology and the latest automobiles.You will likely attend at least one of these trade shows during your lifetime. What is the one thing you will notice? Each trade show is set up differently, depending on the product and the overall goal of the show.

Most trade shows are backed by a team of marketing professionals. Part of their goal is to unveil a product in a specific manner, with effect and design. With a tent, these companies are provided a blank slate to determine the structure and layout of the entire show. This means that the consumer or average trade show-goer will be able to view the product just as the designer intended.

These are all reasons why using industrial sized tents work so perfectly for trade shows – the tents can be designed, customized, and erected in the exact manner that will work for each particular show. In fact, the tents remove the need to work around walls, hallways, or badly constructed buildings.

Look around you and see how many times you encounter industrial tents – probably more than you have ever noticed. Sometimes you may even think you were in an actual building, rather than a tent. Disaster relief, trade shows, construction crews, sports complexes, and farmers all have an insight as to just how much more manageable life is with a temporary structure. The benefits are many, especially the ability to customize the tent to meet your exact needs.

How can you use an industrial sized tent to benefit your business?

Planning an Outdoor Summer Wedding

Clear Span Tent | American Pavilion

So, you have decided to have a summer wedding. Here is all you need to get started on piecing it together to make sure your special day is just that – special. From finding the perfect venue in a clear span tent to sending out the save-the-date invitations, read below to learn how to plan the perfect outdoor wedding.


Having a wedding during the summer means having to plan with and around the schedules of many. Since kids are out of school in the summer, most families plan vacations during that time. If you want to have a summer wedding and you want to make sure you have guests attend, you will want to make sure you send out save-the-date invitations to your guests.

Save-the-dates can be sent out six to eight months prior to the scheduled wedding date. This will provide ample time for your future guests to arrange their schedule so they will be able to see you tie the knot.

Don’t overlook this step in your preparation. You want a wedding – and you want guests to celebrate your day with you!

Use a clear span tent for the perfect outdoor venue

Okay, so you don’t have to have an outdoor wedding in the summer, but why wouldn’t you want to? Nature and the outdoors brings such a welcoming place for a celebration. Most people try to fill indoor venues with flowers – but, you can have your wedding outside amongst the flowers! Besides, having an outdoor wedding gives you ample amount of choices for location. You can rent a clear span tent and have it erected in a large backyard, an open field, a park, the beach – you name it!

Clear span tent rentals come in all shapes and sizes. You can customize your wedding tent to meet your exact needs, depending on the size of your wedding and the events you plan to partake in on your special day. For example, you are going to want to likely have seating, a food serving/prep area, dance floor and DJ location, etc.

Food for thought – best ideas for outdoor weddings

There is something about eating a heavy meal on a hot day and then feeling miserable – heavy food and outdoor heat do not mix. If you are holding your wedding outdoors during summertime, it is best to go for a light meal that will not weigh your guests down and spoil any potential fun. Here are a few ideas to consider when planning your menu:

  • Offer a mixture of light salads on a salad bar, such as crisp tossed salad, chicken salad, fruit salad, etc.
  • Go barbecue style. Have ribs, chicken, burgers, etc. on the grill, along with all the fixins’ – potato salad, coleslaw, or chips.
  • How about a cool down station? A sundae bar, popsicle stand, or a shaved ice cart.
  • Like seafood? How about serving crab, sushi, shrimp cocktail, or a crawfish boil?
  • How about serving finger foods or appetizers to keep it a light menu?

Food isn’t the only thing you want to keep light. Have you considered the beverages you will serve? Outdoor, summer weddings require staying hydrated. However, there are many light and refreshing beverages and cocktails that your guests will appreciate. Use this list to get you started:

  • Have a drink station of pre-made beverages – Fill dispensers with a ton of ice and then fill them up with things like lemonade, iced tea, sangria, fruit spritzers. To add a decorative flair, add fresh fruit to the dispensers, too.
  • Fruit-infused waters add a lovely touch to wedding receptions, as well. Water is necessary on a hot day, but the fruit spruces it up a bit.

Decide what it is you and your guests will enjoy and then make it happen. Keep it cool, light, easy, and tasty.

Make your guests comfortableClear Span Tent | American Pavilion

Just because you chose to have a wedding outside, in the middle of summer, does not mean that your guests should suffer. It’s going to be hot. Depending on where you live, it could also be humid. While your friends and family may be fans of you, they may not be fans of the heat and the sun. So, treat them and make them comfortable on your special day.

Providing fans is one of the most important things you can do for your guests. Although, clear span tent rentals can be climate controlled, when you have a lot of people in an outdoor space in the summer, it may get a little sticky. Providing area fans throughout your celebration, as well as decorative hand-held fans can add a bit of relief. If you are feeling up to the spending, purchasing personal fans for your guests will likely be much appreciated.

Sunglasses and flip flops are other things that will help guests be more relaxed. Perhaps they spent their time dressing for a wedding, rather than remembering things such as sunglasses to protect their eyes or the fact that heels and grass don’t mix. These items are cheap to purchase in bulk and can make a big, welcoming impact.

All in all, make sure your guests are protected from the elements and are staying hydrated and cool throughout the festivities.

Don’t overlook the little things

You cannot please everyone, but you sure can try. There are lots of little things that you don’t want to overlook when planning your outdoor wedding. Make sure you take into consideration the venue and the pesky things that may lead to irritable guests.

For example, bugs. Your clear span tent can have side walls that will help keep a lot of the pests away. However, with so many guests coming in and out, the bugs are likely to find their way in. That doesn’t mean they must feel welcome when they get in. Make sure you use repellent and spray the area prior to the party. Then, provide your guests with repellant wipes to stay bug-free throughout the day!

Something else you will not want to overlook is hot guests. You want them to dance and let loose, but you don’t want them passing out from heat exhaustion. Therefore, providing your guests with ice rags to put on their necks can cool them down and keep them dancing!

Put yourself in your guests’ shoes and decide what would make you most comfortable – then provide that for your guests.

Outdoor weddings can be fun and beautiful. Plan to make it memorable – and enjoyable – for all involved.


Staying Dry During Winter Construction Projects


Construction Tent Rental | American Pavilion

Just because the weather isn’t so pleasant, doesn’t mean you can stop working. Rain weather is one of the top reasons for construction delays. This can include snow – in its frozen and melting form. However, your winter project cannot stop – you have deadlines to meet and customers to satisfy. So, what can you do to stay dry during winter projects?

The best thing to do is to take steps to prevent the weather from affecting your construction project to begin with. Keep reading for some tips on staying dry and finishing that project on time!

Rain and Snow Can Ruin a Project

Rain is good for a lot of things. It can water our flowers, trees, and crops. It can also add to our lakes and water reservoirs, as well as provide the best source of groundwater. However, when you are working on a construction project that requires a dry area, rain is not so welcome. In fact, it can wreak havoc on your project and cause a heap of delays. For example:

  • If working with wood, wet weather can cause the wood to warp and even crack. Wood can absorb water like a sponge, damaging it before your project is even finished.
  • Metal is strong and usually has a long life. However, excessive rains can cause rusting. When the rain gets to the metal at the earliest stage of construction, it can shorten the overall life of the structure.
  • When working construction, building requires sturdy placement within the ground. Heavy rains and especially localized flooding can wash away the soil, causing a questionable foundation.

These are just a few of the things that can cause delays when you do not keep your winter project area dry. There are ways, however, to avoid these costly delays.

Take Cover

One of the smartest moves you can make when working your winter project is to protect yourself and your project site from the rain – and other weather conditions. So how should you protect yourself? With something overhead, of course! You need protection over your project that will not get in the way of what you need to do to complete it.Taking your winter project indoors isn’t really a feasible option, so let’s look at what is…

Use a Construction Tent Rental
Construction Tent Rental | American Pavilion

Many construction crews opt for tarps to protect themselves and their project from wet weather. However, that is not necessarily the best route to go. Tarps can come loose or collapse under winds or heavy rain or snowfall. In addition, you will need to make sure you have specific landscape or your own poles for hanging up your tarp. Let’s not even mention how you need to make sure you can even tie it up successfully!

On the other hand, we have the possibility of using a tent. A construction tent rental can protect your project from the elements and the detrimental effects of them. It’s a good thing that construction tent rentals come in all shapes and sizes and are completely customizable to your needs. Also, if you need some serious protection from the wintry weather, you can take the extra step and get walls for your tent. For these reasons, you are likely to have better luck with a tent, rather than a tarp.

If you find yourself with a project that is beyond the realms of tent protection, you can, at the very least, protect your tools, machinery, and supplies with a dry place. Plus, you have a place to hide out when the rain gets to be too much!

Protective Clothing Can Help

Since holding an umbrella isn’t practical on construction sites, individuals can wear special clothing and accessories to keep dry while working in the wet winter weather. Items such as waterproof boots can keep your feet dry. In addition, waterproof pants or overalls, waterproof construction jackets (yes, they even come in bright colors to be seen by passersby), and helmets with waterproof lining. Plus, it is your lucky day – you can even find waterproof gloves and socks!

The point is that clothing manufacturers know that some people must be outdoors, despite the weatherconditions so they have created a line of rugged outdoor wear that will withstand the wintry elements so you can complete that project.

Staying Warm and Dry 

Winter months can bring all kinds of weather. When you combine wetness and cold together, it can create a mess – especially for those who are in the outdoors every day for extended periods of time. With a little planning, there are ways to stay warm and dry as you try to complete your winter project. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Dress in layers. The more layers you wear, the warmer you are, the more you may sweat. Once you take a break, the sweat may lower your body temperature. Find what works for your body.
  • Look for clothing made of wool, polyester fleece, or polypropylene. These fabrics retain warmth – even when they are wet!
  • Wear Gaiters. These go on the outside of the boot and cover the pant leg, as well. It keeps water and snow from entering your boots.
  • Have a shelter handy. Set up a construction tent with sidewalls to gain shelter from the elements. This creates a warm, dry place to seek refuge during rough, wintry weather.

The key to staying dry during winter projects is to plan and be ready for the wet and cold weather when it hits. It is inevitable – as is the outdoor job of a construction worker. It’s tough with the outdoors as your office. However, with the help of overhead covering, such as a construction tent rental, and waterproof clothing, you can make sure your project gets completed on time and in a proper manner.




Using a Clearspan Tent for a Mardi Gras Party

Clearspan Tent | American Pavilion

It’s that time of year again. The time when people from all over the world travel to New Orleans for parades, music, partying, and making memories they may very well never even remember. While many people want to make this journey and partake in these festivities, not everyone has the opportunity.

Who says you need to be in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras? Why not throw your own party? In fact, creating your own party means that you can invite who you want, chow down on the food you choose, all while partying in your own backyard – close to the conveniences of home. What could be better?

First, clear space in your backyard and rent your clearspan tent. Then, keep reading:

The Invitations

You are going to want to send out invites to those you want to share your Mardi Gras event with. The invites will allow you to keep everyone on the same page about the party’s happenings and what is requested from guests. For instance, tell your guests to dress for the occasion and to bring their own masks and supply of beads for sharing.

To keep it fun and intriguing for your invitees, keep your invitations festive. Use sparkles and make them shine in colors of purple, green, and gold. Hint: Your invitation is going to be the first clue as to how thrilling your Mardi Gras party will be – so be bold and make it stand out!

Decorate Your Clearspan Tent

Here comes the fun stuff – decorating. You made the great decision to rent a clearspan tent, allowing you to have the freedom of openness for your guests to get wild and crazy. Now all you must do is transform your backyard and your tent into Mardi Gras central. If you don’t know where to start, keep reading – we’ve got you covered.

  • Stick to the festive colors green, purple, and gold. And make sure to add some sparkle.
  • Use garland, tinsel, and balloons to decorate the area.
  • Get table coverings, paper plates, napkins, and cutlery to match.
  • You must have a sparkling disco ball.
  • Decorate walls and poles with masks, Mardi Gras signs, all things jazz (such as music notes, saxophones, trumpets, etc.)
  • String decorative lights throughout the tent and fly the Mardi Gras flag high and proud!

Use your imagination and check out your local party stores for ideas and decorations.

Dress for the OccasionClearspan Tent | American Pavilion

This is where the fun stuff comes in. You want to get your guests involved into playing the part to make your Mardi Gras party true to form. Idea: Entice your guests by letting them know in the invite that there will be an award for the best dressed.

Mardi Gras is all about having fun and letting loose. It is a time that you can go wild with your look, in a glitz and glamour sort of way. Sequined dresses or gowns for the ladies and suits for guys are the top ideas for attending a party. Keeping your outfits within the color scheme is also recommended. For example, wearing a sequined purple suit would fit in perfectly!

Masks are also a big hit with party-goers. Years ago, these decorative masks allowed guests to mingle in an incognito manner – overriding the constraints of different societal classes. Nowadays, the masks are worn because they are just part of the culture. You can decorate your own or buy masks from party or masquerade stores. Whatever you do, make sure you include feathers!

Beads are perhaps the biggest symbol of Mardi Gras these days. The colors, purple, gold, and green have a historical meaning – purple for justice, green for faith, and gold for power – and were initially meant to be thrown to those in the crowd who exhibit the meaning of the colors. Now, not so much. Beads get tossed for various reasons and are a staple of any Mardi Gras party.

The Sounds of New Orleans

Music is HUGE in New Orleans – and that also goes for Mardi Gras celebrations. You have a ton of people at your party that you want to entertain, keep them moving, and keep their spirits high. You can do that with the perfect Mardi Gras playlist. It must include:

  • Louis Armstrong’sWhen the Saints Go Marching In
  • Al Johnson’s Carnival Time
  • The Hawketts Mardi Gras Mambo
  • Earl King’s Street Parade

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Any Jazz, Cajun, or pop music will do the trick to keep your guests smiling. Don’t forget to plug in those speakers and sound system – then kick it up a notch!

Classic Mardi Gras grub and cocktails

New Orleans uses flavors of Cajun and Creole to spice up the party. You absolutely cannot have a Mardi Gras party without gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish, and hush puppies. Let’s not forget the king cake – the delicious cream cheese cinnamon sweet cake with a little plastic baby hidden inside. Yes, you read that right – a plastic baby hidden within the cake. While you want to be sure not to choke, if you get the slice with the hidden baby it is supposed to symbolize prosperity.

Cocktails are also a big part of the celebration. Here are a few of the most popular mixed drinks:

  • The Hurricane: a powerful drink of fruit juices mixed with two types of rum.
  • A Ramos gin fizz: this is a classic in New Orleans created by Henry C Ramos. It is a gin fizz combined with egg whites and orange flower water.
  • Southern Comfort: on the rocks or any way, shape, or form. This liquor is a staple in New Orleans.

If you combine each of these elements under your rented clearspan tent, you will create a Mardi Gras party that is so memorable, many of your guests may wonder if they are really in your backyard or if they have been transported to the Big Easy. Cheers!

Using Fabric Structures for an Outdoor Gathering

Fabric Structures | American Pavilion

When the weather is perfect outside, that last thing you want to do is stay indoors. So, when you decide to have a gathering with friends and family, are you going to pile everyone in your house, staying cooped up? No – you will want to bask in the outdoor freshness.

Think about it — outdoor gatherings have a ton of perks: natural scenery, lots of space to mingle, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your house before or after the party. However, there are downfalls, as well: the weather is completely unpredictable, there may be pesky pests around and a lack of indoor comforts.

Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy the pros and avoid the cons and have a blast at your next outdoor gathering.

Fabric Structures

Just because you are outside, doesn’t mean you have to give up your indoor comforts. In fact, there is a way to have the indoors brought outdoors for you! Renting fabric structures can be the way to go. Why?

  • You have a place for your guests to take cover from the sun and its hot rays.
  • If mother nature wants to rain on your parade, tell her to go ahead. If you rented a canopy, then you have cover and protection.
  • Wind won’t be a problem, either. If its windy – or windy and rainy – you can simply drop down the sidewalls to your canopy. Voila! You are dry and so is the rest of your party.
  • You will not need to worry about claustrophobic guests, either, as the sidewalls of these canopies have windows!
  • Believe it or not, fabric structures can be customized – you can make them as big or small as you need, you may be able to have flooring (allowing you to avoid having your guests walk on grass or dirt), and you can even splurge for climate control.

Protect attendees from pests

When you take your party outdoors, you are entering the natural habitat of so many insects and creatures. That doesn’t mean you must invite them to the party. Here are a few ways to control the pest population so you and your guests can continue to get your groove on:

  • Use citronella. These come in the form of candles and lighter fluid. Place candles in all areas where your guests will be mingling. You may also use Tiki Torches filled with citronella to give a great outdoor look while also serving a purpose.
  • Make use of your canopy sidewalls. Putting them down will allow a barrier between your guests and the pests.
  • Ahead of time, spray the canopy and its walls with repellent to try to keep the insects at bay.
  • Offer insect repellant spray and wipes for your guests. Many will be very appreciative for this little convenience.
  • Dry up any standing water that may draw mosquitoes.
  • Add fans throughout the gathering area to deter smaller insects from invading your space.

Safety first!

To have an outdoor gathering, you are likely going to need to get some sort of electricity for lighting or music and entertainment purposes. You will, however, want to make sure that you take precaution and watch out for extension cords.

Putting a note or taping them down may not be enough to avoid someone tripping or causing injury. It is best to be overcautious: Put up a sign, tape the cords down, and cover them with a rug.

Also — you will likely be using a fire pit and/or grill. Fire can be deadly – especially when you have a large group of people partying and having a good time. Make sure you have a nearby water source and a fire extinguisher. Also, make sure the person manning each of these items is experienced and able to handle the task.

Prepare the spaceFabric Structures | American Pavilion

Just because you are taking your gathering outdoors does not mean you can avoid your home’s cleanliness altogether. Your guests may not be hanging out in there, but it doesn’t mean they will not be, at the very least, walking through. When your guests arrive, they may come through your front door. Many may come into your kitchen to help with food preparation or to grab something from your refrigerator. Lastly, you can bank on each of your guests having to use your restroom – at least once. So, when preparing your outdoors for your party, you may want to tidy up these indoor areas, as well.

You may want to make your backyard presentable, too. It would be good for you to mow your lawn (as no one wants to put boots on to trek through your overgrown yard) and clean up any garbage or miscellaneous items.

Do what you need to do to make the space presentable and welcoming – your guests will thank you.

Provide comfort for your guests

Last, but certainly not least, go above and beyond to make your guests comfortable. You are moving the party outside, so do something a little extra to make sure you aren’t taking anything away from your guests by keeping them out of your house! Here are a few things you can do that will win you the title of “Host of the Year.”

  • Provide blankets. If your party is going to carry over into the evening and night hours, have blankets available for your guests to bundle up should it get cooler.
  • If it is hot outside, provide personal fans. Your sweating guests will be thankful that you did.
  • Buy flip flops for your guests. You can find cheap flip flops at discount stores. Many people dress up to go to parties but may not enjoy wearing dress shoes in the grass and dirt.
  • Sunglasses can be a welcome – and healthy – thing to provide for your guests. Buy them in bulk and pass them out.

Having an outdoor gathering can be a fun and relaxing time for your friends and family. Just be prepared and safety conscious and it will be the talk of the town!


Follow These 5 Steps to Decorate a Tent Rental

Large Tent Rentals | American Pavilion

First and foremost, congratulations for choosing to hold your party or event in a tent rental. There is no better way to get a venue where you want, when you want it, and how you want it. Large tent rentals allow you to find a vacant location of your choice – no longer requiring you to wait or work your event around a banquet hall schedule – and erect a tent based on your exact customizations (type, size, shape, perks, etc.). A tent rental is like a blank canvas when it comes to decorating, too. Such as smart choice!!

So, now that you’ve got your tent, how do you decorate it?


It is wonderful that large tent rentals allow you to have an open space to decorate and organize how you wish. However, that means you must figure out the layout, too, since there is no set area for a dance floor, or dining area, or restrooms, etc.

Depending on the type of event or party you are having, you will need to determine what areas you will need for your guests – and don’t forget the necessities. You will need to do this before you start decorating so you know how to plan the lighting, the décor, etc.

  • Are you having a dance floor?
  • Do you need a stage?
  • Are you having a sit-down dinner or a mingling cocktail party?
  • How much seating will you need and where will you put it?
  • Will you require a food prep and/or serving area?

These are the things you will want to consider as you begin decorating your tent.

What’s your style?

When it comes to decorating, you want to keep it uniform throughout the tent. Mixing themes and styles could make your party space look a bit confused or discombobulated. Pick your theme or style and stick with it.

There are many to choose from:

  • A skyline party. Use tons of white balloons to create the effect of clouds. Use blue backgrounds and fabrics to look like the sky.
  • Tropical paradise. Use heaters throughout your tent during cold months and transform your tent to a tropical paradise – carry your guests away to the islands.
  • Asian flair. Use paper lanterns and bright colored paper pom-poms to decorate your space.
  • A forest fairytale. Use string lights and branches to decorate your tent. Add greenery throughout the venue, including green garland.
  • Art space. Why not drape white fabric and use paint splashes to add color?
  • Turn a book into life.
  • Pick a decade – A fifties diner, the sixties peace and love era, the 70’s disco era, the 80’s neon colors, etc.
  • Create a magical candy land. Think Willy Wonka.
  • A diamond party with glitter and all things that shimmer.

A style and theme are as unique as you are. So, do a little soul-searching and use your imagination to determine what will give you the effect you are looking for. Make sure you get through this step first to help guide you with the fluidity of the look.

Splashes of color

Tents are great for party places, but they sure don’t offer much in the way of color. That is where your creative side will come in. You can get your color in many forms – actual decorations, lighting, or fabric.

Make it colorful, make it stand out, and make it inviting.

Fabric, fabric, and more fabricLarge Tent Rentals | American Pavilion

Fabric seems to be a popular thing when it comes to tent rentals. It can create an elegant look for your partying needs. In fact, when fabric is draped throughout the tent, it can almost make you forget that you are even in a tent!

There are several methods to draping fabric:

  • Fabric walls. Whether you choose to have sidewalls on your tent or not, you can use fabric to drape down the walls and add a beautiful texture. This method can also be used a backdrop for a main centerpiece of the party, such as a wedding cake or stage area.
  • Ceiling drapes with centerpiece. Fabric can be draped from all edges along the circumference of the tent to meet in the middle at a centerpiece. For example, fabric to meet in the middle with a mirror ball, candelabra, chandelier, or floral centerpiece. It creates an eye catching, and even breathtaking, decoration.
  • Decorate the poles with fabric. Use fabric to drape around poles that surround the tent. You may simply cover the poles, or drape it from the poles to the center of the tent.
  • Create a covered ceiling. Another method for decorating with fabric is to drape it from one side of the tent directly to the other.

Make sure that you incorporate color into your fabric, as well. Layering it with your party colors can transform your tent rental.

Finding the Perfect Lighting for Large Tent Rentals

Lights can be eye-catching or romantic. There can set a mood or increase energy. Here are a few of the most popular lighting methods for tent rentals:

  • Candles. Talk about romance! It will depend on the mood you are trying to achieve on whether you should use candles. You can use them as table centerpieces in clusters or in areas surrounding the party area.
  • String lights. You can decorate the party area with string lights in a bistro method. This can give your party a soft, backyard garden party
  • Tiki torches. Having a luau or tropical party? Tiki torches can give a warm, island feel to any outdoor event.
  • Color lighting. Use various lighting techniques to add color or spot lights on white surfaces, the ceiling, or on any focal point within the venue.

Decorations don’t make or break an event, but they sure do add some ooh and ahh factors for guests. It is fun to add a little flair to your tent – especially because it is a wide-open space that you can make your own! So, open that imagination and go for it!