How to Prepare for Music Festival Season

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We are slowly reaching that time of year again – music festival season. The time when you need to start planning your vacation from your job so you and your friends can hit up the best music festivals around the country. It doesn’t matter what you are into – pop, indie, rock, EDM, hip hop – there is a festival for you. In fact, they seem to get more popular as each year passes.

So, after you have made your selection showcasing your favorite bands, what should you do to make sure you are prepared for the festival? Grab a pen to take notes – you are going to want to keep reading for the best ways to get yourself set for a worry-free music festival season.

Find a Tent Rental to Create Your Temporary Living Space

First, you will need a tent to sleep in. Remember, you are going to have to use your tent rental for sleeping and for storing your belongings. Therefore, make sure it is big enough. Always go for a size or two bigger than the amount of people it says it can sleep. Let’s face it – you are not necessarily going to want to be snuggled up to your buddies who have been partying hard for hours on end, are you?

Now, because you are not going to want to stay in your tent rental all day, you will want to set up a space next to it to act as a social/living area, so-to-speak. You can rent a canopy that can hold quite a few people. Load it up with rugs, chairs, lights, etc. Not only will it provide a spot for you and your friends to mingle, it will also provide a place for shelter and shade. Make it as comfortable as possible. This is going to be your spot for the next couple days.

If you are lucky enough to plan, you can find a tent rental for the festival – get all decked out with personalization and stand out!

Be Prepared

Music festivals really aren’t the time and place to cook a classy five course meal. Opting to purchase the food sold at the festival could get a bit pricey rather quickly. The best thing to do would be to pack non-perishable food items that can keep you well-nourished and won’t require too much effort to make. Here are a few suggestions:Tent Rental | American Pavilion

  • Peanut butter, jelly, and bread for sandwiches
  • Bagels or rice cakes with peanut better
  • Fruits
  • Veggies
  • Canned beans, ravioli, soup
  • Dried fruits
  • Nuts
  • Granola bars or cereal bars
  • Oatmeal

Make sure you bring lots of water to stay hydrated. You may even bring empty bottles for re-filling, as most festivals will have available water taps. Check with organizers prior to going to see what is and what is not allowed. Some allow small grills or hot plates, others do not. Some allow glass bottles, others do not. It is best to know these things in advance so you can plan accordingly without encountering any surprises.

Don’t forget to pack a cooler for your travels as there is usually a long line of traffic to get to these rather rural festivals. You will get hungry and you will not want to dip into your festival rations.

Bring the Right Clothing and Frills

Think about it – you are going to be outdoors, subjecting yourself to all types of elements. You will want to be prepared, for your own sake. Know the weather before you go. If it is going to be hot, cold, rainy, etc., pack accordingly. If it is going to be cold, pack a couple extra clothing items to act as extra layers to keep you warm. If it is going be hot, pack a couple extra outfits to change into once you have turned your current outfit into a stinky, sweaty mess.

As far as having fun – you will want to pack those extra frills. Things such as onesie pajamas, bathing suits, crazy outfits, wigs, makeup, masks, glow jewelry, etc. Anything to stand out.

Arrive Early

You are going to want to make sure you arrive early enough to find the best camping spot or at the very least, a really good one. There is nothing more miserable than having to spend three days camping with the smell of overflowing portable toilets.

  • Make sure your spot is far away from toilet and trash locations. This may not seem like a big deal on day one, but by the end of day two, you will be wishing you had listened better.
  • Find grassy, flat land. It may seem like a soft idea to pitch a tent in the sand, but after a little rainfall, you will then have mud and, well, that is not so pleasant.
  • It can be brutally hot outside at times. When you are spending your days in the great outdoors without the great perk of air conditioning, you are going to want to find some shade.

It may force you to put in a little work, but ideally you are looking for a place that allows you to avoid horrid stenches, potential mud, and significant sunshine. Arriving early will allow you the most opportunity to find this master location!

Leave Your Bad Attitude at Home

Nobody enjoys the company of a Debbie Downer so leave your bad attitude at home. Music festivals get crowded, loud, and dirty. If that isn’t your thing, maybe you should re-consider. A couple of days roughing it with thousands of hyped fans is going to lead to chaos. Things may not always go as you planned. Warn yourself of this ahead of time and you should have no worries.

Music festivals are meant to bring you fun times to dance, socialize, and forget the real world for a couple of days. Not being prepared could add a lot of stress to the event. From finding a tent rental to arriving early, plan ahead with these tips and you are sure to have a great time!



Celebrate Valentine’s Day With a Party for Singles

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It is almost the time of year again that many people either love or hate: Valentine’s Day. If you have been pricked by Cupid, then you are likely living in a romantic fairytale right about now. However, for those who didn’t make the cut for Cupid this year, the day can bring about many “woe is me” moments, followed by a stomach ache because you have devoured 3 pints of ice cream and half of a large pizza. How about making a change this year? Instead of moping around and feeling sorry for yourself because you don’t have anyone to call your Valentine, why not throw a party? No, not the kind of party that will make your coupled friends throw their great fortune in your face. Rather, a party for you and all your single friends. You can rent an event tent and dance floor and have a blast celebrating the holiday together.

Life is too short to act depressed because the calendar says you should have a significant other on one specific day. Live it up! Party big! Be happy! Here are the best ideas for throwing a valentine’s day bash for the many single people in your life.

Why should I have a singles valentine’s day party?

The better question is – why not? Everywhere you turn this time of year, you are bombarded with pink and red hearts, chocolates, and ginormous stuffed teddy bears. If you don’t have someone to call your valentine, it doesn’t mean that you should have to spend this day alone and sans all goodies.

Getting together with others in your same boat and turning a day of potential mourning into a day of celebration – of love, life, friendship, and good times – is not something to turn down. Embrace yourself and those around you. Celebrate!

Who should I invite?

Everyone! This party does not have to be just your closest friends. Invite everyone you know (even if they aren’t single) and ask them to bring a guest or two. Make it a huge bash! Besides – Cupid just may end up introducing you or another one of your single friends to someone special!

Rent an event tent and dance floor Event tent | American Pavilion

Since you have instructed your invitees to bring guests, you are not going to know exactly how many people are going to show up for your party. Having it in your house may prove to be a terrible idea if you have a crowd. No one likes to feel like they are partying in a sardine can. However, renting out a hall may be a bit presumptuous – especially if there is a chance your invitees come alone or not at all.

The best solution? Rent an event tent. It is easy and an event tent is completely customizable. Rent a tent that fits comfortably in your backyard. If too many people show up? No problem! You can let your guests spill out into the yard, creating a relaxed party space. Tent rentals provide such a versatile space and are set up quickly.

Event tents come in all sizes and with all kinds of customizations. In fact, because Valentine’s day falls in February you can make sure that your event tent is climate controlled to keep you and your guests cozy. Whatever you do – do not forget the flooring! Dance floor, anyone?

How to decorate once you rent an event tent 

This isn’t an anti-Valentine’s Day party so that doesn’t mean you must forego all the cutesy colors and decorations that scream LOVE – pinks, reds, whites, hearts, roses, chocolates, etc. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative either. Here are a few decorating ideas:

  • Soft and cozy – decorate your space in all things V-day. Add fuzzy pillows and rugs to make a welcoming space. Light the room with candles.
  • Renaissance party – go back in time and create a castle theme. Use torches for lighting and ask your guests to dress the part.
  • Chocolate tasting party – rather than a wine tasting, have a chocolate tasting! Set up tables with different kinds and different brands of chocolate.
  • White party – turn your party into a real hoppin’ party. Ask your guests to wear all white and use black lights to decorate the space. Spin the disco ball and turn the music You and your guests can dance away your Valentine’s day blues.

Truth be told, you don’t really need a theme. You can just have a party in an event tent. It is up to you how creative you want to make it.

What should I feed my guests?Event Tent | American Pavilion

Are you wanting a sit-down dinner? Are you serving a brunch? Do you just want to serve desserts and coffee? Do you prefer a pot luck? The choice is yours! However, if you want to keep with the theme of Valentine’s day, you can do a little research online and discover some neat ideas for Valentine’s Day dishes and treats, such as stuffed strawberries, Valentine’s Day cupcakes, or you can even find recipes to make your own conversation hearts at home!

As for drinks – cocktails – pick a drink of the night. Find a recipe for something bubbly and fun. Make sure it keeps with your theme and, of course, that it has a taste most guests will enjoy.

What should we do?

So, what do you do at a singles’ Valentine’s Day party? You want to keep your guests busy. You could do the norm – listen to music, dance, mingle, play cards or board games or you can spice it up a bit with some special Valentine’s day games. How about a round of “Name that Tune,” using love songs or maybe a “Who’s Who,” game using the name of romance movies? Whatever you decide to do – keep your guests on their toes!

The point of the party is to keep your guests busy, laughing, and enjoying themselves. Some people – single or not – tend to get a bit sappy and emotional on this day. Plan your party to be one that even your most tear-filled friend can smile at and learn that this day is for everyone to enjoy and feel loved.


5 Steps to Spice Up Your Next Corporate Event

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Keeping your guests intrigued and engaged in a corporate event doesn’t require a lot of work – just a little creativity and planning. Whether it is using losberger tents for a stellar location or having a spontaneous karaoke session – your guests will surely look forward to your future events.

Besides getting time out of the office or maybe free trip to a different city, many people loathe the idea of having to go to corporate events. The idea sounds fun, but the busy schedules, hours listening to boring speakers, and games is enough to make you cringe inside – even if you don’t show it.

So now that you are planning your own corporate event, what is something you can do to make sure your guests aren’t secretly hoping someone pulls the fire alarm or, even worse, that there is a power outage?

These five steps will guide you in spicing up your next corporate event so that you will raise the bar for all other corporations:

Choose Any Location Using Losberger Tents

The first thing that your guests will see is the venue you choose. When they arrive to your event, are they going to be blown away? Convention centers and generic ol’ conference halls seem to be the desired pick for most organizations. You have the same bright, busy carpet and white cloth table coverings with very few windows. It is boring.

Why not try something new? Losberger tents offer a place to wow your guests. They give you the opportunity to hold your event in any location. Pick somewhere remote and beautiful – off the beaten path or search for a location that is sure to grab the interest of attendees. If it has space for a losberger tent and is near lodging, then you are set.

You can rent and customize losberger tents very easily. Depending on the size of your crowd, you can increase or decrease the size of your tent. In fact, if you really want to go for the wow factor, losberger tents can be rented as two-story buildings – with lots of windows! They are climate controlled and act as real buildings – only their location is not permanent! Give your guests something to talk about!

Set a theme

Themes for your corporate event can be as professional or as goofy as you would like them to be. What matters is that you pick a theme that will be eye-catching and you go all out for it. When planning your food, prizes or giveaways, decorations, etc. make sure you keep with your theme and match every detail accordingly.

Remember – colors matter! Colors can set a tone or mood for an event. To make sure you get the right vibe going, check these out:

  • Red: signals passions, intensity, power, excitement – and even anger.
  • Purple: royalty, luxury, spirituality
  • Blue: calm, peace, tranquility, trust
  • Green: rejuvenation, health, nature, harmony
  • Orange: confidence, friendliness, outgoing
  • Yellow: happiness, optimistic, cheerful, awakening

You know your vision and the goal you are trying to achieve. Just make sure your decorations and colors remain uniform and flow throughout each aspect of your event.

Increase your social media presenceLosberger Tents | American Pavilion

Getting the word out there about your event is crucial. You cannot just rely on word-of-mouth or a few Facebook posts to get it going. These days, a social media presence isn’t an option – you need one. If you are not up on the ins and outs, find someone who is!

Use sites where you will find your ideal audience. Post about your event, of course, but also post relevant blogs, photos, surveys, etc., to engage your audience. Another great idea is to do a promotion that will get you shares and attention. You want them to know your name and what you are about – and you want them to discover you are having an event. If you stay in front of their face – even if just while they are scrolling through – they will remember you.

Extra tip: During the event — always, always create a hashtag and encourage lesson and photo sharing by your guests to help increase your social media presence for future events! This is like having free promotion!

Engage your guests

Everyone dreads the getting-to-know-you games at corporate events. Every corporate event has speakers, a cocktail party, a dinner, a vendor’s area, games – it’s all rather generic and predictable.

To stand out, you will need to do something different. You will need to engage your guests and make them forget they are even at a boring corporate event. Check these out:

Go off grid and give your guests a time of growing and relaxation. Remove the need for electronics and, instead, let attendees recharge while spending time at your event. Have spa services, fresh foods, etc. (This is a perfect idea if you rent a tent for your event and place it in a remote location).

In addition to learning about your corporation, incorporate a learning event for your guests. For example, have a cooking class, teach a dance move or a magic trick, etc.

Think of what you would like to see at a corporate event and think about what you want your guests to get from yours. Then, put your mind to work and brainstorm ideas. You can come up with something unique, memorable, and engaging.

Throw in the unexpected

When all else fails, do something out completely unexpected and catch your guests by surprise. Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Invite a well-known speaker
  • Have a known musician
  • Plan a flash mob
  • Incorporate neat talents into your theme, such as a magician, acrobats, snake handler, caricature artist, etc.

There are so many possibilities. Doing something out of the ordinary will leave a lasting impression for all who attend your event. Think about it carefully and go for it!

No matter what your corporate event is about, it doesn’t have to be all business. Attendees are used to the monotonous events in their industry. Step out and do something different. Whether it is using a losberger tent for a stellar location or having a spontaneous karaoke session – your guests will surely look forward to your future events.

How to Put Together a Last-Minute Party

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Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you are walking through life way too easily – as if you are completely forgetting something, like, BIG? Then, when you least expect it, it hits you square between the eyes – how in the world could you forget that you agreed to host a party for a specific person/occasion and it is to be held in just a couple days?!

Don’t fret! There is nothing that will get accomplished if you are panicking. Instead, sit back and read through these tips that will help you make last-minute party throwing look like a piece of cake.

Take a deep breath – here we go:

Make a To-Do List

It is hard enough to try to organize a party at the last minute. Forgetting something you need to do to make it all happen smoothly can lead you down a rather dark, bumpy road. Take some time to sit down and think about everything you will need before, during, and after your party. Make a list and keep it organized.

While you are making that list, why not go ahead and make a list of all the people you are going to invite?

Electronic Invites

Snail mail is out of the picture these days. Really – when was the last time you received a party invitation in your mailbox? Exactly! So, your guests will not think anything of it when they are invited via e-mail or social media. In fact, they may even think you planned it that way!

Send a batch email, use a free service such as evite, or use the event calendar on Facebook to send out instant party invitations. Make sure to ask that your guests reply quickly so that you may get a head count. Providing a small apology for the delayed invite couldn’t hurt, either.

Take it Outside Using Tent RentalsTent Rentals | American Pavilion

The thought that will likely pop into your head as soon as you realize you need to throw this party right away is, “Oh, no! I need to clean my house!” Well here is an idea – how about taking the party outside? You can turn your backyard into the party spot and you can leave your house as dirty as you’d like! Fabric tent rentals can give you protection for your guests and your electronics, food, etc. These tents are completely customizable so you will find one that will work for you. Since you are short on time, it is a good thing they assemble quickly!

Pulling the sides open on tent rentals will allow for an indoor/outdoor backyard party feel. Tent rentals can create a very welcome atmosphere for your guests with a lot of room for socializing, playing games, or just relaxing.


You do not have much time to get fancy so keep it simple. Besides, simply stated decorations can sometimes be as beautiful as a professionally decorated room. Check your local party store for decorations that fit your party theme. A little splash of color is all you need.

If you decide to party outdoors, make sure you make use of various lighting techniques. In fact, stringing lights across your backyard can create a magical feeling.

Guests will not notice the decorations as much as they will the taste of the food and drinks, so make sure you keep your focus on your priorities.

Food and Drinks

Do you really have time to plan a whole big sit down meal? Assuming you don’t want to overburden yourself even more, the answer is no. The best approach to food and drink for your last-minute party will be to focus on wide variety with minimal choices.

For food, think hors d’oeuvres. And, by all means, do not have six different chips and dips. Instead, have a few different choices for your guests to choose from – not all from the same bin at the grocery store. A few ideas are hummus and pita, brie and little toasts, banana nutella dip, veggie skewers, popcorn, chicken wings, etc.

As for drinks – you will never fill everyone’s individual tastes. Pick the 3 most versatile and popular drinks among your friends and call it a day. You have way too many things to handle than to worry about beverages.

On a side note – if anyone asks whether they can bring something when they reply to your invite, you may tell them they can bring an appetizer or special beverage if they so wish, but that it isn’t required!


There is no rule book that says guests need to have more entertainment than socializing with each other. Then again, bored guests are no fun – so you will want to have some sort of entertainment.

Your time-frame is short so you will likely not have a chance to book either a DJ or a local band – and that is just fine! Set up some speakers – your own or borrowed – and hook up a play list using your computer, iPod, mp3 player, etc. This will allow the music to help set the tone for the party without requiring too much of your time and attention.

Games are another thing you can do. A quick search online and you can find party games that don’t require anything more than what you already have. Or, take it back a few years and pull out all your old board games that have been collecting dust in the back of your closet. You can even get creative and put a new spin on old kid games.

If you have one, using a projector is another idea for entertainment. This will allow you to stream music videos or show movies throughout the night. Even a stream of funny videos can keep the mood light and fun! Hey, a laugh is a laugh, right?

Most guests come to parties to mingle, laugh, eat, and drink. Everything else is just a bonus. From tent rentals to simple lighting, follow these tips and no one will ever know that you forgot anything… Cheers!






Why You Should Plan a Fundraising Event in the New Year

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With each New Year, there is a new opportunity for growth and change – for individuals and organizations. January is the perfect month to start planning the fundraising event for your non-profit or charity organization. Plan a gala under a clearspan tent or host a marathon! You turned over a new leaf – now you can do so for your organization, too!

Asking for money is never exactly easy. That is what makes fundraising events so fantastic – you get to receive money for your organization or charity and have fun at the same time!

If you are looking to revamp your organization this year and gain some fundraising dollars to do so, then keep reading to discover the cream of the crop in fundraising event ideas to get you moving!

The Talent Show

How fun would it be to see all your employees, co-workers, friends, or family up on stage showing off their talent? Whether you choose to have dinner and a show or just the show, this is sure to be one of the most fun and entertaining fundraisers.

Have people you know sign up to participate in the talent show. To make it more interesting, inviting, and well-rounded, set categories such as: most musical, funniest talent, weirdest talent, no one else can do your talent, and best overall. Have prizes for each category. This will entice everyone to participate – not just those looking to land a spot on the next America’s Got Talent.

Themed Ball or Gala Under a Clearspan TentClearspan Tent | American Pavilion

Themed dinner party events are always a hit – especially the extravagant ones. Choose a theme and create a uniquely decorated space for your party. To maximize your options, it is best to find an open area and rent a tent. Clearspan tents offer wide open areas with no poles or inside barriers and have many of the perks of an indoor venue – including climate control, flooring, protective walls, etc.

A clearspan tent rental will allow you open decorating space to match your theme in the best way you can. Make sure your theme is spread throughout your food selection, decorations, entertainment and music choices, as well as any goodie bags or gifts for guests. Keep it uniform and eye-catching.

To get you started, here are a few themed ideas:

  • Under the sea theme –Use lighting in your clearspan tent to bathe the entire event space in hues of blue. Create decorations in the shape of sea life.
  • Black and white – This is the blanket idea for a formal gala. It calls for a classy dress code and your decorating should be classy and tasteful, too – in black and white, of course.
  • Casino night – Use a Vegas theme and get the games rolling. Decorate with casino-flair and get some of your friends to dress as cocktail waitresses. Make sure to check your local gambling laws first.
  • Caribbean night – Turn your clearspan tent into a tropical oasis. Tiki torches, palm trees, sand, and steel drum bands can give your guests a vacation without having to go anywhere!
  • Fiesta – Complete this party with a piñata, a taco bar, and tequila.

Remember, your guests are paying for a memorable and good time – and your organization needs their support.

Any of the many a-thons

There are jump-a-thons, bike-a-thons, dance-a-thons, bake-a-thons, and many, many more. Have your friends, employees, or co-workers sign up to participate. They will then collect donations from everyone they know who want to support them while they do something like tip-toe in ballet slippers wearing a tutu for 24 hours. The more participants you can gather up, the more money your organization can make. Does anyone really ever make it to the 24-hour mark at these things?

Guest Speaker

Find someone noteworthy who supports your cause and reach out to see if you can get them to donate their time by speaking at your event. It is highly unlikely you will get Matthew McConaughey to come speak at your auto show fundraiser, but there are many influential people out there that will be willing to. Use your network and see who you can come up with – you may surprise yourself!

Turn it into an event – including dinner, and sell your tickets. You will be well on your way to raising money!

Race – Ready, Set, Go!

Are you into fitness? Are you trying to motivate others? Do you have a large outdoor space available? You can always create a race. Plan a 5k course and have runners and walkers alike sign up. They can solicit donations for their participation and for the support of your organization. That gives you the opportunity to obtain further funds for your fundraising in addition to the registration fees.

You can rent a clearspan tent for registration and a post- race snack. Use donated prizes for the runners who place in each category.

If you are into the idea that you must spend money to make money, you can also use various race companies that will take care of the logistics for you.

Wine Tasting

If you are familiar with wine or know someone who is, you could set up a wine tasting. Depending on the turnout, you will need to purchase bottles of several different wines. Combine this with platters of cheese, crackers and other pairings and you have a wine tasting! It is also a good idea to talk to a local liquor stores to see about getting discounts on bulk purchases.

If wine isn’t your thing, don’t rule this idea out just yet. You can always turn it into a beer tasting or, say, a whiskey tasting.

You can also use this platform combined with a raffle or silent auction using donated items.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to be torture. Everyone likes to have a good time. If you can make an exciting event happen, then you can raise the much-needed funds for your organization. New year, new growth opportunities – go for it!


7 Industries and Why They Use Tent Structures

Tent Structures | American Pavilion

If you were told to name off the first 5 things you think of when you hear the word ‘tent,’ your list would probably look something like this:

  • Camping
  • Woods
  • Campfire
  • Circus
  • Carnival

A little on the weak side, but they are all good suggestions for the word ‘tent.’ The truth is, the tent structures are so much more than just camping in the woods for a weekend or spending a night with your family under the big top.

There are many kinds of tents and several very different industries that use them. For example, you can find tents in the sporting industry, the farming and nursery industry, the construction industry, the disaster relief industry, as well as events held by individuals all the way up to huge corporations.

If you pay attention, you will see tents everywhere – even places you may not have recognized before. That is because tents come in all shapes and sizes and designs. Some tents may not even look like tents! Don’t believe it? Let’s just see who uses tents and how they use them.

Construction Tents

The construction industry involves a lot of huge equipment, and are always working in different locations. Since transporting all the machinery and necessary equipment to and from a changing location each day does not produce efficient work, construction companies must come up with a method of storing and protecting their equipment at the job site. Most of them turn to construction tents to do the job. They offer construction crews and machinery protection from the elements and provide security from thieves at night.

Farmers and Gardeners

Farmers also use a lot of equipment and machinery that need to be protected and stored. Industrial tents solve this problem for them, too. However, they go further in using the industrial tents as shelter for animals – chicken coops, turkey coops, etc.

Tents are perfect for vegetable farmers and gardeners of all types. Using an industrial tent as a greenhouse is a great idea. They are not permanent fixtures, so they can be moved when it is necessary. In addition, they are climate controlled and hold up well against all types of weather. This means minimal risks to crops!

Disaster Relief, Non-Profits and the U.S. Military

Have you ever heard of FEMA? It is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA is the organization that assists after disaster strikes in the U.S. Whether it is after earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, or any other disaster, FEMA sets up temporary locations nearby to help in many ways. They provide tents for shelter. They use tents for storage of donated supplies. On many occasions, tents have been used at disaster sites to treat the injured and serve as temporary medical facilities.

Many soup kitchens, food pantries, and other non-profit services use tents for storage. Sometimes the facility that the non-profit runs is not large enough to house the indigent population or the donated supplies. In addition, certain times of the year may bring a rise in donations. Tents work as an ideal temporary storage.

Like FEMA, the military is on the move quite often – both in the US and abroad. They require a structure that can be moved and re-established with ease. Tents serve this great purpose for them. In fact, the military uses tents as dorms, mess halls, storage, offices, and medics.

Tent Structures for Art Exhibits

Many cities are lucky to have visits by artists and various types of home shows. They come to town, quickly set up shop, and host their exhibits and show for a short period before heading off to the next city. How do they do it? A temporary structure, of course!  Tents work out as perfect spaces because they allow for perfect customization of the layout and gallery space. In addition, the fact that they are climate controlled allows the artists to feel confident in the care their art will receive.

Sporting EventsTent Structures | American Pavilion

Many sporting events make use of tents, such as the NFL, NASCAR, and PGA tournaments. Many times, they are used for VIPs or other pre-game situations. Sometimes, the size of these tents is so large that patrons may not even realize they are in a tent!

Equestrians use tents most frequently. They can act as stables and other protection for the horses. They also are commonly built as riding arenas and training facilities.

Personal and Corporate Events

Using a tent for a corporate event allows corporations to place a lot of people under one roof – without having to worry about damage or security breaches in their own offices. Whether it is office parties, trade shows, a hosted event – tent rentals provide a quick set up and allow the company to have freedom in selecting the layout and customization of the space.

Personal use of event tents is very common. We all have dinners and parties and decide that too many guests equal a disaster cleanup afterwards. How many times have you had to scrub your carpet to remove smashed, embedded chips after a party? Exactly. So, choosing to push the party into a tent rental outdoors takes away the worry – and allows you, the host, the ability to customize your party to your exact liking. When you want to go big or go home – this is a trend that isn’t going anywhere!

Weddings may be the most common event to take place under the roof of a tent. Brides dream for years of having a magical wedding and many of those magical places are outside. Many people find that tents provide a beautiful backdrop to this special day. They can create the space just as they have always dreamed – plus they can have an outdoor wedding without having to worry about Mother Nature!

Simply put, tent structures are versatile structures that can but made to fit your exact needs. It is no wonder why so many industries have taken advantage of these creations for so long! Now that you are aware of all the places you may find tents, just wait – you will start seeing them everywhere!



Using a Temporary Storage Structure for the Winter Months

Temporary Storage Structure | American Pavilion

While many industries operate throughout the entire year, many are only open and functioning during the warmer seasons. That means that as the winter weather strikes, many companies will be on the lookout for ways to close and secure their business until the cold passes.  This is a big task to handle, especially if your work includes a long line of machinery, equipment, or even outdoor furniture. Varying types of businesses find themselves in this situation each year, but many already know the secret to getting the most out of their storage is by using a temporary storage structure. These temporary storage buildings can be used to store and secure all of your business’ belongings while you focus on staying warm.

Using a Temporary Storage Structure

Temporary storage structures come in all shapes and sizes, which is great since businesses do not come as a one size fits all. You can order them based on the size of the vacant space you have available to erect the tent structure and the size of the storage space you need for your business. Note: Always add a little extra room to the dimensions – just in case!

No longer do you have to worry about finding a place that will hold all your stuff. Gone are the days of having to squeeze everything into a small 10 x 10 storage unit as if you were playing a master’s level game of Tetris.

A temporary storage structure will allow you to at least triple your winter storage space! Keep reading for even more benefits!

Benefits of Using a Temporary Structure for Storage

  • Climate controlled. The purpose of you closing your business down for the winter is because it is freezing outside! You surely wouldn’t want to store your important business belongings in a tent and have them turn into a block of ice, do you? Lucky for you, temporary storage buildings can come climate controlled. Because of that, you can be confident that your equipment will be secured in a facility that will maintain a warm temperature and be safe from the cold.
  • Weather proof. Temporary storage stuctures are free from the destruction of the weather. They are built using material that is water proof, strong enough to ward of heavy winds and rain, and coated to be fireproof. How comforting is that?
  • No heavy snow on the roof. Tents are constructed in a manner that allows you to avoid the possibility of catastrophic damage should you get a heavy snowfall. With slanted roofs, the snow will slide off or, if it is falling too fast, it will be at an angle allowing the weight to be distributed and the building to remain intact.
  • Temporary storage structures do, surprisingly, come with flooring. Rest easy – your equipment will not be subjected to the cold, frozen ground.
  • You can customize the tent to your exact specifications. This comes down to lighting, climate, height, width, type, etc. You know how much space you need and what you need it for – temporary storage structures can accommodate exactly that, providing an easy fit and storage solution.

Who can use a temporary building for storage?Temporary Storage Structure | American Pavilion

Beachside Restaurants

Have you ever patronized a beachside restaurant? If so, you likely wanted to eat outside, as that is the prime spot. Dinner and a view – what can beat that? Most of the time, that is great. However, during the winter months in the north, streets of beachside restaurants become ghost towns. What happens to all their tables, chairs, lighting systems, heaters, etc. when the restaurant is closed for winter? They either need to be placed inside or in storage. Hopefully in a temporary storage structure!

Construction and Landscape Companies

Landscape companies and construction crews tend to slow down during the winter months. However, they have an immense amount of equipment, machinery, and trailers that need to be protected. If machinery is left out to weather the winter, the salt from the roads is likely to corrode and cause wear and tear that could otherwise be avoided. If a small cost for a temporary structure could prevent further equipment costs – for repairs or replacements – it seems like a good business decision.

Recreational services

Many recreational services, other than skiing and winter sports, go into hiding when the cold hits. Companies that rent items such as canoes, bicycles, Segways, scooters and the like will not be widely used, but need somewhere safe to be stored to prevent damage from the winter weather. A huge percentage of these places operate out of small cabanas or small storefronts, providing no extra storage space.

Food Pantries

Unlike the others, food pantries cannot close their doors and they are not looking to store their belongings. Instead, they generally need extra space to house donations. Winter months bring holidays and the spirit of giving. Many local charities do food drives and coat drives and other various drives – resulting in an overflow of donations and the same of amount of space.

To throw a wrench in the situations, food pantries usually must meet codes of the health inspectors. Lining up food items in unsanitary places will cause more trouble than it may be worth. Turning the donations away is not an option. A temporary storage structure provides an affordable solution, allowing the food pantries to continue accepting donations and to have a safe, healthy place to store them. The extra space can also lead to more organization and easier future distribution. It’s a win-win!

There are many other businesses that also require winter storage – this was just a short list. And you thought we were being silly when we were telling you to secure all the belongings of your business in a tent for the winter, didn’t you? They are some of the best, most versatile – and affordable – choices for your business. Blanket your business in the warmth of a temporary storage building and enjoy your winter.




Why You Need a Clear Tent for Your Garden


Your home is your place of comfort. It offers you a sense of protection and it makes you feel welcomed each time you walk through the door. Your home is the place where your family builds traditions and makes memories. It is also the place where you entertain loved ones. Why not make it the place where you grow food and flowers to add to the care you have for your family? Adding a transparent garden canopy to your yard will not only provide you with a warm, inviting escape or small entertaining spot, it can also provide you with food, herbs, and flowers – and the confidence in knowing that you created something good.

If you are still questioning whether or not a clear tent is a must -have for your backyard, keep reading!

What is a Clear Tent?

Clear tents are great additions to your home. They come in all shapes and sizes and offer a place for you to grow a garden while being shielded from weather conditions. These canopies come in all sorts of designs, colors, and made from all types of materials. However, if you want the benefit of a garden canopy without giving up your view, a clear tent is what you need. Transparent garden canopies allow protection while maintaining the view!

These flexible clear tent rentals allow you to extend your home to the outdoors – enhancing your home and its outdoor functionality.

What can you do with a Clear Tent Rental?

Not only can you grow food and flowers in a clear tent, but you can also entertain guests. Maybe you are just looking to escape to your backyard and spend some time with nature. Maybe you live in a rainy part of the country and are looking for something that will allow you to be outside – and remain dry.

If you don’t necessarily have a green thumb, but you are looking for shade and protection in your backyard for your deck or patio, a clear tent rental can be your best friend. They will protect your outdoor furniture, and allow you the ability to sit outdoors whenever you feel like it – not just when the weather says you can! Clear tent rentals can allow you to have dinner with your family outside, have get-togethers inside and outside, and even protect your outdoor pets from being exposed to the elements.

No matter your preference or desire, clear tents can come in handy. Their possibilities are endless. Besides, if you get creative, you are likely to find so many more things you can use clear tent rentals for – no matter how big or small your backyard is.

Grow Fruits, Vegetables, and HerbsClear Tent Rental | American Pavilion

Depending on what you are trying to grow and where you live, you are likely, for one reason or another, going to need a protected area to grow specific items since most produce cannot grow in all types of weather conditions.

The number of veggies, fruits and herbs you can grow under your clear tent is enormous.

Here are the best vegetables to grow in a shaded area:

  • Arugula
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Root vegetables, such as yams, beets, parsnips, turnips, carrots, and celery.

The following fruits thrive in a shaded area:

  • Cherries
  • Berries, such as gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries
  • Plums
  • Strawberries
  • Black currants
  • Pears

Herbs also produce well in the shade. Here are the best – and most successful – choices:

  • Chives
  • Tarragon
  • Mint
  • Parsley
  • Cilantro
  • Thyme
  • Oregano

With a little research and a lot of tending, you and your family could put together a very well-rounded garden that could grow throughout all the seasons.

Grow Plants and Flowers  

The best part of planting a garden under a canopy is the ability to add beauty and color to your yard. There is just something special about looking out your back window and seeing bright, beautiful blooming flowers after a rough day at work or waking up early and sipping coffee as you read your newspaper while the sun rises. You brought these flowers to life and the transparency of your clear tent garden canopy allows you to view this exquisiteness from anywhere on your property.

Not sure what to plant? Here are a few ideas of the best flowers to grow using a garden canopy:

  • Lily of the valley
  • Alpine Forget-Me-Not
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Violas
  • Begonias
  • Heliotropes
  • Impatiens

A Quiet Retreat

You work hard. You handle work, your family, taking care of your home – and now you take care of your own garden. You deserve a place to relax and escape. Why not create a small nook within your clear tent where you can relax, read a book, drink coffee, draw, etc.? Besides, where else can you escape peacefully amongst greenery? A clear tent rental is spacious enough to allow for the extra room. Search your local outdoor furniture store and find a small table and chairs – like a bistro set – and put it in an open area under the canopy.

If you are not looking for a quiet retreat, but rather a social hotspot, a clear tent rental can provide a great place to host a garden party – inside the tent and out. Stringing lights, playing soft music, cold drinks and hors d ‘oeuvres can turn your garden into a magical mingling spot.

Clear tent rentals are completely customizable canopies that provide you with the ability to have new adventures in your backyard. The size of your yard does not matter. Whether you choose a large tent rental or a small one, you are likely to realize that your purchase will transform your life. A garden canopy is the perfect addition to your home! What are you waiting for?

How to Choose the Perfect Lighting for a Clearspan Tent

Clearspan Tent | American Pavilion

Well look who decided to host the biggest party of the year – you! You have decided to hold your event in a clearspan tent, knowing it will allow you to create the perfect space! You have been busy designing the layout for the event, picking out your theme, your decorations, your centerpieces, your food, etc. Everything seems to be falling into place.

You saved the lighting decisions for last. After all, you know what look you are going for, but you are unsure of your options and what will work best for you. Your party is taking place after the sun goes down so you must have sufficient lighting or you will have some unhappy – and possibly scared – guests!

Lighting for tents can take on many forms, depending on the look you are going for and the mood you are trying to set. Here is a list of a few of the more popular options to help you make your decision.

Setting a Romantic Mood in a Clearspan Tent

Some parties and events such as weddings, dances or balls require soft and romantic lighting. There is just something magical about outdoor, soft lighting such as light displays during winter holidays. For example, using fairy lights around your centerpieces – even placing them inside empty lanterns for a soft glow. Depending on your level of concern for fires, you may choose to use candles to light your way (or you could always opt for the flameless variety). String lights and bulbs roped across a clearspan tent in decorative fashion can add that warm glow and a giddy, romantic feel.

The Spot Light is On

Are you hosting an event that you will need a focus light? Are you wanting to display an item – a special piece of art, a cake, etc.? Are you wanting to draw your guests to a specific area once they are under the event tent? Spot lights can make that happen. When you think of these lights, don’t think solely of the light that follows your favorite musician around the stage. Think about it like this – throughout your clearspan tent you have the soft, romantic lights mentioned above, then BOOM – a single bright light shining over the wedding cake. In other words, you would use this spot light to grab attention of your guests as soon as they walk in the room.

Another idea for spot lights is to use smaller versions to hang over centerpieces on the table, letting guests see your beautiful design, while also allowing them to enjoy their meal with a dimmer light – since the light will not be focused in the middle of the table. This is known as pin spot lighting.

Colored Lights, a Disco Ball, and a Dance Floor

If you want to get funky and keep the vibe flowing on the dance floor you must kick up your light game. Lights can push the energy almost as much as music can. So, whether you are looking to have your guests waltz or do the cha cha, you may want to pay attention.

People tend to not dance as much when the venue is light. If it is dark outside, people think no one can see their dance moves. So, keeping the lighting low at the ground level is a good idea. Uplighting allows you to light from the floor upwards. At the base (the floor) it will be darker and as the lighting extends up, it branches out. This lights up a space, with most the light toward the ceiling. The great thing about uplighting is that you can usually use a variety of colors – which allows you to keep with your décor.

Wash Lighting to Get that Glow

It is likely that the clearspan tent you rented for your event will be white. However, what if you don’t want it to be so white and get creative instead? This is where wash lighting comes into play. This is a neat lighting trick that can paint the whole area a new color. Blue, pink, soft green? The choice is yours. Wash lighting does just as it says – it washes (or paints) the whole space with a color. Choose the color based on the decorations or theme of your party. You can also choose the color based on the mood you are trying to set:

Blue – calm, tranquility

Red – sultry, passion, lust

Orange and Yellow – energy, sunshine, happiness

Green – growth, freshness

Purple – luxury, royalty, power

Decorative LightsClearspan Tent | American Pavilion

If you are trying to create a space using the lighting as part of your decorations, then you are in luck! A few options are:

Chandeliers. Chandeliers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They can be hung high or low, and offer a feeling of extravagance. Many times, chandeliers can be used as the focal point in the tent.

Lanterns. If you want to keep with the outdoor feel, lanterns can help. They can add a bit of ruggedness to your beautiful event. The great thing about lanterns is how versatile they are. You can fill them with many different things – candles, 1 light bulb, fairy lights, etc. They can be placed on tables, on the floor, hung from the ceiling, etc.

Candles. Real or flameless, these things just scream romance. Candles can be used in candleholders, candelabras, in lanterns, on platters, or even by themselves. You can use 5 or 500; scented or unscented. Candles provide many, many options.

String lights. Known as “bistro style,”string lights can add a uniqueness to any event. You can choose from many different size, wattage, shape, etc., of string lights and use them as you wish. You can string them from side to side, in a design, wrap them around poles, or wrap them as balls and hang them from the ceiling for a unique look.

Lighting for your party or event can be as unique as the event itself. Once you know the mood you are trying to set, you can easily select a lighting to match. Use your imagination and make it shine!