A Guide to Creating Your Own Greenhouse

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Have you ever considered building your own personal greenhouse? Picture yourself surrounded by many rows of greens and picking veggies for your dinner in the middle of January in Wisconsin. Unlikely? Think again. Greenhouses allow you to grow plants, fruits, vegetables, and flowers all year round, despite the climate in which you live. Between clear span tents, a hoop-style or dome-shaped greenhouse, or any other variety, your options for designing a greenhouse are extensive.

Of course, you will need to have some knowledge on how to build and sustain a greenhouse. And, yes, having a green thumb is a bit helpful, too. Fortunately, with the right tools and right design, you should be able to effortlessly maintain a bright, warm growing space of your own.

To make your greenhouse handiwork easy, here are a few tidbits to grow your awareness (pun intended).

Greenhouse Types

There are a couple of different types of greenhouses to choose from, depending on the space you have available. Indoor greenhouses are perfect for those who have little or no outdoor usable space. These greenhouses use special lighting techniques and windows to simulate the sun. Some seeds may not grow as well in this type of greenhouse and it is not meant for long-term crop growing.

Cold frame or Mini greenhouses are just like their name – mini. They are outdoor greenhouses and they are portable. These greenhouses are good for seed germination, but not necessarily for long term growing.

Finally, we have grower greenhouses. These are more permanent structures, larger sizes, and offer much more in the variety of what can be grown. These can range in size, some being extremely large. They are built for growing crops to full term and year around.

Clear Span Tents and Other Greenhouse Structures
Clear Span Tents | American Pavilion

When it comes to building a greenhouse, there are many structures to choose from, depending on your needs and available space. Below are a few of the most popular:

Clear span tents are free-standing structures that can be customized to your liking. They appear as glass but are made of Polycarbonate sheets that are lighter and more effective in maintaining the proper temperature. Clear span tents are professionally built structures.

Hoop-style greenhouses generally have a wooden base and have PVC pipes arched overhead, creating a canopy or tunnel-type structure. They are then covered in your choice of plastic sheeting. There are many ways to build hoop-style greenhouses, from DIY types to the more professional versions.

Dome shaped (or GeoDome) greenhouses are strong and durable against harsh climates, yet are lightweight and portable structures.

Where to build

If you decide to go with a more permanent greenhouse, you must then decide where to build. This is going to vary greatly on your location – most specifically your climate and terrain.

First, you will want to build your greenhouse on the flattest part of land. This will not only make it easier for your plants and equipment to stay in place on your shelves, but it also allows for even sun distribution.

Second, building your greenhouse north to south will ensure you make the most of the sunlight during all seasons. You will also want to make sure that there is nothing blocking the sunlight, such as mountains or buildings.

Lastly, you may want to take the availability of electric and water supplies into consideration. The more conveniently these hookups are to your greenhouse, the better.

What to plant

Have you considered your options yet? There are so many! Because you will have warmth year-round in your greenhouse, you can grow a variety of produce. Leafy greens, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, various herbs, squash, strawberries, and grapes are a few of the most popular.

You don’t have to stop at fruits and veggies, either! Spruce up your greenhouse with some tropical plants or beautiful flowers such as lilies, violets, roses, and orchids.

Things to consider

Once you decide the type of greenhouse you desire to build, you must consider a few other things.

  • You will need to make sure that the building structure you chose will be able to maintain the temperature needed for what you are going to grow. Heaters during the winter months and fans during hot summer days work together with vents to combat the temperature. Making sure your greenhouse is solar-efficient and well insulated can assist, too.
  • Keeping the humidity down will help your plants grow. Sure, lots of green things grow in a rainforest. But, let’s be honest, your greenhouse is not a rainforest. Vents can help suck out the moisture and maintain a balance.
  • Your greenhouse will have a lot of sunlight – hopefully. But it doesn’t hurt to also use various lighting methods such as fluorescent lights or high intensity lighting systems. Make sure to research the best lighting for your chosen crop.


Now that you know all the details, let’s talk about why you would want to consider spending your time and resources creating your very own greenhouse.

  • More money in your pocket. Saving money is a huge benefit to having a greenhouse. Sure, you may have to dish out some funds initially, but the ongoing reward is well worth it. Growing your own vegetables, fruits and flowers will lower your grocery bill drastically. Think about it – not only are you growing much of your meal and dessert, but your flowers for the table centerpiece, too!
  • The freshest produce. Growing your own produce also means you will be eating fresh You will no longer have to purchase your fruits and veggies from the supermarket and pretend like you don’t question where on earth they were grown and how long ago they were picked.
  • Your own personal paradise. Imagine being weeks into winter and all around you seeing nothing but bare trees. And let’s not even mention the freezing temperatures. Now, visualize having a place outside to go where it was warm, green and inviting. Having a greenhouse can help combat the winter blues!

Well, now you know the basics of creating a greenhouse. Know what you want to grow and where you intend to grow it. Once you’ve decided on what to grow choose an appropriate greenhouse structure such as a clear span tent. Then, do your homework on what combination will work best for you. Good luck discovering your green thumb!

Why Losberger is a Top Clear Span Tent Manufacturer

Losberger Tents | American PavilionIf you are looking to create an enclosed outdoor area protected from the elements, the best way to go is with clear span tents. These structures can be made in relatively small dimensions, for example for small outdoor stages or for parties, or they can encompass huge enclosures of space, serving as sports pavilions, exhibition areas, or even as temporary warehouses. What makes one of these structures a “clear span” is the fact that all of the support is engineered to be positioned around the perimeter, so that there are no central columns that will get in the way of people or objects that you want to set up. As these temporary structures are used for almost any kind of outdoor event, there are quite a few companies that manufacture them, however some companies have established an especially strong reputation.

Losberger: German Engineering at Its Finest

Losberger is one of the larger manufacturers of clear span tents, and they are known for producing quality shade structures. They first came to America with their products in the 1990s, and they are still one of leaders in the U.S. market. While other competitors came to the game afterwards, Losberger has maintained a clear position as one of the go-to makers for those who are looking for a top-notch setup. Part of what makes them so successful is their concept of semi-permanent rather than just temporary structures. Their clear span tents can remain in place for as long as you need them to.

The Advantages of Losberger Tents

 There are several aspects to losberger tents that are available from this company such as those described in the following list:

  1. Speed and Efficiency: Suppose there is a sudden need for additional event spacing, or a place to store excess materials while keeping them protected from the elements. The design of Losberger tents is such that they can be put up and taken down quickly.
  2. Economical and Sturdy Materials: The membranes used in these buildings are steel and aluminum, recyclable and lightweight. These components are reliable and secure, while being easy to afford.
  3. A Green Product: Fully recyclable materials allow for minimal waste. If your clear span is going to be used in the day time, the fabric can be set up to allow daylight inside, so that there is no need for artificial light sources. If the structure needs to be moved, it can be done with minimal energy expenditure and at a moment’s notice for maximum convenience.

These are just some of the reasons that give a sense of why people are still choosing Losberger tents when they are looking for dependable, semi-permanent clear span spaces.

Clear Span Tents Available in the U.S.

You can be sure you’re getting the best possible product if you rent from a U.S. provider that offers products of the highest quality, such as those made by Losberger. A dealer who is willing to invest in superior German engineering knows what people are looking for in a clear span tent. Make sure you look to see where the people you are renting from get their tents.

How You Can Make the Best Use of Industrial Tents

How You Can Make the Best Use of Industrial Tents | American PavilionTent rentals are a great choice when you have any type of high-profile event that requires more room than you can have available. Industrial tents come in many difference sizes and shapes. That makes them versatile enough to provide the coverage you need and have plenty of space for every aspect of your event. Here are a few examples of how people have put these tents to good use for projects lasting anywhere from a single day to several weeks.

Industrial Tents for Outdoor Trade Shows

It’s hard to think of any industry that is not the subject of at least one annual trade show or convention. Many of these shows do take place in stadiums, hotels, and conference centers. When these venues don’t offer what the show organizers need, there is another way to go. The solution is to rent a tract of land and arrange for the rental and setup of an industrial tent.

The nice thing about the tents is that it will be easy to organize the layout for the trade show. You can set aside space specifically for each display under the tent. Another area can be set aside for food vendors, along with tables and chairs where attendees can sit down and enjoy their meals. If the show happens to include workshops or speeches, it’s easy enough to have space set aside for everyone to gather and participate.

Thanks to the fact that the right tent has a sturdy aluminum frame and the vinyl materials can be used to create walls as well as serve as roofing, you can arrange the space in any way you please. Best of all, the team that sets up the tent will be back the day after the trade show to take it all down.

Outdoor Concerts

Holding an outdoor concert in the local park or on a vacant lot is great, but what can be done about protecting the attendees from the heat or cold? One approach is to rent a tent large enough to accommodate everyone who has purchased tickets for the event. Inside the tent, it’s possible to set up a stage area, make sure there are an adequate number of outlets for the instruments and sound system, and still have room to arrange the seating.

Choosing this approach also ensures that the concert can go on even if the weather is less than cooperative. If things are sunny and there’s a gentle breeze, it’s easy enough to open the side panels and let the air circulate through the space. Should things get cloudy and the rain is falling fast and furious, close the panels and let the show continue. Everyone will be dry, comfortable, and have the time of their lives.

Major Political Events

Not all political speeches and rallies take place indoors. Often, candidates want to provide room for as many people to attend as possible. Even so, there’s the need to make sure all those attendees have a place to get out of the sun or avoid being caught in the rain.

An industrial tent can be set up in a parking lot, along a river walk, a football field, or any number of other open spaces. The speaker stand can be set up at one end and the rest of the tent can be reserved for people to stand or sit while the speech is in progress. Once the speech is concluded and the political candidate is ready to move to the next stop on the trail, the tent can be removed by a team of professionals.

Disaster Recovery

Any type of major disaster is likely to leave many people with nowhere to go. With their homes demolished, they need a place where they can enjoy a hot meal, get some sleep, and in general make plans to overcome the recent event. That’s where industrial tents come into the picture.

It’s possible to set up one or more tents in just about any open space. A team can clear room for a tent that serves as a communal dining hall. Another tent can serve as the place to set up cots for those who no longer have homes. There can even be space set aside for relief workers to provide people with access to first aid, signing up for temporary assistance, and even places to take showers and wash clothing.

If it looks as if the time needed to get people back on their feet will stretch into weeks or months, industrial tents can be used as temporary housing. Each local citizen can be assigned a private space that can be occupied until something more permanent can be arranged.

The tents for a disaster recovery mission can be set up in a matter of hours. Once they are no longer needed it will not take long to dismantle the tents and prepare them for the next project.

Temporary Storage Space

When there’s the need to make some enhancements to your manufacturing plant, there’s the matter of where to store machinery and other equipment while the work is in progress. One approach is to rent a container and have everything moved into it for a short period of time.

Another strategy is to invest in a tent rental and move everything into the temporary storage space that you set up on the property. Once the work inside the plant is completed, there is no need to arrange for the container to be returned. Your team can start moving the machinery back into the main building immediately.

There are many other ways to put an industrial tent rental to good use. From situations that require some type of coverage for a single day to applications that will be needed for weeks, there is a tent that’s right for the job. Learn more about industrial tents, the materials used, and how they can be set up and configured in various ways. That information will come in handy when an event takes place and there is the need to prepare a venue immediately.


Why Clear Span Tents Work Best for Outdoor Events

Why Clear Span Tents Work Best for Outdoor Events | American PavilionWhen an event takes place outdoors, it’s not always practical to host it out in the open. A sudden thunderstorm or strong winds can ruin an event and postpone it until a later time. Clear span tents provide coverage from both the sun and the elements, giving your guests a place to gather while staying protected from sporadic weather. Not all tent structures are the same however. In fact, some tents have obstructions in the way and are unreliable in severe weather.

Clear Span Tents for Event Gatherings

No matter if it’s a stage show or a business conference, you want to give your attendees the best seating and viewing experience possible. Traditional pole tents work well in some cases when it’s not necessary to have a clear view of a stage or ample walking space between booths. These tents have center poles and other columns that keep the tent stable and upright. They also have exterior guy-lines that get in the way outside. Clear span tents don’t have these obstructions, giving you a completely open space beneath the cover.

A clear span tent has a durable aluminum frame holding it together and steel stakes keeping it upright even in the strongest winds. Furthermore, these reliable tent structures adhere to the International Building Code safety requirements, withstand harsh weather and stay in the same spot for months without any maintenance. Whereas traditional pole tents have limited sizes, clear span tents range from 10 feet to 162 feet in width, giving you as little or as much space as necessary for events of all types.

Accessories Make Clear Span Tents Even Better

Pole tents don’t offer much in the upgrade department. If you need electricity and lighting, you have to run a generator constantly and route extension cords throughout the space. Clear span tents enhance your event even more thanks to their many accessories, some of which are included in the Losberger models. These tents feature integrated flooring that is raised off the ground, helping with water runoff and keeping the floor dry.

You also have the choice of installing hardwood flooring, carpet or stained planks in the tent, giving your guests a reliable surface on which to walk throughout the event space. Want a dramatic effect for your event? Upgrade your clear span tent with theater lighting. Need to stay cool in the heat? Enhance your event space with air conditioning. You can upgrade your clear span tent with even more accessories such as:

  • Glass walls for a 360-degree viewing experience
  • Glass entry doors
  • Power distribution and generators
  • Ceiling liners and clear top panels

Clear Span Tents are the Clear Winners

If you have an outdoor event, don’t take a chance on traditional pole tents. You get so much more with clear span tent rentals, such as a wide-open space, convenient accessories and durability without the maintenance. Clear span tents also come in many different sizes and pass all major safety requirements. Whether it’s a sporting event or a live stage show, you’ll have enough room for your guests while keeping them happy, dry and comfortable beneath a clear span tent.


Planning Outdoor Events: 10 Things to Consider

Planning Outdoor Events: 10 Things to ConsiderWhile many people have been to an outdoor event, not that many people have actually held their own. There are many details that go into planning it. If your thinking about planning one of these events, it is beneficial to be informed about which elements will need to be included.

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Common Tent Rental Problems

Tent Rental Problems


Renting a tent comes with certain issues. Did you get the right size? Is the tent going to fit everyone? Is it in the right spot? These are just a few of the everyday questions people have when they rent a tent. To alleviate these common tent rental problems keep these tips in mind for your next event.

Make sure your tent is not set up near any electrical equipment or power lines. The last thing you need is someone getting electrocuted. If the weather calls for strong winds, make sure you have plenty of tie downs and weights to keep your tent set up and still. Check with the rental company to make sure the tent is in good shape and not old. The last thing you want is your tent falling apart during your event. Another thing to look out for is to make sure the tent is fire resistant. Accidents happen and you don’t want to see your event go up in flames.

Something else to look for is making sure the tent is not set up where any septic lines are. Putting the stakes for the tent in the ground is necessary, but you don’t want to hit a pipe. Something else to be cautious about is the insurance for the tent, make sure it is up to date and covers all the necessities.

Tent rental problems seem to be an every day occurrence. By keeping these tips in mind, the next time you rent a tent, you’ll be prepared should anything go awry.

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What’s Next for Event Rental Companies

What's Next for Event Rental Companies | American Pavilion

2016 is rapidly approaching it’s end and 2017 is about to creep in. A new year always brings in new ideas and innovations. The event rental companies are trying to keep up to date with all the changes and improvements to the industry as a whole and to their individual businesses. Here is a look at what is coming up in the event rental industry.

Companies that utilize CAD designers are getting more attention. They are being used for layouts, renderings and original artwork. This is happening especially with major events in regards to sports and music. The regulations of tent ballasting are improving and tightening to make the structures safer. Clients are changing as well. Social media and sites like pintrest have made it so the clients can give their ideas to the event planner. This is making it easier and at the same time more complex for event planners to make the event the best it can be.

Events are also growing by leaps and bounds. Bringing in more sponsors helps to make the event even more grand and stunning. Guest lists are becoming more expansive, especially if the event is something to be seen at. Taking a photo and posting on social media is helping event planners to grow their businesses.

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Video: 5 Things People Ask Event Planners

For those that are event planners, there are always so many different questions people ask. The job itself for an event planner can be stressful and tiresome, but at the same time very fulfilling. On top of that, people always seem to ask the same questions that are either annoying or borderline ignorant

The following video highlights 5 of the most obnoxious questions people ask event planners. Such questions like, So, you’re a party planner, or how do you get a degree in that?

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5 Things to Look for in a Tent Rental Service


5 Things to look for in a Tent Rental Service | American Pavilion


5 Things to Look for in a Good Tent Rental Service

 There are numerous providers of tent rentals in the U.S. and some are better than others. How can you be sure you are selecting the best company to help you curate your event in a temporary structure? The following guide is meant to give you a sense of what a great tent rental service looks like.

  1. They Know Their Product

 A company that really know what they are doing will know about the product that they are selling. For instance, if they are selling clear span tents, wouldn’t you feel better if they were able to demonstrate knowledge of the different parts of the tent and why they work the way they do? It is also a plus if they also know about the history of the type of tents they sell history and the types of manufacturers that make them.

  1. They Provide Experts for Setup

 A well-trained team can figure out all of the engineering specifications and take into account all of the necessary factors. In addition, a good team can set up a structure to cover a large area in a minimal amount of time. Make sure to look into the type of team that a renter has available, as just getting the tent is only the first part of renting.

  1. Quality Materials

 Find out if the materials used in building the tents pass national safety standards. How long is the tent intended to stay up? Are the support poles lightweight and affordable? A good clear span tent should be able to stand for years with minimal maintenance. It is also important to be able to get different types of materials. Does a company have multiple types of fabric or only one variety?

  1. Event Consulting

 A true sign that a rental company cares is that they are prepared to discuss the logistics of your event with you. The terrain on which the tent will be built as well as expected weather are important things to keep in mind. If the renter is experienced, they will have an opinion on all of these factors as well as the knowledge on how to proceed. They should also ask you about what kind of event you’re planning and figuring out how best to orient the space needed for it.

  1. Availability of Accessories

 Why shop at multiple different outlets when you can find a renter that provides all the accessories you could need with your tent? Perhaps you’ll need doors to create a fully insulated environment. If your event will take place in the night time, you’ll want to be able to secure enough lighting. Flooring is a must for some events. Even a fire extinguisher can be an important device to have around, depending on the type of event being held.

Always Choose the Best

 If a company can provide all of the above items, then you won’t have to look much farther. Always research and compare different providers, and don’t settle for someone who doesn’t fit your needs. A great tent rental service will go above and beyond your expectations.



Using Creativity for Special Events

Using Creativity for Special Events | American Pavilion

When you work in a field like event planning, creativity is one of the most key traits one should have. If you present an event that is uninspired and drab, you’re probably not going to go very far in the industry. Being creative with events is an art on its own. Creating an inspired event can take you places and cement yourself as a visionary planner, and a go to person. There are many ways to help spark that creativity that is inside of you.

Sticking to the same sources for ideas, can get stale after a while. Take a few extra trips to different stores, venues, and gardens. Also switch up your magazines and websites you read on a daily basis. Involve your team more in the planning. Take their ideas and work with them to create something you might not have done before or have been wanting to do. Create idea lists and work on developing the ideas you have. Try things and take a risk.  Don’t take on too much, otherwise you might get burned out.


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