5 Events that Can Be Held in a Temporary Structure

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5 Events that Can Be Held in a Temporary Structure 

A temporary structure or semi-permanent building can be any structure that is built and disassembled quickly. These can include outdoor shade structures such as clear span tents. These structures are great for any time of year, as they can be augmented with different types of fabric and structural elements that fit different kinds of weather. Whether things need to be kept out of the heat and sun or the rain and snow, a good temporary structure should be able to get the job done.

Planning the Use of an Outdoor Space

 As you plan the layout of your outdoor space, you should first consider what kind of event you are holding. What ill the weather be like on the dates you are considering? What are the physical logistics of the site? Will you be requiring other accessories? For example, if you are going to have a performance on a stage, the structure will need to be tall enough to accommodate the entire stage structure. If the ground is going to get muddy, you might want to have steel floor tiles to keep the surface level and slip resistant. If you’re planning an event during the winter months, you may want to consider portable heating. Everything from flooring, lighting, to temperature control will be important aspects to keep in mind.

Events Housed in Temporary Structures

 There are many different ways to utilize the layout of an outdoor space. Typically, a clear span tent is the best option to maximize the efficiency of space usage and to minimize distractions. Here are some examples of how to set up different events.

  • Trade Shows: A trade show can be positioned in the most appropriate area when you can bring the structure anywhere. Specified entrances and added lighting can create a perfect space for exhibiting various items for sale or display, and fit multiple vendors and appraisers.
  • Hotel or Resort Events: By utilizing blackout fabric and custom lighting, you could transform any space into a beautiful dining or event area. Flooring is a great option for one of these events, where you can create a truly intimate setting.
  • Sporting Events: Sometimes you may want to have a high-tiered shaded area for people to look down on a sporting event. Or maybe the actual area for the event itself needs to be shaded. An outdoor structure can have its legs adjusted to fit onto any incline or elevated surface, allowing for infinite possibilities.
  • Corporate Meetings: If you are going to have a lot of people coming from around the nation to attend your company’s meeting, and you don’t have a conference room big enough for all of them, a temporary structure will allow you to make the perfectly sized area for any space accommodations.
  • Outdoor Concerts: When planning a concert, wouldn’t it be great to be able to have the perfect sized venue? Temporary structures are a great option because they allow you to make an area perfectly sized for the number of tickets you’ll be selling and tall enough to accommodate special equipment.

There are many more ways that a temporary structure can be used, and the above are just some examples. If you can imagine an event space, you can build it with the right resources.

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Wedding Tents Pro’s and Con’s

Wedding Tents | American Pavilion


Outdoor weddings are spectacular to have. Being outside when the weather is great with your ceremony and reception being set against a gorgeous setting. And sometimes, the weather doesn’t cooperate and the need to have a back up plan involving a tent is imperative.  Finding the right tents and size can be an arduous process. If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, it’s best to put the cost of a tent in your budget as a great “just in case” plan.

As a rule of thumb, picking the most square tent is the best option. Also note that your venue might have size restrictions, so keep that in mind when selecting your tent. There are plenty of options you can choose from. The most popular options are pole tents and frame tents and each have their own pros and cons. For example, while pole tents are less expensive, they also come with center poles, which causes some obstructions. Frame tents provide more space but, the frame is visible which isn’t always pleasing to the eye.

Always make sure to take all options in mind. Having a tent will require lighting, space heaters (depending on the weather), and a lot more. Make sure you get quotes on multiple sizes and check with your venue on the restrictions they might have.

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Bad Habits of Event Planners

Everyone has a few work routines they would like to change. We tend to develop habits that don’t make us the most productive and successful. When you recognize the areas that need improvement and work on them, you are on your way to be successful. There are 10 different bad habits that event planners have that could cause some issues for your next event.

Working 24/7 is a big problem many event planners have. They are always working day and night, which takes away from everyday life and can cause some mistakes which leads to frustration. It’s never OK for your planner to act like they are a guest. It’s just very unprofessional and rude. Breaking yourself from old bad habits requires you to develop new and healthy routines. Try to focus your energy on making changes that will improve your business and the experience you provide to your clients. By stepping back a taking a hard look at what you do well and the areas where you can improve you will set yourself up for a long and successful career.


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12 Things Needed at Events

Event management is more than just putting on a party, there is a science involved as well. People’s tastes and attention spans are always changing, and creating the best event for the time is imperative. The industry itself is always updating and it’s very important to figure out what is and isn’t working. There are certain things that every event should have since they are staples and traditions that those in attendance are accustomed to and find necessary.

This is an incredibly exciting time to get involved in event management. The industry continues to go through changes that challenge us to provide innovative experiences.
The following 12 things are needed at events and are absolutely necessary to the success of your event.

  1. Diversity
  2. Security
  3. Accessibility
  4. Virtual/Hybrid Options
  5. Sustainability
  6. Innovation
  7. Risk Taking
  8. Personalization
  9. An Experience
  10. Attention To Detail
  11. Creativity
  12. Free Wi-Fi


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6 Reasons To Have Your Meeting Outdoors

6 Reasons To Have Your Meeting Outdoors | American PavilionYou all know the feeling of having to be indoors for a meeting when it is a beautiful day outside. There is no substitute for being outdoors, away from the stagnant air, and stuffy conditions of the office. So why not arrange for your next meeting to be outside. A change of scenery, especially being outdoors has a tendency to boost creativity and reinvigorate those who work for and with you. These reasons each bring about something different to each person and can help to provide a sense of unity and teamwork. Here are six reasons that outside meetings are a good idea.


Fresh Air

Inspires Team Building

Happier Environment

Out Of The Ordinary

Let Loose

Enjoy Not Being Inside


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Tips for Planning a Corporate Event

Tips for Planning a Corporate EventPlanning a corporate event can be extremely stressful. You want to make sure that everything is perfect so that the event will run smoothly. Researching tips on how to create a corporate event can be very beneficial for the success of your event.

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6 Qualities Every Temporary Building Structure Should Have

6 Qualities Every Temporary Building Structure Should HaveA temporary structure can be used to protect people from the hot sun or from inclement weather. These structures can be built to a variety of specifications, from the shape of the roof to how much enclosing the sides provide, whether they are completely open, completely closed with a door, or anywhere in-between. If you are looking to utilize one of these, you should know that there are a lot of different options available. The following list will help you make the best possible decision.

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How to Decorate for an Outdoor Event

How to Decorate for an Outdoor EventThe decorations can make or break your event. Especially when your event is outdoors. Knowing how to decorate for an outdoor event can be tricky. First you probably will want to rent a tent to ensure that your event will be successful rain or shine. Then you will want to figure out which style decor will best fit your event. Continue reading “How to Decorate for an Outdoor Event”