Planning a Conference That Will Inspire Attendees

Planning a Conference That Will Inspire Attendees | American PavilionIncorporating creative aspects into a conference isn’t always an easy task. Here are a few ideas to excite and inspire attendees at a conference:

  • Take on a creative mindset. Planning an event with a creative mindset provides guests with the tools to have a creative perspective towards the event.
  • Find an inspiring place for the event. Whether it be a bright outdoor location or unique venue, the setting of an event with have a significant impact on the atmosphere.
  • Engage attendees at the conference with a careful balance that is both informative and entertaining.
  • Allow attendees time to talk with plenty of breaks between speakers and presentations.
  • Encourage attendees to connect over social media using hashtags that involve the event.

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Plan the Perfect Corporate Event With These 6 Tips

Plan the Perfect Corporate Event With These 6 Tips | American PavilionPlanning corporate events can often include many different variables. From choosing the right speaker to finding the right tent rental size for an event, there are many details event organizers must plan for. Here are 6 helpful tips for planning the perfect corporate event:

  1. Networking is often a priority for corporate events, make sure to allow time for attendees to make connections and build relationships.
  2. Avoid letting the event run too late.
  3. Consider setting a short time limit for speeches and adding media such as videos, live presentations or other entertainment.
  4. Maintain a calm and professional demeanor when working with the event’s entertainment.
  5. Always prepare for worst case scenarios. Have multiple back-up plans ready for any issue that may arise.
  6. Stay calm under pressure.

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4 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Event in a National Park

4 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Event in a National Park | American PavilionThe National Park Service recently celebrated their 100th anniversary this past Monday on August 25, 2016. The celebrations included a series of outdoor events across the nation. National Parks are an extremely beautiful setting to host any type of event. Here are some tips for event professionals looking to plan an outdoor event in a national park:

  • Decide if you’d like the event to be produced with the park or independently.
  • Consider forming a few back-up plans to lessen any potential risks such as unexpected weather.
  • Keep tourists in mind and how you will plan for crowd control at the event.
  • Utilize modern amenities and environmentally friendly options the park may provide such as filtered water dispensers.

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Clear Span Tents: Practical, Cost-Effective and Attractive

Clear Span Tents: Practical, Cost-Effective and Attractive | American PavilionTent rentals are an efficient solution in a variety of situations. Whether you are hosting a garden wedding or a trade show spanning several blocks, clear span tents are a cost effective to provide shelter and demarcate areas. Many rental services offer a wide array of tent styles so that you can choose the one most appropriate for your needs.

The Space You Need

Clear span tents are among the most popular types of tent rentals. This structure is called clear span because it is constructed to provide a clear, unobstructed interior space. The clear span tent’s unique design allows it to be fully supported without any need for interior supports such as columns or poles. As a result, you have greater freedom to configure the interior space of the tent as you wish.

Safety and Durability

When choosing a clear span tent, it is important to select one that is made with high-quality materials. Because the design does not include interior supports, it is essential that the design of the peripheral support structure be solid, especially in the case of particularly large tents. A quality clear span tent will be made with fire-retardant and flexible materials such as vinyl and aluminum. In addition to ensuring proper support, aluminum beams provide the strength and flexibility to endure high winds and rain. A top-quality clear span tent is a temporary structure that can stand in the same place for several years, if needed. Be sure to ask your tent rental vendor about its tents’ compliance with local building codes – reputable vendors will only offer code-compliant tents.

Visual Appeal

Appearance is another important factor when selecting a clear span tent. Although the traditional clear span gains support from cables or ropes that are secured to the ground from outside, some advanced designs today use steel stakes instead. This enhances visual appeal, presenting a neater and sleeker appearance than the usual ropes.

Highly Customizable 

Because clear span tents are modular, they can be configured for a huge variety of sizes, shapes and surfaces. A simple addition of extra beams and panels can expand your tent or change its shape with minimal investment of labor and materials. The flexible structure allows one to compensate for issues such as uneven ground by using adjustable leg heights, shims or scaffolding flooring. Today’s tents offer many choices such as sliding walls, safety glass entrances and glass side walls to let in the light and offer an outside view. Look for tents that use safety, energy-efficient glass to cut down on heating or cooling costs for your tent.

There are many uses for clear span tents. They are convenient and attractive for outdoor events and celebrations, trade shows, conventions, markets, temporary warehousing and more. Today’s manufacturers provide a variety of accessories that make it even easier to use a clear span for your event. Customers have a choice of flooring materials, including wood and carpet for elegant affairs. Lighting options have grown increasingly sophisticated and may include spotlights or theater lighting. Ceiling panels may be available if you want to cover the roof rafters from view. Heating, cooling and power options are also available to suit a range of purposes.

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Incorporate the Summer Olympics Into Your Next Event

Incorporate the Summer Olympics Into Your Next Event | American PavilionThe summer Olympics have come to end but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate them. You can incorporate the Olympics into many aspects of an event. Here are some of the best ways to bring the Olympics to your next event:

  • If the purpose of your event is to network, plan multiple events that encourage attendees to connect. Incorporate the games into the event by hosting competitive competitions or team building activities.
  • If your event’s purpose is to promote, use Olympic icons and terminology to help spread awareness of your brand’s message.
  • Foster team spirit at your event by incorporting your country’s colors into different aspects of the event. For example, for Team USA you could implement a red, white and blue color scheme throughout the event.
  • Provide attendees with healthy, nutritious food that reflect the Olympic games in a clever way.

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Essential Factors for Retaining Event Attendees

Essential Factors for Retaining Event Attendees | American PavilionThe Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) has recently concluded a study involving more than 9,000 attendees and 75 planners. The purpose of the study was to examine the preferences of attendees and provide insights to help event professionals motivate attendees to return to events each year. Nancy Drapeau, CEIR’s director of research, shares some of the key findings the study reports are essential for attendee retention:

  • Exhibition Floor. In general, individuals are motivated to attend an event to see new products and what’s trending. However, returning attendees seek face to face connections rather than just the products available.
  • Education. The report suggests that levels of attendance for smaller, association-run events are often influenced by the education attendees can take away from the event.
  • Activities and Amenities. Event organizers should begin focusing on attendee retention at an organizational level.

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The 4 Steps to Planning an Event

The 4 Steps to Planning an Event | American PavilionWhen planning an event it’s important to stay organized and keep key factors always in mind. Instead of just a simple list, planning an event is more similar to a cycle divided into four parts: planning, promotion, at-event and post-event.

  1. The planning period of an event generally includes: market research, written plan, finalize budget, venue and vendor selections and securing sponsorship.
  2. After the initial planning portion you will begin promoting your event. This can involve email, social media, partnerships, advertising, SEO, PR, or a blog.
  3. At the event you want to plan for smooth entry management, delivering the planned experience, capturing highlights and taking note of what’s working and what isn’t.
  4. When the event has ended make sure to reconcile budgets, send thanks to everyone involved and share the highlights captured at the event.

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Losberger Installs 536 Tents for 2016 Rio Olympics

Losberger Installs 536 Tents for 2016 Rio Olympics  | American PavilionA standard fixture for top sporting events around the world, Losberger makes it’s appearance at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Working together with Arena Group, Losberger constructed 40,000 m² of temporary structures ranging from 3m to 30m, for 11 Olympic venues.

The losberger tents were used to accommodate athletes, coaches, referees and served as warm-up areas, offices, physiotherapy and technology centers, horse stalls and security gates. Losberger was in charge of the full installation including air conditioning, electrics and fittings also employing 120 technicians and assistants to ensure a smooth schedule. Overall, Losberger installed 536 temporary structures for the eleven venues at the Deodoro Olympic site.

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The Advantages of Industrial Tents

The Advantages of Industrial Tents | American PavilionTent rentals can be a helpful and cost-effective asset for many types of industries. Tents can be used for temporary storage and warehousing, to protect construction or equipment repair projects and for industrial projects such as environmental remediation. The specific type of tent you will need may depend on several factors such as the nature of the project, the environment and surface, and your budget. An experienced tent rental service with knowledge of industry needs can help you choose the industrial tent that is best for your purposes.

Spacious and Adaptable

Clear span tents provide the most space and flexibility for many types of industrial projects. Whether the tent is needed to protect construction or to provide temporary warehousing, the unobstructed space and customizable configuration allow for optimal freedom and efficiency. The lack of interior supports or outside ropes and lines offers an additional safety advantage, eliminating unnecessary obstacles and hazards for workers and equipment. The modular nature of clear span tents makes them a great choice for oddly shaped locations or uneven terrain. Size is not a problem either – clear span tents can be constructed to be as small or as large as you need them. These tent rentals can also be set up on a variety of surfaces, from porous soil to concrete. Your tent professionals can advise you as to the flexible options that will optimize safety and stability for your structure.


Today’s industrial tents also offer a wide choice of optional accessories for the industrial sector. Customers can choose from many types of flooring and lighting. Additional add-ons include extras such as walkways, security doors, overhead panels and more. Look for a tent rental service that is knowledgeable about your industry’s needs and can help you customize the best tent for your project.

Durable and Weather-Resistant

Whatever your project, you want your tent to be durable enough to protect your equipment, supplies and merchandise against damage from weather, vandalism or theft. This means selecting your tent or fabric structure based on the particulars of your project environment. An important consideration when choosing industrial tents are their ability to stand up to the outside environment. Whether you will be working in high temperatures, excess humidity, heavy rain, high winds or freezing cold, you need to know that your tent will endure. Top-quality industrial tents typically come with flame-retardant fabric panels and sturdy enforced aluminum frames, and are geared to withstand most types of weather. Ask your rental service about additional waterproofing options, security features and extra insulation.

Adaptable for Each Project

Industrial tents can be used for a variety of purposes across many industrial sectors. Some such uses include:

  • Field office
  • Commercial space
  • Merchandise warehousing
  • Equipment and materials storage
  • Large equipment refurbishment and repair
  • Construction projects
  • Oil and gas projects
  • Environmental remediation

Depending on how you intend to use your tent, you will want to customize your flooring, lighting, climate control and security options. Choose a service that offers durable, high-quality clear span tents for optimum levels of customization and flexibility. When you work with experienced industrial tent professionals, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that they understand your needs and will go the extra mile to meet them.

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Steps to Planning a Corporate Event Budget

Steps to Planning a Corporate Event Budget | American PavilionStaying within a budget when planning a corporate event isn’t easy. In fact, there is so much to plan and prepare for staying within a budget can seem impossible. One of the best ways for event professionals to save money instead of overspending is staying organized and prioritizing. Here are a few aspects of an event you need to consider when organizing your event’s budget:

  • Travel. Depending on the size and location of an event this part of the budget may not be necessary.
  • Food. Consider the number of attendees expected and how extensive you’d like the menu to be.
  • Staff Compensation. Determine how many staff members you will need and how much time they will be in your employment for when planning the compensation.
  • Facility Expenses. This can include the price spent on the venue itself and additional costs such as security, lighting and heating.
  • Event Logistics. The logistics can range from event insurance to the permits required for hosting your event.
  • Marketing. Consider how you will market your event and which tools will best fit in your budget.

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