Choosing the Right Color Palette for Your Event

Choosing the Right Color Palette for Your Event | American PavilionOne of the most important elements of event design is the color palette. The colors used in your event’s design serve as one of the main contributing factors to your attendee’s visual experience. Not only can a color palette enhance the overall look of an event but also the general feeling of an event. Here are 5 types of color palettes to consider for your next event:

  1. Analogous color palette: this is a color palette that uses a main color paired with the two colors beside it on the color wheel. For example blue, blue-violet and turquoise. This sort of palette generally creates at atmosphere of relaxation.
  2. Monochromatic color palette: you can create this palette by using the various shades of one hue thus creating a very clean look at your event.
  3. Triadic color palette: choose three colors placed equally around the color wheel to create this high contrast look. If the colors seem a bit overpowering you can choose a dominant color to use over the other two colors.
  4. Complementary color palette: this color palette pairs opposite colors of the color wheel. Consider using tints of complementary colors in your event design if the contrast is too high.
  5. Split complementary color palette: identify a dominant color and the two colors that are directly adjacent to it. This palette is somewhat more nuanced but retains the benefits of a contrasting palette.

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Where to Find Fresh Inspiration for Your Next Event

Where to Find Fresh Inspiration for Your Next Event | American PavilionLooking for fresh inspiration for an upcoming event? The trick is to look beyond the countless blogs and magazines and instead look at the world around you. By studying other industries and immersing yourself in new experiences you can enter more creativity into planning your event. You can find inspiration just by walking down the street, watching movies or reading books. A great way to improve your event with inspiring new aspects is to talk to previous clients you’ve worked with. Ask them questions on how they would’ve changed the event or what they wished there was more of.

Every one has their own preferred environment to find creativity and inspiration but the best way to find your own inspiration outlet is by trying new things. You can switch things up by surrounding yourself with nature or by looking at things you don’t necessarily want. Bring a sturdy notebook with you everywhere to keep track of ideas and thoughts that inspire you unexpectedly. When it’s time to sit down and plan your next event you can review your notes and find fresh inspiration.

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Predicting the Future of the Corporate Event Industry

Predicting the Future of the Corporate Event Industry | American PavilionA new study has been released with an annual report of the expected trends for corporate events in 2016 and 2017. The study highlights respondents expectations on the rise of the corporate industry compared to previous years.

Research shows that 57 percent of respondents believe the number of corporate events will stay roughly the same in 2016 as it has in previous years, while 33 percent expect to have more corporate events than usual this year. The study also shows 47 percent of respondents reporting increased expenditures in 2016 and more expected in 2017. Overall 2017 is expected to be a busier year for the corporate industry with 42 percent of the respondents anticipating more events and higher expenditures at an average increase of 2.7 percent.

The study concludes that the typical respondent expects an average increase of 2.3 percent in the corporate events industry.

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How to Plan a Stunning Outdoor Event

How to Plan a Stunning Outdoor Event | American PavilionChoosing to host an event outdoors creates unique opportunities for any event no matter the type or size. Here are a few steps for planning a beautiful outdoor event:

  1. Find the right outdoor location that is appropriate for the amount of attendees.
  2. When creating the look, think of ways to combine different elements. For example, rustic and formal elements can create a relaxing atmosphere for guests while also playing on the significance of the event itself.
  3. Sending out engraved invitations that incorporates a natural element sets the tone of the event from the moment the attendees receive them.
  4. Plan a beautiful first impression for guests by creating a simple grass pathway lined with bold flowers.
  5. Play on attendee’s senses by filling the air with natural and invigorating aromas and avoiding heavy perfumes.

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Creative Ways to Help Attendees Navigate Your Event

Creative Ways to Help Attendees Navigate Your Event | American PavilionIf you’re hosting a large event, one aspect to plan for is how attendee’s are going to find their way around. Wayfinding can be a way to enter more creativity into your event and make your attendee’s experience even better. Here are a few different approaches for how you can help attendees navigate your event:

  • Place a few event staff members around your event that can offer assistance with directions and general questions.
  • Use event tech such as mobile apps and digital displays for attendees to stay updated on where to go throughout the event.
  • Incorporate your event’s entertainment by having them guide guests though walking routes.
  • If your audience is physically active create a fitness challenge form of wayfinding that uses a GPS system.
  • Use forms of art such as bold colors, textures and sculptures to help attendees find their way through the event.

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The Top Cities for Meetings and Events in 2016

The Top Cities for Meetings and Events in 2016 | American SkylineCvent has recently released a list of the top cities for meetings and events in 2016. Based on meeting and event booking activity in addition to the number of meeting and event venues, the list includes 50 cities chosen out of 5,000 in the U.S. Here are the top ten cities for meetings and events in 2016:

  1. Orlando
  2. Chicago
  3. Las Vegas
  4. Atlanta
  5. San Diego
  6. New York
  7. Washington, D.C.
  8. Dallas
  9. Nashville
  10. New Orleans

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New Trends for Food and Beverage at Events

New Trends for Food and Beverage at Events | American Pavilion Whether your event is a professional business meeting, trade show or wedding, food and beverage is always a necessity. Attendees turn to food to maintain energy and refuel. Food is also a largely important aspect to the attendee’s overall experience. Popular new food and beverage trends include:

  • Using food and beverage that are inspired by the event’s location and surrounding. Serve home-grown and seasonal items at your next event.
  • When it comes to alcoholic beverages, provide attendees with local wine and beer. Help your attendees get to know local traditions by incorporating them into your bar.
  • Create a healthy and nutritious menu at your event that also promotes sustainability.
  • Provide portable food options that guests are able to eat on the move such as breakfast or snack options.
  • Make gourmet comfort foods to serve to guests. Comfort foods are a familiar option that most guests will love, make it exciting by adding a creative twist.

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Using the Fear of Missing Out to Increase Event Attendence

Using the Fear of Missing Out to Increase Event Attendance | American PavilionMost people have felt the fear of missing out at some point in their lives. With the increasing use of social media, the fear of missing out has given the events industry a huge boost. Because millennials most often want to spend money on an experience rather than tangible items, the fear of missing out as become an efficient way to increase event attendance. Here are 3 ways to use the fear of missing out and social media to attract more attendees:

  1. Master your use of social media. Use a variety of social platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to strengthen your presence online.
  2. Get creative and give attendees something to talk about. Wow your guests and they will share your event on social media.
  3. Create more demand for your event. When demand for your event is high, the supply lowers therefore making your event more exclusive.

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8 Tips for Setting the Stage at Your Event

8 Tips for Setting the Stage At Your Event | American PavilionA crucial aspect to any type of event is the stage set up. The performance platform of an event is often a major contributing factor to a presentation’s success. However, important details such as the lighting, accessibility and size are often overlooked. Here are some helpful tips for setting up the perfect stage for your event:

  • Set the stage at a height that will offer clear visibility for all attendees.
  • If your event is outdoors make sure your stage has proper lighting for when the sun goes down.
  • Make sure your stage has quality sound and audio that will reach the entire audience.
  • Use microphones your speakers will be most comfortable with.
  • Choose the right lectern with your speaker, stage set up and lighting in mind.
  • Keep the stage set up simple. Using excessive decor could distract the audience from the presentation.
  • Prepare the stage to have easy access for all entertainment that may be using it.
  • When deciding what size to make the stage consider the amount of speakers presenting and the best way to accommodate them.

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How Tech Will Define Events in 2016 {Infographic}

Social media live streaming and mobile applications are becoming valuable assets to the events industry. Not only does live streaming increase an event’s visibility but it can also generate larger audiences and increase opportunity for revenue. Attendees and event professionals are also increasing their use of event applications. Take a look at this infographic from Losberger to learn more.

How Tech Will Define Events in 2016 {Infographic} | American Pavilion

How Tech Will Define Events in 2016 {Infographic} | American Pavilion