Innovative Ways to Update Your Trade Show

Innovative Ways to Update Your Trade Show | American PavilionMuch like other types of events, trade shows are also changing with the times. Instead of the primary focus staying on speakers and swag, trade shows are now making participation and the availability of information a top priority. Constantly incorporating new trends is an essential way to attain attendees for your exhibitors.

Some popular new ways of retaining customers are upping the VIP treatment, making a larger effort to meet attendee’s needs, extensive research on the analytics of previous events, using each aspect of a booth to create an ultimate experience and transforming a booth into a comfortable and welcoming environment.

A few ideas to meet these new trends are preparing a list ahead of time of the returning customers that should be coming and how you can improve their experience specifically or make changes and update your trade show based on the feedback you have received from previous events. You can also use a bar or comfortable seating at your booth to relax customers and make them feel welcome.

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What Trends to Expect in the Future of the Event Industry

What Trends to Expect in the Future of the Event Industry | American PavilionThe event industry is always changing and involving, especially with the increasing use of new event technology. It’s crucial for event planners to be aware of what trends there will be in the future in order to host a successful and innovative event. An expert on identifying future trends, futurist Sheryl Connelly was able to study cultural trends and how they could impact the event industry. Here are a few of the incoming trends that event planners should be aware of:

  • Attendees are looking for a more valuable experience during an event with increased purpose and take away.
  • It’s becoming more and more popular to use diverse keynote speakers that are either foreign to the industry or who question your message.
  • Creating an experience for the audience that allows for breaks and relaxation periods.
  • Customizing the event, offering more participation and personalized importance for each attendee.
  • Incorporating environmental awareness into aspects of the event such as the donation of leftover food or the use of recycled materials.

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Setting the Stage for a Large Audience at Your Event

Setting the Stage for a Large Audience at Your Event | American PavilionHosting a corporate event with a large amount of attendees? Once you’ve found the right venue to comfortably fit everyone, it’s time to find the best set up for a big audience. Planning a stage set up that allows all attendees to see, hear and participate is not always an easy project. Here are a few tips for how you can set the stage at your event:

  • Use tables at each seat or a long table per row to allow guests the space to write or to place their belongings.
  • Place screens in several places around the venue to give all attendees a good view of what’s happening on stage.
  • Design the stage with a theme in mind. This will capture the audience’s attention and make your event stand out.
  • Use lighting and other event technology to enhance the dramatic effects of the stage.
  • Surprise your audience with unexpected stage placement or stage design.
  • Create a welcoming and comfortable environment both on stage and off, enabling the audience and presenters to feel more relaxed.

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What to Include in an Event Planning Checklist

What to Include in an Event Planning Checklist | American PavilionWhen you’re planning an event there are many things to consider. It’s easy to forget small details and get lost in all that you must plan for. Creating a strategy for planning the event is the easiest way to make sure you won’t forget anything before the big day. Write a checklist to follow throughout the event planning process. Here are a few tips for what to include in your list:

  • The agenda for the event and scheduling of each activity.
  • Your marketing strategy and what you plan to accomplish with it.
  • The invitations, how many to order and who to send them to.
  • Find out all the permits and licensing you need to attain before the event.
  • Create a worksheet or folder for documenting the event budget and expenses.
  • Search for the right venue that will be able to meet all your event’s requirements.
  • List all the supplies you need for event decor and design.

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Using Surprise to Wow Attendees at Your Event

Using Surprise to Wow Attendees at Your Event | American PavilionA key concept to wowing attendees at an event is the act of surprising and delighting them. From corporate and special events to sports celebrations, there are many ways to incorporate an air of surprise into an event. A perfect opportunity to amaze your guests is the moment they arrive or at the start of the event. By using the entrance to your event as a surprise your attendees will feel immediately more comfortable upon their arrival and will be excited for what may follow. You can fit surprise into the event design by using unexpected color throughout the decor. Another way to amaze your client or attendees is by upping the level of entertainment with a celebrity or daring stunt men. Get creative when planning the event and you will be able to both surprise and delight your guests.

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Five Uses for a Losberger Tent

Five Uses for a Losberger Tent | American PavilionLosberger tents are considered the best in the industry, and this brand is available in the United States from a facility in Frederick, Md. When you need to rent a tent for an event this is one of the most popular brands that you will find. There is a wide variety of tent sizes, colors and styles available, and the items are suitable for several types of events.

One: Musical Events
If you want to have a musical event in your own backyard or at a fairground, a Losberger tent is available to hold a few people or hundreds. It is possible to use a stage along with seating such as benches or chairs to listen to a jazz concert or country western band.

Two: Fashion Show
When you want to have a fashion show at a local shopping mall rent a long Losberger tent that will hold a runway for models to walk on. You can place chairs or benches on either side of the runway for people to sit on while watching the fashion show.

Three: Earth Day
Earth Day occurs each year, and you need a place to have the activities at a local park. Rent multiple Losberger tents for each company that wants to give away flower seeds or recycled products to visitors.

Four: Family Reunion
For a family reunion you need a place for relatives to enjoy a potluck meal that is out of the hot sunlight, a medium-sized Losberger tent is the perfect size for your home’s backyard.

Five: Temporary Storage
When a college student comes home for the summer they have a ton of stuff to store until the new semester begins. You can rent a small Losberger tent for two to three months to place in a backyard to store a college student’s possessions.

Create a Comfortable Space
If you are renting a Losberger tent it does not need to be a dark or uncomfortable environment because you can use patio heaters, circulating fans or light fixtures to create an inviting space.

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How Live Polling Can Improve Your Event

How Live Polling Can Improve Your Event | American PavilionDuring an event it’s very difficult to monitor the audience’s opinions and reactions. Attendees are continuously changing their opinions of your event or keynote speaker. Studies actually show that by influencing the audience in a positive way before stating a message they will be more likely to agree. Knowledge of how the audience feels about what your keynote speaker is presenting could prove enormously beneficial.

Fortunately, a development in event technology allows us to see what the audience likes or dislikes throughout a presentation. A new technique called “worm-polling” gives the audience the opportunity to participate during the event’s entertainment by live broadcasting how they feel about a certain topic.

Throughout the presentation a line moves between neutral, like and dislike sections of the screen, directed by the audience’s continuous use of an app. By viewing attendees positive and negative reactions you can adjust your event accordingly and also use the information when planning your next event.

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Why Your Event and Community Benefit from Fundraising

Why Your Event And Community Benefit From Fundraising | American PavilionThe use of fundraising as a part of your event can have many beneficial aspects. Not only are you giving back to the community, but your attendees get to take part in the giving as well. Studies show that 90% of consumers would prefer a brand linked to a foundation or cause over one that is not. A few ways to incorporate charity into your event are: sharing a portion of the event’s sales, requesting that attendees donate when they check in, hold a raffle during your event or sell merchandise representing the cause. You could also ask registered attendees to spread awareness of the fundraiser to friends and family, which will ultimately create more awareness of your event.

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The Benefits of Temporary Warehouse Structures

The Benefits of Temporary Warehouse Structures | American PavilionLarge-scale industrial and commercial construction projects offer unique logistical challenges for on-site meeting space and storage. Often millions of dollars in equipment, materials and manpower must be on location at the right time to get the job done quickly and on budget. Temporary warehouse buildings offer facility and project managers an on-site cost-effective option to ensure that your valuable materials are readily available. They also can provide temporary meeting, break or lunch spaces for employees.

Off-site storage can cause costly delays due to transit and security issues. It can add hundreds of man-hours to a project as you must wait for parts to be ordered, loaded and transported to the site. Structures that can be installed at or near construction the site provides on-demand access to tools, equipment and parts. Temporary warehouse structures are quickly installed. They can be set up on nearly any surface including concrete, asphalt or the ground. They do not require a permanent foundation.

Workers are the most valuable resource available at any job site. When workers are productive it increases project completion time. Along with material storage climate-controlled temporary warehouse structures can be utilized to help increase employee efficiency by serving as break areas or safety meeting locations. When the project is completed the structure can be easily removed and re-installed at the next site. In addition temporary warehouse buildings are durable and can withstand harsh environments.

Types of Temporary Structures

There are a variety of temporary warehouse buildings available to meet almost any need. These structures feature blackout or translucent fabric roofs. Some do not have interior columns or supports giving you a large storage area. They typically offer enough room for items to be easily moved.

Clear Span Tents
Clear span tents do not have center poles or interior columns. They are no exterior guy-lines. This eliminates virtually all obstructions and makes them perfect temporary warehouse structures. Clear span tents can be constructed in any length and range in width anywhere from approximately 10 feet to 150 feet. The tent flooring, lighting, temperature control, and other aspects of the building can be customized according to the needs of the project.

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How Focusing on Attendees Can Increase Event Sales

How Focusing on Attendees Can Increase Event Sales | American PavilionWhen considering the sales of your event, taking your attendees’ decision-making into account is essential. What lies beyond your guests decisions are their emotions, which you can use to drive your event sales. Once you’ve identified who your target audience is, why your attendees chose to attend and what they want to take away from attending, you can sell your event from a better standpoint. Focus on what you know about your audience and incorporate it into every aspect of planning your event. By knowing what your audience would like to take away from the event you can plan and prepare for the most successful outcome.

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