Staying on Top of Event Design

Staying on Top of Event Design | American PavilionThere are many aspects to planning an event from managing your audience to selecting a venue. Event design is an integral part of putting on your event and keeping up with continuously changing trends can prove to be difficult. Event design often shapes your event and the impact it has on your audience. Here are 4 trends you can use when designing your next event:

  1. Explore new venue options that will captivate your audience, such as holding your event outdoors.
  2. Get creative with a theme and incorporate it into every detail of your design.
  3. Use technology in new and exciting ways such as lighting or food service.
  4. Emphasize on effects for your audience’s entertainment.

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Fabric Structures Support Our Troops

Fabric Structures Support Our Troops | American PavilionThere are many challenging aspects of being in the military, one of which is the necessity of frequent relocation to temporary living and working situations. Throughout history, militaries of all sizes have set up camp in tents as they traveled and trained. There is a great deal of inconvenience that comes with this lifestyle. Fortunately, modern innovations to fabric structures have made them more worthy of sheltering the men and women who make daily sacrifices for our country.

Space to Live

When a military unit temporarily settles in an area to train or carry out an operation, its members need areas to rest and eat. Traditionally, this has been accomplished essentially through camping, often in cramped quarters. Newer fabric structures have options for add-ons that turn them into mobile barracks, making them significantly more comfortable than simple tents. These amenities include:

  • Attached climate control systems
  • Modular expansion to create enough room for large groups
  • Hookups for TVs and other electronics

Space to Work

In addition to physical work, service members must also attend to a number of logistical and organizational problems. This creates the need for office space, which can be difficult to set up when a unit is on the move. The same things that make fabric structures more comfortable living quarters can also make them functional office spaces. Portable HVAC systems can regulate temperatures inside the tents, creating a more comfortable work environment. Modular expansion enables the housing of multiple desks and tables, while the capacity to run electronics facilitates the use of computers and other necessary technology.

Helping American Heroes

Men and women who are in the armed forces have many things to worry about. The least of these should be the comfort and convenience of where they sleep and work. When troops have access to high-end tent structures during training operations, they can stop being bogged down by trivial details and focus on keeping themselves and our country safe.

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Eco-Friendly Practices For Event Planning {Infographic}

Putting on a large event can create a lot of damage for the surrounding environment. Asking attendees to recycle or holding your event outdoors to decrease energy consumption are just a few ways we can make a difference. This infographic from Unique Venues  provides eco-friendly practices you can use the next time you plan an event.

Eco-Friendly Practices For Event Planning {Infographic} | American Pavilion

Weather Proofing Your Outdoor Event

Weather Proofing Your Outdoor Event | American PavilionWhether you are planning a wedding, a festival or a sporting event, last minute changes are inevitable. The power may go out hours before your scheduled start time or your caterer may cancel last minute. Event planning of any kind requires flexibility, understanding and immense amounts of creativity. Especially if you have turned event planning into a career, you will continue to be amazed at the vast diversity of last minute setbacks. The mark of a true professional is the ability to create alternate plans ahead of time and to problem solve in a pinch. Planning for inclement weather should always be one of the first steps you take, allowing you to free up your mind and schedule for addressing less predictable impediments.

Setting Up an Alternate Shelter

Whether you are planning on sheltering from possible rain, heavy winds or sweltering heat, shelters such as clear span tents offer protection from the elements. Tent technology has moved far from the days of rod supported circus tents. Clear span tents have no internal support structures, which means unobstructed site lines perfect for events such as concerts and festivals. They are also crafted to meet rigorous national and international building standards, and can withstand winds up to 90 miles an hour.

Customizing Your Event Space

Clear span tents can be tailored to fit your needs. With the proper crew, they can easily be erected in a day, and if needed can stay in place for years. These structures have a remarkable adaptability, and can be dressed up or down. If you are hosting a wedding, accessories such as glass doors, glass walls, and billowing ceiling covers can transform it into a space worthy of any elegant black tie event. The same tent may be unrecognizable, but just as practical when erected for a county fair.

A clear span tent can range in size anywhere from 3 meters to 50 meters wide, and as they are modular, can be adapted and combined to fit any size or shape needs.

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Why Temporary Structures Can Be Used for Any Event

Why Temporary Structures Can Be Used for Any Event | American PavilionWhen planning an event, choosing the right venue is of the utmost importance. There are so many factors that come into play it can be hard to find a venue that suits all of your needs. Renting a tent for your event is likely the best option in this circumstance. There are many types of temporary structures which can cater to all your event needs such as a clear span marquee or big top. Using a temporary structure is something to consider if you are unable to find a venue that will fit your expected audience or if you can’t find a venue in the location you desire.

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Go Green With a Large Tent Rental

Go Green With a Large Tent Rental | American PavilionEnvironmental awareness has become an increasingly important factor in numerous aspects of day-to-day life. One situation in which you must consider environmental impact is when you are involved with planning a large event. There are a number of measures that can be taken to minimize the environmental impact of a sizable gathering, such as encouraging attendees to recycle. A less apparent, but still significant, way that you can make an event greener is by housing the event in reusable fabric buildings.

Reusable Buildings

Tent rentals are a sustainable choice for event hosting because they do not impart lasting damage to their surroundings. They can be erected on an expanse of land for a few days, collapsed when they are no longer needed and then assembled time and again in multiple other locations. This eliminates the need to use wood or other materials to make permanent structures. Using a large tent rental also ensures that no land is damaged by making clearings or digging foundations.

Sustainable Materials and Practices

Large tent rentals are inherently environmentally friendly, but some rental companies make their services especially green by using sustainable materials and practices. Sturdy fabric buildings can be made of 100% recyclable material and manufactured in energy-efficient facilities. Between rentals, tents must be thoroughly washed. Each washing requires a lot of water, so it would be easy to squander resources through tent cleaning. However, some companies take this potentially wasteful situation and make it more sustainable by collecting the rinse water and reusing it for the next washing cycle.

Eco-Friendly Events

A large tent rental company might not be the first place you would think to look for eco-friendliness, but taking advantage of reusable buildings that are efficiently manufactured and maintained is one way that you can help the environment. The next time you are planning an event, consider using large tent rentals and find a company that makes sustainability a priority. You will take more pride in your gathering if your conscience is clean and green.

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5 Ways To Stand Out in the Event Industry

5 Ways To Stand Out in the Event Industry | American PavilionThe event industry is always growing and adapting to new trends, strategies and techniques. As an event planner, it’s important to find ways to stand out from your competition and use these new trends to your advantage. Here are some helpful strategies to use the next time your planning an event:

  • Take a step back and think about who inspires you in the event industry.
  • Review past events and evaluate what you’ve done well and what you may need to work on.
  • Get your name out there for people to see.
  • Inspire your attendees.
  • Incorporate technology into your event.

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Using a Clear Span Tent to Enhance Your Event

Using a Clear Span Tent to Enhance Your Event | American PavilionClear span fabric structures are more than your run of the mill camping tent. They have been crafted with a level of engineering which has far outstripped the distant days of pole supported circus tents. They have no interior supports or poles, which allows for a completely unobstructed space. This gives them an open, airy feel, which makes them an incredibly useful venue for events such as weddings, festivals, temporary warehousing, and even disaster relief efforts. With the proper crew and equipment, a clear span tent can be installed in a day, and if desired, can remain solidly in place for years.

How Sturdy Is a Clear Span Tent?

Clear span fabric structures are manufactured with an aluminum and steel framework and covered with a sturdy reinforced vinyl. They have been engineered to meet both European and United States building codes and are constructed out of fire retardant materials. Certain models are even able to withstand winds up to 90 miles an hour, which are seen in category one hurricanes, as well as heavy rain and snowfall.

Where Can I Install a Clear Span Tent?

Clear span tents are ideal for outdoor locations. Most commonly, clear span tents are best installed by driving steel stakes into soil, though these tents have been used anywhere from parking lots to rooftops. If the soil is overly dry, cement blocking may be used as a ballast. Clear span tents may also be installed directly into concrete with specialty concrete anchors. Because installation can accommodate even uneven surfaces, clear span tents can be customized to almost any setting. They range in size from three to 50 meters in length, and due to their modular design, can be installed in nearly any shape or configuration.

If you are looking for a customizable, weather proof outdoor installation without the time and financial commitment of a permanent structure, a clear span tent may be right for you.

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How To Make Your Event Equally Accessible

How To Make Your Event Equally Accessible| American PavilionWhen planning your event you need to consider all options for accessibility. You need to create an environment at your event that all attendees may access equally. Here are some tips to planning an event with special accessibility requirements in mind:

  • Think about attendees accessibility when choosing a site.
  • Prepare ground transport and supplement equipment before the event.
  • Provide audio, visual, and tactile aids for attendees that may not be able to see or hear.
  • Make sure your event space has enough room for safe navigation and movement.
  • Interact with attendees to find out what they need for accessibility.
  • Think about all dietary needs if you are serving food and beverage.

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How Event Planning Will Look in the Future

How Event Planning Will Look in the Future | American PavilionFrom event technology to our audiences, the event industry is evolving in many crucial ways. When planning your event it is essential to always update your strategies and techniques, but don’t forget to look for signs of what the event industry will look like in the future.

Event technology is always growing and in order for us to keep a step ahead of event planning, we must grow with it. Our audiences themselves are also continuously changing. Instead of maintaining a buy and sell relationship, it looks as though building connections with attendees will be of more importance in the future.

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