3 Reasons to Like Losberger Tents

Losberger-clear-span-tent-by-American-PavilionLosberger has been a trusted name when it comes to renting high-quality tents. Whether you are sponsoring a major outdoor event and do not want a rainy day to spoil the happy occasion, are a first responder in an emergency or need extra space for your construction site, Losberger has the tent you need.

  1. Variety of Tents

Order a tent for a conference to create space for a large number of people or use it to shelter and store jeeps and equipment. You can find a Losberger tent ranging from 3 to 50 meters with a height of one story or two stories. In addition, you can choose a rugged, functional. fully inflatable tent that can stretch to fit large surfaces and can be moved to various areas or a tent with a metal interior structure that provides extra support.

  1. Extra Features

You may prefer a simple tent that can be set up and taken down easily with no extra items to deal with or a tent that contains doors, flooring and ramps. Many tents have advanced temperature controls to provide comfort in the summer or winter.

  1. Instant Storage

Losberger tents provide extra storage space and can serve as temporary warehouses. An interior aluminum structure is durable and can be erected and taken down easily. A transparent roof allows provide natural lighting. For additional space and storage right away, Losberger tents provide a solution.

Look for a tent rental service that has a selection of Losberger tents. You can rent a large or small tent for a wedding, construction needs or for extra storage space at a reasonable cost. Tents are simple to put up and take down and are made of heavy-duty materials that are designed to stand up to the elements and hold their shape. A Losberger tent will help transform the outdoors into indoor space when you need it.

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Important Questions to Ask a Tent Rental Company

Important Questions to Ask a Tent Rental Company | American PavilionChoosing a company to provide event tent rentals is not as simple as choosing the first one that you find. Not all companies are the same, so if you want something that truly works for your needs, you need to know which kinds of questions to ask.

Ask About Quality Standards

Ask to see pictures of the tents at the very least. If you can, it is preferable to actually check out the rentals in person so you can check for signs of damage. However, be sure to put any damage into perspective. A small tear might mean more to you on your wedding day than it would for a birthday party with a group of rambunctious toddlers.

Ask About Pricing

Of course, the rental price for the tent is important, but do not forget to ask about other fees. Find out whether there is a deposit, and if so, when it is due and whether you will get it back if you need to cancel for some reason. Some companies also charge for delivery, so be sure to factor this into your budget. If you hope to save a bit of money, try holding your event in the off season and asking for a discount.

Find Out How Long It Takes to Set Up and Tear Down

The time it takes to set up and tear down a tent will vary depending on the type and size. Unless you are holding your event on your own property with no restrictions, you will need to factor construction time into your venue rental. For example, you do not want to rent a space for four hours if it will take that long just to set up or tear down the tent.

When choosing tent rentals, always go with your gut. If a deal seems too good, it just might be. If the person you speak to is rude or unprofessional when answering questions, it is a good indicator that you will have problems on the day of your event, so keep looking.

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Event Planners Talk Event Promotion

Event Planners Talk Event Promotion | American PavilionWhen it comes to promoting events, event professionals utilize dozens of channels across the board to bring awareness and attendees through the door. According to a study from Bizzabo, email marketing outranked any other channel for event promotion methods. Email was followed closely by social media, word of mouth, content marketing, and traditional mail. Within the social media realm, event planners explained that Facebook was the most popular channel for event promotion, followed by Twitter and LinkedIn.

As events continue to grow in scope and capacity, promotion of those events too must grow and adapt. In our ever-changing tech landscape, it is not surprising that the two most common methods of promoting events fall within the digital realm.

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Los Angeles Is Event- and Venue-Ready For 2024 Olympics

Los Angeles Is Event- and Venue-Ready For 2024 Olympics | American PavilionFour cities are still vying for the opportunity to host the Olympic Summer Games in 2024: Los Angeles, Budapest, Rome, and Paris. The American city of LA has played host to the Olympics twice before, which supporters argue makes the city both event-ready and venue-ready.

Los Angeles has 97% of venues already in existence or planned by private investors, making the country as a whole hopeful that we might once again bring the Games back home. The campaign for the bid, called LA24, submitted a report to the International Olympic Committee this week, closely detailing concept and vision for the international sporting events. Will Los Angeles play host once again? The final decision will be made in September 2017.

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Advantages of Tent Structures

Advantages of Tent Structures | American PavilionPutting up a tent is a quick and easy way to utilize outdoor space. Depending on whether you need a tent for a one-time event or need to set up a semi-permanent covered structure, you may choose to rent or to purchase. There are many styles and materials available to choose from; consult your vendor about creating the perfect environment to meet your needs.

A Strong Framework

If you want your tent to span a large area, a fabric structure provides the most stability. Structures are made of strong but light metal such as anodized aluminum in order to provide the strength needed to support a tent of any size. The aluminum is shaped into pipes that are assembled into metal frames, which can stand up to winds and rains, making them a great choice when you need your tent to stay up for an extended time period.

Customizable Size and Configuration

Another advantage of using a structure is the fact that the framework can be combined and customized to create the exact size and configuration you need. Since fabric structures do not need interior supports, you will be able to maximize your use of the space inside without encountering inconvenient obstructions. The lack of outside support adds to the versatility of the tent, allowing it to be set up in almost any type of space. Uncluttered by visible rope and support poles, the clean lines of a structure tent are visually appealing and convenient.


Available in a variety of designs, structure tents can be used for anything from a backyard wedding to conventions and warehousing. Sturdy, weather-resistant and flame-retardant vinyl covering offers additional safety. Many tent vendors and rentals offer additional features such as lighting setup, temperature control, a variety of flooring types and more. Choose professionals who are willing to work with you and come up with the best structure and design for your specific needs.

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4 Benefits of Construction Tents

4 Benefits of Construction Tents | American PavilionWhether you are working in harsh weather conditions, are dealing with hazardous materials, or need extra space to complete an intricate project, it is good to know that you can easily rent a construction tent to help you get the job done. Look for tents that are sturdy, provide comfort and privacy and can stand firm without requiring interior poles that may interfere with storage.

  1. Shelter

If a work site is known for harsh weather conditions, a well-made construction tent will provide protection against the elements. Rugged materials can resist harsh winds and will not fall down even in extreme winter weather. In addition, a tent can provide relief from sweltering heat.

  1. A Place for Hazardous Materials

Dealing with hazardous materials can complicate and slow down a project, in addition to potentially compromising safety. Keep these materials away from your crew and isolate them so they can be dealt with by experts who are aware of safety and legal procedures for harmful materials.

  1. Instant Office Space

You may have part of your crew handling the construction work and staff who are working on the computer and dealing with paperwork. You need a clean space that is protected from dust, debris and is in a defined area so office workers can concentrate. At the same time, a tent will ensure you are close enough to the site to inspect the progress of the construction.

  1. Extra Storage

If you have items that are in the way but you need to be close to the construction site, a tent can come in handy. A quality construction tent is large enough for significant storage and provides protection against inclement weather and theft.

Construction tents are simple to rent and are available in many sizes with a variety of features. Whether you are looking for office space or a place to keep large equipment, a construction tent will make your job go more smoothly.

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Five Up-and-Coming Cities For Events and Meetings

Five Up-and-Coming Cities For Events and Meetings | American PavilionMany cities across the U.S. are stepping up their game to attract more special events and meetings. When planning a destination meeting or destination event, what do you look for in a city and a venue? From renovating infrastructure to expanding hotels and entertainment spaces, these five cities topped BizBash’s list of locations that planners should keep in mind for upcoming destinations.

  • Pittsburgh
  • Austin
  • Charleston
  • New Orleans
  • Minneapolis

To read up on what each city is doing to grow their meetings/events industry, read the full article by Michele Laufik here.

Survey: Event Rental Forecasting Strong Through 2016

Survey: Event Rental Forecasting Strong Through 2016 | American PavilionAccording to Special Events magazine’s latest survey, party and events rental companies expect strong business through the end of the 2016 calendar year. An incredible 80% of respondents to the survey report that they will handle more events this year than they did in 2015. Survey respondents also explained that 65% would expect an increase from business & corporate events, while 68% also highlighted an expected increase in social & private events.

So what do rental professionals cite as top strategies for adapting in the new year? 89% will be adding new inventory; 79% will be pursuing new clients; 75% will increase marketing.

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Create a Temporary Warehouse Anywhere With an Industrial Tent

Create a Temporary Warehouse Anywhere With an Industrial Tent | American PavilionUnexpected or unusually high storage demands can occur in many businesses, whether due to overstocking, changing company focus or other causes. While warehouse space can be difficult to find on short notice and may charge high fees, an industrial tent can set up a temporary warehouse to store goods and products safely and cost-effectively, on a short- or long-term basis.

Efficient Set-up, Almost Anywhere

Depending on the location and type of tent, an experienced crew can install up to 20,000 or more square feet in a day, ensuring that your goods do not go unprotected. With scaffolding and adjustable legs, clearspan tents can be erected on irregular surfaces, allowing anything from an empty field to a rooftop to be converted to usable storage space.

Climate Control

With the vinyl fabric of the panels sealed with high-frequency welding, industrial tent rooftops are waterproof and leak-free. Ceiling and floor linings protect against extreme temperature changes, and climate control systems can be installed within the tent to heat, de-humidify and condition the air to preserve your goods.

Economical Use of Space

Temporary warehousing tents are modular, made of multiple parts arranged to maximize the use of an area. With widths from 10 feet to over 160, a tent can be constructed accommodate nearly any space. Additionally, clearspan tents are supported by steel spikes and base plates and require no internal poles or structures, allowing for free, unimpeded access of the entire space within the tent.


Industrial tents are constructed from sturdy anodized aluminum frames, covered with flame-retardant fabrics that comply with national building codes. The unobstructed interiors of clearspan tents also reduce the risk of damaging the structure when moving goods into or out of the temporary warehouse.

Finding temporary warehouse space is easier than it may seem. Whether you are storing extra goods for a few months or need a more long-term solution, clearspan industrial tents offer most of the benefits and protection of any warehouse space.

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