Events and the Sharing Economy

Events and the Sharing Economy | American PavilionWe’ve discussed in previous blog posts how the sharing economy may begin coming into play within the events industry. Essentially, the basis of the sharing economy is rooted in the idea that we can share goods and services. Because events are inherently temporary in nature, the industry is perfect for leveraging these shared opportunities. Disruptive startups such as Uber and Airbnb are already doing so within the meetings and events space. Here are a few opportunities that will likely come into play for events in the coming months:

  • Education: Education is a primary example of a shared service. Many apps and websites are available for event planners to grow their knowledge; similarly, a company can deliver training through these types of platforms as well.
  • Tasks: Sharing services allow you to enlist an assistant or concierge-type support to help you get your everyday or day-of tasks done.
  • Space rental: Allowing exhibitors to rent out a space that is currently underutilized allows for pre- and post-event opportunities.
  • Local goods: Rather than going to large commercial establishments for souvenirs, enlisting local artisans for your events or pop-up shops can be a great way to share and give back to the local economy.
  • Contractors: Professionals are accessible in this “gig” economy through many different apps or websites.

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Will These Tech Trends Take Over Events?

Will These Tech Trends Take Over Events? | American PavilionTrends across different industries tend to affect how we plan events – from trends in food and drinks to decor and themes. How, then, will technology trends change the landscape of event planning as we move forward? Technology already plays a big part in most events and will continue to have a large impact on the meetings and events industries:

  • Wearable tech: attendees and planners can receive essential information and allow for streamlining of communication.
  • Apps: as apps become more service-based, they will likely focus on interactions and making events as effective as possible.
  • Virtual reality: virtual meetings will continue, but this trend can also play into in-person meetings, expositions, and tourism.
  • Simplified decision-making: apps and organizations strive to make decision-making easier for everyone. This may come into play as the key is “to curate information to provide the best selections.”
  • Employee experience: tech advancements have already begun make the experience for the employees much more streamlined and easier than before.
  • Civic engagement: as attendees seek to participate in civic action, social apps can link attendees with the cause and provide an outlet for that philanthropic or civic involvement.

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Video: Clear Span Tent Install

Have you ever wondered what a clear span tent can do? This installation video gives you a quick glimpse into the setup time and shows you just how quickly we can transform your space into a true event venue.

When to Use a Clear Span Tent

When to Use a Clear Span Tent | American PavilionYou want your event to be a massive success. While you have certainly undergone intense preparation, there are so many details to consider that some of them may elude you. For outdoor venues, you have probably thought about tents, but which one is best might be difficult to discern. Clear span tents offer some unique benefits that just might be perfect for your situation. This list will explain the major features of these tents to help you make a more informed decision in your event planning.


Clear span tents use aluminum frames to make them much stronger than many other event tents. This makes them the best choice for multi-day events, as they are better suited for long-term placement. They can also stand up to stronger-than-average winds with improved resilience. The metal framing has an additional advantage: it requires fewer poles and stakes. This sets it up perfectly for the next topic.

Better Viewing

With fewer stakes and poles, a clear span tent is able to accommodate superior aesthetics. Unattractive support frames are hidden from view, the interior is unobstructed and expansive openings can make the attractive surroundings visible from more vantages. This makes them better for stage events or showcases that make use of the outdoor location.

Climate Control

Clear span tents can have stronger sidings than other options. Glass or other hard sides can make your event much more weatherproof. Stronger enclosure also makes heating and cooling substantially more manageable, making your event successful at any time of year and reducing power needs by large margins. The durable sides are also more secure if you need to leave valuable items or expensive equipment for the duration of an extended event.

Finding the right tent is as much a part of your venue as the location. A clear span tent may not be the perfect option, but if you understand its advantages then you can plan accordingly. Whatever you choose, partner with your tent company to make sure you have all of the supplies and services necessary for a complete success.

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Three Times Construction Tents Can Save Your Project

Three Times Construction Tents Can Save Your Project | American PavilionLarge contracting projects need to anticipate setbacks and challenges. One of the most important factors for handling the wildcard that is nature is proper shelter. While many projects will call for temporary structures for storage or work, you can save money and labor by employing construction tents. Usually made of metal siding and roofing, the short-term buildings are intended to take a beating and keep working. These are the three biggest setbacks that can be overcome with a construction tent.

  1. Severe Weather

Construction needs to happen everywhere, regardless of the elements. When you have work that takes you into extreme climates, or if the weather outlook is bleak, you know how important it is to have adaptable shelter. In a worst case scenario, storm systems can move in unexpectedly. A construction tent that includes services will erect the structure while your crews keep to their tasks. Quality buildings can handle extreme temperatures, winds up to 90 miles an hour and harsh precipitation.

  1. Hazardous Materials

If you need to store anything that requires special handling, a defined and secure workspace is mandatory. A good temporary shelter will include climate control and reliable security. Insurance policies and legal regulations will mandate how you need to store hazardous cargo like demolition equipment, powerful solvents or preservatives, so leaving this aspect to experienced professionals can leave your crew free to accomplish the task they are hired to do.

  1. Customization

Complicated projects need specialized work spaces. Customized buildings provide clean environments for your skilled laborers. Level surfaces enable precision work and covered buildings keep important jobs like equipment or electrical assembly productive under any circumstances. For large scale projects, multiple work spaces can create assembly line efficiency in any environment.

When you consider the cost of renting a temporary work tent over building your own, the decision is pretty easy. You can get a quote for your next site and select the options that will optimize your operation expenses.

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What to Look for in Temporary Structure Companies

What to Look for in Temporary Structure Companies | American PavilionYou already know that your project needs a good shelter. Equipment and skilled work operate better in reliable climates, so providing a protected work space is just part of the cost. If you have been building your own temporary structures, then you can consider an alternative that could save you money, labor and productivity. Temporary structure services can erect an industrial tent, adapted for almost any purpose. When it comes to providing a specialized work or storage space in any environment, getting a quote could revolutionize your business. These are the three most important things you want from your tent provider.

  1. Flexibility

If you are operating on a scale that justifies erecting buildings just to complete a job, you want to avoid limitations. A provider who can handle any geography and covers the same territory as your work is vital. Make sure they can readily deploy to all of your regions. Having a single provider for all of your sites will make negotiations easier and avail consistency to your crews, improving the quality of their work.

  1. Variety

If you only ever do one specific type of work, then you may be able to get away with using the same structure every time. For any contractor who is diversified, you know that you will need a different building(s) for almost every job. A good provider has tents of every size, shape and material, ensuring that the functions your work requires will always be available. Another advantage to working with a single provider is that it will be easier to schedule availability with their materials and staffs. A strong partnership prevents unexpected problems, like overbooking.

  1. More Than a Building

The walls and roof are important, but they are only the beginning. You need to make sure your tent group can supply the right flooring, storage, climate control and tools. If necessary, operational staff should be part of the deal. Since metalworking, fluid management and carpentry all require substantially different work spaces, you can save money by dividing a single tent into proper workspaces with the right accessories.

Let a professional partnership improve the success of your work. Temporary building specialists can remove the worst obstacles so you can focus on your own expertise.

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Preparing Your Construction Project For Winter Storms

Preparing Your Construction Project For Winter Storms | American PavilionWith much of the country bracing for massive winter storms in the next few days, it’s only natural for you to worry about the progress of your construction project. Weather conditions such as the ones expected over the next week delay projects and impact contractors and construction professionals in many states. Construction projects don’t always need to be halted due to adverse weather conditions, however. Heavy duty construction tents can help to keep a project going, withstanding extreme temperatures and frozen work sites and protecting materials underneath.

Workers should be trained appropriately for cold stress as well as other winter weather hazards. With the implementation of a construction tent – and options for flexibility and temperature control – your project can continue on track and on budget.

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Measuring Emotional Value at Events

Measuring Emotional Value at Events | American PavilionIt has become apparent in recent years that event attendees are looking for more out of events. They are seeking more meaningful experiences that will contribute to their lives in some way, and that will help to create emotional value. So how do we as event professionals measure emotional value? How can we know if we have succeeded at providing that for them?

  • Importance: Whether or not this emotional value will have an impact on a person depends on what they find important. The more a person values what the event is championing, the more impactful the event may be for them.
  • Range of application: There is a clear distinction between an event or experience providing an isolated impact versus causing tangible change in the individual’s life moving forward. An event’s value can be measured by what it provides to the attendees and whether that is long-term or short-term in impact focus.
  • Urgency: Your attendees’ emotional value will vary based on if the urgency of the cause is crucial or trivial. If the attendee sees a sense of urgency that the event is creating, it will likely have a higher personal impact on him or her.
  • Duration: While events are inherently shorter-term experiences, they should aim to “create value with a more lasting character” in order to impact an individual in a less temporary and more permanent way.

The writers at Event MB put it succinctly: “If we use these criteria as a guideline we will not only be able to measure (in a qualitative way) the impact of our events to the attendees. It will also help us to design impactful events, events that really matter to our attendees.”

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Fabric Structures Are More Durable Than Ever Before

There are times when the costs and construction of a permanent structure to house a project is just not warranted. The engineering of fabric structures can now offer durable and lower cost options with the latest designs. Their standards of quality can offer a high level of service to provide you with the type of covering you need for your particular needs.

Dependable Structures

Premier tents can be rented for a short or long span of time, depending on how long you need them. Many clients become longtime customers because they know they can depend on a quality product being delivered and set up when and where they need it. These structures can be used for:

  • Construction projects
  • Military uses such as temporary barracks
  • Construction or industrial projects
  • Disaster relief
  • Events such as concerts, private parties or weddings
  • Meetings or graduations

Accommodates Large or Small Crowds

Fabric structures can be used for construction or other work projects; however, they can also be used for special events such as parties or celebrations where lighting, carpet, ceiling liners and temperature control are required. It is not always practical to subject your guests to outdoor elements when a beautiful enclosure can be set up in a welcoming and comfortable setting.

Special events require strategic planning, whether it is for entertainment, business or a social occasion. Do not leave it up to chance. Take advantage of the expertise that is available to select the right size and design of a tent that you will be glad you took advantage of.

High quality service and products are always in demand, and you will not be disappointed. Once you meet with trained experts, you will find that your high expectations can be met and exceeded. Many high profile companies, trade shows, sales and corporate meetings are held in fabric structures, as they find them affordable and inviting.

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Commercial Tents Can Help Your Projects Stay on Track

No matter what your industry is, there are times when customized commercial tents can provide a protected working space that will help keep your projects moving forward. With anodized aluminum frames and fabric that is flame retardant, you will find that the engineering that goes into the construction of these tents can provide a specialized service to your business in many areas where it is not reasonable to build a permanent structure.

Many Features to Choose From

The many features you can choose from can provide you with a perfect tent to house your specialized project. The engineers who have designed these tents do it in a way that there is no need for guy wires or interior poles. You will find this to be extremely effective in allowing more equipment or storage of supplies within the tent. Your workers will be greatly appreciative when they do not have to work around these usual obstructions. Some of the features of the tents include:

  • Ability to expand up to over 1000 feet in length
  • Widths vary from 10 feet up to 264 feet
  • Flame retardant and fully compliant with United States building codes
  • No interior supports

Commercial Tents have Plenty of Benefits

No matter where you need to set up shop, you will find these commercial tents are very adaptable to the surrounding terrain. They are strong enough to withstand Class C winds which can be up to 90 miles per hour. Extreme temperatures can be accommodated by providing the necessary heating or air conditioning to enhance your crews’ ability to work efficiently.

It does not matter if you have a need for a semi-permanent or temporary job site, you will find these commercial tents will help keep your project on budget and progressing in a favorable manner. The nice part is, you do not have to worry about providing the structure for your equipment and workers. The tents will be delivered, installed and removed when the project is complete.

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