Making Your Event Better: Tips from the Pros


Event pros from across the country attended BizBash’s Expo Next York this week, discussing topics ranging from sponsor relationships to event speakers to vendors. Here are a few main takeaways from the expo.

  • –Influencers over celebrities: While celebrities can generate some initial buzz, engaging with the right influencers will take your event to the next level. These people can be experts in your field or community and will create authentic buzz for your brand.
  • –Event inspiration:  It can come from anywhere! Be strategic and channel inspiration for your event, no matter where it stems from.
  • –Sponsorship gameplan: Cultivating sponsors for events requires a plan dedicated to those needs. Make sure they are comfortable with their role and follow up with deliverables after the event.
  • –Audience to brand advocates: With social media and other outlets, every person has a voice. Turn your audience into brand advocates by driving them to want to talk about your event and your brand.
  • –Attract young donors: It is already an important time to start thinking about the next generation of donors – young millennials who care about the world around them. Events can be a critical component of fundraising if you are in a sphere requiring funding.
  • –Social benefit: Millennials expect for events and brands to advocate for good causes. Events should have a social purpose and benefit to reflect values.
  • –Social media: Rather than forcing social media just during an event, consider using social media campaigns in the everyday. This connectivity is more fun and natural, and is easily incorporated into events.
  • –Little details: They matter! Take the time to train your staff. Include intimate spaces for small groups. Double and triple checking printed information for typos. Never overlooking the tiny details will all add up to make a big impression on guests.
  • –Quantify the energy: From biometric data to wearable tech, your guests can help you to understand the energy of the event. Planners can now change how the course of an event goes, simply based on how the crowd is feeling and their feedback.

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Becoming a Better Event Professional


Whether you’ve been in the events industry for years or are just starting out as an event professional, there is always more to learn. Our industry is always changing, especially with the rise of new technology influencing how we plan, execute, and reflect upon our events. Check out these ideas from Becki Cross on how to continue to grow as an event pro.

  • –Read up – widely – on industry information. There are so many resuorces, from text books to industry magazines to blogs, that can provide a wealth of knowledge on every facet of the industry.
  • –Reflect on each project you do and each event that you work on. You can analyze feedback and debrief with your team to correct any small issues and look at lessons that should be learned.
  • –Use technology to your advantage. Our industry has seen a huge influx in tech options for planning events. Be sure to use these options wisely and make your job easier, while steering clear of any tech that takes too much time with little reward.
  • –Engage with thought leaders in the industry. Consider utilizing social media as well as in-person events to learn, contribute, and see new perspectives.
  • –Find solutions for clients. Try to find a workable solution to any problem a client throws at you to deliver their vision in a realistic and successful way.
  • –Attend others’ events. This can be an enlightening way to learn how other event planners and pros work, their thought processes, and even how their decisions and ideas come to light.

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How Is a Temporary Building Perfect for Your Next Event?

Temporary Building | American Pavilion


Is there a corporate event, special event, party, or some other big occasion in your near future? If so, you may be looking to do something different with this event. You want it to stand out, so you are planning on hosting it in a once empty area. With a temporary building, you can host your next event anywhere. A temporary building is the best option for your next event because:

  • It Can Be Temperature Controlled: Having an outdoor soirée no longer means that your guests have to be either sweltering or shivering. The tent that has become your temporary building can be temperature controlled to ensure that all of your guests stay comfortable.
  • It Can Be Powered: No matter where you are having it, you can get temporary power with your temporary building. This feature allows you to be daring in your location.
  • You Can Get Design Help: Are you struggling with traffic flow? When you get your temporary building, the experts that help you set it up may even be able to help you design the look of your event. Sure, you are throwing the shindig, but you can take a little of the worry off of your plate when you get a temporary building.
  • There Are a Variety of Sizes Available: Finally, no matter if you plan on having 750 people there or only a dozen, there is a temporary building that is right for you.

Next time you are planning an event, dare to be different. You can do something different than anyone else when you use a temporary building to host your next occasion. The great thing is that you will not have to worry about a thing. The professionals will be able to make sure that you get the power you need, the temperature control you request and the design advice that you did not know you could get.

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Why The Event Planning Business Never Declines



Many industries are often in flux due to changes in the economy and a variety of other global factors. Two industries that will rarely see a decline, however, are that of the hospitality and events industries. Event planning extends across all sectors and works with a complete variety of clientele, meaning that it is one of the businesses that will always be in demand. Even in a tough economy, certain aspects of events will never see much of a decline. Author Melanie Woodward explains that “as long as people need food, someone to organize and provide it, there will be a need for event planning businesses.”

The events industry is projected to grow by 44% by 2020, and many event planners report higher revenues that in previous years. This paired with a stronger economy and job growth forecast a strong future for the industry as a whole.

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Outlook Is Bright for Meetings and Events in 2016



According to a recent forecast by American Express, the outlook is bright for the events and meetings industries in the 2016 calendar year. Between improving economic trends and stronger expectations for corporate spending, AmEx expects that more meetings and events will be staged next year than in years past. The 2016 Meetings and Events Forecast also highlights that 85% of polled respondents expect their meetings and events to either remain steady or increase in the next year. All regions expect higher numbers of attendees at planned events.

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Each year brings trends and changes that shift the dynamic of the events industry. The year 2015 has been no exception so far, bringing changes to every aspect of event planning. Especially with the role of technology changing, special events will begin to shift more and more toward the attendee and interactive experiences.Imagined

–Immersive events: Creating engaging events that immerse and involve the attendee leads to strong impressions and word of mouth.
–Super speakers: The role of the speaker at an event is always expanding, and now more than ever, audiences are looking for speakers that will connect and engage. Tools to help speakers are also continually evolving.
–Intelligent Attendee Feedback: Developing improved methods of receiving feedback from attendees is key to success. The events industry must utilize tools that report data in an intelligent manner and ask meaningful questions of attendees.
–Flexible venues: Venues that can be reinvented to create different, immersive spaces has been central to 2015’s greatest events. Flexible spaces allow for attendees to feel a part of the experience and change with need.
–Attendee focus: The focus in 2015 has shifted to the experience of the individuals attending the event. Letting attendees interact, participate with content, and even control aspects of the event like music or food, will be important to the user experience.

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Need Temporary Storage Buildings? Consider a Clear Span Tent

Temporary Storage Buildings | American Pavilion



If you are in need of temporary storage buildings, there is no need to build a permanent structure. That is where the clear span tent comes in. Less expensive than a building, quick to install, low maintenance and available in a wide range of sizes, many companies have found clear span tents to be the right choice for a temporary storage structure.

What is a Clear Span Tent?

While it is called a tent, a clear span is more like a building. A tough aluminum and steel frame covered in heavy-duty fabric, clear spans are designed and built to withstand heavy winds, rain and snow. There are no internal poles or pillars to obstruct movement in the tent. No footings are needed to erect clear span tents. And installation is typically completed within a day. A clear span tent, which meets U.S. building codes, can be purchased, or rented or leased for a week or a year or more.

How Big is a Clear Span Tent?

Your temporary warehouse can be as small or as large as your need dictates – from 1,000 square feet to more than 100,000 square feet. And the modular design of the tents provides the flexibility to configure your clear span in a manner that best suits your operation.

What Amenities Are Available?

With a clear span tent, you do not have to go without any of the amenities typically associated with permanent buildings. Depending on your needs, lighting, heating and cooling and fire suppression equipment can be added. Rollup doors and hard surface flooring can be installed to accommodate heavy machinery and trucks.

When seeking a temporary storage buildings solution – or a temporary structure for equipment repair or some other use – be sure to weigh all of your options. An experienced professional can help determine if a clear span temporary warehouse is right for you.

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Renting a Tent for a Special Event

Rent a Tent | American Pavilion
Party Tent Glowing Warm at Dusk with Cool Blue Light. Entertainment catering tent at party event. Converted from 14-bit Raw file. sRGB color space.

While there are many things that are within your control for your special event, one thing that you will never truly be able to control is the weather! While you may not be planning to rent a tent for your event, you may want to consider adding a tent to your list of to-do’s. Renting a special event tent early on will be an important aspect in regards to your planning.

If you are considering an outdoor venue for your event and there is any risk of weather, or if you would like some portion of the event to be covered, American Pavilion is here to help. Figuring out what size tent you will need can be left up to our experts, but a rough estimate of the number of guests you are expecting and the type of function will help determine the space necessary for a comfortable layout.

Another important aspect of tent rentals is determining what type of tent you want to go with. Pole tents may be less expensive, with swooping roof and a shorter setup time. Frame tents do not have any center poles and may require a liner to cover up the frame.

Further aspects to consider include the type of walls you would like, the type of flooring, if any, that you will need, lighting, and temperature control.

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Renting a Large Tent? Consider This

Large Tent | American Pavilion

A tent is a tent – right? Well, not quite. From pole tents to clear span structures, there are many options when it comes to renting a large tent. Make sure you get the tent that is right for your event. Here are some points to consider when making your decision.

Venue Size and Location

The size of your venue, of course, dictates the size of tent you can use. Also, where the tent will actually be placed is an important factor in your decision. A pole tent, for instance, is typically set up on grassy areas because it needs to be staked.

Guests and Seating

How many people will be attending your event, and do you want the tent to accommodate all of them at once? What kind of seating arrangement do you have planned? For example, a 20’ x 40’ tent can fit 100 people in rows of chairs with an aisle up the middle. The same tent can accommodate about 60 people if they are seated at round tables of eight people per table. Also, factor in any additional space you may need for a buffet, band, etc.

Weather Conditions

Expecting rain or snow? How about wind? As you choose a tent, consider every possible weather situation, as some tents just cannot stand up to harsh conditions. In extreme hot of cold weather, you also want to look at climate control options.

Other Considerations

When choosing a tent, it is not all about size. Different tents are supported by different structures. A pole tent will have at least one pole – and maybe multiple poles – rising from the floor to the ceiling. This can obstruct traffic flow within the tent. A frame tent eliminates the pole, but uses an internal aluminum frame that some people find unsightly.

As you plan your event, be sure to talk to a professional so you can be confident that you are getting the right large tent for your event, venue and budget.

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