Many companies take advantage of outdoor spaces, like parking lots, to rent warehouse tents for seasonal sales or temporary storage. A warehouse tent is the perfect option for sales and storage for a number of reasons. Warehouse tents are clear span, meaning that there are no supports inside the tent. This allows for the maximum use of indoor tent space and does not restrict the interior layout like a tent with poles can. Warehouse tents also meet building and fire codes in all 50 states due to their ability to withstand high winds and inclement weather. No footings or foundations are required to install warehouse tents; they are simply attached to the ground by using large steel stakes or sometimes various methods of ballasting. Most warehouse tents can be installed in a single day, and due to their design they need little to no maintenance. Warehouse tents can be rented for as short as a few days, or as long as a year or more.Warehouse-clearsapan-tent-American-Pavilion

Another advantage of warehouse tents is their modularity; they can be configured in almost any width and length. From 1,000 square feet to over 100,000 square feet; American Pavilion has you covered. Our variety of sizes allow for a perfect fit in a confined space and allows one to use only what space they need. Warehouse tents can easily be opened around the entire tent allowing for easy entrances and exits. They can even be installed with overhead garage style doors or industrial glass or solid surface entrance doors. In short, clear span warehouse tents are the best combination of modularity and reasonable rental costs. They are also the most weather resistant tents on the market.

If the temperature inside the tent is a concern, American Pavilion owns one of the largest fleets of portable air-conditioners and heaters. We also provide power distribution for lighting and other power needs and generators or land power can be used to power our temporary warehouses. Transportation, installation and removal are always included in an American Pavilion rental or sale and we install warehouse tents nationwide as a low cost leader. Excellence since 1902!